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  1. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/carlo-ancelotti-everton-numbers-remarkable-17739089 Interesting article comparing Ancelotti stats to Silva. There are some stats you would not expect. Under Silva we faced less shots at goal, made more forward passes and had more shots on target. So what has happened? Ancelotti has upped the tempo of the team. Under Silva play was slow with plenty of passing around the final third that came to nothing or with a tame shot on target. Likewise in defence we had more possession so faced fewer shots but those we did were often leading to a goal due to being out of position. Under Ancelotti we are direct. No passing for passing's sake and watching opening slip away. We get the ball forward with 2 or 3 passes and we take the shot. Our defence doesn't get pulled out of shape as often and the opposition are being restricted to more speculative shots rather than carving us open on the counter.
  2. when the whole barca thing happened with the fans making fun of him after his struggles, it seemed like every evertonian just knew this was the right place for him. and it really has been. so happy, he seems to love it here and really enjoy the warmth he gets from fans. the reaction when he steps on the pitch will be massive.
  3. Fuck Europa League, Champions League is the way to go! 4th place is achievable, but we can’t lose to Arsenal, United or Chelsea if we are to stand a chance. I’ve thrown a fiver on at 40/1 just in case.
  4. Just wow! I want to have his babies.
  5. I just want to finish as high as we possibly can.
  6. I only had £40 in my wallet when we clocked him so I gave it to him and he said, "No mate a tenners enough" but I put the lot in his rucksack; already donated online anyway. The guy's a one-off; decided to swim the channel and then thought it might be an idea to have some swimming lessons first. And all he wanted to talk about today to me and my lad was Everton, nothing about what he's done, just about the Blues. Very special man.
  7. This is going to feel like such a long time till our next game!
  8. Why are you over exaggerating? I gave one example in the game to counter your erroneous (IMO) example. The weekend was clearly a big mistake but that aside I don't see many shots conceded that he should be saving. If anything, I see him making more saves I wouldn't expect him to make.
  9. But you do have a bias against the English players. He has arrogance, but unless it works out it’s a negative. He’s still one of the top 10 in the world
  10. All he did!? 😂 Some of our players can't pass it 5 yards to a team mate and this fella pings it 60 yards into the run and foot of an attacker and it's labelled as just knocking a ball in the channel and then you say I need some perspective. This place is fucking mad sometimes. He wasn't rooted to his line when he collected the ball after he made the important save. If your referring to the post incident, why would a keeper be that far in front of his near post from a corner/cross or whatever it was? No I think the opposite is true. Just because every pass isn't great people seem to think he is crap with the ball. Even the Ederson's and Allisons of this world bung the ball into touch, duff a ball out or get caught on it, you just don't watch them as much. Pickford's distribution is up their with the best and of course it doesn't always come off, imagine if our outfield players tried the type of balls he is, they wouldn't get anywhere near his completion levels. It's not even about potential. He is good enough for better teams than us already and he could go on a lot further yet.
  11. The rich control the media and they don’t want to share their wealth with the working classes, yet through media propaganda in the UK they basically brainwashed the working classes to shoot themselves in the foot over Brexit and the General election, the same is happening in the State’s with Trump the people who he has probably nothing in common with and will do nothing for are being targeted by the media moguls who have plenty of things in common with Trump to vote for him, the brainwashing has begun.
  12. I’ll have a go... At least here, we have no predisposition in belief that since a player is English, he’s better. No doubt that there’s a premium on transfers between English teams, because the media benefits as do many.
  13. Not remotely sleazy for me, he says something like, "it's now complete" meaning he was talking about being interviewed by the woman, nothing more and she took no offence at all as far as I could see.
  14. Yeah just in Steve May 1939, if you check the date on my profile I started again when I was mid 70. Now I'm only 11years old. 😀
  15. I know this has turned into a bit of an argument against the posters rather than the opinions, but I’m surprised that many aren’t agreeing that Pickford is underperforming compared to last year? To me, it’s blatantly obvious that his performances have dropped. His kicking is erratic. Every match he is apologising to team mates for kicking the ball straight out of play. His saves are a mixture of great and abysmal. His command of his area is non existent. It’s his weakest area. I don’t think for one second we should sell him, as I think he can hit previous levels again. I think he could improve on last year if he gets his head down. But, he isn’t the same keeper as last year at the moment.
  16. Play a lot the of the teams around us so it’s really in our hands. No reason we can’t chase down chelsea and given our recent form over the last 8/10 games I fancy us against any of those teams.
  17. Fortunate enough to bump into the great man a bit earlier.....and I was quite pleased to meet Mick again as well!😂 (God I look old)
  18. Carlo Ancelotti is fucking brilliant and is our manager. Stop talking about Bisto Tits for fucks sake, he's gone and I want to forget that cunt was ever here. It's an embarrassment that he was ever charge. Edit - Even more embarrassing is the fact that people are arguing over his time here!
  19. I’d drape myself in a rainbow flag for him any day.
  20. I don't think he will go anywhere, I think he will finish his career here. Player and club made for each other, a true Everton story with what we hope will be a happy ending!!
  21. With you all the way. Sadly my wife has no concept of "living within means" having been brought up in a wealthy family; her innate "I want it so I'll buy it" reflex has never left her, which is why I handle all financial stuff; she thinks that credit cards are free money. We sometimes fall out.😂
  22. The whole team had been underperforming until Silva was shown the door, he’s improved as much everyone else since Ferguson and then Ancelotti took over, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make mistakes as everyone in the team will.
  23. Same reason as I pay monthly for gas, 'leccy, home phone, TV licence, water rates, car/house insurance and internet off the top of my head; know what's going out every month. Did PAYG for a long time but running out of credit when you need it is very annoying. Doesn't happen with my provider, rate drops as soon as the phone contract is up. I have a "back-up" SIM only contract on an old phone with an ex-provider that costs me £3 a month. Spending far less now than when I was on PAYG.
  24. yes to some extent. it's not a knock, myself and other americans do the same with american players (Howard, Pulisic, Dempsey, etc). hell i thought we should have bought yedlin back in the day before he went to newcastle.
  25. He’s definitely one special guy Everton will be a sadder place without him around, stay forever André.
  26. It's the one area where they have absolutely nailed down a customer buying something that depreciates - on credit without feeling bad..... so much so that many people used to carry on paying the contracted rate after their phone was already paid for. Rather than going SIM only. Personally I think that part should be illegal. It makes me sick. For me there should be claim backs.
  27. The pendulum is swinging. I was hoping it was slowing down but it’s magnetic poles countering each other at the moment, and the people being focused on an extreme / a team, rather than reason and actual debate
  28. I know what you mean, it’s not bias. Not sure what the word is
  29. So when Pickford came and assertively claimed the ball through several players, after the save from Benteke was that a fluke?
  30. I agree. Xhaka is a wannabee hard man but he fouls out of petulance rather than through tact. Fernandino puts himself about, not necessarily leaving one on players but he won't give you an inch in midfield and he will bring you down if you beat him.
  31. yes similar to bernard but even skinnier if possible lol. ossie was little but he wasn't easily bullied off the ball, also he grew up playing english football so he knew what to expect and adapted. pienaar i didn't feel was ever bullied off the ball, he was so silky and would draw fouls a lot. bernard would probably be the closest mike.
  32. Honestly I think the winter break has come at the right time for Pickford. He needs to get home and take his mind off the pressure cooker of Premier League football so he can come back refreshed and ready to go again. This is a time for him to have a bit of a deep dive into himself and his recent form. I still think he is a great keeper and perhaps he has lost some of his confidence and is trying to "put it on" during games. He needs to find some humility, perhaps knock his missus up and refocus on what is important in his life. Ancelotti needs to get an arm around him a little bit and also help him out with a settled defence. That way he will have some predictability in front of him and he will know exactly where and when he needs to make a move.
  33. Seriously 40/1 that is great odds how long ago was that Steve I fancy a piece of that, for me that is so achievable if we beat Arsenal away which I believe we will 4th place is definitely on.
  34. Its not about the economy, its cultural, same as Brexit it's not contained to the US it's a global response to too much globalism/capitalism. Bernie is a good man and as someone not affected by US domestic policy I would ecstatic if he could get up, his voting record demonstrates he is someone who would rather be effective than right and that is a very good quality in a politician. But they will align him with the Squad and Socialism and make him defend all sorts of marginal cultural issues* *very much hope I am wrong on this.
  35. Save percentage doesn't say a lot unless you compare the keepers in similar situations. I'd be surprised if a keeper was exposed more than Jordan last year with Michael Keane getting turned inside out and Gana leaving massive gaps.
  36. The trainers are indeed Nike Off-White Air Force 1’s. Not my taste, but then again, not much footballers wear ever is... I do think that Tom’s personal style is some of the most genuine and unique. I think Dom is impressed by that and mostly following suit. He buys what he sees while Tom is a bit more intuitive and clever. I work in the arts, not too far from where these pictures were taken (SoHo - I’m a few blocks south in TriBeCa) and often encounter the monied types with no style, lol, so seeing how footballers dress feels commonplace now.
  37. Too bloody right it is, I turned 60 last Friday, and popped into Merseytravel today to get my free bus pass, I’ll use the savings to buy food for the food bank that’s at the ground each home game.
  38. I was just about to post a link to Speedos donation site! , we always drop some money in his bucket at Goodison, to go to a game in her shreddies is one thing, to walk 1000 miles in December through Feb is something else. The guy is a shining example of how to turn your life around and then help others. He always has time for everyone at the ground, if he is talking to someone and you drop some money in his bucket, he always makes sure he catches up with you to say thank you. So for anyone who isn’t aware of him here’s the link to donate to his fantastic effort.TIA. https://www.gofundme.com/f/speedomick-1000-ml-charity?d=6aq9C13IdZLqIdmFobn5t86bPDvoh6BrJQQpzoC2VHo%3D
  39. I suspect Mark's post was a bit (a lot) ironic and aimed at a certain member, mentioning no names.
  40. A lot of the same ones who voted for him last time. I wasn't just talking about left center. Trump has a lot of things going in his favor right now whether you attribute them to his policies or not. A strong economy and low unemployment are two just for starters.
  41. He looked a threat all night, made up he got his first goal. He looked better after he scored too, maybe more relaxed.
  42. Seriously Bailey.... the one time he commanded his area and you make it look like it's bread and butter. I don't see the big deal here.... he's far from the levels he was at pre world cup and sadly that's as much down to his mentality more than anything. I wasn't even alert to his save percentage.. I had a feeling he wasn't getting near some shots but oddly saving ones that you wouldn't expect hi. To save.... the fact that he's 20th on 64% is concerning. Like I say... I don't expect us to go out and buy so done else but I expect Carlo has ideas as to what he wants from his keeper.
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