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  1. That team gave me hope. I can’t wait to have that again for Everton
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/28/leighton-baines-everton-retires-unselfish-terms
  3. That’s exactly why I want to give it to him. He would have to step up and I think he can do it. He acts like a brat because he’s been allowed too and been rewarded for it. But if he had to act like a leader, like he acts off the pitch, I think he would rise to the challenge and be an even bigger success
  4. Agree with the second paragraph but Bolasie was never good enough.
  5. I think the Bolasie shout is a bit harsh. The season before we signed him he was a handful, raw pace and unbelievable dribbling with questionable end product. His injury is what makes his transfer look bad, not his lack of heart or effort. I don’t think he deserves to be labeled with some of these others for that reason alone. The thing with Gylfi that drive me nuts is every time I watch us - we get slammed by the “pundits” for wasting one of the leagues most “technically gifted” players by playing him out of position. There’s this complete and utter stigma around Gylfi that he is some silky smooth “10” who threads passes for fun. In reality, he got a tonne of assists/goals from set pieces which hasn’t happened here. I think Walsh in all his wisdom wanted Gylfi + Giroud that summer for set pieces.
  6. It’s Digne if it’s any one. He’s a leader and he’s one of our best players.
  7. See I have no issue with this feedback, in fact it’s an opportunity for the kid to grow. He got thrown in the deep end and sunk - it’s not to say he isn’t talented but he has learnt and learnt early that if you don’t perform, you don’t play. “If” he has learnt from this and is pushing himself even harder than before, he will have developed more mentally than we could have imagined.
  8. 1. He moves into space. 2. As soon as the ball moves which it clearly is give the movement of Gomes and the way he is looking, he will then be in space to receive the ball from whoever gets it next. 3. The ball clearly goes left and therefore he is correct. 4. There was an article from a website called EPL index or something like that talking about the tactics in the game. In almost every still of us, Siggy is in space or moving into space. 5. Go back and look at the goal and the Walcott chance in the first half and tell me he isn't looking to receive the ball. 6. I think he plays the pass to Coleman before the goal by finding some space (can't check right now), and also look at the Coleman shot where he is in space and admittedly plays a shit ball to Coleman that luckily gets there. 7. Yet again, everyone has had a go at all players, so don't go all poor Tom. The main points have been covered by Albany but I will just add that I don't ever see an Everton team being a real Everton side without hard working grafters being a big part of the side. I'm not saying they all have to be like that but for me the best Everton performances have come through hard work and playing as a team, not by being flash or individuals.
  9. Not to put words in your mouth but this is another narrative that gets me. Barca won things because of their midfield not Messi. Xavi/Iniesta/Busquets were/are world-class players who made Barca so successful. Messi may be the GOAT (don't want to get into that now) but look at where Barca is without those midfielders. Messi gets too much credit and not enough blame. I digress. Couple of things here: This is exactly why Juve and PSG can't win the champions league. Built on individual talent which wins their crap leagues but can't sustain when defending/tackling as a team are required. Barca and Real (and now Liverpool sadly) are perfectly balanced with talent, ego and intensity. Hating to lose is a skill in today's world and we lack it almost across the board bar Richarlison, Holgate, Digne, Coleman. The premier league top 4 has plenty of hard working players to complement their playboys. ManU have Rashford, Bruno, McTominay, AWB, Greenwood, Matic City have Fernandinho, Aguero, D Silva, Laporte, Foden, Gundogan Chelsea have Kante, Azpilicueta, Mount, Willian, Pulisic The shite have Fabinho, Firmino, Milner, Henderson, Robertson, TAA Never said anything about role players. The team pictured above, of so-called role players, finished 7th and the subs bench consisted of names like Hibbert, Bilyaletdinov, Beckford, Magaye Gueye, Fellaini, Osman, Vellios, Anichebe and Rodwell. If we were able to surround that starting XI with a few more pieces champions league would have been a possibility. As it is now we're MILES away. Spurs and Arsenal both had shit seasons and wolves and leicester left us in the dust. We finished behind Burnley and Southampton FFS.
  10. I’ll have what you’re on mate assuming LCD produces real life results, what team do you foresee? Just for shits and giggles.
  11. sounds like we are on the same page here, concentrate of getting the spine of the team in to a decent shape - and maybe then even the attaching players we already have now might be able to do a more respectable job - we are not ready to waste more money upgrade the attacking players to continually feed of scraps or spend the best part of the games defending!! for Dwight McNeil, I kind of mean if we do bring in attacking players let it be players that are young, talented, hungry to play, reasonably priced, on a more modest wage, who would feel coming to Everton is a decent step up, but are also easy to offload or load out if they don't cut the mustard after a few year. A bit like we have done in the past with the likes of Lookman, Del boy or Vlasic. Admitted none of these have turned out as regular first teamers, but do this enough, and by the law of average some will end up staying longer and making a name for themselves at the club. It is also pretty difficult to lose massive amounts of money buys of this type of buy (Iwobi may prove me wrong ) - but generally close to braking even on these types of buys.
  12. I’ve never accepted the positions, but I’ve been a team lead since I was 23 all over Europe so I’ve learnt a bit. Always put my team first, which has often resulted in them getting promoted and me held back. Irritating sometimes but when I see what middle management has to deal with, I think I’m best avoiding it because I’m too honest with people to play the necessary game. but anyway, thank you for the compliment. Made my day
  13. It was madness that he wasn't in that team. I'm so glad he rammed it down the selector's throats.
  14. Swap for a load of deadweight and I’d take him - take your pick Palace!!!
  15. 4 goals and 5 assists all season. I know Palace are not a force but they didn’t have a bad season... I don’t think he takes us to where we want to be. Younger, cheaper and better around in my opinion.
  16. Please. No. This has got another Sigurdsson disaster signing written all over it, where we pay waaaay over the odds for someone who simply isn’t worth it. Brands is supposed to be finding good value for money signings, not shit like this.
  17. He’s been a starter for six months. Doesn’t need that pressure.
  18. On the glimpse we get in that clip it looks clear that Siggy has the opportunity to get the ball slid into him and that he can then look or drive forward. Two issues, one he rarely ever dribbles or drives towards goal like that (never been in his game as infuriating as it is) and secondly like SteveO said we have no idea what was really happening at that point. Shape, space etc. Saying that we were 3-2 down and he could have got in between the lines. His delivery from set pieces and long range shooting is good but the finesse passing around the box and dribblin towards goal taking on the player isn’t in his locker. Calling him obscenities in my opinion isn’t right as I just don’t think he’s that type of player, never was or never will be. He does what he’s always done just he doesn’t fit with our team now or likely to in the future.
  19. I’m no big fan of Gylfi, but that looks to me like his not asking for the ball but he is also dictating where the play should go. To team mates in space and keeping possession. The pattern of play could have been to draw the opposition out, looks like they have a lot of men back there. It could also be a recovery phase of play (which always got the crowd on Schneiderlin’s back for doing that, though I’m sure his teammates appreciated it). You can’t judge a passage of play on a seven second clip. You’d need to see at least 30 seconds and ideally the whole pitch to know exactly what’s going on. We have to always be at extremes with our players don’t we?! They have to be great or shit. They can’t just be out of form, they have to be shit houses or spineless. Looking forward to the next few weeks to not see so much negativity. It’s exhausting.
  20. All for censorship, the twisted version of freedom in America where racism sexism etc are allowed due to “freedom” is stupid and something I don’t support.
  21. There is an offer I can get with
  22. I thought you would have been an advocate of censorship, I say this only because you have threatened censorship on here in the past. I’m in favour of censorship especially when it comes to groups like I.S. Social media sites have shirked their responsibilities for some disturbing posts and images for far too long in my opinion, and it’s terrifying when you consider what impressionable people are being hit with, and our children and grandchildren are being desensitised to things we cannot truly imagine.
  23. Tim Cahill tweeted this picture yesterday. We're so far away from this I'd almost forgotten it ever existed...and it wasn't that long ago. I always try to be the glass half full guy but this made me feel like crap. Everyone had a role, everyone knew their role, and most importantly everyone did it to the best of their ability. Carlo's comments about ambition, motivation and passion give me hope we can get back here. We've been chasing the wrong characters for years now. Ok I'm done...for now.
  24. sounds like you have had people work under you before matt, you sound like a good manager.
  25. Well turned that series around nicely even though the weather tried to stuff us. Broad backed up his attitude after being "rested" from first test in spades
  26. What a stupid move this would be. Chelsea got rid because he was done in this league and now he’s even older.
  27. The time to have bought Zaha was when he left Man U. He is just too much money now. High transfer fee, high wages, maybe last move of career, not quite good enough for the very top teams - sounds familiar!!! We are stuck with enough players in this mould. He would do a OK job as a winger and IS better than what we have - but that sort of money desperately needs spending at the heart of the time first. (A decent midfield enforcer and unfortunate it pains me to say - a steady and reliable keeper). If you have money to burn, then to me Zaha is the type of player you might bring in as a finishing touch, to add that extra bit of quality to an already decent backbone of a team. We finished 12th - we need to get to the decent backbone part first. I think somebody like Dwight McNeil might be the better option for us as an attacking option if we must spend in this area of the pitch. A move to Everton would also be a good move for the lad.
  28. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/lille-owner-makes-gabriel-transfer-18668736 "This week" has become the new "24 hours". Bore off.
  29. It is imperative that we get our business done as early as possible in this window. If we're still faffing about come deadline day I'll be seriously pissed off. Got no problem with us making deals late in the window but if the important moves aren't done fairly early then I'll be asking serious questions of Brands and why the fuck we're paying him big money.
  30. This is where I'm at - not exactly prolific is he and now approaching 30?
  31. One of the more stupid comments I've seen reading through the board. The Moshiri era has been filled with managers using Everton as a promotion, as opposed to thinking that a job was not too hard for them or stepping down to come here as you've hinted. Silva was managing Watford, who are now in the Championship with his previous clubs being Hull City, Sporting and Olympiacos. Hardly on the level of us. Allardyce had a great tenure at Bolton, but had been bumbling around relegation fodder before coming to us - again, at the time that he joined us, we were like winning the lottery for him. Koeman was the same as Silva, did poorly with Valencia and was managing a Southampton side that was not on the same level as us. Ancelotti has been the only manager I'd describe as being an out of this world appointment. Moyes, Martinez, Koeman, Allardyce and Silva all stepped up from their current employers to come here. I'd honestly like to hear what reasoning you have for such a negative view, unless it was just having a moan for moanings sake?
  32. No where near as bad as some made out, but still the right decision, he just wasn’t consistent enough very good one day very shit the next.
  33. The memories. 1. Two goals at West Ham, one in each corner, Sheedy-esque. 2. Right footed goal at Man City to put us two up on probably the coldest night of the year. 3. (and best) That free kick v Newcastle, we all knew he could curl one in off his instep at will but that off the outside of his boot from such a distance curling the "wrong" way was out of this World, not even Sheeds had that in his locker. One of the finest free kicks I've ever seen.
  34. He did later in the game and fed someone in, can't remember who, might have been Kean but couldn't get a shot off. If the ball was to stay exactly where it was I would agree with you but the ball moves to the left so as soon as the ball moves he becomes available to receive the ball in space. A lot of people think you have to be constantly moving to receive the ball but you don't. You move into space and then trust your teammates to find you. KDB doesn't go hunting around the pitch to pick up the ball, he stands in space and then moves with that space until the ball comes to him. Watching the highlights back Siggy could have had 3 goals from that same type of play. Walcott should have cut the ball back but instead he shot, the goal we scored he was free and then the blast over where he supported the counter attack. For me its when he is in the position he is in and he doesn't take responsibility by controlling the ball and turning and looking to go forward instead of back. That is the cardinal sin that pisses me off. In my view that's him passing the buck to Gomes to do something with it. Its fine if we are 3 up and running out the game but now when we are trying to get back into the game. Could you imagine say Grealish taking a ball in that position and not turning and starting an attack. It was a lazy, safe, shithouse move to knock it back. That's the problem, a massive problem with all 3 that played in midfield because they all largely did the same. Davies less so yesterday.
  35. This is exactly why the amount of shit he gets pisses me off. His commitment to the club is never in doubt, if half of these mercenaries had an ounce of his heart we wouldn't be in the shit we were in. Sadly he seems to carry the can for the disgusting performances we have seen from siggy, Gomes, delph, schneiderlein...... this lad doesn't have their talent. So yeah the once in a blue moon performances they decide to throw in buys them a bit of credit with some fans who seem to think the odd 30 harder or a game where they make some good passes makes up for a season of strolling round with clean shorts. Tom Davies has been massively mistreated by fans, he's still a kid age wise and the amount of pressure he's been under and lack of on for me mentorship is a disgrace.
  36. Not good enough I'm afraid. Wish the lad all the very best - when it goes wrong for him him he doesn't hide and that is a credit to him. He's been very unlucky to play with some of the biggest shithouses I've ever seen wear an Everton shirt. Schneiderlein, Siggurdson, Walcott, Mirallas, the list goes on. Looked like a potential superstar. I'm hoping a side like Bournemouth come in for him and he restarts his career. Lacks pace & strength and doesnt have enough attributes to nullify these deficiencies. He looks to at least play the ball forward and has good positioning.
  37. We are only eleven starting players away from being a decent side so could be an interesting window
  38. On loan with option to buy then perfect. He was class before his injury troubles. He’d be high risk as a permanent signing but on-loan with the options we already have, I’d be keen on adding a player who, if he can regain his pre-injury form, is much better than all of our other centre backs. I’d happily sell Keane or Mina and have Holgate with Umtiti as first choice with whoever we didn’t sell and Gibson or Branthwaite (loan one and keep one) as rotation. Smart move in my opinion - if the loan didn’t work out - don’t sign and Gibson/Branthwaite will be another year older and hopefully ready to step-up on a more permanent basis.
  39. Offer them Iwobi and 20mil
  40. He was fine next to Barry. What midfielder has done well since he left? Put him next to someone good and then judge. Just look at the Sig bid poster by haf. What the fuck can you do with cunts hiding like that. He had Gana and Sig last season both fucking doing it. Gomes isn't much better for it either. As for Davies I see him making himself available, dragging players, and putting decent passes. If anything he's made the most passes that have had me impressed. Bar a yard of pace he's above average or better at everything else.
  41. 100%, Goodison is becoming the graveyard for managers who thought no job was to hard for them.
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