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  1. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hoping that after coming back from 2-0 down to grab three points, that we have gained some confidence and go out there and smash them. let’s bring the old lady down!
  2. Haf, PeteO, can you take this to the correct thread and stop ruining our disgusting foods posts!!! Keep the thread on track 😡
  3. They do. Disagreement is fine but I do not want to listen to a broken record over and over
  4. I’m giving very serious thought to just moving this shite to a dedicated thread that everyone can put on ignore. I can’t even read the rest of the content because I want to just skip though this childish, bickering, oneupmanship that I’m actually missing decent contributions. Got a problem with what I’ll do, then PM me or fuck off. I’ve got enough to deal with without this fucking petty bullshit.
  5. I’ve never seen anything like that before! i just nearly choked on my Big Mac!
  6. Walcott said that before the Watford game Carlo told him he's 'allowed to score goals' 😂
  7. In the early1980s, I taught myself how to write computer programs, enough to obtain adequate modeling results for a PhD. This won me a job with Britain's most prestigious software company. I was great with Algol, Fortran, and even C. If I were to try to apply these skills to writing software today, I'd be a joke - a total dinosaur. So much has changed since I was a good programmer. It's the same with David Moyes. Two decades ago, he was just great, and his skill continued for ten years or so. But things change, and football is very different today. Personally, I don't see that he's changed much - and probably still expects the squad to run laps during every training session. Maybe I'm being unfair, and maybe West Ham will survive relegation, but I'm not convinced.
  8. I agree. I was being frivolous like the conversation above.
  9. What does it matter there cast in to history now and won’t have any input in what happens going forward, Pickford will and he is one of the better keepers in this league and can help the team going forward.
  10. Gana was good for us and so was Lukaku. Just my two cents.
  11. As far as I recall Mo Johnston was the first notable Catholic to sign for Rangers having played for Celtic previously, was very big news at the time. As for Charlie Nicholas I remember him going to Arsenal from Celtic and being hailed as the Scottish George Best, turned out to be decidedly average in a decent league; not fit to tie Best's boots.
  12. You use to see a lot of Liverpool flags at Celtic games and supporters wearing scarves made up 50% Celtic and 50% Liverpool, but you’re right a few players have crossed the divide in the last few years, but that would have been sacrilege in Nicholas day.
  13. It's a bit of an archaic thing as far as Merseyside is concerned but the Rangers/Celtic divide is Protestant/Catholic and it still exists; in my lifetime neither club signed a player of the "wrong" religion though that's not the case now. Still plenty of sectarianism in the supporters though. Just need to watch a Glasgow derby to see the Union flags in the Rangers end and the Republic of Ireland ones in the Celtic.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51418606
  15. Historically Everton have had close link to Rangers and Celtic to Liverpool, although that has changed with Gerrard going to Rangers.
  16. Same as we’ve got a good spirit and momentum going on, it won’t be easy and I don’t envy the person given the job of keeping Zaha quiet, but if we can win this a top 6 isn’t beyond our crasp who would have thought that not so long ago.
  17. Pete0 and Haff both make great points and really add to the vibrancy of the site, but they are like two rutting stags bashing heads and the rest of us get a headache. Just need to learn when to say I disagree but I'll leave it there.
  18. That’s right Shukes it was a hypothetical question would Moyes be better than Silva, then it nearly come true which might have been a different story But at the time Silva had to go and Ancelotti wasn’t on the radar, and I think most thought anyone was nearly preferable to Silva.
  19. No but I remember Franz Ferdinand a decent band from Scotland 😜
  20. I seem to remember this being about Everton vs Crystal Palace, now the info wars between Haff and Pete0 have infected it. Another casualty along with the truth. Can we create a special forum for people to go nuts on each other on please. A bit of banter is good but this is reaching Trumponian levels. Please Make It Stop!!
  21. I think its a case of they could have been separated at birth lol.
  22. I'll stick to the Jordan Pickleford thread.
  23. No chance of him eating humble pie is there? Never realises that he's got egg on his face..... His stubbornness makes him a tough but to crack.... I've got bigger fish to fry but can't help being annoyed by him thinking he's the big cheese, the best thing since sliced bread.... he cherry picks posts that make his scouting abilities look mustard. I should take what he says with a grain of salt as his gana posts indicated that he's a few sandwiches short of a picnic and they really were the icing on the cake.... he's not a bad egg, it's just some of his posts take the biscuit.....tells the odd pork pie too.....
  24. Fully believe there was absolutely no chance of him doing ok here. He’d have done exactly what he’s done with West Ham but with us. I don’t know why anyone wanted him here. Thank god Ancelotti became available or we really would be in a relegation battle. One I’d fancy us to lose with that goon in charge.
  25. Cauliflower is the worst cooking aroma by far, in a competition where the worst smell topped the league cauliflower would make this year's Liverpool look like Halifax Town! Spawn of the devil; but love it raw in a salad. Raw sprouts are very nice too.
  26. I managed to rake together as many accounts on Tommy as possible. I leave the link to my work here if anyone is interested, thanks for your help! https://www.roversreports.com/team-talk/legends-of-the-game-tommy-eglington
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