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  1. Now that it's done, I wish him well. Even though his tactics can be called into question, I don't think you can question his commitment to the team. What pissed me off about Koeman is towards the end he didn't look like he gave a shit, we were shipping goals left, right and centre without looking arsed. Silva always looked as though he was desperate for a win (or a point) but just wasn't getting the run of the green and/or good enough. Unfortunately, I don't think his tenure will be remembered in 10-20 years time. Moyes took us from fighting relegation to Europe, Martinez brought that attractive, attacking football and I think at the start Koeman looked really good - I just don't know what identity Marco has brought to the club nor do I think he's really progressed us as hoped, quite the opposite. It'll be interesting to see how we respond against Chelsea. As much as I wanted Silva to go I'm filled with anxiety due to not knowing who we'll get next. A bad appointment could put is in an even bigger mess.
  2. Don't understand why people are so dead set against Dunc. I'm not wanting him as our next permanent manager, however there is a tribal mentality that he's a bad coach, which people seem to have based that opinion on absolutely no evidence.
  3. Yes it’s time for a change. I thought Marco deserved 18 months but it’s clear that he can’t cope with the injuries and other decisions that have gone against us. But talking about relegation now is yet again ridiculous. 2/3rds of the season left, with the right change we could still challenge top 5 the league is that tight. Don’t believe me, ask Spurs fans how they felt a couple of weeks ago. if the board really want to compete, they need to show it. Another safety appointment will just set us back again
  4. Dunno why I bother but here goes... I wasn't comparing DCL to Niasse, I was comparing him Tosun to Niasse. Less goals, less impact, another 20 odd million spunked up the wall. If you don't think our lack of goals from our strikers is a problem then I'm not even going to bother debating it with you because it's a glaring issue. We played 3 CBs on Sunday and last night, we're an injury away from having to play Keane again every game. Thats guaranteed dropped points, a direct result of having no squad depth in the position. Davies and Gana... Pffff. I like Davies, but he isn't close to being Gana's level. Not as mobile, doesn't read the game as well. Different player altogether for me, Davies at his best is a creative 6, maybe even an 8 with the right players around him. Gana is a superb destroyer and cover for the back 4. It's not just that we miss him, it's that we're stuck playing Sigurdsson in midfield who is just a disgrace, and even Silva realises how shite Schneiderlin is because he'd rather play Sigurdsson over him. Again, all down to no depth, no options, having to play poor and rank out of form players
  5. The next manager should be Brands man, so if we see Moyes turn we can be sure that that has nothing to do with him, and so what is the point of his role if Moshiri is always going to have the final say, even though he has a track record of a one legged man in a arse kicking contest.
  6. Think he simply wasn't able to cope with the loss of Zouma and Gana. Our good run at the end of last season relied on those and we don't have a like for like replacement for either. That meant we needed to change the playing style, but instead we kept trying to play the same but without those key personnel it blew up in his face.
  7. Roy Hodgson is going a bang up job at Palace. Young, hungry, something to prove. I'd push the boat out for him 🤣🤣🤣
  8. In other words some SSN intern has been tasked with scouring the internet archives for managers that were previously linked with Everton and now they're throwing out names to keep people watching their channel.
  9. So Dunc gets the nod before Unsy? Wow! I mean there may be something we don’t know about Ferguson’s coaching training... but really. Wait I got it.... Fucking Moshiri has got confused. He saw Ferguson and thought, wasn’t he the worlds best manager at one point... get him in!
  10. Inevitable. Thought there were times last season when things were looking really good under him, but then again we stuffed Guardiola's City 4-0 under Koeman. Hindsight confirms the worries when he arrived - just not of the right pedigree for where we want to be. The bigger picture is that is now four managerial sackings in three years since Moshiri took over, and this of all of them reflects the worst on his decision making. He can't afford any more cock ups, the Prem is a brutal league and if we don't get some stability and direction we'll end up in the Championship.
  11. He wanted Silva (if rumours are true). Where are the other fad appointments? Also what do you want him to do persevere with Silva? He got one manger in that he thought would do well (as did a number on here) it didn’t work out so he’s getting rid 🤷‍♂️ I don’t know why I continue to be surprised by football fans. I think he’s done a very good job since he’s come in with a lot of work required, Stadium, finances, restructure of the board etc. If it was easy to find the next up and coming Klopp, Pep then everyone would be doing it. Look at Man U, Arsenal and they have greater pulling power than us. Also look back to the comments over the last couple of summers and most people were in agreement with Moshiri. A bad run of games and suddenly all the work he’s done get forgotten quickly. Not a rant aimed at you Mark as this could equally be aimed at others as well. I just don’t like the fickle nature of many fans.
  12. He’s going to be a cracker. He just needs to find the pace of the prem but he’s getting better and better
  13. Who’s watch was this on? £40 mill on a player with very little sell on fee? Stupid signing. He’s bang average
  14. He should have put Walcott on stuck Iwobi more central and thrown caution to the wind and taken Keane off, instead with our last role of the dice he goes negative. Is that really worth 6 million a year, because if it is we should all get our applications in for the vacant managers job.
  15. Don't get me wrong, it was me laughing in utter disbelief. It was bad enough against Norwich swapping Sidibe for Coleman at 1-0 down but that last night was on a whole new level. Sigurdsson and Iwobi had both been absolute shite all game and he subs Davies? Davies who at least was trying. And then compounds the lunacy of the sub by the replacement being a defensive player.
  16. I just booked my flight for Iceland in April next year. Beyond excited!
  17. Still think he needs a couple of games. By all accounts we got screwed by VAR again and at least we got goal. A new manager inheriting a demoralised squad is either a mercenary or saviour, but it’s an utter gamble.
  18. Should have scored, gutted he never put that one away.
  19. Voice quite croaky in his post match interview. He knows he's on the ropes. I think he knows he's a goner and is genuinely upset about the prospect of losing his job. He'll not get another go in the Premiership without winning something pretty decent abroad first. It's so frustrating. Really thought he'd sussed it in the last third of last season. Shame but you can't lose 9 of the first 15 games, with the players at hand, albeit with some real bad luck, and expect to be given more chances - not when you've gone back to bad habits we were seeing over 12 months ago.
  20. We can only hope for a good decision. What happens over the next 24 - 48 hours will tell us a lot about what we've learnt from past experiences. What I mean by this is if, well, when we sack Silva we should have a replacement pretty quick. Easily with a day or 2. If it drags on for a couple of weeks then we have issues behind the scenes as those guys should already know EXACTLY who they want and those contacts will have already been made. E.g. Levy at Spurs. Manager sacked. Within a day, new manager appointed. The last few years have been mind blowing. I've allowed the romance of the vision to carry me, but I'm feeling ultra cautious now. Our next move has to be bang on.
  21. The players are there mate. Richarlison, Iwobi, Digne etc will run themselves into the ground. We’ve got some top plates. I think Kean the striker will come good too. Keane is poor. Sigurdsson is technically a very good player but doesn’t dominate/dictate games he just floats in and out of them. We are a man down at times with him in the pitch.
  22. Disagree. We're in a fucking mess because there's no coherent plan about how to build a winning side. It's buy a load of players that don't really work together, sack the manager when it goes wrong, rinse and repeat. We need someone who will come in, stamp some authority on the entire club, pick the players up off the floor, ditch the dead wood even if it means sending £30m players to the U23s, and demand they get given the tools they need in terms of players to do what they want to do on the pitch.
  23. Henry has just summed it up for me. Where's the philosophy, the vision? Not with the team, but with the club? Moshiri has come in, thrown cash around, chopped and changed, expected things to work without a coherent plan. Silva was a mistake and also a victim of this. He has to go, but whoever comes in has got such a pile of shit to clean up before we even try to move forward because the squad is in such an absolute mess after three or four years of dreadful mismanagement.
  24. I think this lad will come good. Give him some games
  25. ^^ It's bollocks mate. Just SSN doing what they always do.
  26. SSN breaking that Vitor Periera is the main target. Read his Wikipedia, apparently he was interviewed for us back in 2013. Doesn't seem to have done anything too special. Almost a carbon copy of Silva with wins with top teams in Portugal and Greece, and strange quits/sackings/mutual what evers along the way.
  27. Perhaps they have a new manager to introduce tomorrow so no time to take charge for Saturday, Dunc in temporarily makes sense (ok, not to everyone!!).
  28. No one knows what we are going to get from him as a manager his style and tactics, we’ve nothing to compare to from his past in a managerial role. But what we do know is that he will make sure every player leaves everything they’ve got out on the pitch, because if they don’t there know about it in no uncertain terms, which is what some need a good kick up the arse.
  29. Anyone thought that maybe Unsy said he wants to carry on with the younger lads? Unsy might just have had a say too.
  30. They've seen Unsy in action before (I thought he was getting things turned around when Sam came in, but anyway) and Duncan is working with the first team every day. Makes sense to me.
  31. With Duncan in charge for now that means no Moyes. Wouldn't be appointing a temporary man if Moyes was coming in. (Unless Brands' 1, 2, and 3 all turn us down and we come back to Davey with our tail between our legs)
  32. Totally agree. Brands is there to build a club. Manager/ youth system. If morishi is getting advised by agents etc then there is no point in brands being there. Stay out of the way and let the people your paying to do the job do the job
  33. Haha got my Red Bulls mixed up. Thanks for sorting me out. Also Nagelsmann doing well as well but also recently into the job,
  34. If it's Moyes I'm okay with it. We won't get relegated with him in charge and that's how low the bar is right now. Now's not the time to take a flyer on some fancy sounding coach who doesn't know the league. Moyes had us playing good stuff at times with not much money, did no worse at Man U then the next few managers they appointed. If we get relegated and don't bounce back we can kiss goodbye to Bramley Moore Dock. I can hear the howls now if we go down having appointed a coach with no knowledge of the league or language.
  35. Don’t run out the myth that Alladyce managed to get us out of relegation. That’s what hes got people not linked with Everton to believe (due to media and if you say it enough it becomes true). He took over after Unsworth beat West Ham convincingly and we were well clear of relegation.
  36. Bernard just because he tries to make things happen. It looks bad when it doesn’t come off for him but he always tries
  37. Birthday present is this game It will be great just to be there, always is. Wonder who the manager will be on the day though.
  38. Exactly this. I’d have loved nothing more than him to have turned out to be a great player but it simply isn’t the case. He’s regularly caught out of position and looks clumsy in almost all tackles. An example was his best tackle yesterday that was with the outside of his foot. He just doesn’t have the natural instinct of a defender. How he managed to get sucked in to the centre (see 1st min yesterday) when we have three CBs is beyond me. As for their second goal he was a spectator. He was again out of position so that a 50 yard pass could be taken in and controlled by Mane with no pressure. After that he just watches the goal unfold. He not the only one that deserves heavy criticism but he’s directly responsible for lots of goals we’ve conceded.
  39. Silva was a good appointment on paper but just didn't work out. He has had bad luck, poor decisions go against him and made mistakes. It just was not meant to be. Nice guy but the wrong guy. Time to move on. Need a new manager to lift the players, give them some belief back. If Silva stays the atmosphere in the changing room will become too toxic and we will be in even deeper shit.
  40. Luck has definitely gone against him this season, but he also has made some bad decisions with subs and team selections. I'll wish him well. He seems like a genuinely good guy, but that's just not good enough unfortunately.
  41. I’ve said it in another thread. Keane was a major problem tonight. Mina looks like he can be a good CB. He just needs a partner.
  42. I think the fans now need to wake up and realise that our squad is fucked and needs major surgery. We are going to have to play horrible football to just lerch our way through the season until the transfer windows come around and we get a new manager. We have spent millions on a mish mash of players who just dont fit into any kind of system
  43. Gone for Mina. His second half performance was a proper defenders match. Diving into last ditch challenges, roughing them up, annoying them on corners. shame he has an absolute dud beside him. Kean was good when he came in and so close to a goal. Love his heart. Battled for the team today.
  44. Iwobi jogged back as fast as he could to be fair, really burst a gut to jog back. This is the trouble with our players. Seems they think thy at if the y run to fast they might get out of breath. Liverpool sprint back for every single ball. They are literally worlds ahead of us.
  45. Could just as easily replace the countries here...
  46. Not getting any hopes up, I'm just the messenger putting up the an article I came across. PS..... Just in case you didn't know, The Premier league is in Europe. 😆
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