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  1. Giving away a needless free kick 50 yards out just invited them to throw everybody forward and then lump it into our box, when that happens it’s a complete lottery no matter how good your defenders are People can talk about the subs all they like but it was game management pure and simple and IMO it’s hard to argue that the manager got it wrong when Newcastle never managed a single shot on goal until the 94th minute cluster fuck The first goal was poor defending from the corner the second was shear stupidity by Delph and Davies
  2. Let’s remember the game for a different reason. Well done, Moise Kean. You played a great game and deserved your goal.
  3. Personally I put the blame on Delph first and foremost for needlessly handing possession straight back to Newcastle after the first goal, It’s twice in 2 games his brain farts have cost us goals when there was no danger at all. Then Tom Davies for giving away a stupid free kick
  4. Sorry but while the players have their share of the blame he absolutely should shoulder the majority of it. If it was Marco Silva that made those subs tonight and invited Newcastle onto us he would have been slaughtered by a lot more of our fans.
  5. Perspective everyone. Deep breaths. We were by far the better team. In the long run, this is what matters. I’d rather lose by fluke than win by fluke, because flukes happen very rarely. We are improving significantly, despite all the injuries.
  6. He looked a threat all night, made up he got his first goal. He looked better after he scored too, maybe more relaxed.
  7. Why the flying fuck does a seasoned professional on conceding a goal completely out of the blue to put the score at 2-1 to us, knowing full well there is only 30 seconds left to defend the lead, then decide to launch the ball straight into the Newcastle half straight from the kick off thereby gifting them possession? A 10 year old kid playing Sunday league football would know all he needs to do is keep possession . Pass it back to the keeper, pass it to the left back or the right back , just pass it to any fucking Everton player but keep the ball for thirty fucking seconds and the points are in the bag 😡😡
  8. Funny Newcastle make defensive subs and score 2 we make defensive subs and loose 2 goals and blame the manager, strange Carlo did what most managers do shut up shop and waste a bit of time, this disaster is 100% down to the numptys on the pitch. How many times have we got to through this before we sort it, please make it stop Carlo.
  9. I’m not happy with his subs either, but after that first goal went in the players on the pitch should have been able to see that game out. Regardless of who the manager is, we had a lot of experienced lads out there. If that kick off is played back to Delph and then into Pickford we kill enough of the game off. But to lump it and then give away a free kick was just ridiculous. The subs weren’t good, but we had enough out there to get the job done with one minute to spare.
  10. Good performance from hi tonight, wouldn’t be at all surprised if he goes on a little goal scoring run now
  11. Sad day for Monty Python fans...and then there were four. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-30116194
  12. 😂😂😏 The law of averages suggests you had to be right about one player eventually, congratulations ! Although I think everybody knew he was a good player anyway, the loan last season did his development the world of good
  13. This is the Holgate thread and a lot more players (plus the manager) to blame before Tom Davies. Said at the time £30 million for Keane was shocking when Holgate is better. Were you one of the ones to laugh? Fuck it I'll bite. Davies and Digne couldn't pass the ball out as no one else was showing for it. The senior players are cowards.
  14. Good point Morgan did have a really nice game. Some won’t mention it but it’s worth being noted.
  15. Happy for him, definitely eases the pain of the result. DCL is looking like a goal threat and once we get Richarlison back we will have some goals in us
  16. Just got home from the match and even though I’ve had a number of hours to calm down I’m still fuming. I had a great 90 minutes, my son was all smiles after some recent poor displays, Kean got his first goal, DCL carried on with his scoring form, Bernard was superb and Delph had one of his best games in an Everton shirt then came stoppage time. They were coasting and completely switched off. Carlo was waving his arms like mad in front of me and we were so naive it was untrue. Pickford tried a quick throw that gave possession away, Davies and Digne played themselves into all sorts of trouble. It was just pitiful. On many other days they would have got away with it but not today, a real sickener. A number of people sat round me left just before the 90 so god knows what they thought when they turned the radio on in the car. We were in total control and dominated throughout. I believe if we were only 1 up it wouldn’t of happened as they would have been more concentrated. With nearly two weeks to dwell on it I just hope this won’t have longer reaching consequences.
  17. The way DCL is now scoring I’m quite happy we didn’t get someone in to get in his way.
  18. I heard a few people on the radio phone in blaming Carlo for that. If you’re 2-0 after 90 minutes and you don’t win, it’s the lads on the pitch who need to take responsibility. Some logic and communication could have just seen out that win, even at 2-1. I feel sorry for Carlo after that. I think his words in the press and the words spoken in the dressing room might be very different.
  19. Pretty sure if Ancelotti didn't made any changes and they still equalized, the same people on here would blame him for not doing so.
  20. Don't know what your talking about Dunc... he came from Man City, great character, played about 4 games in 2 years, he’s a winner, and that's what winners do!
  21. We need 2 centre mids on loan. Delph should never play again
  22. I was just composing my post congratulating you Steve; then the World tilted on its axle.
  23. This is what I mean. I haven’t said anywhere he is good enough, he’s not. But he doesn't deserve all the hate is getting. He isn’t the one picking himself. He didn’t sell Cenk either. And I doubt he injured Richarlison.
  24. Thanks 🙏 mate I feel pleased that my political views as a left of centre person are the same in America as here, it’s good to be Democrat I can recommend it to all republicans.
  25. We had players on the pitch who could keep hold of the ball we just took them off to try and close the game down, something that Martinez and Silva were accused constantly of not doing, only it backfired dramatically.
  26. Kean for me not just because of the goal, but because of the none stop endeavour he put in, I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but if he had stayed on I’m sure we would be looking at win.
  27. There are a lot of Davies bum boys at Everton. As much as we all want him to do well it is clear he is having a bad period at the club at the moment. I honestly think a loan will do him good. Follow Kenny to Bundesliga. He needs a break from the hot house and maybe a foreign country will mature him a bit too.
  28. I'll reiterate once people stop making excuses for the lad the better.... Digne played us into trouble also but to say Davies doesn't play himself into trouble is bewildering, the lad undoes what good he does do with ridiculous short passes or to the opposition He does show for the ball granted but it means nothing if your not productive with it
  29. I didn't see the game so I haven't got a view on which players fucked up and what kind of lack of bottle/leadership/basic footballing intelligence was shown on the pitch. We all know from experience that pretty much all of our players have been guilty of all of that at one point or another. But on the subs - I've never liked preemptive defensive subs, the whole 'take what we've got' mentality. It goes wrong so often, not usually from 2-0 up in injury time granted, but the amount of teams you see throw away a 1-0 lead late on following negative subs instead of trying to win the game tells its own story. If a team is all over you and looking odds on to score, sure, make a tactical change. But to make subs that change you're shape and approach when you're cruising, I just don't get it. Keep doing what is working and win the game. On fitness levels and whether we had to make the subs for that reason - well I hardly think Bernard has completed 90 mins for us yet and that's a problem. But he was taken off at 83 minutes, not 70. Surely he could have managed another 10, or if you must replace him go like for like with Gordon? Kean - well you'd have thought at 19 having just scored his first PL goal he'd have been buzzing enough to play a full 90, but it doesn't sound like that was much of a problem anyway as Walcott did OK up top. As much as different personnel and change in shape/tactics, negative substitutions make affect mentality. This group of players need a fire lit under them, the games Big Dunc was in charge showed that. We were complacent against Liverpool's kids and we took our foot of the gas thinking we'd won last night. That's something Ancellotti has to get a grip of, he's not at Real or AC Milan anymore with a squad of proven winners who motivate themselves to see out games. The signals he sends from the bench matter here.
  30. That was a sore one last night, the team obviously has an issue of some kind. The last 4 or 5 seasons it’s happened too many times to be a fluke or coincidence. Goals are outcomes but scoring them is a process, you can’t blame just one player for that they just failed as a team to react to the changed threat and didn’t play to kill the game. I’m sure however, all that can be fixed by Ancelotti; the other 92 minutes of the performance suggest that he is already fixing many others aspects; players finding their right place, more organisation in defence and we actually start to look like a team AND we are again a fun team to watch. It’s easy to get caught up in the disappointment but There were far too many positives last night for a couple of brain farts to detract from it.
  31. Of course but without the subs we never would have been in that position to fuck it up in the first place. Newcastle were not in the game whatsoever, they weren't pushing us, he makes our substitutions and we went ultra-defensive and then we all know what happened. That tells me that the catalyst was Ancelotti and 99% of us dropping 2 points is on him.
  32. I very much doubt Barry would have made up for Davies's short falls, as much as I rated Barry those two together would have been one of the slowest central pairings in the history of mankind! 9 minutes 3 fouls and failed to clear the ball, the lad isn't good enough the sooner people stop making excuses for the lad the better Plays himself and us into trouble nearly every game
  33. Pete I was a fan as well, I think we might have been the only ones.
  34. But that was a big risk. He showed no sign of picking up his scoring ratio this season and I doubt he will maintain it long term. Who knows with a proper striker leading the line silva may not have been sacked. Not a criticism towards dom, just a incline. Im pleased with how he's doing recently.
  35. We needed someone to come on and keep hold of the ball. Niasse was not that someone.
  36. Im not sure if I’d have rather left than see that unfold in front of my eyes.
  37. He was very good. I was worried when he looked like he pulled a hamstring, seemed to be ok though. One of the first names on the team sheet at the moment.
  38. Thought he was great again tonight
  39. Bernard MOTM , but thought Kean , Holgate and even Schneiderlin had good games tonight Decent performance all round really until Delph and Davies combined to throw the game away in injury time
  40. Easier to just quote myself from 2018 when discussing Malcom. Madrid and Barcelona hoard South American players and then toss them onto the rubbish heap six months later. Just look at Vincious Jr. who was dubbed as the next thing since sliced bread but who is already linked with moves away as his career is stagnating. Moving to either of those clubs is fantastic on face value, but unless you are already at the standard of Messi/Ronaldo then it's career suicide. Haaland did it right moving to BVB.
  41. I don't necessarily agree with the type of subs made. I have moaned about very similar subs before (Sidibe right mid, Davies left) but to some extent I can understand the two players going off. Kean had run his arse off and Bernard looked as if his effect was wearing off. The sports scientists know when these guys are reaching the end of their teathers. The problem is that we sat back and invited pressure, however in saying that, they still weren't troubling us but we weren't having any joy in keeping the ball and relieving the pressure to see the game out rather than defending to see the game out. It should have been Gordon on as either first or second sub. It should have then probably been Tosun rather than letting him leave and bringing Niasse on. Walcott was doing well up top and he would have been able to conserve more energy there, so he might not have needed to come off so soon. It looked a matter of time until we got the 3rd at that point. When he went off we offered no threat so I don't know why we had to change the way we were playing. Having said all of that, the goals were two set pieces and Zoo is right that it was some absolute naivety and unfortunately it was mainly Holgate's naivety. His reaction for the clearance into the stands was that of a man who thought the job was done. The header comment is probably harsh but the it's the free kick that gets me the most. He is more interested in bumping his man than he is in winning the header and winning the game. It's massive complacency. He had made a few naive error early but he grew into the game but to do that at the end is just ridiculous. Davies doesn't help either because he just doesn't more or react to do the same, win the game, but the actions of Holgate are to fuck around rather than doing what he is on the pitch to do. Turns out Bruce is a genius!
  42. It’s not good but it’s also not the end of the world, all we can do is take it on the chin and learn from it.
  43. Baffled as to why everyone is going back and forth about the substitutions. No professional football team should be conceding two goals in the 94th minute regardless of whether Oumar Niasse, Greaham Norton or a paper bag has been brought onto the pitch. As I mentioned in my earlier post, putting it down to a "freak occurrence" is naive and quite frankly short sighted. There were clear errors from the players on the pitch that allowed the goals to happen - argue all you want about who should or shouldn't have been taken off but the point still stands for me - no professional football team should crumble like that. Unacceptable in every sense of the word.
  44. I think Finn has it right haha. Take a break and breathe.
  45. It makes complete sense. You might not agree, but it makes sense. He is looking at a team that has DCL and a kid who had t scored before tonight. Richarlison is our other striker. Surely you would be looking at that situation and think, one injury and I’m back in with a chance to prove myself. Bang, look what’s happened. Richarlison gets injured and he’s back on the bench. Im not saying he is good enough. But his ability is what he is stuck with. He can only play to that ability.
  46. Right. Before anything else...before Newcastle even scored I was going to write this. And I've said this after other games and in other threads. This tactic of taking attacking players off for defensive players when we are on top in games - why?! Each time we've done it, we end up sitting deeper and deeper. We limit our options to the point where all we can do is pass it around the back. Today. First Kean off for Coleman. Defensive. Then Bernard off for Davies. Defensive. The Walcott off for Niasse. Why?!!! I don't like it. Absolutely fuming. Newcastle had absolutely no right to a single point in this game. Fuck all. Fuming. 2 points thrown away just like that. I'm not having that these defensive subs aren't getting us into trouble. Before the above...it was pretty much perfect. Everything was there other than more goals for us. Great performance. The only defence I can give for these backward subs is that the players are knackered, maybe because training is intense to get the message into them, how to play etc. Because our play is improving, there's some real pleasing elements there. But....fuckin hell...when will we see the end of these throw away games?
  47. I don’t get this hatred towards him to be honest. How many of us would get offered a demotion and take it smiling? Here mate, I’m gonna send you to a shit part of the country doing a lesser job, hope you like it. There will be a bunch of strangers with you though. Would be funny If he accepted a loan away from the premier league now though. A few people on TT would look pretty foolish.
  48. If Micheal Keane, Lewis Dunk and Tyrone Mings are good enough then Holgate is certainly good enough
  49. So you would have said no to Beardsley and Watson?
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