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  1. I shall always have a lot of respect for James McCarthy, especially for the 110% commitment he gives to each match - which is why he sustained his more serious injuries. At a time of mediocre management and obvious disinterest from other players, McCarthy gave it his all. Here's wishing him every success, wherever he lands.
  2. Got my tickets for Wednesday should be 8k of us there. £2 for my lad. You can’t go wrong with that
  3. 1) Why would he come to Everton? Minus a wage jump he has nothing to gain footballing-wise. Bigger clubs will be interested and I'd imagine he would hold out for them, if not this season next. 2) Why would be interested in signing yet another right footed left winger? We have too many. On the premis we would sign him to play up front I'd lose all respect for Brands and Silva, because he's not a CF and also not the CF we need. 3) I can't stand the man. Rolling around like he's been shot all game. We have that in Richy we dont need another one. Don't get me wrong, I think he would improve the team. But if you're going to spend £70m+ don't spend it on a player we don't need.
  4. Why did you ask... just whhhyyyyyyyy!!!!!
  5. Never forgets where he is from. Class act again from Richy, well done mate.
  6. It's getting close to the start of the season and it's around this time of year I get nostalgic for my childhood years of following Everton (I'm 38 now). Back then, opening day of the season was just behind Christmas for the day I looked forward to most. I used to follow the transfers throughout the summer, spend hours piecing together my Daily Mirror Fantasy Football team (I had only one uncompromisable principle - David Unsworth had to be in there; his penalties were worth their weight in gold, or rather, Fantasy Football points), and on the first Saturday of the season I'd wake up early and 'savour' the build up to a new season. I lived close to the ground back then and just going outside on the street at about 10am you could feel the change in the atmosphere. People were wearing football shirts, you could hear people talking about the upcoming games, guys just generally looked simultaneously happier and more worried than usual. I still maintain to this day that football towns like Liverpool, Newcastle or Manchester (all 3 of which I've lived in) have a different kind of energy in the air come season opener day. It was great to have football back, to see the names of the goalscorers showing up on teletext, and the next day, having a league table to pore over in the Sunday papers, even if it did just show half the teams on 3 points, Norwich was top, and the 'top scorer' was usually some non-entity at Charlton who'd bagged a freak hattrick. I still get a lot of the same thrills now, but as with most things, it's not quite the same as it was in childhood. It doesn't help that the opening 'day' has become an opening '4 days', beginning on Friday evening and ending on Monday night. But that aside, I can say that my excitement for the opening day is still very high. I wish everyone kicked off their first game at 3pm on a Saturday, but I know that money rules everything in the game now. What about you, do you still get as excited for the start of the new season as much as you did as a kid, or has something changed for you over the years? Those of you who have kids, do they look forward to it they way you did back in the day?
  7. He scored some goals in massive games for club and country. He almost singlehandedly qualified Wales for Euro 2016 with the weight of a action on his shoulders and had a very good tournament. Man of the match in the champions league final 2018 and put away a pressure penalty in the shootout on 2016. Not sure you can say he only plays well against smaller teams.
  8. No one other than Richarlison himself has anything to do with it, it's how he's been since he started.
  9. A cool £5m. Everton negotiated a clause in the deal which means that, should Lukaku either leave the club or sign a new contract before the summer of 2022, the Toffees will pick up an extra £5m on top of the initial £75m they received from their sale of the striker. https://www.90min.com/posts/6339003-everton-to-make-5m-if-inter-target-romelu-lukaku-leaves-man-utd-this-summer
  10. Great post and I agree with it all except the 110% part. You can’t give more than 100% and it’s a particular bugbear of mine 😡
  11. He was an extraordinary player for a season and a bit. Shame his injuries screwed him (even though he didn’t help himself) good luck to him
  12. Weve not seen the real McCarthy for probs 3 yrs - we've moved on. Think the reported 8m is a bonus myself
  13. Or it may be is just very professional and doesn’t let rumours etc influence him. Sad world where a player comes out like he has.... and people still try to turn it into a negative.
  14. Going myself, girlfriend lives in Wigan but supports Liverpool 🤦🏻‍♂️ so be taking her and her 2 boys along to try to enlighten them, wish me luck 😂
  15. I'd rather us slip under the radar, the quality we have in are team with a couple of signings we should easily be challenging the top 6 if not the top 4, Arsenal are no great shakes and who knows what's going to happen at United and Chelsea
  16. Would do that without hesitation
  17. No from me at that price, we have enough wingers and other positions that need sorting first.
  18. Apparently he was fit for over 70% of the games last season (according to his agent, so pinch of salt) he just didn’t get picked. If he could play in 70% of our games I think he would make a huge difference. Couldn’t keep paying him at that level though.
  19. The first home game of the season will be very exciting. The season doesn’t start until the first home game for me.
  20. Fuck off. I know what you're doing, Finn, and I'm not falling for it.
  21. Completely out of the blue, and largely unrealistic, but would anyone go for Bale since he’s being forced out of Real? Just curious
  22. Think back to the start of last season - Digne didn’t play the first few games and Baines was used to gradually bed him in. I think Gueye will be replaced with someone with the same skill set and that player will be playing regularly after the first international break. By that time Delph will have played a few and we may have picked up an injury or two so his versatility (I don’t see him playing LB unless LD and LB are both injured) to either sit or play more advanced will give him plenty of game time.
  23. He's better than what we have though. Would improve us, especially help against bottom half teams as he has the power to get directly at goal, similar to Mane across the park. Would give the option to transition into a 442 quite easily without needing to make a substitution. DCL gives most centre halves a problem, would be great to have a player of Zaha's quality to expose the gaps he makes.
  24. He's been playing on the wings in the friendlies.
  25. This lad is starting to turn into my favourite character. Seems a very grounded young man.
  26. Tyrone mings went to villa for £26 million. Just seems to me we sell to low
  27. Don't be silly, we don't need one. DCL, Tosun and Niasse are absolutely fine. Throw Richarlison in there too and just forget how fucking awful he looked up there.
  28. We could have had a deal lined up and ready to sign off. It seemed that we pinned all our hopes on Giroud after Lukaku was sold for that to be poo-pooed by his Mrs - surly we could have found that out earlier. I think Brands is much better at dealing with a multiple of incomings and outgoings. I’ve been impressed with our dealings (in and out) since he joined and am excited about what the next few weeks will bring.
  29. Sky saying Palace have now bid £8m. With his injuries and only 12months on the contract £8-£10m is probably a decent fee to be honest.
  30. Goals (surprise, surprise) look like being hard to come by for us. Really hope we have a quality striker lined up.
  31. Best Football related PR stunt in years. Marketing gods at Paddy Power. Huddersfield will never get that amount of press coverage in their lifetime. PP only needed to generate enough engagement to last a season, they've single handedly put Huddersfield on the map with a lifetime of PR. Also, the end result is incredible. What a gesture (their presence will of course be felt everywhere around the club still) just keeps it clean on the shirts so that football purests are kept happy.
  32. I might be way off here but my the reason dzeko, Mandzukic still score goals is because they play in the Italy. The build up is slower the formations still cater to a “number 9” and the Italian defenders aren’t world beaters they once were. If Tosun doesn’t get game time and I’m not comparing him talent wise then I think that we are definitely after a striker who is mobile and can create for himself.
  33. Ryan Frazier from Bournemouth impressed last season, fast, delivers a good cross ( DCL can put those away ) scores a few and tracks back, send Walcott in the opposite direction.
  34. I wish people would hold off speculating on Delph's state of mind or what conversations they imagine he might have had with Marco or Marcel. None of us know what his motivations for coming to Everton are beyond what he's stated himself. Maybe he wanted to stay in the same area of the country. Maybe he wanted to play for a winning club where he had a better chance to start. Maybe we were the only club willing to offer him the wages he wanted. Maybe some combination of all of these factors and ones I haven't named. His role here will be made clear soon enough.
  35. For me the most exciting race of the season it’s had everything, it’s been that good I’m missing the cricket can’t take my eyes off this. Go Lewis what away to bring it home.
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