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  1. Or maybe he’s not as good we hope? i don’t like to be negative, but usually less than 5% of young players make it at premiere league level. So I might be a bit negative, but in my life time I’ve seen so many players who are going to make it. In reality, there is pretty much Rooney and Barkley who have, no one else has met the standard. This standard is getting higher, and not as easy to reach. Just be careful where you place faith in young players, 95% wont be as good as you hope.
  2. Oh fuck off. Vettel gets a 5 second penalty. Don't think he had any alternative for his re-entry. Play to the little prince.
  3. One who can position himself, time his tackles, tackle with conviction not just sticking a leg in, play the man rather than just chase the ball, be clever with his fouls. Have a bit of vision, pass the ball with purpose and accuracy. A decent bang would be helpful too, more so if you're playing centre mid.
  4. The new handball rule is a joke. Man U and Liverpool both shouldn't have got theirs in the champions league. The numpties running the game think more goals will attract more fans, why they made the offside rule more complicated too with the different phases of play bollocks. Think pretty much every fan other than the kopites would agree that penalty they got should never be and ruined the game.
  5. Thinking I'm not going to like VAR as it stands, England's women get a penalty for a handball that only one player appealed for for maybe a quarter of the second and all 22 played on quite happily; the girl who put in the cross that was "handled" didn't register any protest at all and ref and linos carried on without a second thought. Then the VAR official called a halt. That can't be right surely? Maybe we should go down the route of tennis and cricket and limit the amount of appeals each team can have and once they're out of failed ones it's "umpires call".
  6. Last season Keane looked a different player. He had a solid season, didn’t pull up trees, but reliable with a few excellent games thrown in.
  7. Then how do you account for Barry covering for Baines when he went forward and McCarthy covering for Coleman when he did the same?
  8. I think if he was that good at centre back he might have played there for WBA, maybe the lad will continue to be a right back.
  9. he did well under koeman there, he's only gotten better and had better experiences in the championship. i think he could be an above average CB.
  10. If we had someone else lined up I’d be happy for him to go.
  11. Hope we don’t follow this one up, can’t think of a single pun for him. Must be useless.
  12. You can have unconscious bias, too! It's not always deliberate (just as you can have wilful ignorance).
  13. Only have to see the England game the other night to see the benefit of the high press.
  14. Yeah sorry Matt I saw Petes quote in your reply and copied from that, send further responses to confused.com where I will endeavour to answer your queries 😜
  15. “I just wanted to be a professional soccer player in Europe, lo and behold Manchester United offered me a contract so I grabbed the nearest pen and I signed it," Howard said. "Things didn’t work out there for me, so it was time for me to move on. Little did I know, the single greatest thing to happen to me after my children was to sign for Everton Football Club. Who would have known that? I spent a decade there, Everton has a piece of my heart that can never be relinquished.” Nice that.
  16. Bore off and retire. You're shit. Coward.
  17. Barry sat more often and McCarthy got forward making runs and linking up play with more purpose and at a much faster pace than Gana. If you find pointless tackling hot, whatever floats your boat.
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