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  1. I think of the stupid things I did in my 20’s, if I had a few million in the bank I’d still do stupid things. But I’d have the cash to do them on a bigger scale.
  2. My brother in law was strong enough to leave hospital today hopefully I will be able to speak with him in a couple of days. I want to know what he can remember and how he felt, or does that seem more morbid than just curious?
  3. Good luck to your BIL, but no, I don't think that's morbid. Learning from others' experiences can help us in the future (that's why we study history right?).
  4. Never forget were you’ve come from or were you’ve been it’s all part of what’s made you the person you are today, which is a decent man 👊
  5. Earning more money doesn't automatically make a person more responsible or aware of what they should be doing.
  6. I agree with you about Delph Mark he came here as a experienced player a finished article if you like and he hasn’t lived up to the billing, he hasn’t offered anything more than we already had. I feel with Kean he was brought here as a prospect that still needed working on to harness the talent he undoubtedly possesses, I think he will go as you said but I think it will be a loss for the club if he goes, he’s still young with a good chance of being top player in a couple of years and being a striker his value could soar.
  7. I don't think any are leaving, there’s just not much football to talk about at the moment. Once the world starts spinning again, TT will be back to its usual bickering and arguing haha! I haven’t been posting much, but I still check in every day to see what’s going on. Can’t go to long without my blue family.
  8. 😂 like you mate I’m proof that a Leopard can change his spots.
  9. Thanks Palfy, I’m self employed running a home maintenance/improvement business on the Wirral. Hope your OK also, maybe we should run a poll to see if everyone else is OK to and do our bit for EITC, mods?
  10. Oh yes that grinds my gears alright, the only compensation he deserves is a punch on the nose, shameless greedy little punk.
  11. Thank you for making it as simple as possible. We do indeed to be at cross purposes. I am talking about you comparing Tory austerity to Nazism and you are asking me to justify why I don't think half the population are scumbags and morons. To answer your question first. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and engage in positive discourse - there are those I vehemently disagree with over a whole range of issues, but who are very far from being morons and scumbags. Amongst this fraternity are people of varying religious persuasions, political persuasions, those with a social axe to grind, and those with none. I believe they extend the same largesse and courtesy to me when I speak to them. We debate, we talk, we disagree, we agree. I understand that people vote Tory for many different reasons and amongst them may have been those who warned about austerity, just as there may have been amongst them 'scumbags and morons' who actively pursued the policy with little regard for the consequences. To say that everyone who votes Tory is a 'scumbag and a moron', however, is not born out in my experience. With you it maybe, I guess. What I am pretty sure about is that 50% of the population are not morons and scumbags. It is dismissive and reductive and the worst kind of pigeon-holing. As I don't vote Tory, it would be wrong of me to hazard what policies they had that outweighed the misery austerity was going to inflict, so I can't really answer that. My question to you was a simple one, I thought. Namely, does this wretched austerity that has inflicted misery and cut short lives fall short of the Nazi's genocide campaign and Government complicity in murders in NI or the war crimes of the Gulf war. I would say it does.
  12. Tell me more you rogue 😄
  13. I don't want him to leave either. People give him grief for making immature decisions, but he's a fucking kid for christ's sake. I did way worse at 19/20 than he has.
  14. Ancelotti is just a different level to anyone we’ve had. Players are on notice - we perform poorly and the players will be at the forefront. No longer do we have that inexperienced manager trying to us to the next level. Ancelotti is the best thing Moshiri ever did and is the type of manger he thought he was getting with Koeman.
  15. regardless of his actions or my opinion of them i won't be surprised when he is sold this summer. he and delph being the 2 big misses so far for Brands.
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