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  1. I don't think it's ever been the case that he'd be going elsewhere. I've not been worried for a moment.
  2. That’s a huge relief. Major part of our team, and one that I think will only get better the more he settles in the prem.
  3. You do realise that Arsenal, Brighton, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle, Sheffield United, Spurs and Watford haven't made signings either? Ironically, we are one of the teams that have signed a player so far this summer so I'm confused as to how with all of this information at hand predictions are being made about the window being ''last minute'' and criticisms of Brands are coming to the front for not acting fast enough in the market. No South Americans will be signed as the Copa America is currently underway. It is incredibly unlikely that national teams will allow players to skip training to discuss contracts and transfer fees with domestic clubs which is fully understandable. We've also had the Nations League taking place recently so anyone taking part in that (basically the best players from the top leagues of England, Portugal and the Netherlands) will now be on holiday and thus not available for negotiation. As an example, look at Matthijs De Ligt who is absolutely nailed on to leave Ajax this summer but as of today hasn't moved anywhere. If the rumours are true, André Gomes is set to sign within the next few days which will take our signings up to two for the summer - not bad when you consider all of the above. If we are sitting with just two signings come August then by all means throw some criticism at Brands, Moshiri and the rest but at the moment I think it's borderline bonkers to be panicking about our summer business. Take a deep breath!
  4. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/toriess-attempts-avoid-general-election-reveals-their-contempt-democracy?fbclid=IwAR3U_uFQSBCtECJe8NILowpaL8srVf8hGvEy5FQy3Q7Mrp8F4Wa10hL1iCs Article on how Scotland is being well and truly fucked over with this sham of an election. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/opinion/i-never-understood-the-campaign-for-an-independent-scotland-until-now/15/06/amp/?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR3anVdDfJCDL4sKucw7w-R71uqrZ9p32v_FN5-LAL0nA7u35uCgWE_pIqg
  5. There’s a video of them both messing about in training. Proper bromance
  6. I really hope we sign Gomes, but I'd take that twitter feed with a huge pinch of salt. 90% of its posts read like Daily Star 'rumours' (just now: "West Ham have told Man Utd Issa Diop is NOT FOR SALE" - this just isn't how stuff like this works). Next to this Gomes DONE DEAL! tweet they claim Lampard is on his way to manage Chelsea, even though Derby just said there's not even been an approach. Like I said I hope Gomes signs, and I believe he will, but that twitter feed is just throwing 100 clumps a mud per hour at a wall and banking on 5 of them sticking.
  7. We won't get a player like him, let's face it he could go to any of the big clubs.
  8. Maybe this is why we’re waiting on the new kit, to see if we need to make it a yellow top with blue shorts...
  9. He’s got strength though, he flicks it past people and really he should be muscled off the ball on the byline and he doesnt
  10. I’ve still got a lot of belief in him, if he can stay fit and have a full preseason we should see him at his best, for me last season was a waste due to long and recurring injuries.
  11. Hmmm... Wasn't it you who said kante wasn't playing the same role as gana when his defensive stats pissed all over his? How many ways do you want it.
  12. I hope he's nothing like Lukaku. I can't take another Lukaku/Gana thread.
  13. I’ll miss him. One of my favourite players outside of Everton.
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