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  1. I think a Cannabis leaf incorporated logo and the strap line ‘ For the higher good’ won’t be a good look. .....and then for the jokes if we do well about getting high, resigning Stones, making a hash of it or our players being out of puff.
  2. Yes, I do think we should be more understanding of the way people think. You have just dismissed half the country as scumbags and morons, presumably because they don't think like you. I'm not sure whether you really think that, but I can't see it's a helpful opinion. The extreme examples you gave would not get tolerance and acceptance - I am sure there are hundreds of other crimes and misdemeanours which would be equally reprehensible. I understood Chach's comment to have a more general application - political discourse, social discourse - and welcomed it.
  3. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11671/11982791/lucas-digne-carlo-ancelotti-can-take-everton-to-champions-league
  4. Alcohol, gambling, pharmaceuticals what next prostitution? Tbf it's only cannabis oil so not addictive and doesn't get you stoned, so just the ethical case of whether medicine should be advertised rather than simply prescribed.
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