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  1. If you're proposing a supra-national type of body that would provide an institutional framework where member-countries could agree common high standards for Food Safety, I'm all for it Paul 😉
  2. 😂 I had a "thing" nearly twenty years ago when we lived in a different cul-de-sac where the police followed me home due to a hole in my exhaust (works vehicle). I parked up and the guy took my details and got on his radio; was school pick-up time so my wife went to pick up our lad and left the front door open for me to get in. Policeman got reply and turned out I was public enemy number one, three more units turned up with flashing lights; wouldn't even let me shut the front door and took me away in a van. Turned out someone in Norfolk had stolen my identity; was only when the booking sergeant asked me to take my shirt off to verify my tattoos (I had none) they realised the mistake and gave me a lift home. Never told the neighbours the truth.
  3. On a positive note, it's highly likely it is not coronavirus. After talking to paramedics and call handlers the symptoms seem to be a slight cold that progresses into a high fever that will subside. After the fever you will start coughing up pink discharge and then blood. That's when you need ventilation because you get real bad pneumonia.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52038205
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52012049
  6. They're gonna think it is corona chan. I'm gonna play along and make sure I cough extra loud all night.
  7. Worst thing the other night was it was purposely vague. They had already messaged companies informing them they can stay open if they are online i.e. We're not gonna support the workers. He should have been clearer in the message and said we're only doing half a job. Absolutely no point in telling people not to meet with their friends and family (and fining them if they do) when you're happy for them to go work in an office with 100s of people.
  8. The government posted if you are not a key worker do not go to work. Following day they changed that to only go to work if you cannot work from home. That’s not the actions of a prime minister or government that know what they are doing bar putting money before lives. They have been encouraging builders to go to work even if there working on contracts including housing how many people need to die to build a house which isn’t vital at the moment.
  9. I've no problem with it. We have a World Health Organisation and a United Nations for global security. Keynes proposed all of that in the 30s stating that globalism is a good thing when it comes to sharing technology, medical research, security and education; but where goods could be homespun they should be. I think the coronavirus pandemic has shown the folly of becoming totally dependent on overseas manufacturing as health workers have had to wait for PPE and our ventilators only being manufactured in 3 countries (Germany, Switzerland, Italy). I honestly think we have hit the tipping point where the economic benefits for companies to produce overseas are not worth the social costs at home.
  10. This is a weak government more concerned with not spending than keeping the country safe, still advocating that none essential workers should go to work if they can’t work from home, rather than have to support people to stay at home. They talk the talk but can’t walk the walk and people on here have been singing Boris’s praises what for I have know idea.
  11. "By far the greatest team the World (or at least England) has ever seen". Spent many more years at the top of that than anyone else, and the good times will be rolling again soon!
  12. You are too diplomatic Mark. It shows me that the people of Manchester are fucking idiots 😂
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