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  1. Rashford’s free kick from 30 plus yards was sublime.
  2. To them it is mate. Don’t know about you but it would mean a lot to me for us to win it.
  3. Sat having a pint in one of my favourite pubs http://cityarmswells.co.uk/ after a horrible journey here (weather/road closure) but as we're staying the night I can now relax👍.
  4. I’m reporting you to the I should get better friends police 👮‍♂️ 😀
  5. ...and the one partnership we do have has been split up with Bernard’s injury! I think we need to keep playing Iwobi and centrally when possible - he’s the type of player who can link up with anyone... you can see he and Walcott seem to have a decent understanding of each other’s game.
  6. Consistency is, and has always been, Theo's problem.
  7. Generally I’m one (a minority, I think) who prefers some rotation for cup matches. Maybe 3-5 changes, not 8-9. Partly this comes from my view that we don’t have a clear “excellent” first 11, nor do we have unanimity on TT as to who is the best choice at every position. (Some think Delph is preferable to Davies; others scoff at that thought. Some think Coleman is past it; others disagree. Should Holgate replace Keane, when Mina returns? Should Baines get a start in Dec? Etc.) The next round of the League Cup this season presents a special problem. We’ll probably play Wed Dec 18, 3 days after facing ManU away and 3 days before Arsenal at Goodison. That’s 3 matches in 7 days, which, further, is the end of a brutal first 3 weeks in December. So, I’m skeptical that we’ll know — or agree about — our best 11; and even if it were clear to all our first-choice at every position, I assume somewhere in our December matches, some rotation will be necessary. I’m desperately hoping for Colchester or Oxford, at Goodison. Only one who truly thinks this season’s League Cup is a fool’s errand when we might be in the relegation zone by mid-Dec will prefer any of the other 5 possibilities.
  8. The big difference between the Spanish and Italian leagues is that the Spanish league is very attacking whereas the Italian league is a lot more defensive and tactical. Italian teams quite regularly outdo the quality of their players in the CL because of this IMO. They aren't a patch on the Spanish sides man for man but there is usually 1 team from each side at the semis. The difference would be Atletico who play very differently to the rest of the league. I don't know if that really makes a difference to the quality of players in the EPL though. Italian defenders are used to lots of cover whereas Spanish defenders are more composed. Italian ball players have more time on the ball but less space to thread a pass. Spanish players have more space to move into but Italian forwards have more time to get a shot off. I think it just depends on the player themselves as plenty fail from both leagues.
  9. True but still disillusioned by my circumstances, proportional representation has to be the way forward, so people like me feel their voice counts, instead of just pissing in the wind. Any way changing the subject how are things going your end, hope they are looking a bit more positive.
  10. Stack the midfield, sit back and hit them on the counter.
  11. You know we only ever win when the other team doesn’t turn up Matt, shouldn’t be a surprise anymore haha. Why would any manager ever come here. You lose its your fault! You win the premier title, it’s because the other teams had the year off ( though it’s still not a given we would win it ).
  12. Well this is a pleasant surprise to wake up to
  13. I personally find Spanish and Italian football boring although they are meant to be two of the best leagues in Europe behind the EPL, I personally would rather watch the Bunders league and the SPL, and the French league is shite how they churn out so many good players is beyond me and their international team is very good like the Spainish and the Germans, but their domestic league is poor.
  14. Asking Davies to play CM by himself against spurs is just crazy I’m afraid
  15. Jesus, that first half will not live long in my memory. The majority of them were atrocious - Mina and Holgate perhaps the only ones that played well that half, and one that looked like an old man that needs putting out to pasture (*cough* Coleman *cough*). Second half we improved but it still wasn’t great for much of it. I’m just happy to be through, that’s all I really care about.
  16. Don't sell him short he has 3! In 6 starts + 2 subs he's managed a goal around every 180 minutes. That's an improvement... So far!
  17. Yerry Mina for me even though he didn’t make it to half time Walcott did well when he came on also
  18. When the tempo of the game went up we looked so much better. The manager has to have noticed this and must select is team accordingly. We have players that can be brought on when others are gassed out so it's vital they keep the energy levels as high as possible
  19. They aren't threatening us because him Mina and Holgate were doing a good job of stopping the attacks from being created. Its so easy to get pass Gomes that we need someone in there to sweep up behind him because otherwise they will be up against 2 CBs and that's it on every counter attack. It's either that of you sit the two full backs back and then add in more creativity ahead in midfield which I wouldn't be adverse to if I am honest as they are doing fuck all in attack, especially Coleman.
  20. That’s got Eddie Jones written all over it. I didn’t watch it (I’m not a fan) but I like him and he’s such a shithouse. And I mean that as a compliment.
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