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  1. Officially discharged 😁. I got quite emotional actually which I wasn't expecting.
  2. It's hard to say considering it's my own club that's involved but is there really anywhere else that he should go? After making his dream move to Barcelona from Valencia he stated in an interview that he was too afraid to leave his house due to the shame of under-performing with his new club. He even said whilst still at the club last season that if he could sum up his situation in one word it would be ''Hell'' so with all things considered would he want to go anywhere else than a club that has allowed him to love football again and play in front of a crowd that want him to do well? Don't forget that the whistles and jeers Coutinho has been getting this year were doubled in intensity when André Gomes stepped onto the field. He was despised and continues to be, they don't want him anywhere near Barcelona and would like the deal done as soon as possible. With Everton he's guaranteed to be supported at the very least. We might not have the Champions League football that Spurs would offer but we do have the security and comfort that he has been looking for ever since he left Valencia. It's easy to think that this deal will go pear shaped and that he will end up elsewhere but I honestly think it would be a rather foolish decision to turn his back on Goodison considering what has happened since his move to the Camp Nou. £30,000,000 would see Barcelona re-coup all of the money that they spent bringing him to the club so I can see that figure (or something similar) being accurate.
  3. Football is as much about playing football that people enjoy watching as it is about winning trophies. Dislike that as much as you like but very few teams will walk away with a trophy in a season but tens of thousands will turn out every week to revel in the action of their team. We all hope for a top 4 spot or a cup victory but know that it will be tough to achieve. The least we could want should be to watch games where we enjoy the football being played, feel excitement from what we see and some hope that we can challenge for those goals. in the last few months that’s how I’ve felt about our team and the finishing position didn’t really matter to me in the end. I’d seen exciting positive football with some memorable victories and can look forward to the next season with some hope that there will be many more of those moments.
  4. To answer the original question, yes, Everton might be able to crack the top six: 1.) The main issue is about us, Everton. As some have stated above, we were collectively optimistic going into Koeman's second season. That didn't turn out so well. The big question: Does the finish to this season suggest Silva's system is beginning to click or a run of luckier than usual results? Secondly, on this point, can Everton find a right back, striker, and cover for Gylfi at the 10? Does Brands decide to roll the dice on DCL at striker? Can Brands find the Digne and Benards again this summer? If we can't sign Zouma, can Mina stay healthy for 30 minutes? And if Mina can stay healthy, can he be as good as Zouma? 2.) United are an absolute mess. They'll splash a lot of cash this summer, but I don't think their management has any idea what they are doing so those dollars may not be well spent. I think they can be passed in the table, assuming their transfer policy is as incompetent as it has been over recent years. 3.) Chelsea might get hit with a transfer ban. Hazard is likely going out and he has been one of the best, if not the best, player in the EPL over the past several seasons. That's not easily replaceable. I don't know exactly how they replace that and even though I love Christian Pulisic (I'm American), he ain't it. 4.) Spurs, who I hope play the best game of their collective lives on June 1st, are due for a dip. Their main guys play a lot of minutes and managers are a genius until they aren't. As someone stated above, Klopp left Dortmund in the middle of a season when Dortmund were in the relegation zone. Could we see a similar drop-off from Spurs? I seriously doubt it, but crazier stuff has happened. 5.) Arsenal: Still can't defend but I'd expect they do something in the transfer market to address it. Auba turns 30 next month and pacey strikers don't typically age well. Oh and he wore out his welcome at Dortmund by missing practice and generally being a dipshit. Also, are we sure Emery is a decent manager? (He probably is) 6.) Maybe Liverpool slips a bit. I can't see how Real Madrid doesn't come after Salah, but what do I know. They seemed to get every lucky break this year save the Stones goal line clearance. Don't see City slipping at all and in fact, they might even strengthen their side in an attempt to win a quad. Wolves, Watford, and Leicester will all be thinking the same thing though.
  5. What a superb signing he was and a great captain and club servant Phil Jagielka confirms he has left Everton http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/phil-jagielka-confirms-everton-departure-16378788#ICID=ios_EchoNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  6. Yet even with these problems, 3 of them get to Euro finals. I get what your saying, we’re such a lucky team that teams only ever have problems on and off field when playing us. I mean it would be daft to say that our set up limits these teams and stops them playing. Yet when were beaten, it’s the opposite isn’t it PeteO, it’s because we were at full strength but the other team just tried harder. Lets be straight here. You see the team in a different way than the majority, and that’s fine. Your down on the team and club at the moment and look for negatives. Im a pretty positive guy and will always look for the positives. You can see in my posts I’m a glass half full type. What we need to accept, mainly you 😉 is that yours, or mine, or any others opinions are just that PeteO, opinions. Your trying your best to prove them as facts, while ignoring actual facts. The most glaring example is this not creating chances comment you keep going on about. Yet in one match we created more chances than Sam did in his whole tenure. That wasn’t something is fans made up, but a factual stat put out by the ssp team. And this is where I struggle to understand where your coming from sometimes.
  7. You do realise that Arsenal, Brighton, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle, Sheffield United, Spurs and Watford haven't made signings either? Ironically, we are one of the teams that have signed a player so far this summer so I'm confused as to how with all of this information at hand predictions are being made about the window being ''last minute'' and criticisms of Brands are coming to the front for not acting fast enough in the market. No South Americans will be signed as the Copa America is currently underway. It is incredibly unlikely that national teams will allow players to skip training to discuss contracts and transfer fees with domestic clubs which is fully understandable. We've also had the Nations League taking place recently so anyone taking part in that (basically the best players from the top leagues of England, Portugal and the Netherlands) will now be on holiday and thus not available for negotiation. As an example, look at Matthijs De Ligt who is absolutely nailed on to leave Ajax this summer but as of today hasn't moved anywhere. If the rumours are true, André Gomes is set to sign within the next few days which will take our signings up to two for the summer - not bad when you consider all of the above. If we are sitting with just two signings come August then by all means throw some criticism at Brands, Moshiri and the rest but at the moment I think it's borderline bonkers to be panicking about our summer business. Take a deep breath!
  8. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs playing every week. Good luck to him, I think there’s a player there myself.
  9. Sky reporting that they've ended their interest in him. Also, he arrived back in Liverpool today ;).
  10. I dont think anyone on here believes we’ll be pushing third place or even expecting us to break into the top six Palfy. I think a lot of us have seen a team start to show signs of identity, of a higher work rate, of creating chances, flashes of flair and imagination and its left us feeling positive. We’ve all seen so many years of negativity at this club. Relegation battles, selling players to keep the banks happy, Mike Walker 🤮, that now the club are aiming high. I though after January I’d probably not see a home win again this season. Then we beat these teams, didn’t concede a goal, attacked them. Really attacked them. Not the old 1-0 wins Moyes used to get, a lot of us moaned that we didn’t put four past Arsenal. I’ve seen them put six on us. It was a nice complaint to have. We’ve got stadium plans around the corner, we have money to spend, we’ve got some good players and a manager who is starting to look like he knows what he’s doing, Brands who looks very good, Suntan Bob has gone, the kids have retained the u23 league. There are a lot of things to be positive about Everton. We aren’t going to win the league, we more than likely aren’t going to get in the top four yet. But there aren’t too many negatives are there? I can’t wait for next season.
  11. The echo are reporting it’s a done deal at £26 million
  12. On the verge of losing another friend to cancer, admitted to a hospice with the tumour slowly closing off the wind pipe; steroids temporarily putting off the inevitable horrific traumatic end. Nobody would put a dog through that agony, they'd be gently put to sleep. I see no argument whatsoever (religious zealotry aside) against euthanasia; why extend someone's life for a few days/weeks so they can suffer for a while and then die in agony? Completely insane.
  13. Barry and Schneidelin, yes, both DMs. We played with Barry and McCarthy for long enough, again, both DMs. But Gomes isn’t. He sits further back on the pitch, but his role is not a defensive one. It’s a creative one. Haha often sits higher up, but that’s to press at the front as pressing is his strength and Marco wants that to be higher up the pitch. Gomes is more useful on the ball with players in front of him. One is creative and one is defensive, it’s just where Marco wants them to use their skills. It’s not like the old days where Carsley used to sit behind the midfield to clean up, it’s a much more proactive defensive tactic. But if Gana wins the ball back high up he then has to move the ball on to someone else, as that will often require a different skill set. Sometimes he tries things and it works, other times it doesn’t, but his role is just to get that ball back and give it to people like Gomes and Gylfi to do something a bit more creative with it. Surely I'm not the only one who sees it this way?
  14. In Feb 2018 he earned the right to a contract extension with us until 2022 and signed it (presumably) without anyone holding a gun to his head, we should hold him to it. No good selling our best players because "we'd be denying them Champs League"; we need to keep them so they can get a chance of CL with us. Don't want us to be a feeder club any more.
  15. Shocked at some of the views here! I thought he’d be universally applauded for all his efforts, commitment, charity work and loyalty. If we had the chance to resign him as a 24 year old I’d snap your hand off. Although he’d be worth a lot more now than the 4 million we paid. Bill Kenwright sums him up nicely as “one of Everton’s greatest servants” and a player who “embodies the spirit and values of the Blues”
  16. Jags was in his day an excellent player when him and Lescott played together they were probably the best central defensive partnership in the league at that time, and Jags was the organiser in what was a very good defensive pairing. I can't believe that people only saw him at that time as a just above an average player he was much more than that.
  17. Not sure how long you’ve been supporting Everton but Jags in his prime was a hell of a lot more than an above average defender
  18. Hmm, the two god awful draws Allardyce oversaw versus West Brom, or the final day defeat at West Ham, versus smashing Man Utd, beating Arsenal and Chelsea at home and giving the other lot a genuine run for their money, twice, in a season they broke their record points tally... I think we can a now accept that the only reason we're still debating this is one member who's determined to try to convince everyone else that black is white!
  19. The club have paid a week's wages for the Bolton staff. Can't find any news reports to say who's foot the bill but really nice gesture from whoever it was at the club.
  20. Guess we have to have faith until they give us a reason not to.
  21. Tbh I do think Gana holds some blame for that goal. I don’t think there’s too much wrong with his anticipation, but I don’t think he reacts well to the situation once Martina falls over. Rather than naively trying to win the ball from the side, I think he should be concentrating on just getting his body between Salah and the goal. I think he lets him slip past too easily by trying to tackle him from the side for sure. Also I don’t know how we’ve let another topic turn into a Gana debate 🙄
  22. I'll investigate tomorrow Matt, overdone the sun and the Metaxa today so I'm quite likely to delete the entire site if I go into the admin panel tonight. Josh's fault, he flew out yesterday and is leading me astray. Honest.
  23. I've always held a dream of driving across the state's but as yet haven't realised it, still time fingers crossed.
  24. Penalty gets saved, no keeper down the other end.
  25. Dropping a player after one or two games when they've not been at their best can be counter productive to their confidence surely (though I'd disagree many/any on your list were poor enough to even consider dropping them in the first place)? Silva sees the squad all week in training and certainly always has his preferred XI in mind, he made small changes all season long when he felt the need though and we finished on a big high (though I know you think was down to the poor quality of the opposition rather than our performances. 4-0 ManU? Pfft).
  26. Pete I have to disagree it was Jags and Lescott that were the best pairing hands down in my opinion, I loved Yobo but he was guilty of losing concentration and making some right howlers not that I would hold that against him, he was good in the air at both ends but when the ball was on the ground he could sometimes make a hash of it.
  27. There will always be a small minority (and Pete ) who disagree with anything ( everything in Petes case) but you only need to look at the reaction to this news on social media, the press , the players past and present and the reception he got in his last game at Goodison to see what kind of player he really was If he ends up coming back to Goodison with Sheffield United next season I’m 100% certain he will get a rousing reception
  28. Jags had Torres in his pocket when Torres was actually a quality player.
  29. I think it’s the best move for both parties but I don’t agree with the average defender quote. And I don’t agree with the Cahill shout either. They both have earned the right to contribute. Whether that’s on the pitch or behind the scenes. Jags is one of the last of his type. Loyal to a club for 12 years and happy with his lot.
  30. I want a real rustic brick work vibe integrated into Modern design. Meis has bigged the stadium up and he has just won an award for a recent stadium. It can’t be a boring generic thing surely?
  31. I can’t remember him disgracing himself when he’s been asked to cover for Coleman, in-fact from memory his crosses into the box were far superior to Coleman’s.
  32. Well we are in the market for a left footed winger and Barca are our feeder club.
  33. There's part of me that wouldn't be arsed in the slightest if we sold him. I find him very frustrating to watch. But then there's the other part of me that worries he'll give his head a wobble and be more than just potential. I don't envy Marco and Marcel on this one.
  34. They also said £350m a week would go to the NHS. If they can't deliver on the terms they offered then why should we accept it as binding.
  35. I think there is a very good player in there, he just needs a good, full, pre-season and a run of games in the side to prove himself. Barca and Brands rate him.
  36. The Missus and I have just voted Lib Dem probably the 1st time we have agreed politically, we both want the people to have the final say not the politicians especially the Conservatives who have completely fucked us all over by starting this process in the first place. She has been a ardent Conservative all her voting life but swears she will never vote that way again, and least some good has come out of this.
  37. Finn balor

    Jokes thread

    I saw an old school mate outside the hospital yesterday. He was upset and crying I asked him what was wrong? I’ve just been told I’ve got the “big C” he says, fuck me cancer? No. Dyslexia!
  38. Competition was probably the wrong word to use but I’d sooner have Lossl who has been decent (imo) and playing consistently at this level over the past 2 seasons to deputise should Pickford be injured/suspended than Stekelenburg, who I don’t rate, or Virginia, who needs a year or 2 on-loan playing competitively every week. Realistically, we’re not going to sign another top class keeper so we can hopefully develop Virginia - he’d be better off playing every week in a competitive Championship setting rather than for our u23s and sitting on our bench in my opinion.
  39. N'Golo Kanté won two successive titles making the odd tackle I seem to recall.
  40. Scored another goal for Brazil. Good Weekend for him as he got two goals in two games. https://streamable.com/beiwp https://streamable.com/jqte6
  41. That’s a nice scatter gun way if doing things. Leave looked at individuals online profiles and then targeted facebook users based on their own prejudices. People who were out of work were targeted with advertising about jobs for foreign workers, people with a history of not liking posts that might show issues with Middle Eastern people were sent adverts about 60m Turks coming into the country. You wouldn’t have seen these things as you were not the target. Remains leaflet was in your house so you know about it. What leave did was designed for you to not know about it. Forget sending a leaflet to everyone, targeting people with certain levels of prejudice with false adverts to get them to side with leave is massively over the line. I’m concerned that you’re worried about a leaflet more than this kind of action. This is the same kind of thing the Russians did in the US elections. I’m embarrassed by what they did, I voted for these scumbags. They were clever, they were smart, they used modern technology, but they also crossed quite a few lines while they were at it. As I’ve said a few times in this thread, go and watch The Uncivil War and you’ll see yourself. The cover up has gone, they aren’t hiding what was done, it’s all out there. There just appears to be very little consequence.
  42. Daft club, letting supporters into their dressing room, not surprised they went down!
  43. OK lads am off for an early night, alarm set for 1.30am before we relocate here for four weeks. Try not to squabble too much.
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