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  1. Carlo Ancelotti is fucking brilliant and is our manager. Stop talking about Bisto Tits for fucks sake, he's gone and I want to forget that cunt was ever here. It's an embarrassment that he was ever charge. Edit - Even more embarrassing is the fact that people are arguing over his time here!
  2. Allardyce was toxic to this club, if he had stayed do you think we would have signed the players we did under Silva? Do you think Brands would have been able to work with him? I don't. People complained about Moyes coming back and rightly so, both are footballing dinosaurs whose tactics and methods do not suit the modern game. At least Moyes loved the club, Allardyce saw us as a gravy train he could slurp from, he showed contempt to the fans, our tradition and to the kind of football we love to see with his negative dour tactics. Marco failed, badly but at least he wanted us to play aggressive, progressive football, even if he couldn't deliver it, plus we got players like Richarlison and Gomes. Under Sam we would have got Davies and Nolan mk 2, and hoofball. Fuck that shit!
  3. Wow.... we win and guarantee Delph doesn't play next game..... Result.
  4. When I was at school I didn’t really like football, never played it. I was one of the quieter kids. One of the school sports stars was in the same class as me and went around the lads asking everyone who they supported. I could see it was my turn soon and was shitting myself as I didn’t even know any teams names. Yvette Leurs was a few tables away from me and she said she supported Everton. And she was pretty fit for a 12 year old (that sounds so bad) so here was my chance to impress her, while not looking like a complete pussy at the same time. So I said Everton. That weekend I stayed at a friends house and his dad just happened to be watching the 1985 FA cup final. So I thought I should at least find out what colour they play in just in case I’m ever grilled about it. That day changed my life, as even though we lost..... I simply fell in love with Everton. I ended up trying football after that and found I was a natural at it, even though I started so late. I still play whenever I get chance now. I watch football, play football, and coach U8s and U10s. I have draws full of shirts, my car is even good old Everton blue. My missus even plans days around Everton matches. Provably not the beat reason to support a team, but since then, Everton have taken over my life, mind and heart. First and only team I have ever and ever will support. And my missus’s name isn’t Yvette Leurs haha.
  5. This is nonsense. Lack of ambition? No, sensible with a long term plan under a world class manager. The right players clearly aren’t available. What should we do? I know let’s sign more substandard players so we can be stuck with them on high wages. We’ve already got Tosun, Sandro, Bolasie, Besic taking up valuable wages and doing nothing - thankfully Niasse and Martina’s time is almost up - but we’ve got the likes Schneiderlin, Walcott, Sigurdsson and Keane who are on huge wages but aren’t likely to take us forward - I’m glad we’re not adding to the squad for the sake of it as we’ve made that mistake before!
  6. Why the flying fuck does a seasoned professional on conceding a goal completely out of the blue to put the score at 2-1 to us, knowing full well there is only 30 seconds left to defend the lead, then decide to launch the ball straight into the Newcastle half straight from the kick off thereby gifting them possession? A 10 year old kid playing Sunday league football would know all he needs to do is keep possession . Pass it back to the keeper, pass it to the left back or the right back , just pass it to any fucking Everton player but keep the ball for thirty fucking seconds and the points are in the bag 😡😡
  7. What I find even more hilarious than our own fans writing off our chances is the way Sky are going about it. In all their coverage of the race for Europe we don't get a sniff. Wolves and United do, despite us being on the same points as Wolves and above United. Keep dismissing us and we'll keep going about our business quietly with one of the best managers in the world. We might not actually get there but Carlo says we're going for it and that's good enough for me. Aim high.
  8. I only had £40 in my wallet when we clocked him so I gave it to him and he said, "No mate a tenners enough" but I put the lot in his rucksack; already donated online anyway. The guy's a one-off; decided to swim the channel and then thought it might be an idea to have some swimming lessons first. And all he wanted to talk about today to me and my lad was Everton, nothing about what he's done, just about the Blues. Very special man.
  9. Haven’t posted in a minute because I’ve been busy with work and law school applications, but I just arrived in London and this will be my first ever Everton match. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get tickets in the away end, so I’ll have to pretend to be somewhat of a neutral, but I’m still excited beyond belief.
  10. Grew up playing rugby union - got to about 15 and gave it up despite being a decent enough player, in and around rep teams ( scrum half I use to play with went on to play for reds and Aus and dad hasn’t stopped reminding me ). Kids at the school I was mates with played soccer so I started watching. Took extra notice of Everton because of Tim Cahil. Became utterly addicted, never forget traveling through Europe and whenever I had my Everton shirt on In a bar any fellow Evertonian would have me over for a beer and a chat. Its a family, not a club!
  11. Anyone want to try telling the Villa players and fans that the League Cup doesn’t matter ? 👋🏻👋🏻 https://twitter.com/sportingintel/status/1222274611997564935?s=21
  12. Woke up late today, so only now am I reading this thread. I have to say, some people will argue for arguing's sake. Moise Kean is the team's future, if he's managed correctly. So are DC-L, Holgate, Richarlison, Gordon, and Gibson. I've always been one to bring through the youngsters, and Ancelotti may be the man to do it. The problem we have right now is not Kean: It's the overpaid, under-incented, aging players who are sucking the lifeblood (and money) from our team. Move them on, please: Schneiderlin, Sigurdsson, Walcott. They're a sunk cost anyway, so don't worry about making a loss on their sale.
  13. Hi everyone. Just thought I would introduce you to baby Lucas (pushed my luck too far with Duncan) who was born 14/02/2020 at 1:30pm and weighing 7lbs 6oz by elective section. Mum and baby doing well, hopefully home tomorrow once we have figured out this breast feeding lark.
  14. Niasse is the embodiment of Ronaldo.
  15. when the whole barca thing happened with the fans making fun of him after his struggles, it seemed like every evertonian just knew this was the right place for him. and it really has been. so happy, he seems to love it here and really enjoy the warmth he gets from fans. the reaction when he steps on the pitch will be massive.
  16. Just wow! I want to have his babies.
  17. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/carlo-ancelotti-everton-numbers-remarkable-17739089 Interesting article comparing Ancelotti stats to Silva. There are some stats you would not expect. Under Silva we faced less shots at goal, made more forward passes and had more shots on target. So what has happened? Ancelotti has upped the tempo of the team. Under Silva play was slow with plenty of passing around the final third that came to nothing or with a tame shot on target. Likewise in defence we had more possession so faced fewer shots but those we did were often leading to a goal due to being out of position. Under Ancelotti we are direct. No passing for passing's sake and watching opening slip away. We get the ball forward with 2 or 3 passes and we take the shot. Our defence doesn't get pulled out of shape as often and the opposition are being restricted to more speculative shots rather than carving us open on the counter.
  18. Fortunate enough to bump into the great man a bit earlier.....and I was quite pleased to meet Mick again as well!😂 (God I look old)
  19. Yes me the quality of my life on match days has improved massively.
  20. Dubravka is not even close to Pickfords league. Schmicheal isn’t leaving Leicester, and if he did it isn’t to go to Everton. Ryan? Replace Pickford with Ryan? Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, United, none of them would even come close to picking up Dubravka or Ryan. These are the clubs we need to compete with, and none of them have particularly strong keepers anymore. Anyone with an issue with Pickford remember when we replaced Howard with Robles, and then Stek? We have a very very good goalkeeper as it is. Hes not throwing balls in every week, we don’t concede a lot of goals, yeah he’s got a personality! Why is that so bad? He makes saves, and plenty of them. Every single transfer you make is a risk, and plenty of them don’t pay off. We all moan on here enough about the ones that didn’t pay off. But where is more important on the pitch for minimal risk than the goalkeeper? We sell Pickford and bring in Edison it could still not work, but we aren’t even talking about replacing him with a top keeper. We’re talking about replacing him with keepers who have had average careers so far, but MIGHT be better if we buy them. Better the devil you know, but the devil we know isn’t that bad. He’s actually pretty fucking good!
  21. I could not. The man next to me I think might have murdered me if he hadn’t had his kid with him.
  22. It’s a very very easy one to answer , and that answer is a resounding NO!
  23. The sad thing is MJB is that there is every need. None of us are football scouts or have a crystal ball... despite however we try to make it look like it is the case. But we enjoy putting our views across. For me there is one absolute necessity in a player or a team achieving their potential and that is attitude. I'm lucky to have watched Everton lift 4 major trophies... over 3 seasons and there was not one player in the squad who had a questionable attitude but there were players who weren't the best footballers. They all had something unique to bring and they applied themselves without exception. DCL from day one has epitomized the character I identify from those winning sides. From Kendall to Royle..... Lukaku never sat right with me... despite his talent for finishing he short changed the fans and his team mates far too often. Got the move he whinged about and was deemed an ineffective luxury and is now playing in the weakest of Europe's supposed top leagues. DCL hasn't surprised me with his breakthrough. Too many fans ignore or don't see good forward play, they only really wake up when the player is in the box with the ball. The posts are a reminder of The journey he's been on. It's also a reminder that the first opinion of a player should never be your only opinion.
  24. My lad had literally no choice in the matter; his first kit from when he was 2/3 is in a frame on his bedroom wall, and he was wearing my shirts even earlier! He wore them more to humour me initially but slowly the influence grew. Now he's 23 and is determined to move north one day so he can get a season ticket; he takes it even worse than me when we lose or play badly. Evolution pics including one from his first visit to Stanley Park. Last one is with me and my brother.
  25. Mum's a red and my dad (and pretty much all of his family) is a blue. Apparently I was a red when I was a very young kid but there is no photographic evidence of this and I don't remember it at all, so as far as I'm concerned it never happened. My dad is a massive blue - used to follow us everywhere and saw us win things (!) - and I think I just wanted to be like my dad and spend time with him I suppose, so would follow Everton too. One of my earliest memories is the 95 Cup Final and my mum helped me make a scrapbook of the whole journey through to it, and I still have the game recorded on VHS . My first game it was actually my uncle that took me (mum's brother) and it was Neville Southall's Testimonial against Celtic. It was 0-0 and boring as hell but going to Goodison was magical. There weren't many (any really ) Evertonians in my Primary School class but any time it was 'wear your own clothes day' I would always wear an Everton shirt, and get the piss taken out of me. But I didn't care. My birthday was in August so I'd always get a kit for it - mostly my mum would take me over to Liverpool to get it and we'd make it a little day out and get the train and some food. I live and breathe this football club and have done for as long as I can remember now.
  26. Born blue with 2 older blue brothers and blue dad (1 of 6 brothers - 4/6 blue, 1/6 red, 1/6 doesn’t care) so the path was already set out. Went to my first game as a 6 year old in 1988 - Everton vs Luton Town for mine and my granddad’s birthday (both shared with Big Nev) - I got the 1988 away kit (Beautiful top!) off my grandparents who lived in Crosby (which remained a big part of my prematch ritual throughout their lifetime)... and off we went. We lost 0-2 and things haven’t got much better since!!!
  27. My dad was a blue, so therefore I am, as is my son, we are family💙
  28. Grandad played a few games for them in the 50s along with Wigan and Blackburn. And of course, Everton were the only team to touch his heart out of those 3 and he remained a supporter for the duration of his life (despite being from Wigan). Obviously he passed the curse onto me.
  29. Just because you have three subs to make doesn't mean you have to use them all.
  30. I’m just so happy that we have the pace and forward thinking of Delph and Schneiderlin in the middle. I mean... really happy... fucking ecstatic!
  31. His decision making is very poor. He's technical ability is outstanding and if he can improve his all round game a lot will come with age. Decisions, runs, composure, even physicality. He can be a world beater if he puts his mind to it.
  32. Certainly not. People seemed to take a disliking from him from the beginning and it only got worse from there despite him scoring some good and important goals (even after being treated like shit by the management). he has always worked hard, he is still in training with a smile on his face. Not good enough in the end but nowhere near the worst, not even close.
  33. A fair few of us knew it was possible even then.
  34. I just want to finish as high as we possibly can.
  35. Fuck Europa League, Champions League is the way to go! 4th place is achievable, but we can’t lose to Arsenal, United or Chelsea if we are to stand a chance. I’ve thrown a fiver on at 40/1 just in case.
  36. He didn't work out, but for signing Richarlison, Gomes, Digne, Kean and Bernie, I'll still remember him fairly fondly. In comparison with Allardyce (Tosun, Walcott) and Koeman (Klaassen, Bolasie, Schneiderlin, 70 million pissed away right there ), he spent relatively well and has left us with the best/most promising players we currently have.
  37. Well I think Richarlison just showed us why he is absolutely indispensable to this side. He was just too quick on that counter attack, they were looking to bring him down but couldn't keep up.
  38. Strange place to post this, but... last day of my job today, the first job in 8-10years that I’ve enjoyed. It’s a scary future now but I’m posting this here for two reasons; 1) it’s been a brilliant experience and I’ve learnt a whole load of things and 2) I’ve been told by so many of the warehouse workers about how I’ve changed their lives. Not just that I’ve made things better for them in the depot, but how that that’s transitioned into their lives at home, going back less stressed despite the workload they have, and how I was the only one that has actually visited them. They’re an amazing bunch and it took all my mental strength not to cry at them. Fucking heartbroken to leave but need to stay positive so it’s getting posted here.
  39. Quite a boring reason in the sense that my Dad supports Everton so naturally there was no other option as I absolutely idolise him. To be fair my Mum who wasn't really into football turned into an Everton fan after going on a date to watch Leeds and being blown away by the atmosphere. My first game was a 4-0 win over Wimbledon where I cried my eyes out after the first two goals because the cheers were so loud, I had an uncanny record of never seeing Everton lose which lasted for a good few years until we were beaten 1-0 by Charlton, Matt Holland with the goal. Since becoming a ST holder 12 years ago I've seen a few defeats now, but wouldn't give up my ticket for all the money in the world. I went to primary school in the era that Manchester United were winning everything so had a phase when I was around 5-6 where I followed United, pretty much because literally everybody was obsessed with them. I remember watching the '99 cup final against Bayern Munich and going to Old Trafford to see them beat Derby 5-0 in 2001 but pretty quickly I realised that Everton was different to any other club I had seen either on the TV or in the flesh. A couple of my mates from primary school also followed Arsenal because of the Invincibles era but again, nothing came close to Everton. I've played football since I could walk and my footballing career has coincidentally entwined with Everton too, from being scouted at the age of 13 and spending some amazing times at Finch Farm representing the club that I hold so dear. It ultimately didn't turn into me playing professionally and there was a lot of regret and negativity afterwards but after coming to terms with the rejection I can look back at those days with such fondness. I'm now going through my coaching badges with the FA and funnily enough spent some time with one of the coaches who has now left the club but for who I directly played under when signed to the Academy. It seems as though myself and Everton were meant to be and quite frankly life would be so much different without them. Win, lose or draw I love the Blues, you honestly can't put into words the feeling that you get walking up the stairs and seeing the Old Lady. The buzz that you get from going the game is second to none and although in my lifetime I haven't seen us win a trophy (I was 2 in 1995) I couldn't follow anyone else. Everton is just different and will always be the club my heart beats for.
  40. My first game at Goodison was Chelsea in the main stand aged 10 in 1970 5-0, clearly remember someone shouting “come on Everton you haven’t scored for 5 minutes” Fell out of love with football late 70s early 80s due to the violence etc, fully back on board mid 80s and ever since, lucky to have got season tickets 3 years ago for me and my 15yr old son.
  41. Could have easily be a red, my dad is a blue but his two brothers and his dad are red. For some strange reason there was five Liverpool season tickets in that house, with my dad having one of them. When someone couldn't go I ended up going, so by the age of 12 I'd seen a lot more of Liverpool than Everton. The thing that made me chose Everton though was the first game I went in 87, it was an Easter present and we beat Newcastle 3-0 and 6 year old me just loved the way everybody stamped their feet on the wooden flooring and the noise it made. If it wasn't for that wooden flooring I'd probably be a red, thank you so much Woodison 😂😂
  42. why Everton? 1/ I was born there. 2/ my dad and his brothers were everton supporters. 3/ the redshite were bloody nothing to write home about back when I started going to th bames (they still are not LOL) 4/ i am a masochist? lol🥙
  43. I played growing up but then stopped being involved in high school until I was in college and would come home every day and watch the World Cup while I ate my lunch. I fell in love with the sport all over again and with players like Klose, zidane, Ronaldo, Christiano Ronaldo, etc. once club football started back up I looked to see which US players were in the PL. Dempsey at Fulham and Howard at Everton we’re the 2 I followed. I watched Everton and Fulham games for a couple years but Everton grabbed me and I just kinda stopped watching Fulham matches. I really loved Howard, but I always say he brought me here but Baines is what kept me. He and pienaar were electric. The more I’ve learned about the club and how it gives back to the community has only strengthened my appreciate for Everton.
  44. Right. Before anything else...before Newcastle even scored I was going to write this. And I've said this after other games and in other threads. This tactic of taking attacking players off for defensive players when we are on top in games - why?! Each time we've done it, we end up sitting deeper and deeper. We limit our options to the point where all we can do is pass it around the back. Today. First Kean off for Coleman. Defensive. Then Bernard off for Davies. Defensive. The Walcott off for Niasse. Why?!!! I don't like it. Absolutely fuming. Newcastle had absolutely no right to a single point in this game. Fuck all. Fuming. 2 points thrown away just like that. I'm not having that these defensive subs aren't getting us into trouble. Before the above...it was pretty much perfect. Everything was there other than more goals for us. Great performance. The only defence I can give for these backward subs is that the players are knackered, maybe because training is intense to get the message into them, how to play etc. Because our play is improving, there's some real pleasing elements there. But....fuckin hell...when will we see the end of these throw away games?
  45. They won't connect until we have a central midfield capable of giving them something to work with, feeding off scraps otherwise.
  46. He wasn’t brought in for the player he is now, we got him for the player he could be in a couple of years. Just because there was a big transfer fee doesn’t mean we should expect him to be a world beater today. Judge him in a couple of seasons.
  47. At the end of the day, he carries on like this and he's on 20 goals for the season. He's got 15 games to get another 9. I've said it before. I think we're a bit snobby when it comes to strikers. We always pine for that 20 goal a season striker. And here we have a kid on that path but because he didn't cost £30mill and isn't a foreigner, he doesn't get the plaudits he deserves.
  48. And Kean scored well in Serie A, which I'm sure 99.9% of people would agree is a more difficult league to play in than the Belgian league. Give him some time FFS. He's barely had a full 90.
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