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  1. Gutted today. Not arsed about the result, not arsed about the performance, not arsed about anyone else on that pitch today. The man has been a class act, I’ve been lucky enough to meet him on quite a few occasions. A few times (in my 30’s) I’ve acted like a shy school girl around him and he’s still been sound. Had one really weird week where I met him at my place of work, then at two different restaurants in town within a few days. The third time I said to him I’m not following you, I promise. And he laughed about it. He shouldn’t be going out at an empty Goodison, he’ll probably be happy to not have the fuss, but he should have the crowd singing his name and letting him know how we all feel about him. The best player of my generation, for many reasons, on and off the pitch. He’ll be missed. He’s one of us!
  2. Not a nice way for a proper legend to go out.... sharing a pitch with a bunch of half arsed millionaires. Thanks for the memories Leighton, a genuinely brilliant player, ambassador and the best left back I've seen in a blue shirt. You deserved far better than that today.
  3. Whilst I agree about Kean surely the biggest bonus to take away from that game is we don’t have to suffer any more of that shite again this season and I suspect that will be the last time many of them pull on an Everton shirt full stop
  4. The best left back I’ve had the honour of watching. It was a joy to watch him play for us and I feel privileged to have witnessed him week in, week out. The only disappointing thing is that he couldn’t showcase his talent on the international stage due to England not playing like us in any way, so he couldn’t show his true ability. Thank you, Leighton.
  5. We are only eleven starting players away from being a decent side so could be an interesting window
  6. I was much more impressed with him today. We knew he had strength and pace and he showed those physical qualities today, but he also showed that he can beat a man, and almost that he can bully a defender with his back to goal which will surely only improve as he matures. There was a couple of times that I thought he made a half arsed run, when he should have been direct on the whole I thought he showed a presence that he hadn't showed since joining. Furthermore the performance of DCL from the bench also shows how hard it is to come in and play 20mins and look good in this side. DCL barely had a kick much in the same way Kean has. I think this was good management by Carlo as I can imagine Kean will come out of today thinking he can be the main striker next season with a good pre-season under his belt.
  7. This is sad. The end of that generation of Jags, Cahill, peanuts, Arteta etc. Real men not the complete pussies in this team character, ability, hard work - seems like its all over!
  8. A true Everton great and a proper professional on and off the pitch, a sad day and way to leave with out the adulation of the fans ringing out, but we have the memories. And hopefully when we are back in the stadium he can come back so we can thank him properly.
  9. I have no problem Tom Davies selling me hot dogs at half time in the concourse ,Gylfi selling match day programs or Iwobi taking my bets, I just don’t want to see them anywhere near the pitch ever again
  10. It’s official then, he has retired from football, what a desperately disappointing way for the naughtiest left back in football to bow out 😞
  11. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1743315/incredibly-proud-baines-message-to-evertonians
  12. I don't think Ancelotti has been any improvement whatsoever, why the fook he has them playing out from the back across the six yard line baffles me, got caught out so many times it was ridiculous. Then when we get close to their half we stop and start going backwards again, nobody can put a decent cross into their box. You didn't see Bournemouth playing it back to their goalkeeper, when they had the ball every thing was forward and put into our box, today we were awful and they pissed all over us. Thank god we don't have to see any more for a couple of months.
  13. Thanks once again for running this Cornish, we know you’re a busy man and it takes up a fair bit of your free time, so please don’t stop we love this and you for doing it.Top man 👍
  14. Genuinely gutted to hear this. He has probably been my favourite player over the last 10 years. A true professional who could be counted upon when needed. Some of his freekicks will live long in the memory as well.
  15. I'm going to whisper it quietly but there are times where Davies has done quite well, mainly dribbling with the ball to find an angle for a pass. He is also trying to get a foot in.
  16. Itd be nice to have someone with a bit or bite in the midfield at the expense of a few yellows.
  17. Might only be a few players coming in, but those players need to make all the difference. We need to be banging on Villa’s door for Grealish. To be that good, in a team that shite, and still fight all season, he would be great for us.
  18. We’re not going to make a lot signings meaning it’s important that we make the right signings in this window, so that we push some of the dross that’s currently starting every week onto the bench. We do have some good players that we can build around but there’s more shite than good. That needs to change and it needs to change now.
  19. I’m a big fan of his, I think he’s a great keeper, and he made some very good saves today but then ruined it all with that third goal. It’s indefensible.
  20. Got to be one of the worst signings we’ve made, if not the very worst.
  21. Window is officially open I hope brands can get a positive window with good signings and good sales, we need it.
  22. I’ll take courage from Kean’s performance. The only silver lining.
  23. Definitely put in a couple good tackles. You can’t question his heart. He just doesn’t usually have the ability.
  24. I getting resigned to how poor we are, normally I would be kicking off but I can’t be arsed anymore that’s how disinterested I’m starting to become.
  25. Actually getting into the six yard box on crosses aswell is something we've lacked.
  26. We need another wide player like him who can score goals and is a threat.
  27. Don't forget that kick off is at fore.
  28. Makes me sad and angry that this “issue” is still around. The sooner people refer to people as people rather than anything else, the better.
  29. The most concerning thing is will we be any better when next season kicks off, in my heart I’m praying Ancelotti will make us the team we want to be, but from what I’ve witnessed so far my head is telling me it’s not going to happen.
  30. Class person. Class player. So bloody cool!
  31. I agree Davies was our best midfielder today, which goes a long way to explaining why we were totally outthought, outplayed and outfought at home by a team that’s just been relegated Im clinging to the hope ( and it is hope rather than expectation) that if we can get a more dynamic Idrissa Gueye like player alongside him next season to do all the dirty work then we might see best of him again. Unfortunately I don’t really know what type of player Davies is and I’ve been watching him for 3 years now! I think he needs a loan to a Championship side or maybe a Premiership side that’s even worse than us, if we can find one, where he can play week in week out so he can develop and work out what his best role is So for me I think we need at least 5 players, a RB, CB, 2 x CM and a RW
  32. Homegrown. It’s unfortunate that players like Richarlison who will play for the shirt despite no previous allegiance seem harder and harder to come by.
  33. The results are in: For the second season in succession, it's a tie. Congratulations to joint winners dunlopp9987 and MikeO for both managing a point in the final game. Given how poorly we all predicted the score, the interval for "better than average" was much wider than usual, so MikeO just managed to scrape inside it. Congratulations also to Sibdane, the only other participant to beat the wisdom of crowds (TT Average). These three were way ahead of the pack. Thanks as always for playing this prediction game; personally, I enjoy doing this since I get to play with spreadsheet (weird!).
  34. Absolute idol. I hope he is back at the club in the not too distant future. If not, he won't be forgotten.
  35. Yeah I can’t imagine they’ll let their best player go. I’m not at all a fan of him as a person but he is a great player. Not the kind of character I think we want at Everton, though.
  36. Let’s hope he hasn’t been watching us lately, because he will telling his agent thank them for the offer but no thanks.
  37. I see there’s been a fair amount of discussion here that I’ve missed, but here’s my take: Realistically, how much of our deadwood can we ship out? Here’s a list of who I’d like to see go after today’s performance: Sidibe, Davies, Walcott, Iwobi, Bernard, Stekelenburg, Tosun, Ramirez, Delph, Besic, Bolasie, Pennington. Obviously we can’t get rid of all of these. I’d love to add Sigurdsson to the list, but I don’t think we can afford to lose his completely inconsistent creativity until we’ve made a couple solid midfield signings. As far as depth goes: GK: Pickford/Need signing/Virginia CB: Keane/Holgate/Mina/Branthwaite/need signing RB: Need signing/Coleman/Kenny LB: Digne/Hope to god Baines stays/Nkounkou DM: Need signing/Gbamin/Baningime Mid: Need signing/Gomes/Sigurdsson/Dowell/Adeniran Wingers/forwards: Richarlison/Need signing/Gordon/need signing Strikers: DCL/Kean/Need signing If I had my way, that’s 8 new first team signings, which is obviously not feasible. Hopefully we can get at least 3 in and maybe a couple more on loan. Iwobi and Walcott are probably not going anywhere, so unfortunately I think we might be stuck with our current options up front. We absolutely need to prioritize competition for Gomes/Siggy (signing a competent number 10 would make me incredibly happy) as well as sign at least one capable DM and hope that Gbamin is back to full strength. RB is also a glaring spot of need. If we could get those three in and a decent winger, I’d be made up. Edit: Forgot Dowell in the original post.
  38. Kean not just because of the goal but because he was the only one out there who wanted it.
  39. I don’t like the decision to take Kean off there at all. I think he deserved 90 minutes based on his play tonight.
  40. Lovely turn Siggy. Kean not quite able to get the shot away. Gordon already more involved in general play than Walcott was.
  41. Yeah Coleman did the most work there. Always just surprised to see Walcott not fuck up a chance.
  42. Coleman did well for the goal and Walcott got the easy bit right that time.
  43. Finally someone has decided to stop this BS from the back. Well done Jordan!
  44. We are dreadful at playing out from the back. Even if my some miracle it gets to the half way line, it quickly goes backwards again. Have I ever mentioned before that Walcott is a waste of space. He clearly doesn't want to be put there and clearly doesn't give a shit so at least give Gordon some game time.
  45. Nor me, I was very surprised. There are not many players like him knocking around. I certainly didn't expect one to be found in the Italian leagues!
  46. it could be very fruitful for us, let’s hope it’s not another banana skin in our fruitless season.
  47. isn't De Gea on like 300k a week? I'm not sure they will be able to sell him that easily.
  48. It’s an even better sign for us.
  49. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1738501/everton-pair-on-reaction-if-player-revealed-he-was-gay
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