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  1. Shocked at some of the views here! I thought he’d be universally applauded for all his efforts, commitment, charity work and loyalty. If we had the chance to resign him as a 24 year old I’d snap your hand off. Although he’d be worth a lot more now than the 4 million we paid. Bill Kenwright sums him up nicely as “one of Everton’s greatest servants” and a player who “embodies the spirit and values of the Blues”
  2. Jags was in his day an excellent player when him and Lescott played together they were probably the best central defensive partnership in the league at that time, and Jags was the organiser in what was a very good defensive pairing. I can't believe that people only saw him at that time as a just above an average player he was much more than that.
  3. There will always be a small minority (and Pete ) who disagree with anything ( everything in Petes case) but you only need to look at the reaction to this news on social media, the press , the players past and present and the reception he got in his last game at Goodison to see what kind of player he really was If he ends up coming back to Goodison with Sheffield United next season I’m 100% certain he will get a rousing reception
  4. Jags had Torres in his pocket when Torres was actually a quality player.
  5. Pete I have to disagree it was Jags and Lescott that were the best pairing hands down in my opinion, I loved Yobo but he was guilty of losing concentration and making some right howlers not that I would hold that against him, he was good in the air at both ends but when the ball was on the ground he could sometimes make a hash of it.
  6. Umm you're wrong. Jags was officially the quickest player in the Premier league in season 14-15 and by far the quickest player at Everton. DCL confirmed that.
  7. Not sure how long you’ve been supporting Everton but Jags in his prime was a hell of a lot more than an above average defender
  8. Because I see him as a long term player, much like (anticipating the red vote) Jags and did from the start. Coleman is the obvious choice but it’d be too short. He’s already a voice in the team, so maybe/probably it’s the right and inevitable choice, and I won’t be disappointed; he’s earned it and embodies everything I want in a captain and the club Davies, as much as I like him, needs to cement a place before he’s ever considered.
  9. Wonder how long it took to get the shot lined up to appear that Pienaar was chained to Moyes?
  10. Trump is in England; that gives us permission to say whatever we want without any consequences (luckily, same as last time he was in our country, I'm not), it's called "Trump's Law".
  11. There’s the Derogatory “you’re an American, how could you get football remark” ! I’ve never watched or been to an MLS game. I started my football life playing it and then watching the World Cup. I followed the US men’s team and got into Everton from Tim Howard. He was clocked the fastest player in the league a couple years back!!
  12. You either have a very short memory or don't understand what makes a top class defender. Jags had two attributes I don't think Keane has from what have seen - leadership and a bloody minded determination to stop the opposition scoring at all costs. He was never the quickest but would mix it physically with anyone and read the game fantastically. He made Lescott, who had much better natural attributes, look world class because of his organisational abilities. Like Lescott, Keane needs his hand holding. He has time to prove me wrong but I just don't see him replacing what Jags has given us over the years.
  13. Wouldn’t be a TT thread without some short-sighted, dementia inspired nonsense...
  14. I’m pretty certain none of that happened, especially under Moyes as he had an exceptionally well drilled back line and didnt often switch to a back three. Moyes’s teams very rarely conceded late either. Distin’s last season was poor, but your opinion on Jags Just doesn’t make sense. I’ve watched this guy in the flesh for the last 12 years, I don’t see how any Evertonian doesn’t appreciate him.
  15. Ever worked alongside someone with experience and knowledge that you don’t have? Ask an Arsenal fan what they would give for some above average defenders.
  16. You know DCL wasn’t from our youth team right?
  17. Pete - why do you call Calvert-Lewin a youngster but not Richarlison, who is younger than Calvert-Lewin?
  18. Lived abroad too long, metric you peasant!
  19. Thank you for confirming my second sentence then honestly though, short-sited should be a thing! We could diagnose Pete, Haf and myself finally!
  20. Indeed. Personally do not agree with his views on Jags but MJB is not "most Americans". This forum is for the "Thinking" Evertonian so membership already has you on the right path, haha. To be fair... America is huge and home to many. Most American's do not particularly care for most American's so it is hardly a surprise when someone from somewhere also shares that view, haha.
  21. Is short-sited the online version of short-sighted? you mur’cuns know nothing
  22. Joyce wrote this article saying he wants to come to Everton. Heating up.
  23. I don't think you can lump MJB into the category of "most Americans." For the record, I agree with you on Jags. I think he's been brilliant for us.
  24. He certainly will from me and my son.
  25. I’d rather it goes to someone else to be honest. A captain for a year is pointless, someone who’s going to stay a few more years. I can see Coleman or Siggy getting it, but would like it to be Keane
  26. We have some fellow occupants in our place here, wife spending a fortune on feeding the mother; cute (if you're a cat person, which I am)...
  27. We have a good group of youngsters coming through. It helps that Weah joined up with them for the U-20s instead of participating in the Gold Cup. Soto looks like one to keep an eye on too.
  28. Just finished watching Chernobyl and if you havent seen it you really need to, its really gripping and of course its true, Very compelling.
  29. Couldn’t think of a better word, sorry! Short term or goldfish memories would be better I guess
  30. And sorry, not to look like I'm picking on you, but I can't let that go - Jags has never been especially quick, Distin was rapid, especially so for a 30-plus year old.
  31. To me it sounds like you have been brought up on MLS brand of football were teams no Jack shit about defending and if there isn'tt as you said loads of goals it's shit and boring, I've seen games in this country that have been 0-0 yet have been riveting to watch because of the sheer brilliance of skill and ability on the pitch, which I understand is a hard concept for an American audience to understand. And Jags has been involved in games like that were some of the best strikers in the world have been shut out by the brilliance and determination of his play and it's been a pleasure to watch.
  32. heitinga was played as a DM, it was not a back 3. dinosaur moyes would never do a progressive thing like a back 3, you kidding me! but he was brought on to essentially be another defender due to moyes defend the lead at all costs (who cares about scoring anyways!) mantra. i never said i didn't appreciate him, i just don't think he was as good as the rosy glasses look back in time people think he was. i started following everton when he was the bedrock back there with distin and baines and coleman (or hibbert). Baines was class all the way, i'll never dispute that, but jags and distin had a brainfart every match that was costly. jags was the faster of the too and the more composed so he could get away with it more, but when moyes threw on that sub right at the 70' mark without fail every match (wasn't always heiteinga as dm, but it was defensive if we were protecting a lead) i was dreading it. i hated that feeling. knowing they would probably bang one in while we defended for our lives. it's scarred me. you may think i'm a nut for loving the attacking football score 10-8 games, but i'll take that over those moyes defend and pray anytime. some heartbreakers back then.
  33. You will always get some people trying to rewrite history , that back 4 of Coleman Jags Distin and Baines were superb and in Moyes last season had the 4th best defensive record in the Prem
  34. That goal against Liverpool though, worth every penny of his wages over twelve years. Best wishes whatever the future holds.
  35. I think it’s the best move for both parties but I don’t agree with the average defender quote. And I don’t agree with the Cahill shout either. They both have earned the right to contribute. Whether that’s on the pitch or behind the scenes. Jags is one of the last of his type. Loyal to a club for 12 years and happy with his lot.
  36. What a superb signing he was and a great captain and club servant Phil Jagielka confirms he has left Everton http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/phil-jagielka-confirms-everton-departure-16378788#ICID=ios_EchoNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  37. It's hard to say considering it's my own club that's involved but is there really anywhere else that he should go? After making his dream move to Barcelona from Valencia he stated in an interview that he was too afraid to leave his house due to the shame of under-performing with his new club. He even said whilst still at the club last season that if he could sum up his situation in one word it would be ''Hell'' so with all things considered would he want to go anywhere else than a club that has allowed him to love football again and play in front of a crowd that want him to do well? Don't forget that the whistles and jeers Coutinho has been getting this year were doubled in intensity when André Gomes stepped onto the field. He was despised and continues to be, they don't want him anywhere near Barcelona and would like the deal done as soon as possible. With Everton he's guaranteed to be supported at the very least. We might not have the Champions League football that Spurs would offer but we do have the security and comfort that he has been looking for ever since he left Valencia. It's easy to think that this deal will go pear shaped and that he will end up elsewhere but I honestly think it would be a rather foolish decision to turn his back on Goodison considering what has happened since his move to the Camp Nou. £30,000,000 would see Barcelona re-coup all of the money that they spent bringing him to the club so I can see that figure (or something similar) being accurate.
  38. God no, I don't want to see him at right back. 😀
  39. Apart from my aunt, uncle, cousins, Steph Curry, Kobe, Richard Rawlings, Leonardo Di Caprio, Quentin Tarantino, Sarah Rafferty, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Ivanka Trump and MJB. (apologies for Ivanka, I’ve just always found her hot)
  40. I really hope you're wrong on Keane being here for the long-stay. I'm hoping Holgate can push him out the team this season. For me we were never gonna win anything with Jags, he just doesn't have the grit. Keane would fit into that type too. I'd give it to Coleman as he's got the qualities and is most senior. But hopefully he'd be on the bench and another can step up and take the armband on the pitch. He deserved more minutes last year, got twice as many last season and the one before. Silva's use of the kids was dire, especially with Brands saying at the start of the season our youth players are good enough to fill the squad. Only one that got proper minutes was DCL but that was after reluctantly excepting Tosun and Richarlison weren't cutting it up top.
  41. Agree with the first half, but don't think we've kicked on with Keane. Should never have been made captain and it was unprofessional at best for Moyes to declare him as club captain when the ginger fucker was not gonna be the one managing the team. Captain wise he was a step down from Neville. Player wise he's never been the best out of the two centre halves. Person wise he was probs the nicest but nice doesn't win you anything. Glad he's going because he's not good enough. Much like Tim Howard and Cahill, he's been comfortable picking up a wage here for longer than he should thanks to loyalty rather than ability.
  42. Baines was the only one good enough, should've been second choice for England behind Cole. That said we should've replaced him a few years earlier. Moyes went stale and was royally found out since leaving us. Jags as a player is average and as a captain is poor. Pienaar had tons of ability but no brain to apply it, would've been great at 5 aside.
  43. Amazing how short people memories can be. Horrible seeing Heitinga come on and us drop deep. For me Jags got away with it more as Distin saved his arse more often or tried to and ended up getting the blame when it was actually Jagielka's fault. Jags didn't cover Distin as much, didn't take the yellow either. Look at Terry and Cahill compared to Jagielka. He was miles behind them two. Looking at our own club he's miles behind Watson and Neville as a captain too. When Lescott was here him and Yobo were our best partnership.
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