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  1. He's right. You can't play football safely in this situation. They aren't essential they are entertainers. Sadly people earning under £10 an hour are deemed essential which is a different argument altogether.
  2. Looking after number one as always, if a bit of good comes of it it's despite him rather than because of him.
  3. I meant Umbro but put SportPesa because shirt sponsorship was on my brain, sorry!
  4. And isn’t it nice to see that you can still have morals and decency and be a lefty or labour supporter, which has we have seen in the last 6-8 months that is something righties or conservatives find difficult to aspire to. Or am I being to harsh?
  5. So do I, love that shirt. I bought it after the Wimbledon game in '94, was down at my parents in Somerset and a sports shop in Wells had one left in my size and I'd promised myself I'd go and buy it if we were relegated, just to show I was still keeping the faith. When we won I thought "fuck it" and got in the car and bought it anyway on the very day, just got there before they closed. Prized possession.
  6. Difficult to find a definitive figure for their five year Adidas deal that started the season before this but the consensus I found on their forums is that it's worth around £4m a year; quite an increase from the £1m they were getting from Puma but still a long way behind us. We are clearly the most attractive club outside of the "big" six just now.
  7. We should aspire to get the most we can but to double our existing deal has to be seen as good business. I know we all love the club but we haven’t won anything since 95, aren’t in Europe and not competing yet right at the top. I’d look to see that we are getting market value or better as before I think we were away off. I’d be interested in seeing what Leicester get.
  8. £9m is at least 33% more than West Ham's deal is worth according to this, still a long way of the others of course. https://www.claretandhugh.info/hammers-kit-deal-dwarfed-by-top-six/
  9. It’s almost double the SportPesa deal apparently. Which show just how shite that was. And MJB, I highly doubt Matt was thinking we could get as much as those clubs. He’ll have been comparing us to the likes of West Ham I’d have thought.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/may/20/everton-agree-9m-a-season-kit-deal-with-hummel-and-drop-umbro £9m a season.
  11. We’ve gotten so used to Elstone and a pound over the previous record being hailed as something magical.
  12. https://www.football365.com/news/danny-rose-premier-league-coronavirus-guinea-pigs-lab-rats-newcastle
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