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  1. Can any Watford fan really blame him for leaving? Garcia gets them to a cup final and their best league finish I believe and then gets sacked after five games? Madness
  2. 😂 possibly, to be honest I’m not happy with Corbyn so much so that I feel like that for the first time in my life I cannot see me voting for Labour, trust me John when that day comes it will be one of the saddest days of my life, more because I feel rightly or wrongly I would have in some way let the memory of my parents down. It’s been over 3 years and we are no further forward than day one, trust me John it’s done we cannot go any further with the original referendum, the politicians are playing party politics and won’t come together to make any movement possible in any direction, so therefore I think it’s fair to say it’s dead.
  3. They sacked him, he didn't leave, I'm amazed they do as well as they do with all the changes, I suppose it looks good on a managers CV, a few months at Watford!
  4. Great start to the season, 1-0 win at Birmingham who finished 4th last year!
  5. With another manager fired let’s hope he puts in a transfer request come January or the summer and wants to be at a more stable club with his old pal Marco.
  6. By false advertising on people’s social media to stir up racial hatred and convince vulnerable people of things that would happen if we didn’t leave. On an absolutely massive scale, they spent millions employing Cambridge Analytica to do this for them. There was such a scandal around it that there was government inquiry into the firm and the inquiry stated at the end that we will never be able to have a fair election ever again after what they did, such was the damaging but every effective work they carried out. When a government inquiry states that a fair election can never happen again I’d say that pretty damaging to democracy. I’d love to know your thoughts on how fair you think that it. But I suspect you didn’t even know it happened and thus you don’t really care. As a leave voter it makes me feel sick that that is how they won.
  7. You mean those aren't your real ears in your profile pic? How disappointing.
  8. Got to keep the same team if everyone is fit. Bournemouth like to concede so we should be going all out for goals
  9. You’re a survivor mate just think how much hope and belief your vid could give others who are in the position you were in, it’s a no brainer mate you know you’ve got to do. We can’t all be photogenic some have to have ugly mugs, put that to one side and get on with it😀
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