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  1. Don’t think you can ask more than that from a young player. He made a mistake but apologised, and by the sounds of it, not just a “ye I’m sorry”, but a proper apology. I forget sometimes that he’s alone over here at his age. Lockdown isn’t easy for someone my age, yet alone a 19 year old that doesn’t speak English.
  2. It should but money talks and bullshit walks.
  3. Keep it off topic guys, any more solely political posts in this thread will be deleted.
  4. As an additional safety precaution from now on everyone entering this thread must wear a mask, I've added a new emoji (😷) which is available to all free of charge. Be safe.
  5. I assume you meant on topic, so I’ve removed the bickering.
  6. I hope that’s true.
  7. https://www.toffeeweb.com/season/19-20/news/39510.html
  8. Still with the girl names. Really must have wound you up getting called Paula on the school ground. I'm from a generation were girls are equal so you're just showing how much of a neanderthal you are. Fuck me you're an idiot. You're arguing as Labour wanted to remain in the EU they would have kept the borders open, I'd laugh but were in this mess because of idiots like you. Essentially the mess at the moment is because capitalism has been prioritised, see USA for evidence. Corbyn would have put people first, it's what he does. All throughout he's been holding the government to account or you calling him a liar and a capitalist? Japan is more dense, higher population, and has half as many deaths as us. And they're closer. So soft lad, why have we got the highest death toll? Why would it be no different under a government that would have put people first? The solution would have been to enforce the lock down earlier and stronger, followed the paths of Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. We even saw what happens if you don't in Italy. With all this information we shouldn't be in this situation in the first place. Any how, 12 weeks everything closed seems to be working elsewhere. As for the lefty comment I don't see how that's an insult. You're just reinforcing you're an idiot who puts the economy before people's lives. Would you kill your family so your boss doesn't make a loss? That's essentially what this Government is doing.
  9. Calm down Karen I'm sorry you can't hold a discussion without having to start a slanging match but that's on you. Go check who threw the first stone. As for the far left looney comment. The main thing I've asked is what policies do the tory party have to justify voting for them, when you know doing so will be at the cost of the NHS and people's lives. Don't see how that isnt a fair question?
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