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  1. Drawn Lincoln away, not that it matters greatly as we'll win the thing some time after hell freezes over.
  2. It’s analysing how much each player is worth to their club. Just like Saha was worth 100m to Crystal Palace. Anyone that supported Everton when Mikel Arteta played for us will understand this. It’s not how much you sell a player for, but how much it costs to replace that player with the same caliber. Hence why Kean wasn’t worth much to Juve. He hardly played.
  3. We’ve been strong at the back for a while - Mina coming in is the only question mark for me right now. Completion for Coleman will hopefully keep him at his upper levels. Its not to be more attacking but to allow Bernard and richarlison to stay higher and get more of the ball in the final third as Gylfi just isn’t getting on it enough. Hopefully force him onto it deeper!
  4. There is a massive amount of difference between the quality of players you have mentioned, not to mention different leagues and different positions. You can deal with a lack of pace at CB especially in Italy, you can deal with a lack of pace when playing as a DM especially when the team you play for sees a lot of the ball. You try and play Pirlo or Busquets box to box or Maldini in a high press, average possession team and then see how good they look. They won't suddenly become crap players but they will show their physical limitations far more regularly. On the whole though I would agree with you. I would rather have smart players over quick or strong ones but if you want to see the best from those smart players you need to build a team around them that will cover for their limitations. That is the only reason I can think of as to why Siggurdson isn't a central midfielder.
  5. It depends on tactics. If you want your defensive midfielder to close the gap left by marauding fullback as quickly as possible, he needs to be pacy.
  6. A take on the window.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49319480 "Carteret Analytics use their system to advise seven clubs in England's top two tiers as well as 12 leading clubs from Europe and the rest of the world. The data centres on the 'intrinsic value' of a player - a calculated fee based on performances for the selling club and the projected impact on the buying club, as well as taking into consideration their prime age (usually 26-30). This is essentially the monetary value of the player's contribution to winning football matches and how influential he is to creating and preventing goal-scoring opportunities. By assessing the intrinsic value, clubs can determine how much money they want to receive for a player and likewise, how much they are willing to spend on any new players." "Everton raised eyebrows with their signing of 19-year-old forward Moise Kean from Italian champions Juventus. And they got a pretty fair deal, paying just £4m over his projected value, as well as fighting off competition from the likes of Borussia Dortmund. They also did well to bring in Manchester City's Fabian Delph for under £9m. The versatile England international had a value of £54.58m to his selling club. Midfielder Andre Gomes' permanent move from Barcelona cost just £22.5m too, a much lower fee than his intrinsic value to Everton. And of course, the signing of Arsenal's Iwobi was another good piece of business. But Everton were not as shrewd when it came to selling. Midfielder Idrissa Gueye's move to Paris St-Germain fell £26m short of his intrinsic value."
  7. Tosun is staying, I'd put money on it. He could've gone if we got Zaha in, but with our window shut we'd be well short up top. The rest can go.
  8. Exercise bike mate, you can go your own pace and still get your exercise in
  9. The right level for him. Made a career out of having a huge backside.
  10. Manager or on field captain. Similar to cricket
  11. I understand in relation to when he was played on the wing. Generally the technical/silky players shy away from the physical stuff - Gylfi gets in and scraps which is why I’d have no issue him deeper. I think with Gbamin between him and Gomes we could really lock up the centre and allow the wingers to stay a bit further up. For all DCL’s lack of goals - he can look after the and bring others into it - Kean looks the same but more so with the ball to feet.
  12. Ok so it’s reduced the net spend even further, by the time the widow shuts we may well be in the black
  13. Need to create chances for them to score first!
  14. Similar to challenge rules in the NFL. I like being able to limit the coach for a little bit.
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