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  1. think best leave him where he is - apparently couldn't hack the faster pace in Germany and then did even worst in Spain - as good as he is in Italy it doesn't sounds like he travels well. As a current challenger for this seasons European golden boot we would have to be paying significant transfer fee and big wages for him this summer - if he did flop on his travels again, next summer we would be stuck with a 31 year old on massive wages. Even though we have been offloading some, we still have too many dead weight players on massive wages that nobody is going to buy from us. Do we really want to risk adding another. The problem with a lot of the signings we have been making since Moshiri has arrived is that we want to run before we can actually walk. Do we really have the basics of a team to make best use of a prolific goal scorer in the later part of his career? Our current strikers have lived on scrapes and in some games see very little of the ball. How would Immobile perform in our current team . We need to have a team capable of consistently creating to before we spend a load of money and wages on a player looking for his last big contract!!! money would have be the only motivation for him to come to us, the 12th placed team in the Premier league.
  2. At least he’s been truthful with the club and supporters, his first concern is himself and his career, and if furthering his career means leaving us this or next year for the right club then he will want to take it. I suppose it’s up to Ancelotti and the club to improve enough to make him believe his future could be here, but that would be a tough ask if Barca come knocking.
  3. Just turned 20... playing in a foreign country with a team of cowards. Plenty of potential.
  4. We should have used him as leverage in a part ex
  5. Gone to Norwich on a permanent transfer. Good luck to him, still only 22.
  6. Nothing would be more Everton than that.
  7. It'll be far and away the best stadium in the Championship.
  8. i like your thinking. we got richarlison, there have to be others out there. we have the money, let's go those players and some steady vets like Thiago and see what we can do. i'm done with the players that look great because they are the only outlet for their team (Gylfi, zaha, bolasie, sandro) so they rack up the stats but when the play isn't ran through them they are worthless. we need more richarlisons who can play a variety of positions and work their ass off all match. not to mention he's quality. Brands was brought in for this reason, he needs to prove it.
  9. But we do that already with out left sided midfielder. Pre lockdown we saw it mostly at home with Bernard. When we get the ball he looks to move in behind the strikers, into the ten position. Leaving lots of space for our left full back to get forward. And a more typical winger on in the right. Without the ball a more rigid 442. I think Grealish would be perfect for that role, but we won’t get him anyway. James would be suited to it as well, already played that role under Carlo many times. Probably more chance of signing him too.
  10. Am I the only one that thinks Grealish is way over-rated? Sure, he's a decent player, but I also think he's a big fish in a small pond.
  11. Agree 100%. He's our best player, and I'd love for him to stick around, but at the moment we aren't matching his ambitions.
  12. Totally agree. I have never saw the draw with Lozano. Had a very small purple patch and has been half the player consistently ever since. 20m fee would be worth a gamble with him, but I wouldnt pay any more than that.
  13. Decent move for him. Norwich will play in a way that suits his style and probably be amongst the top teams in the Championship. Hopefully we’ve put a sell-on fee in place as I can see him doing well there.
  14. C team.... Sunderland have got that accolade.
  15. I hope this isn't true because the plan should already be in place with discussions having already happened.
  16. If I was looking at each team the players I would be interested in are as follows: Bournemouth - Josh King I've banged on about him for a while and he showed why against us, albeit I am not sure he has been at that level for the whole season (injuries aside). Big, strong and quick, good technique and a decent enough finisher. Not really a position we need any longer and I don't see where he would fit in with the current set up. Ake would be another but he is off to City. I'm not sure there is anyone else there. Maybe Fraser but who knows what form he is in and where his mind is at. Watford - Doucoure / Sarr / Geri Doucoure is the obvious one. I'm not entirely sure what type of midfielder he is but he seems to do a bit of everything. He is athletic and can get up and down the pitch a damn site more than anyone else we have at the club. Sarr and Geri fall into the category of yes they would be players that you would be interested in at the price but at the same time, they aren’t players that fit into what we need and what we are trying to do. Norwich - Aarons / Buendia / Cantwell / Hernandez You have covered Buendia so I won't say any more on him. I have talked about Aarons before and whilst I haven't seen enough to be certain he looks to be a pretty solid right back option for years to come. I'm not sure about Kenny so if he isn't good enough to replace Coleman then right back is a position we need to fill ASAP. Cantwell is a player that you could see fitting into the wide positions, playing between the lines and creating chances. He is a skinny, weak poor man's Grealish in many ways but I presume he is younger and has more to come. At the right price he would be worth a go. Maybe around £15mil? Hernandez is the type of player that doesn’t let you down and he causes plenty of problems for defenders. Quick, strong, tricky and he works hard. I wouldnt be sure that he scores enough from what I have seen but if I was a manager and I needed someone to come in for a run of games following an injury to the starter or to finish off the job in the last 20 minutes, I would love to have him in the squad. Id absolutely pick him ahead of Walcott, Iwobi and Bernard on the basis that they like doing the pretty things rather than the graft. He would be pretty cheap too I expect.
  17. Far too obvious so probably not true...
  18. I think there is only us in the premier league who would suit him and he needs to realise that 😂
  19. Picked out as being one of the worst buys of the season. Alex Iwobi: The winger was a breath of fresh air when he burst into the Arsenal team for the first time. However, it was really no surprise to see the north Londoners cash in on a mega £35m for the Nigerian last summer. It's safe to say that the Gunners aren't missing him. Everton royally wasted their money on Iwobi who scored just once and failed to contribute a single assist in 2019/20. He is just 24 but you have to feel he is lacking the potential to make it an adequate level
  20. Saudis have pulled out of the Newcastle takeover. nice to see they will be battling relegation again next year. never liked the toon.
  21. I wouldn’t necessarily call Norwich high tempo or high pressing. The full-backs ‘bomb on‘ providing overlaps when their wingers come inside but I’d say they are a much more possession based side and Dowell is someone who is good with the ball at his feet in space so isn’t overly reliant on pace - his vision will be an asset if there are pacy/smart runners around him.
  22. I have faith in him. I think he will prove to be a great signing.
  23. Not as much as we need some midfielders who can create chances and tackle - 😂. Joking to one side - we definitely need some more players who are willing to roll up there sleeves and put a tackle in when its needed. Massive bonus if same player they can also create chances - Buendia sounds just what we need to get more out of the wingers we have already paid decent money for.
  24. Personally I am not a huge fan of Lozano on the little bits I have seen of him. I have also just found this on him which probably means he would fit in well with the rest of the team: https://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/chucky-lozanos-dream-move-to-napoli-has-become-a-nightmare/ctnnam7490n819u2d0tc3odi2 I'm not sure if I have watched Neres or not but I don't see a player, albeit for Ajax, scoring that many goals and doing well coming to a club like us in our current situation. Plus if Lozano went for £39mil, I would expect Neres to go for at least the same if not more from the same league.
  25. Dowell has just joined Norwich on a permanent deal funnily enough.
  26. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1745034/fired-up-kean-outlines-second-season-target
  27. I think this is definitely a market we should be trying to cherry pick two or three signings from most seasons. Always some decent players who shine in poor teams. So good chance they will will play equally as well in better teams and they are premier league proven. If we bought two players from this year relegated teams what would your picks be and how much do you think we should pay? I think we would definitely benefit from somebody like Buendia , creative player, but still puts in a good shift off the ball - and how we need players who will put a foot in!! - should walk in to our team. (£25M-£30 has to be going rate for a 23yr old first team player). potentially has a good sell on value, so a pretty low risk signing. https://footballwhispers.com/blog/emi-buendia-premier-league-scout-report/
  28. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-transfer-news-latest-relegation-18680926
  29. I’d say Richarlison is at Zaha’s level but 4 years younger. That’s the standard I’m after. Lozano or Neres for instance would be half as much with very good ability. Just the risk of not playing in the premier league.
  30. Think it’s a great move for Unsy and also us. Perfect avenue for first team experience for young players and not too far from home for them
  31. It's not a good start to the window. Baines retires and our best player lets the world know he will leave if a good offer comes in. It's hardly something any incoming players will want to hear either.
  32. Is it if he only has it for one season? I'd prefer a bit of continuity, a captain needs to establish himself.
  33. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/28/leighton-baines-everton-retires-unselfish-terms
  34. This is exactly why the amount of shit he gets pisses me off. His commitment to the club is never in doubt, if half of these mercenaries had an ounce of his heart we wouldn't be in the shit we were in. Sadly he seems to carry the can for the disgusting performances we have seen from siggy, Gomes, delph, schneiderlein...... this lad doesn't have their talent. So yeah the once in a blue moon performances they decide to throw in buys them a bit of credit with some fans who seem to think the odd 30 harder or a game where they make some good passes makes up for a season of strolling round with clean shorts. Tom Davies has been massively mistreated by fans, he's still a kid age wise and the amount of pressure he's been under and lack of on for me mentorship is a disgrace.
  35. Like Dan Gosling in many respects as a player I think, though I'm sure he wouldn't screw us like Gosling did. Great shame if he moves on for me because I love his attitude and his uncle was a big hero of mine; maybe with some better players around him he could still contribute something in the future, modern day Alan Harper/Kevin Richardson possibly. Live in hope.
  36. He has a future here, if he gets his confidence back and plays in a settled midfield he will improve. I think he will be a very useful player for us. Just my opinion, but ultimately Carlo will have the final say, and I trust his judgement.
  37. I'm sure Besic would be no worse than some midfielders we have had to play this season. At least you'd get a bit more bite in the tackles, our midfield play like big girls and make it so easy for the opposition.
  38. Unpopular opinion - we’ve missed him. He’s been an awful signing due to his injuries but he is probably our best CM option in a 4-4-2. I do feel most of our problems this season have stemmed from not been able to select any of our main central midfield options (Gbamin, Gomes and Delph) for most of the season.
  39. I think there is a case of waiting and seeing on some of these. Iwobi hasn't really had a run yet, he has been out with injury and he was signed for a different manager and system in mind. He looks scared of his shadow at the moment whereas he started the season looking a much more confident player. He is being asked to play like a wing back at the moment and its no surprise that whoever we play in those wider midfield positions is playing crap. Kean still has the world at his feet. If you think it has taken DCL 3 or 4 years to show enough to genuinely be considered a starting striker, its unrealistic to expect Kean to be much more than he is at the moment. He doesn't look like he will be the saviour up front that we hoped but it doesn't mean he can't still be a good player. A lot of fans would have been up in arms if Gomes wasn't signed after last years loan. He hasn't been the same since his injury (bar the first game back) but if you remember Coleman's return he was as good as ever and then his form dropped off a cliff before he came back to the player he has been this season. Delph was and is a waste of money. I still don't get that one.
  40. I only had £40 in my wallet when we clocked him so I gave it to him and he said, "No mate a tenners enough" but I put the lot in his rucksack; already donated online anyway. The guy's a one-off; decided to swim the channel and then thought it might be an idea to have some swimming lessons first. And all he wanted to talk about today to me and my lad was Everton, nothing about what he's done, just about the Blues. Very special man.
  41. If Carlo wants 4-4-2 I seriously can’t see him fitting in. I don’t think he has the engine to play that way
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