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  1. Good on yer Mike. Just stare at the camera, point a finger and say 'If I can do it, you can do it'. Then play Z cars. Sorted. As Palfy says, its a no brainer.
  2. I’ll give that 8.7 could incorporated a triple forwards twist instead of the routine double for 9.0. Car gymnastics don’t think it will take off.
  3. Bit harsh, he's got to go on camera soon.
  4. Looks we are game changers again. Everton ladies are no more they are simply called Everton. Very smart.
  5. Exactly how I see it a simple vote two options leave or remain with nothing in the middle to complicate matters. But definitely some bill to say final say and no going back, because the last vote created no winners just losers and if leavers think they won I’d love to know what they believe they won, because if what’s happening now is what they voted for then they are truly losers. So let’s go again and put this bollocks to bed once and for all.
  6. He still young enough to learn and to improve. Maybe not the petulant stuff, think we’re stuck with that, but when to release the ball and bring others into play, when to pick a pass. He can still get better.
  7. John, tell me what you know about Leave.eu and what they did with Cambridge Analytica. Then tell me what they did was democratic. As a leave voter I find what they did disgusting and immoral.
  8. Just say it. He’s a cunt.
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