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  1. Finn your absolutely right, but it’s up to us, the Parents to help give our kids the right moral compass, my lads 15 now, we’ve always tried to show him right and wrong, tell him what’s shallow and what’s important in life, we always bring food for the food bank to each game, I make him carry the bag, if he whinges cos it’s heavy, I remind him that what he is carrying is helping people less fortunate, and ask him if he’s ever gone hungry for more than a couple of hours. We always look out for Speedo Mick as well and drop some cash in his bucket, another great bloke IMO.
  2. Enjoy Matt, I'm hitting the big six-0 next April, unsure whether to throw a party or climb into a small hole and cry a lot; I suspect it'll be taken out of my hands.
  3. Ah ok. I thought he was just last for training or something. Not sure though. ive not been on time for work since I got back off my holidays in October. Hope my boss isn’t a secret TT member. my Dad is 70 in July, still much fitter than me at 35 and I still can’t beat him at golf. I can’t imagine losing him, horrible.
  4. Let’s not forget he played a matter of days after losing his father. I respect him for that and kicking on, as much as I want to I just don’t rate him as a player unfortunately.
  5. He lost his dad a year ago. It’d break me, at 36 (dad turns 60 in a few days, flying back for a celebration), let alone 29 and with the tens of thousands looking at me. for me it’s not something you would get over easily.
  6. Coward... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50592259 ...but unless the polls are miles off (wouldn't be the first time) he's going to get his majority. UK's Trump, I'm really ashamed to be British just now, what is the matter with people? Do they have no compassion or conscience? Let's vote in the nasty party because we'll be OK, screw the poor.
  7. Based on the same issues and misery of last winter, I fully expect us to get 7 from 9 and go on a rampage...
  8. How the fuck has Duckenfield been found not guilty? I’m fuming here. I suppose those fans all just committed mass suicide seeing as they don’t think anyone was responsible. I hope this decision haunts the members of that jury for the rest of their lives. They have caused the suffering of the families of the dead to go on forever now because they haven’t been allowed closure.
  9. The police analogy was way beyond me mate haha I get the point, I understand why people wouldn’t want him, I just think he could do more with the better resources we have at our club than at Burnley. I don’t get why people would think that he would just do the same thing regardless of players and resource available to him. If he had done the same thing at many clubs, like Sam, and had his public blueprint, like Sam, I’d get it. I’m only a champion of him due to how much he has impressed me over the last few years. The way he talks, he has values and beliefs that I think we have missed since Moyes left, but he also talks about the use of technology to improve, adapting to opponents weaknesses, the importance of both attack and defence (seems simple but so many managers look after one over the other). He was also on Joey Barton’s podcast and came across really well. He’s probably the kind of manager I would thrive under in my job, but I reckon he knows fuck all about cars and I know fuck all about footy. 😂 edit; worth listening to that whole podcast series.
  10. My son is nine and the world is a shitty place with these so called celebs. Andre is a special person and I would be proud for my son to have the humility and compassion that he has shown since day one at being at our club
  11. I think arteta would be gettable. He has a song already and could probably get a game in our midfield as is. He has a cv for someone so young as a coach for delivering sessions to some of the best players in the world. This cannot be sniffed at. He’s played for huge teams and I’m coming to the reality that he is going to a big club regardless and I want that to be us. I was all for Rafa last week but my mind has changed
  12. Say there were two sergeants in the police force, one was a fantastic field officer, has the most arrests in the county! And the other was a fantastic CID investigator. They're both 'officers' but you wouldn't employ the field officer to head a murder investigation would you? What an awful analogy. What I'm trying to say is Dyche wouldn't make us into the club that we want to become. But then again I might be wrong, it's just opinion I suppose.
  13. Is there anyone on here who's not been late for work on occasion? Unlikely I think. Personally I used to get the piss taken on the odd occasions I was on time (eg "shit the bed") because I was virtually always late; that said no problem with the bosses because they knew if I needed to stay for 24/48 hours (sometimes more) I'd do it.
  14. If we could bring in Howe and Dyche together it would be lovely, just like many said about having Moyes and Martinez, that great blend of attack and solidity.
  15. How many board meetings have you attended to come to that conclusion? How many times have you spoken with Moshiri on the phone/via email to conclude this? Can you advise why he needs a "marquee" signing, despite signing a Director of Football to handle first team and youth transfers? As someone who doesn't know Moshiri or work with him on a daily basis I'm unable to determine what he's like or what plans he has for the football club. Given that he has funded the team in every window, successfully put plans in place for us to move to a much needed new stadium and made good moves at board level I'd say he was doing rather well, albeit with some concerns surrounding his managerial choices. Amazing how people cried and cried about Bill Kenwright and as soon as he's replaced, the successor is subjected to the same rubbish from people who have never met, worked or spoken with the bloke.
  16. I had a perfect view of this for the first 45mins on Saturday. I didn’t enjoy it one bit. Twice in the first 5 minutes he was nowhere and it didn’t improve.
  17. I really believe Bailey they are just all so lacking in confidence that they don’t want the ball and are scared to try anything more than what they perceive to be safe. If players don’t want the ball then there are less runs, options & passes available so we become more negative and it’s incredibly difficult to turn it round as it a downward spiral.
  18. Just look how they’ve done in the cup comp vs League 1 and 2 opposition whilst winning these leagues. Massive step-up to even lower league football. We are in the minority who keeps our ‘best’ youngsters to play regularly in the u23 league. Look how Chelsea are now reaping the benefits of using the loan market (and players playing at a higher level) rather than taking the u23 league so seriously.
  19. Worlds apart! Under 23s football and the premier league as a huge step up, love the idea but it just isn’t happening. If three of those lads become first team regulars it would be a minor miracle.
  20. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/louis-saha-sets-record-straight-17279552
  21. Does that mean you’ve been hard all these years on TT? that makes me uncomfortable...
  22. Lots of love coming out in this thread, the minute he has several bad games the knives will come out and we want him sold. We are Everton and that's what we do.
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