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  1. If any manager was told you have three years in the job don’t worry I’m sure they would blood younger players for the long term but unfortunately they don’t and can’t do it because if it doesn’t work out in the short term they get sacked. And it starts from people moaning about managers not taking responsibility because they’ve lost pre season friendlies largely consisting of a youth squad. Oh the irony
  2. If our fans have their way it'll be a long time until we play European football again, what with them not wanting EL. Because it's going to be a very long fucking wait for CL.
  3. Wow, they're massively over-paying for a slightly better-than-average CB.
  4. We have a lot of big strong players out there now. Even the best teams won’t find it fun getting knocked around by Mina, Gbamin, Kean, Gomes, Keane etc..
  5. It probably is a generation thing, I did elude to that in my initial post Some younger fans from the Premier League era consider success to be finishing in the top 6, some of them don’t want Europa League either so it’s top four or bust For me success in football terms means having a trophy to show for it. Maybe it’s because the younger fans have never actually experienced a successful Everton side that they feel this way , who knows , I just don’t get it For some of them, the most ‘successful’ Everton side they’ve seen was 2004 when we finished 4th but to me that is not success because we still won fuck all and therefore have no trophy to show for it. Take a look at the clubs honours list and you will not find any mention of that season Success to me is winning trophies, and success breads more success I want us to win every game we play so the apathy by some to the chances of winning a domestic trophy is not something I will ever be able to get my head around These shouts of it being an unwanted distraction are bollocks, a distraction to what?? We haven’t as a club take this competition seriously since the 80’s and we’ve still not got a pot to piss in from any of the other competitions
  6. Overall it was a game we can draw some POSITIVES out of. 1. Richarlison has improved a great deal with his deft footworks and strength and dispossess less frequently then last season. He also fell to the ground on lesser occasions unless he was really forcefully tripped on yanked. +8 2. Moise Kean is clearly a much better option then DCL upfront as he'd already imposed himself on the pitch albeit brief presence and you can feel he is just waiting to become a real threat as season wears on. +7.5 3. Our defense was again convincing enough although a couple of occasions when we were dispossessed and countered and we were caught napping and Coleman was still lurking at the midway line. Other than that, the whole team pressed well and accounts for the small possession rate of our opponent (35%). +7.5 4. Sneiderlin's red card means a chance for Tom Davies to start for a couple of games at least and proof himself worthy. +8 (on red card blessing in disguise). 5. Marco Silva +8 (for team pressing and overall fast pace) 6. Gbamin coming on and a chance to get his nervy weakness accounted for and dealt with early on in the season. Hope he comes good soon and settle down as Marco will definitely bring him up to task. +7 (on displaying weakness as well as some glimpses of good combination with digne n Bernard on the left). 7. Bernard may fumbled a little on the byline but his work rate was quite phenomenal on defence as well as up the byline. His daring and willingness to move forward and takes risks creates moment of possibilities upfront and in turn commits errors due to his eagerness. We rather have this then a player who dares not take risk. +7 8. A fare result and decent start. Can't wait to be back home. +8
  7. I agree leave this one and move on, the price being reported is ridiculous.
  8. While Brands will have obviously played a big role in all of our signings it’s ridiculous to completely overlook the manager (whoever he is) in it. It’s the manager that the player is playing for and deals with on a day to day basis, there needs to be a relationship there, a good feeling. If there isn’t then players will turn down the move. Id be surprised if Silva is here longer than Brands as well. But it’s not a case of “out lasting”. It’s just that that is the whole point of a DoF; that they are the driving force of the culture and way we want to go forward, while the managers can come and go.
  9. What’s the point, ? If i showed you a blackboard you would argue that it’s white
  10. Kean’s A footballer - proper footballer
  11. I'm kind of torn on Schneiderlin. He gave us some pretty good minutes especially late in the season and what I have seen n the preseason. He looks like he can still have value to us beyond a transfer fee. I never would have said that in the January window.
  12. I worry that he needs to be centre of attention and thrives off being controversial. I can’t believe he truly believes in what he says as it’s so far off the mark. Im trying hard no to bite. Stadium, Gana, Silva. 🙄
  13. Arteta played mostly on the wing for us, and if you compare his tackling stats to Gana's then there is only one winner, and its not Arteta. I love Arteta he is one of my all time favorite players, he always be the best little Spaniard we know, but he is not a destroyer like Gana. McCarthy did his hamstrings with us, then properly fucked them up reporting for Ireland duty when he was told it would seriously damage them in the long term. I have never, never seen Gana pull out of a tackle or leave anything on the pitch, he always gave his all, one of the reasons he is so loved by the vast majority of Everton fans.
  14. He’s been training so I would think there’s a good chance he’ll play.
  15. I don't really care. I don't think Kean will be the 20+ a season goal machine everyone thinks he'll be, at 19 the pace and physicality of the Prem will take some getting use to. And even if he'll never be prolific, DCL has that side of the game sewn up. What I'm just as interested in is Richarlison, Sigurdsson, and Iwobi scoring, Bernard has made a start so keep it up. We'll rotate in all four forward positions, let's have goals from them all
  16. classic walcott, does all the hard work and beats his man and then skies the cross FFS
  17. As always you’ve missed the point. Back then we had a young up and coming side and the mere fact they got to Wembley and more than matched The Shite over the two games, we would have won it if the ref had not ignored Hansen's hand ball, instilled a lot of belief in them. It made them realise they could compete with the best So much so that we went on to have a strong finish in the league that season and were back at Wembley a few months later to lift the FA Cup and the most successful ever Everton side was born Most say the real turning point for that side was even earlier , that it was a late equaliser by Adrian Heath against Oxford in the quarter final of a cup competition, guess which one? Either way if Kendall had your attitude to winning trophies back then he may have rested players against Oxford and lost that game , lost his job and the great side of the 80’s may never have come to fruition By the way it was the FA Cup final where Watford played their second keeper, so should we not try and win that either?
  18. If we win this this year, we get the added bonus of Cornish Steve concession speech
  19. Agreed. We could play those players and still have a very strong squad -- the main benefit of having depth. I really want us to go for the cups this year. It's been too long without a trophy.
  20. If Silva is ever going to drop Siggy (which I can't see coming any time soon) then I would hope we would just get rid of the 10 position completely and not just put someone else in there. It's just a waste and adds no real tactical advantage (assuming the player could play as well in midfield).
  21. Your spot on mate there’s definitely a good player in him, shame it didn’t work out for him here but a couple of shit managers in Koeman and Aladyce didn’t do him any favours on top of that his injury woes.
  22. So, we lost 2 starters (1 who wasn't ours anyway), one bench winger who was goalless last year, made a loaned starter permanent, added a starting MF and a high quality squad player (Delph/Gambin not sure which is which), added a widely coveted 19 year old striker who will likely play 30+ games and maybe start many of those, added quality competition/cover at RB and a quality young #2GK For a net of 15M. That's....pretty amazing.
  23. Oooo it's getting real, the thread is open!
  24. Can we please just stop feeding the troll?
  25. Not quite panick mode for me yet. For all we know we could be deep in contract negotiations with several players by now... and honestly, I’m guessing we are. Usually we have a few delegations going out and sorting things out, after we have targeted and spoken initially to agents etc. This year is probably the same.
  26. Other than setting up the last goal? Who scores the first? Like I said mate, your football knowledge is as good as my ghist of the Chinese language... which I only k ow Chicken Chow Mein! Im only joking mate haha I would still love a night with you me and Newty. Would he a great laugh. Even bring Pad along... need someone miserable there to bring us back to earth 😉
  27. It's taken its inspiration from the Brexit referendum, we all have to vote with absolutely no clue as to how things will pan out. As such nobody will be allowed to change their minds when they observe the reality of his performances for PSG and there will be no second vote under any circumstances.
  28. GREAT WALL OF MINA, i love this guy. very vocal, doesn't take shit, defended well today. for a big guy he's not super fast but has decent acceleration. he and keane are forming a very solid partnership.
  29. Like others have said eventually we might be when players get up to speed and we get used to a different style of play. At the moment I don’t see how we can be better off without him.
  30. It still has a prestigious place in English football, it gives 92 clubs the opportunity to go to Wembley and win a trophy in front of 35,000 plus of their own supporters, that's not an inconvenience that's a dream for a lot of people including the players and staff. And if you are lucky enough to win it you are further rewarded with a place in European football, but I suppose you would find that an inconvenience as well. I have agreed with you on certain things in the past, but I must say you and Cornish are way off the mark with this one.
  31. 'I watch my Copa America final goal every night!' - Everton and Brazil hero Richarlison reflects on a year to remember Twitter link to Interview
  32. We’ve been strong at the back for a while - Mina coming in is the only question mark for me right now. Completion for Coleman will hopefully keep him at his upper levels. Its not to be more attacking but to allow Bernard and richarlison to stay higher and get more of the ball in the final third as Gylfi just isn’t getting on it enough. Hopefully force him onto it deeper!
  33. What was Marco thinking bringing Gbamin on? Nowhere near ready.
  34. My only concern is the lack of centre back cover. I’m not keen on the idea of Rojo but will trust that Brands/Silva know better if something happens here. I’d be massively optimistic about the season ahead if we had kept hold of Zouma or signed equivalent quality but, as it stands, I think we’ve left ourselves short.
  35. My neighbor who I hang out with all the time is from Detroit (as is his wife). He still proudly wears his T-Shirt from the perfect 0-16 season "Lions 2008 Preseason Champs 4-0" Reminds me, after I go check the ffl, it's probably time to start a football ('Merican) thread
  36. We might be getting lead astray and another club is in for him! BUT...I think with the stadium plans and the signings we have made, the set up of the club etc...we're becoming more attractive to players.
  37. Eriksen, no doubt. He would immediately take over Siggy's spot. He's a brilliant player.
  38. Your right it is subjective, but allot of laws are, threats to kill, harassment, and laws that require Police to prove criminal intent for example. I would imagine that Red flagging would have to have the right of appeal (the weapons should remain with authorities while the appeal is heard). It would also have to be re-applied for by authorities after a set period of time, so it may not be permanent, and may only be limited to certain types of weapons. Every system needs checks and balances, but ultimately it is balancing the rights of the individual to hold weapons against societies right to say what is an acceptable level of risk. Never going to be perfect but has to be tried.
  39. Houston we have a problem. Just been reading up that his interception rate is even higher than Ganas, which means his positioning is even worse doesn’t it?
  40. IN: Lossl, Gomes, Delph, GbaminOUT: Vlasic, Galloway, Robinson, Sambou, Lookman, Gana, J Williams LOAN IN: LOAN OUT: Kenny, Sandro, Adedoyin, Dowell, JVirginia, Garbutt, Tarashaj, Bowler, BroadheadYOUTH: Sebastian Kristensen YOUTH pro deals: Ryan Astley, Kyle John, Anthony Gordon, Ellis Simms, Joe Anderson, Einar Iversen, Nicolas Hansen, Kieran Phillips, Korede Adedoyin, Mackenzie Hunt CONTRACT EXT: Davies, Foulds, Ouzounidis, Baines, Mampala, Bowler, BroadheadOFFICIALLY RELEASED: Jags(SheffieldUtd), A Williams, Lavery(Linfield), Hewelt(Meidz Legnica), JHilton(Blackburn), Charsley, Mathis(Rodez), Kiersey(Walsall), Bramall, Renshaw Spent: 55m Received: 67.5m
  41. Welcome back you miserable cunt 😂
  42. At only 20 he will undoubtedly frustrating at times, and we as a fan base have to understand that, but looking forward to watching him play here!
  43. Each to their own mate. I’ve been to one a few summers again and it was great fun. Music, alcohol and good food, and the right people all in one place is always a good thing. Stuff going on on the background, is just background 🙂
  44. What natural skyline, the sites a fucking derelict wasteland.
  45. Arghhh ......... all this talk about the stadium and all I want to really know about is the transport links and in particular the rail opportunity.
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