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  1. Thanks Shukes, I’m lucky enough to have got a season tickets for me and my son who’s 15 (3rd year now), I want other fans to be able to get to the game when I can’t, and it just doesn’t feel right asking for more than face value, and I want Goodison to be full to the brim every game. I’ve been through some tough times financially in the past, but always had enough for food, which is not the case for many now, and I want my son to be aware that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. We also have started bringing food for the food bank to each home game, and I encourage more to do so if they can.
  2. (Stolen from elsewhere) Johnson was in the government that agreed the WA. Then he changed his mind and twice voted against the WA. Then he changed his mind and voted for the WA. Then he changed his mind and introduced a new tweaked WA. Now he wants MP's to have a 4th "meaningful" vote on WA's. But if we plebs were to be asked if we had changed our minds via a 2nd 'meaningful' vote. That would be 'undemocratic'!?
  3. One thing should be certain though - Schneiderlin, Delph and Sigurdsson should never be in the same 11 again. That many players that slow the game down playing together is a death knell for winning.
  4. Welcome Jorge, your other option is to buy a ticket on stub hub , I do sell mine on there when I can't make it, at face value,minhate it when people rip off other fans, and I give the money I get to either EITC or buy food for the food bank which is outside the ground at each game. Good luck and enjoy your trip.
  5. I am a Davies fan and thought he played well, what I liked is his fast, accurate passing that always looked to get us going forward. He had one of the best records for both passes made and accuracy in the match. Much better than Morgan who takes an eternity to pass the ball, which usually involves a turn on the ball, a look around, then a pass back to a defender. His partnership with Gomes looks good with both taking turns getting forward while the other covered. Definitely deserves a run in the side.
  6. Then sign and get us into Europe. If you’re barely playing for PSG, you’re not playing European football anyway. Not the attitude I want from a benchwarmer who could’ve been a regular starter in a tougher league
  7. I can’t believe MOTD didn’t even show it, imagine the uproar if a decision like that went against The Shite
  8. Has to be the same team that started against West Ham. Otherwise there's no incentive or reward for actually playing well.
  9. True enough but I like to think it only happens on here between "mates" who can see/take see the joke; I'd never correct a newbie for confusing there, their or they're for example.
  10. I agree. As much as I am sad to see him no longer in the team, the issues we face are not related to his departure. Idrissa Gueye would do nothing to stop the goals conceded from corners and free kicks. We use zonal marking that the players are ill suited to perform and our opponents can capitalise on that time and again. We are caught on the counter attack because our full backs push forward and our centre backs turn like barges and don't have the pace to recover. Teams are encouraged to sit deep and then counter because this method of play has been proven to be successful against us. Week in week out we have the lion's share of possession, fail to score whilst we are on top and then concede a soft goal as they counter attack.
  11. After a volatile couple of weeks work wise, we’ve decided to stick to our plan of going away for the weekend, 3 days on Lake Como. Weather looks awful but it’ll be good to just have time being the 3 of us
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