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  1. I get so annoyed by our ‘if onlys’ - the silly 2 goals vs Newcastle, the goal that should have been vs Man U - that’s 4 points that would have had us talking about a late surge for Champions League!
  2. This is incredibly good. Still laughing 5 hours later. Glad Luke saw the humor in it as well. Love Carlo!
  3. Vardy is on 99 goals so we will need to score two tommorow
  4. In a 4-4-2, he may find himself as a back-up option next season. I can’t see there being a queue of teams in for him (mainly due to what £££ he must be on) and I can’t see us signing too many players, so he may just find himself a place in the squad - to the annoyance of many!!!
  5. I don't think we will but there's no reason for us not to be chasing it.
  6. To be fair our midfield has regressed over the last couple of years.
  7. Someone mentioned in another thread if we could make Europe. I said i thought our run-in was tough, but wanted to start a new thread to see what people think. For starters Wolves and above i think are beyond catching at this point, so i've left them out. Here are the run ins for teams vying for Europe places 6-12 Current Table Everton to play - Leicester (H), Spurs (A), Soton (H), Wolves (A), Villa (H), Sheffield (A), Bournemouth (H) [4 teams in the top 12] Palace to play - Leicester (A), Chelsea (H), Villa (A), Man U (H), Wolves (A), Spurs (H) [5 teams in the top 12] Arsenal to play - Norwich (H), Wolves (A), Leicester (H), Spurs (A), Liverpool (H), Villa (A), Watford (H) [4 teams in the top 12] Sheffield to play - Spurs (H), Burnley (A), Wolves (H), Chelsea (H), Leicester (A), Everton (H), Soton (A) [6 teams in the top 12] Burnley to play - Sheffield (H), West Ham (A), Liverpool (A), Wolves (H), Norwich (A), Brighton (H) [3 teams in the top 12] Spurs to play - Sheffield (A), Everton (H), Bournemouth (A), Arsenal (H), Newcastle (A), Leicester (H), Palace (A) [4 teams in the top 12] Man U to play - Brighton (A), Bournemouth (H), Villa (A), Soton (H), Palace (A), West Ham (H), Leicester (A) [1 team in the top 12] First Impressions - United have by far the easiest schedule left and Sheffield/Palace have the most difficult. There is a lot of interplay between these teams battling it out for Europa, those games will obviously matter a lot. If we are going by schedule alone it looks like it could be a real battle for that 7th spot (if available) if Wolves continue their nice form (which i assume they will), and United continue their form as well (even if they don't it's an easy schedule). If City's ban is upheld that 8th spot will be highly contested as well. It should make for an interesting end of the campaign. Conclusion - We are in the mix and it's possible, I'm gonna say if City's ban is upheld we can qualify.
  8. Where the fuck have you been? I haven’t missed you.
  9. Coronavirus has a lot to answer for if we’re stuck with him being even part of the squad. Utter, utter shite.
  10. Love his attitude and would be willing to give him a chance. He says he has had lots of football and feels he is back to his level pre injury. So let’s see what he looks like.
  11. The big 22 today. Shame the season was delayed as he's on 98 appearances and I doubt there's many players to get over a 100 appearances at centre mid by that age. For comparison Loftus-Cheek and Winks had half as many.
  12. Its so disappointing looking at the league table and seeing Liverpool on top and the likes of Sheff Utd, Burnley and Palace above us. I look at this as to who is in form because these end of season fixtures are a bit of a lottery. Form teams with a little bit of something to play for can beat teams with none. It is fair to say we are in mixed form. We are tough to beat but we aren't creating a lot either. I suspect we will see a fair few low scoring draws before the end of the season. I would agree that Wolves are home and hosed. They are a solid team, in great form and whilst they don't score loads, they keep plenty of clean sheets. We aren't going to make 11 points on them. I also think Utd and Spurs will see the season through to finish at least 7th. Utd have a lot of goals in their squad with Fernandes and Pogba fit and Rashford, Martial and Oghalo all causing enough problems to teams. As they did at Norwich, they don't have to play well to win. Spurs are a little less predictable, but they are fairly solid themselves. I don't see them winning all their remaining games or anything like that, but I don't see them losing any either. That table doesn't show it but there is a gap in class between 7th and above. That leaves a bun fight for the 'maybe' 8th place. All 4 of those teams are solid enough but in mixed form. Palace don't score enough, neither do Burnley and they are running out of forwards, Sheffield Utd have come back in crap form and Arsenal are an unknown quantity. Our minimum aim should be to finish 8th at worst and then if one of Spurs / Utd slip up, we can be hot on their heels to nab that last traditional European position.
  13. Beat Leicester and Spurs, then talk about it. Losing either of those games will make it very difficult. Beating sheff United would go a long way to helping too.
  14. They wouldn’t be buying him out he’s not a shareholder, he’s a non profits non voting director. They would just vote him off the board.
  15. It happened in the 2000/01 season with Aston Villa and Newcastle United, who were sponsored by NTL (who are now Virgin Media). If I remember rightly NTL also sponsored Celtic and Rangers that season, and the Old Firm have often shared shirt sponsors (Carling and Tennants spring to mind).
  16. Your country does suck at 'soccer' 😜
  17. Mark it’s the media not anything else and it’s not unique to football. They’ll hype anything up Royal Family, Politics, Sport, Celebrities until the next big story comes along but that’s the same worldwide. In terms of football I don’t think we (British public) get carried away more than the next country. We are in a unique situation here that we don’t have a league full of English players as we are truly multicultural, more than any other league so understandably more interest is on our ‘home grown’ talents as we want the National side to succeed.
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