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  1. It’s a very very easy one to answer , and that answer is a resounding NO!
  2. The sad thing is MJB is that there is every need. None of us are football scouts or have a crystal ball... despite however we try to make it look like it is the case. But we enjoy putting our views across. For me there is one absolute necessity in a player or a team achieving their potential and that is attitude. I'm lucky to have watched Everton lift 4 major trophies... over 3 seasons and there was not one player in the squad who had a questionable attitude but there were players who weren't the best footballers. They all had something unique to bring and they applied themselves without exception. DCL from day one has epitomized the character I identify from those winning sides. From Kendall to Royle..... Lukaku never sat right with me... despite his talent for finishing he short changed the fans and his team mates far too often. Got the move he whinged about and was deemed an ineffective luxury and is now playing in the weakest of Europe's supposed top leagues. DCL hasn't surprised me with his breakthrough. Too many fans ignore or don't see good forward play, they only really wake up when the player is in the box with the ball. The posts are a reminder of The journey he's been on. It's also a reminder that the first opinion of a player should never be your only opinion.
  3. And how do you attract the top players after you’ve just lost possibly your best player. We can’t attract players like Liverpool can, or even how Spurs can.
  4. What top class 3 players can you buy for 33m and a share of 120k wages?
  5. I feel a new song coming on ‘He’s Brazilian they only offered 85 million.......’ 😂
  6. I’m actually more bothered about getting players out than getting players in during this window. Martina and Niasse obviously but I’d happily see the back of the likes of Schneiderlin and Walcott, even Keane and Sigurdsson without us replacing them (unless the right priority players are available at a sensible price) and I’d see that as a good window.
  7. Anyone want to try telling the Villa players and fans that the League Cup doesn’t matter ? 👋🏻👋🏻 https://twitter.com/sportingintel/status/1222274611997564935?s=21
  8. Don’t disagree there. Just think we sold a player that couldn't be replaced. Price was irrelevant.
  9. I said it before, just because he's in a wide position doesn't mean he's a winger who's going to attempt 10 crosses a game. His crossing ability is not the best, that is clear to see, but he's not 'that' player. To put that stat perspective (and before I go on I am aware that the two players are on different levels) Mane has attempted 2 fewer crosses than Richarlison in total, and has 3 more accurate crosses than Richarlison, with those figures being taken from the two playing in wide positions (mane has actually played 7 more games in a wide position). I prefer Richy on the wing, he's much better suited finding space in the box from a wide position and isn't a natural centre forward. In my opinion he's more of a threat out wide than he is centrally. Ancelotti seems to like one winger stretching the opposition with chalk on his boots, and the other wide player sitting narrow linking up play. From what I've he heard Carlo is adaptable and has no fixed style, so who knows if we will see Richarlison wide with Dom and Kean up front. Not sure how that would work as a 442 but we will see.
  10. Fuck me Haf that was from the heart 💙 get in mate with you all the way, regardless of names we want players who give a fuck.
  11. Maybe Sporting could use some of the Fernandes money to turn Bolasie’s loan into a permanent deal...
  12. Besic Sandro Vlasic and you would have money over for Bolassie and Niasse
  13. Don’t do that mate it’s part of the joy of reading your posts😳
  14. Oh ffs, I am going to make a mental effort to spell check from this point on. I come up with some corkers but that one is special hahaha!
  15. This is my feelings too. At 22 he is already doing it in the Premier League and can only get better. Zaha is as good as he will ever be at 27, he's at his peak now and for a few more years before he starts to wane. We have seen what happens when we buy players (Sigurdsson) who have already peaked and are on the downward trend.
  16. hell no. richarlison is 22, zaha is 27. plus i like richarlison better.
  17. Is it just me that found this a just a little bit unsettling?
  18. Good, don’t want any of this crap. We can’t afford to sell him.
  19. Apparently we've come out and said the bid didn't happen. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-reject-85m-transfer-bid-21388038
  20. Liverpool did the same with the Coutinho money and look at them now. Sell him in the summer for £100 million and buy 3 top class players and we've got a better squad.
  21. See I think a top class player costs 50m+. I also don’t think football should be ran as a material gains business. It should be a spirt first and foremost. I know the modern game is t like that, but it will eventually crumble due to it. I know what happened with Arteta was inevitable, but the price was totally irrelevant. In a business you can replace things easily with funds. Football has proven time and time again that there is much more to it than that. Choice. Sell players for their market value, buy lower price but lower quality players and build them up until you can sell them for profit. Change your name to Southampton. make a stand, keep your players and build your club up into a footballing force. You might not be a selling, money making force, but which would fans prefer? You have £85m in your pocket. Who are you going to buy? There are players there. I honestly don’t follow Europe anymore so don’t know.
  22. This basically. The game changed, yet many clubs have spending power and can offer ridiculous salary to players. That said, top clubs are now attractive to world class players only, who can slot in and play at the highest level. Richarlison is not a world class, nowhere near yet. Since money are not a problem for us anymore, why would he want to leave? His spot is more or less guaranteed here and we can easily double his wages after a year or so if he continues to improve.
  23. Arteta still upsets me now. Selling Richarlison for anything but stupid money is a mistake for me. Stupid money is three times his value. His value is 80m now. Barca are offering what he is worth, nothing more. Now look at your replacement for him. The Arteta comment is to show that it doesn’t matter how much you get for a player, if that player is irreplaceable. Now Richarlison isn’t quite there yet, but he could well be. I also don’t see many names around to replace him with. Imagine selling your dream home because you were offered a good price..... you still lost your dream home.
  24. he could be worth double that in 2 years time if we can put a better team around him. he's still very young. i'm strongly against selling him.
  25. the good thing about richy is he seems very grounded and comes from a humble background. he only left watford because marco did and he had a close relationship with him. he didn't push to leave, he was bought and accepted because of the marco connection. i don't see him trying to get out. also he is the focal point and star here, he might like that over being a bit part player and then sold 1 year later at barca like most of their players are. i had an issue with it because it seemed you were in favor of selling him. i can't understand that logic. i had no issue with the "too late in the window" part of your post. i agree.
  26. £85 million bid from Barca turned down. Wow.
  27. barryj

    New PC

    Thanks Paul really informative post for a novice like me. I’ll let you know how I get on! Thanks again
  28. If we lost Schneiderlin, Walcott, Keane and Sigurdsson without replacements we would be extremely short. We are short now in centre midfield, right wing and centre back even with those four.
  29. I think against teams like Watford this weekend we could play Richarlison on the right with DCL and Kean up front and Bernard on the left. But if we had them four then the midfield two have to be very defensively minded.
  30. Yes this is a much better option. The R5 1600 is now a 3 year old processor but it is much more capable than the others you linked. AMD are popular for mid range builds because you have the option to upgrade to the R7 2700 in future should you choose. I'd have to check but I think with a BIOS update the motherboard could carry the R9 processors too. The memory is the latest DDR4 which is double the speed of the other systems which run the last generation DDR3. Memory is like having a biggerdesk. It allows the processor to get more information put through it so gets through more work. The RX 570 is a capable graphics card and these are very easy to just switch out in future also. The PC comes with an SSD. This is a better option than the old fashioned hard drives and will make using the PC feel much faster. The hard drive traditionally is the slowest part of a computer so it's important to move away from traditional hard drives and move towards SSDs. My previous 2 builds were exclusively SSD based. You will not be disappointed with this PC. It offers good performance straight out of the box and will not limit you down the road.
  31. https://www.thecanary.co/trending/2020/01/28/dwp-minister-thinks-foodbanks-are-a-perfect-solution/?fbclid=IwAR0kQqkWzuAeBPLGYMBIRPaAoMU_-Y6sUV6vEq1hVAEIObOUnNHNPPd6Wxw Does my head in every time I see about food banks. Meant to be a first world country and we've got people who can't even afford to feed themselves. Or should I say a government that starving the very people they're meant to protect. Also on a side note, tories who actually donate to food banks need to give their head a wobble. Essentially you're voting to starve people so you can give them a tin of beans and make yourself feel good. If you really want to do something about it cast your vote accordingly.
  32. Surely we’re not seriously looking to get shut of the super talented Niasse?!
  33. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-duo-oumar-niasse-cuco-17645773
  34. More evidence to support that he needs to be in the box - he’s a striker and a very good one at that - wasted on the wing!
  35. We're only four points (should be two) off the European places so I wouldn't write if off just yet.
  36. Back training with the first team today. I mean...the speed of his recovery is SHOCKING and only speaks to his professionalism and his drive to be back out on the pitch, supporting the badge. Can't wait to hear the ovation he gets at Goodison whenever he returns.
  37. johnh

    Jokes thread

    Just booked a table for Valentine's night. Don't know what her indoors will say as she has never played snooker before.
  38. When I was at school I didn’t really like football, never played it. I was one of the quieter kids. One of the school sports stars was in the same class as me and went around the lads asking everyone who they supported. I could see it was my turn soon and was shitting myself as I didn’t even know any teams names. Yvette Leurs was a few tables away from me and she said she supported Everton. And she was pretty fit for a 12 year old (that sounds so bad) so here was my chance to impress her, while not looking like a complete pussy at the same time. So I said Everton. That weekend I stayed at a friends house and his dad just happened to be watching the 1985 FA cup final. So I thought I should at least find out what colour they play in just in case I’m ever grilled about it. That day changed my life, as even though we lost..... I simply fell in love with Everton. I ended up trying football after that and found I was a natural at it, even though I started so late. I still play whenever I get chance now. I watch football, play football, and coach U8s and U10s. I have draws full of shirts, my car is even good old Everton blue. My missus even plans days around Everton matches. Provably not the beat reason to support a team, but since then, Everton have taken over my life, mind and heart. First and only team I have ever and ever will support. And my missus’s name isn’t Yvette Leurs haha.
  39. Had absolutely nothing to work with yesterday and still bags a goal, and another poachers goal at that. I'm loving it and if he's not in the next England squad it shows form counts for fuck all.
  40. At the end of the day, he carries on like this and he's on 20 goals for the season. He's got 15 games to get another 9. I've said it before. I think we're a bit snobby when it comes to strikers. We always pine for that 20 goal a season striker. And here we have a kid on that path but because he didn't cost £30mill and isn't a foreigner, he doesn't get the plaudits he deserves.
  41. 6 in his last 9 league outings. Well done dom.
  42. johnh

    Bad news

    Just had a phone call, her indoors is coming home today. Daughter is at the hospital and will bring her home. Just waiting for prescriptions etc., Thanks again guys for all your very welcome support.👍
  43. It hurts some to change their minds though. I just hope these same people will start slating Kean soon. As soon as they do we will know Kean is a top player. love for Everton should always come before hatred of a player, or being wrong.
  44. Always said there would be more to come from this lad.... attitude is everything and he has it in abundance. May not be a natural finisher but he's a supreme athlete and he has improved more than almost any player in the league.
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