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  1. Yes, but bring on Kean for Sigurdsson, not DC-L. I'd like to see the two of them playing up front.
  2. I think it was unfortunate for him to be called today. Being forward, you can't do much wrong, but he's a defensive midfielder! That's a lot of pressure for a newcomer, who hasn't got the chance to know the league and his teammates.
  3. Thrown into a new league, physically the toughest and fastest in the world, unexpectedly due to Gomes' injury, having had almost no time to adapt to his own teammates, let alone the pace and style of the Premier League. He ended the game having helped us to not concede, which I think is his primary role in the team. He can be proud, he had a very unexpected debut (I'd be surprised if Marco was thinking of bringing him on at all today) and he wasn't on a losing side. Hopefully this'll be character-building.
  4. What was Marco thinking bringing Gbamin on? Nowhere near ready.
  5. They are two of the softest bookings going. First one he wins the ball and the 2nd half is slightly late and nothing malicious.
  6. Don't know about now but when my dad took his ref's "exam" many years ago there was a colour blind test as part of it and if you failed you failed the whole thing. Funnily enough he was colour blind so he asked the guy who went in before him about what they asked when he came out, then guessed based on the info and passed. Only ever did park football though, never took it further.
  7. Well whoever is in the best form should be a starter. If that happens to be Walcott why shouldn’t he? The benefit of having four winger is that you would hope two will be in form at once, as wingers by nature come in and out of form quite often.
  8. Tbf he put in two or three really good ones first half.
  9. How did he pass a medical if he’s got a long term injury? Unless he’s managed to cripple himself in 2 days (yes, I know, entirely possible/likely)
  10. Coleman would be a decent player if he could cross a ball.
  11. Good: Coleman--First half looked like he turned back the clock 3 or 4 years. Pickford--Came up big when called upon. Gomes--Performance dipped tremendously when he went off. Bad Bernard--He pulls of a tricky move then gives the ball away too easily. Gylfi--He's on the pitch to bury the chance he had very early in the match. Gave the ball up much too easily after that and was basically a non-factor at best and a malefactor at worst. Gbamin--not up to PL speed just yet. Gets a pass from me since he probably doesn't even know all his teammates' names yet. Schnederlin--two dumb cards ruin an otherwise solid performance. Others worth mentioning: Keane and Mina looked solid. Looking forward to that relationship developing further.
  12. Nobody likes a smart arse and 2 is doubly excruciating 😖😂
  13. We were in total control of that game until Gomes went off. Had well enough chances to put the game to bed and we looked good with ball. Soon as he went off we lost all control and never looked like getting it back, although we did still manage to have a chance cleared off the line.
  14. He did. Him and Pickford were the only two that stood out for me.
  15. We need 3 points against Watford nothing else is good enough.
  16. You never said a truer word😂.
  17. They can't say we didnt warn them!
  18. Well Marco says he wants people worried about their positions. Well if people don’t perform they should be dropped. Gilfi should be on the bench
  19. Maybe Morgan got his card on purpose to force Silva to take Siggy off? Haha.
  20. Rediculous. He's single handedly ruined so many games for us
  21. Absolute cunt. No other word for him. How he's survived this long at Everton I do not know. Fuck off and throw your toys somewhere else.
  22. Gbamin is nowhere near the pace of this game. Too much pressure on him too quickly and he can't sort himself out.
  23. Find that hard to believe I don’t think he’d find the hole.
  24. Time to get our big boy pants on and get the job done. Palace are a poor team. If we are going to do owt this season then we need to be beating these.
  25. In other words... ye got that, so was equally sarcastic back 🙂 like the twat that I am haha.
  26. Got Zaha winning a pen or scoring all over this 😫
  27. Formation doesn't matter. We just need to make better decisions and finish our chances. Gomes coming off and Gbamin coming on.
  28. I thought we'd brought in a striker? We have DCL and stats that are identical to last season. 70% possession and one shot on target.
  29. It'll take time to adapt it to reality. Hopefully the powers that be will quickly learn that it should only be reviewed on call from a manager, and that they've only got a number of calls, losing 1 each time their call is wrong. It's so fucking simple..
  30. Already started. Third goal for city cancelled off. Load of wank
  31. Wouldn’t mind seeing Pickford coleman Keane. Mina. Digne JPG Gomes Gilfi charly DCL. Bernie think it’ll be Morgan playing though. Apart from Zaha they haven’t got much goal threat in them
  32. Coleman and baines. If baines not involved it’s gilfi and if gilfi not involved it’s digne according to Marco
  33. Hi Rubes. You’ve been quiet of late. All OK?
  34. Yeh he proper battles for such a little fella. Seen “stronger” guys pushed off easier because they have no mongrel. Needs to sharpen up his finishing though.
  35. Back four doesn’t change unless there is a real drop of form. Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Full back replacements are straight forward, terrified what happens if Keane or Mina get injured (or if Mina isn’t very good). When everyone is fit I think our strongest midfield and forward line is... Gomes Delph Gylfi Richarlison Bernard DCL/Kean I can’t chose between Kean and DCL without seeing more of Kean, but I can’t wait to find out how good he is. Not got the slightest clue about Gbamin so I have no expectations of him. I also have no problem with the following line up Davies Morgan Bernard Walcott Iwobi DCL/Kean Really shows the strength in depth we have, and I think Bernard could be very useful in the number ten position with more PL experience. Going to throw this option in there, at home, against teams who let us have the ball and hoping Gbamin is good enough. Richarlison Gomes Gbamin Iwobi DCL Kean Tactically I don’t see plan A changing too much from playing down the channels, I don’t see plan B changing too much from playing down the middle. One thing I miss from the Martinez days is the over lapping full back looking for a cut back to the penalty spot. With players like Gylfi and Gomes attacking from deep these types of balls can be very effecting. In the Moyes days he would target the back post with players like Cahill and Fellaini, but we don’t have that kind of aerial threat anymore. Another option at home against the more defensive teams would be... Morgan/Gbamin Richarlison Gylfi Gomes Bernard DCL/Kean now that is still very much a 433/4231/451 (depending on how you like to talk about it) but while we are talking tactics; against teams who are happy to sit back and not attack us, leave a midfield sitter and effectively play with two number tens. Floating around the edge of the box, pulling defenders and midfielders all over the place, the two wingers can get very narrow and overload the box while full backs move forward. In brief, while we have such a big squad now we have a lot of options. Realistically, if we get beaten tomorrow it will all he shite and miserable anyway.
  36. I’m hoping Zouma doesn’t get a game for Chelsea and we get him in January. Wishful thinking I know.
  37. Imagine coming into the Premier League and having Grant Hanley as your starting CB.
  38. Delph definitely missing this one through injury. Good to see him starting as he means to go on.
  39. Some more investment from sponsorships today announced. We are on a different level to what we used to be
  40. The manager for me. Hodgson knew exactly what to expect and set up for a draw and got it without too many scares. 4411 playing mostly down the wings, it didn't work a couple of months ago so I don't see how Martinez MK2 thought the same tactics would work only a couple of months later.
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