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  1. If Bournemouth do require a win to stay up, and they had a choice of who they would like to play I don’t think they would change us at this moment in time.
  2. I think what there getting at is if you play in a wide position in the MF doesn’t mean you are a natural winger. When he plays there you don’t see him taking on the RB to get to the line to put a cross in, he’s like Pienaar when he played there he wasn’t a winger, they try to link up with the LB so they can get to line, or they cut in and drive towards the middle of the area.
  3. Liverpool are a team of winners mate, trust me, every defeat hurts them. No professional footballer goes over that white line t crying about winning. If they do, they shouldn’t be playing anything above third tier.
  4. I’ll happily go wherever they want me. May even get a seat on the bench if things carry the way they are!
  5. Barkley said he was a forward, that’s not necessarily a striker. He played on the right of a front three many times for Koeman. He just didn’t see himself as a midfielder, probably with most of his strengths being attack minded. Walcott spent most of his youth as a striker, he went to Arsenal hoping to follow in Henry’s footsteps and become a striker there. It just didn’t work out that way and he’s become accustomed to being a winger. Probably in a similar way to Gareth Bale always being a left back, before things changed and he got the opportunity to try something different and excelled at it.
  6. There's literally nothing we're playing for these next 2 games (the bit of extra prize money for a place or two higher is nothing compared to the value of having a better idea for next season; plus, our owner is loaded). I want us to start Moise Kean (especially him), Branthwaite, Beni and Gordon. I know what Davies, DCL and Walcott can do, I don't know what Beni, Gordon and Kean can do. Fuck these last 2 games, this has been a miserable season that will be erased from my memory the moment the final whistle blows against Bournemouth. Showcase the kids. The shower of shit that apparently comprises our "best team" has had all season to show what they can do, and it turns out they can't do much.
  7. He lost that mental advantage because a lot of young lads forgot what it was like to play with Tiger Woods in the field. They made hay when he was out and then when he came back and his game wasn't as good (expectedly given his problems) then its no surprise he didn't have the same affect on the field. You also seem to suggest that the others in the field were mentally weak. These are guys that have won multiple tournaments, they arent mentally weak players, nor particularly weaker than Tiger but not only was he a better golfer but he was also the player that took fitness to a new level. While Ernie Els was getting in shots in the clubhouse after a round and Jon Daly was doing God knows what, Tiger was working hard and getting the right nutrition. Tiger is the equivalent of Arsene Wenger for changing the way the game is played. Now every player spends as much time in the gym as they do on the range, they have nutritionalists and psychologists. They get new equipment whenever they want and anyone can win on any given week because they all have that ability.
  8. When a new manager goes to a team usually it’s because they are playing poorly, so the first thing any manager should do is sort the defence out to stop the poor run of results, this is what we are seeing with Arteta and Ancelotti, we also saw it with Allardyce, but we didn’t like the man so didn’t accept what he was doing. What benefits Arteta more than Ancelotti is he also has MF that can play and a more clinical finisher upfront.
  9. He’s been playing on the left and right of midfield but he hasn’t been playing as a winger.
  10. This. Or it's poor old Everton, never quite there. OK we aren't but a couple of wins boosts morale (especially of us long-suffering supporters).
  11. You would want him playing through the middle to see him at his best in 10 position or similar. With Gomes/Siggy/Davies/Gordon/Iwobi/Bernard/Richarlison who can all operate in an advanced midfield position or deep striker and with Lallana being slow, injury prone and probably on a fair few quid, its a no from me.
  12. We have been linked for a while I believe so I would guess Brands. Look at his character in the Leicester game I mentioned. At 0-0 and 1-0 he completely gives up on his teammates. I'd also question his attitude with what has happened for his contract. Something has clearly gone on behind the scenes.
  13. Soton playing better without him. That's how good he is..
  14. He's found his level. Hopefully we make a few quid on selling him this summer - that's something we need to be better at.
  15. A number 10 because that's what he considers himself. You can clearly see from watching him he's not a winger.
  16. Season ticket holders should get priority, there shouldn't be a general sale until they can accommodate all of the regular matchday group. Not allowing someone to go the game that goes every week, but allowing someone to go whenever the feel like it is completely the wrong way around, so hopefully common sense is used when the stadia is reopened. I'm pretty sure masks will be mandatory (and probably no bars open to reduce crowds) but that's fine by me.
  17. Unless you have elite midfielders who can retain the ball for fun, get a foot in as well. Also our strikers want it in behind more than to feet, so it just doesn’t suit that for me.
  18. Dowell has 5 in 6 in the championship, including a hat trick midweek and another today. Had a few assists as well. Will be interesting to see what happens with these young loanees when Carlo runs the rule over them.
  19. That is why I gave myself the out of how we might want to play next year We do lack energy but that is as much about the tactics as it is the player. He wasn't as energetic under Puel. I dont see him as a leader either. Not really. The question you have to ask yourself after watching him is how well would he fit into our system or likewise how would our midfield look in their system. Im not saying our midfield could do what he does for Southampton but then again I dont see him doing anything extra in our current system (with my comments above and previously taken into account). I have watched him a bit but not game after game. I have only watched part games too, not the full 90. I dont think I have seen him post lockdown. I heard a lot about him early on and one of my Soton supporting mates does say that he is a good player (albeit not a patch on Lemina). The one game I did watch is the 9-0 loss to Leicester which was a game that I was bitterly disappointed with. I'm not talking about towards the end of the game but when they had 11 men and then just after they had gone down to 10. If you watch the short highlights package on Google you will see him (number 23) giving up completely on two Leicester attacks despite being a central midfielder. I would recommend people do watch that short clip because it is pretty shocking.
  20. You need both to be a champion, belief without ability is gonna get you no where and vice versa, but bring the two together to there optimum and you become invincible, in short you become a Tiger Woods, and as we have seen with Woods put a chink in either and the invincibility goes.
  21. In the first post you said tiger woods game suffered physically not mentally. Then went on to say that when people go through shit in their lives doing what come natural becomes difficult... which is mentality. As for "going thfough shit in their lives" lets cut to the chase, I admire woods as a golfer - the very fact that he had unprotected sex with porn stars and waitresses etc etc and had unprotected sex with the mother of his children paints the picture of an absolute piece of shit with very little moral fibre. His wife had aids tests after finding out about the affairs.... so yeah the fella clearly does have the ability to shut shit out of his mind till the fellow professionals he used to look down his nose at stopped kissing his arse and let him know where he stood. Only his acceptance back into the fold by golfers who knew the game needed him gave him the winning mindset again.
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