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  1. Hey, I'm also a Turkish supporter and after reading the topic, I thought I could also inform you about Cenk and give you a general idea of what to expect from him. I'm a Fenerbahçe fan indeed but I've watched all of the Beşiktaş matches this year. (That's because my team appointed a scabies manager who loves defensive football and watching Fenerbahçe games was torture for me.) Anyway, Cenk was one of the players which I really respected from opposite teams. The thing you need to know about the Turkish league is, its a harsh league for players, especially offensive and creative players. You know, we don't have the most skillful defenders here and instead of using brain and guessing the next moves of the opponents, they tackle hard and use brute force to stop forward players. Cenk did well and made an impact in this league but that's not the only good thing about him. He came to Gaziantepspor (a lesser Turkish league team) from E. Frankfurt at the age of 20 and that was a questionable choice because he would easily stay in Germany and keep playing in German national team (remember, he was also in U21 Germany squad). He chose the hard way because he had prove himself again. He was doing good in Gaziantepspor and then he moved to Beşiktaş. Big teams in Turkey are player grinders -especially for the local players- as the supporters don't usually trust Turkish players, media doesn't pay too much attention to them etc. The spotlights are on foreign players. Cenk was the secondary option for most of the time but he never gave up and kept working. He played with Hugo Almeida, Demba Ba, Mario Gomez, Vincent Aboubakar at that time. Cenk made his impact with the goal he scored against Benfica. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs1b3dkwhZ4 and then the people/media started to show him more respect about his football. He kept scoring more goals last year by taking more time and this year, he was the primary option for his team, putting the star transfer Alvaro Negredo to bench. Youtube compilations may give an idea about a player but they're not completely definitive. In Cenk's case, I think he is better than he seems on Youtube. + He can hold and carry the ball forward and create his own shot. + He likes passing. + He's not too tall but he has a good timing and score with headers. + He has lots of finishing moves in his inventory, creative player. + He has a good attitude and work ethic. I can agree that he's still "unproven" and PL may be hard to adapt for a normal player but he always chose the hard way in his life and kept rising. I'm expecting him to be successful there. I hope Everton does better in League as well, as I will be watching your games from now on too
  2. And (believe it or not, where does the time go) today is the five year anniversary of my last treatment, which means I'm all clear. I still have one final check to come in May but it's just a formality, five years is the magic number so I'll be around for a while yet. Sorry.
  3. Decent old game of footy that. We won 2-1. Could have lost 2-1. Could have won 4-1. Could have lost 4-1. Might have been 4-4!!! So impressed with Coleman. He makes babies with a broken leg then comes back like he's played every week. When they do his autopsy, they'll find wires and circuit boards. If he gets cremated, there'll be no ash, just a stream of molten steel. 60 grands worth of the earths finest natural resource.
  4. Life changing. That was absolutely the most amazing sporting experience of my life. As a stateside fan I chose Everton because Tim Cahill embodied everything I want in a footballer and the club was known for its familial atmosphere. Having been a fan for 10+ years now of course I was concerned that the experience/club wouldn't live up to the expectations created in my head all these years. Live up to expectations? This experience confirmed everything I was hoping for and then some. Just a spectacular day I will never ever forget. Thank you to all the fans on this forum, and the entire fan base, for your commitment and passion to the club and your unwavering commitment to the ideals this club was founded on over 140 years ago. I have a deep appreciation for you and all of your family members from prior generations for making the club what it is today. If we don't win another trophy in my lifetime I will die a happy man because this club represents more than wins and losses. The identity of Everton Football Club is its most valuable asset. Always has been and hopefully always will be. I will be back to say goodbye before the move to the docks.
  5. His bio on Twitter says he lives in Everton England instead of Liverpool. I love him already 😍😍
  6. Hello guys, Im a besiktas fan from Istanbul so let me give some info. First of all if he was playing at germany or any other euro country you would pay much much more. Euro has good value here so club needed this kind of money. We also earn lots from CL but still it was time to send him away. He is great player and also great person. He can do alot at premier league. We bought him very cheap, he was 2nd option for most of his career at besiktas but he keeps improve improve. he started his football career at germany then come to turkey. He never gives up and always looks to improve himself he also have very good character which i cannot say for many other good players. This year he was amazing at CL, he will add more be sure about it. Everton is also good place for him so im happy for Cenk, he deserved to play on better leagues.
  7. For someone so inexperienced he handles himself brilliantly with the media; puts most established pros to shame. Whatever his future he's a credit to himself and the club.
  8. Hey everyone, Really hope you don't mind me posting on here. I am the programme cover artist for Wolves this season & for each game have been painting a player from the away team as well as the home team, before both paintings are blended together to create the cover. My A2 watercolour painting of Richarlison, signed by the player, is one of ten (from my covers to date) available via a 10-day auction launching tomorrow at 9pm & finishing on Sunday 28th October at 9pm. All funds raised with be shared between Cure Leukaemia, Race Against Blood Cancer, YMCA Black Country & Good Shepherd Ministry Wolverhampton. I have included a photo for you. Please note that Limited Edition prints will be available later this month (as we recognise that the majority of fans are unlikely to be able to financially compete in an auction) with 20% of profit from the sales of these also being donated to Cure Leukaemia. You can view all 10 paintings & find out more about the auction here. Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Louise Cobbold.
  9. We have the Russians working on that. I mean if they can rig an election across all of America, surely they can fix this shit right in their back yard? Give us a waiver slot for being the only team in the world who has to play soccer against footballers. Plant dead mosquitoes in their luggage and quarantine the Costa Rica team for malaria. Invade Croatia and pin it on Serbia. Whatever, just make this shit happen so we don't have to have the FBI start indicting the entire governing body. See, we're not an unreasonable lot.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/02/sports/everton-liverpool-merseyside-derby.html#click=https://t.co/BANmPuvGYI Everton made the New York Times today. A couple wonderful points: 1.) Everton makes its players sign an agreement to participate in community events; and 2.) At one point Tom Davies had to be reminded to leave an event but said, "I'm busy coloring unicorns." I love this club more than anything other than my wife.
  11. More tackles and more interceptions than anyone else on the pitch, despite us having more of the ball. Made more passes than anyone on the field and only Cenk had a better accuracy (only played 10 minutes). His job isn'tt to position himself correctly, his job is to press the ball and win it back as quick as possible, which he is one of the best in the world at. If he is so bad then why has he been first choice for the last 4 managers we've had? I can't understand this constant bashing of the poor lad!
  12. So, he gave an interview to one of the biggest and oldest newspapers (Milliyet) in Turkey. Let me try to translate the relevant parts of it; P. S. Please excuse typos and grammar mistakes if there are any. P. S. #2 Oh I've missed some parts at the end. Below;
  13. The more I think about his comments after the Arsenal game the angrier I get How can he complain about consistency when he doesn't pick a consistent side? Or a consistent formation? What fucking idiot decides to change from a back 4 to a back 3, which is a formation we just don't look comfortable playing? Not only that but away at fucking Arsenal! Furthermore, who then decides that as part of that 3 we should play a CB that has only been at the club a matter of days?! Never mind that even the established players would have found this a tough ask because we had limited time to work on it having played on the Wednesday. Then you find out that the reason he did it was because Swansea fucking City did it and got the win. Does someone want to inform the stupid cunt that Swansea have different players than us? Because you can't just copy a tactic that worked for one team and just expect it to work for your team. We do not have the players for the formation. He talks about himself being a good tactical manager... Fuck. That. Shit. He's a clueless shitehawk. He also spoke about getting to the 40 points mark as quick as possible so that he can try things in preparation for next season... If this horrible bastard is allowed anywhere near us throughout the summer and into next season then we are royally fucked, and Moshiri needs to take a chair to his own face. It doesn't bear thinking about the (further) damage that will be caused by keeping him on for longer.
  14. Guys i am a besiktas fan, and you guys just singed and amazing player. I believe you ll sell him in a better price anyways but he will do amazing in your team... well i wish him and everton a good luck for the leauge! You guys will love him
  15. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/what-future-hold-loan-everton-14061445 Just leave him where he is. The odd appearance for us until the end of the season will do him no favours whatsoever. Leave him where he is, playing every game, learning more. Then get him back here for pre-season and let him show the coaching staff what he's made of.
  16. We have just beaten Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd and got a very creditable draw against The Shite Given the fact the Gana has been instrumental in all of the above games can we now safely put to bed this notion that he can only perform against the lesser sides?
  17. “I just wanted to be a professional soccer player in Europe, lo and behold Manchester United offered me a contract so I grabbed the nearest pen and I signed it," Howard said. "Things didn’t work out there for me, so it was time for me to move on. Little did I know, the single greatest thing to happen to me after my children was to sign for Everton Football Club. Who would have known that? I spent a decade there, Everton has a piece of my heart that can never be relinquished.” Nice that.
  18. The one thing that excited me about this signing when we bought him was he always scores against the shite. It was a shame the lad got injured and I hope he does well at.Villa and gets a move. He was always respectful and positive towards the club so I hold no animosity towards him.
  19. Bollocks to it we can play the statue at CB if needs be, couldn’t be any slower than the ones we have currently
  20. Seamus may make my heart grow back
  21. On a positive note, sitting at Mr. Dennehy's in NYC with JoeQuince watching the match.
  22. Much respect to Unsworth for stepping in. Took over with us in the bottom, stands aside with us in 13th. Some nightmare results in there but he gave it a good, honest go. Evertonians appreciate that.
  23. Officially discharged 😁. I got quite emotional actually which I wasn't expecting.
  24. For me this season has delivered exactly what it promised. A season of transition whereby we’d have a rough patch or two and also get some brilliant results. Our football would improve but there’d be teething problems and we’d struggle implementing some of our plans. This was a season of learning - finding out which players would work in what Marco (and Marcel) wants this team to be, finding out what problems we need to fix to make it all work. I’m pleased with the season when taken as a whole and can see the progression. I hope for a bigger progression next season though and I’m excited to see what we’ll do this summer.
  25. 100% it was us, when they came to Goodison it was in their own hands; when they left it in City's. Delighted. Also would we have had stats like this at Spurs under Allardyce?
  26. What I've loved about the last two games (Chelsea and West Ham) is that after the devastating collapse at Newcastle, it would have been so easy for the team to just give up on the season and cruise the last 8 games. And in my opinion, a team that wasn't playing for the manager would have given up. But they've bounced back in style. There's an aggression to their play. They want to win. That's down to Silva in my opinion. They're playing for him and for the pride of the shirt, and that's brilliant to see. I'm really optimistic about the direction of the team. The reaction to the Newcastle result could not have been better, and I think that's down to Marco.
  27. That’s why the strap line is ‘ for the thinking Evertonian‘..., you have to keep thinking what fucking thread am I in?
  28. Jesus. I don’t like is attitude either and his form has been poor but that’s largely down to bad tactics playing him out of position, plus the team doing not well, particularly midfield. It was only 6 months ago we were all giddy because he getting call ups to Brazil! Can we please stop calling for heads to roll and selling players off after seriously short periods of time?!
  29. He's struggled as of late, but his attitude is exactly why I like him. Can't see him getting back into the squad on a permanent basis, but at least he wants to fight for the shirt.
  30. I honestly don’t get this hate for Walcott, I really don’t.
  31. Someone had to do it- I feel dirty doing it but it’s done now. Fact is- we are in a bad place right now- clearly the first choice second etc were either unattainable or didn’t fancy it. We need someone in to steady the ship and keep us up and in his defence he has a perfect record of saving teams from relegation. Where this leaves us afterwards if he saves us is entirely another matter. I don’t like it one but but I do understand why this move has been made. We all need to get behind the team now as getting relegated just isn’t an option with a new stadium on the horizon. Dark day for us blues but we’ll have to give him a chance now he’s here.
  32. Player of the Season Young Player of the Season Players Player of the Season. Think someone had a top night at the Dixies! Deserves it aswell. The only player who can say he gave it his all game after game. Really pleased to have him here.
  33. This is a good article and manages to summarise why many of us feel the way we do. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/club/everton/368/blog/post/3467125/sam-allardyceeverton-need-to-do-more-than-just-avoid-relegation I'm sure many of us agree that Sam was a panicked appointment after we were warned off Silva, who I feel the Board, led by Moshiri, arrogantly thought could be 'bought' in with ease. And I'm sure many of us can agree that Moshiri and Co have to shoulder a good portion of blame for how this season has ended up being so chaotic. Just as the players have to shoulder a portion of blame for many heartless performances. Where we might differ in opinion is whether we were in relegation danger to start off with. And we might even differ on how quickly we 'escaped' such danger. But I think there can be no doubt that after a few wins, we were away from it all, and we were back on for a 7th place finish. Yet Sam kept chatting about avoiding relegation, even several games after we were away from all that. He kept chatting about getting to 40 points, safety...even though we were only a few points off 7th! For me, this was a big game changer in my opinion of him. No doubt about it, as people have said, he banged on and on about safety and relegation in order to falsify the great job he has done. Any manager worth their weight, after that initial run of wins, would have said 'right, we are out the shit now...lets go for 7th...then 6th...' and the whole mindset of the players and fans would have been different. No one can convince me that these players, who are in a way a result of the chaos and in some ways a cause of it, don't have the collective ability to have put pressure on Burnley in 7th. We should have had that spot.
  34. In all my years of supporting the blues,i have never felt the urge to comment on any of these forums. I know i may or may not be slagged of by the regulars but i now need to to agree with the majority of people on this thread. I am now watching a team under sam that just look utterly clueless. Full stop. Over the years there has been ups & downs but always with a hint that something good may happen or somekind of excitement. Now, it is just dire. It pains me to say this but i dont even want to watch them at the moment under sam. As with the majority of blues it seems on here i hope sam has already cleared his desk. The next manager may or may not make us world beaters but hopefully at least give us something to start think about lifting 1 a cheek off the seat??
  35. In today's market, 4.5M is a steal. I'd rather give him another chance.
  36. Booing fellow TT members is unacceptable behaviour.....unless someone isn'tt putting maximum effort into their posts. We all have off days where our syntax is suspect (and when we're inebriated) but as long as the post has passion we shouldn't be judged!
  37. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/angry-sam-allardyce-dismisses-ademola-14243380.amp?__twitter_impression=true This is worrying. “I've got Yannick Bolasie who cost thirty million quid and Theo Walcott who cost twenty million quid and both have a lot more experience than Lookman, so no." Admitting he's playing players on price tag over ability here imo. I couldn't give a flying fuck if we spunked £30/40/50m on a player (which we have done several times of late), if theyre not good enough, you dont play them. Simple. too much players nowhere near good enough for the price we paid for them. Our kids are much better than most of the senior players and they cost nothing almost.
  38. We're lucky to be on such a good forum. I've been a member of 1 or 2, and spectator on several more over the years and this one for me is the best one by a country mile. Feels like home.
  39. Cannot believe he might end up at Chelsea after saying no in the summer...and we lose £15-£20 million. That's harsh Ross, really harsh. I've no issues with players wanting to move, look to further their career etc, but do it in the right way. This, if true, is the opposite to the right way. Good luck getting a kick ahead of Hazard, Willian, Fabregas, Kante, Pedro, Bakayoko. Good but I'm not sure he's that good. And while I try to respect each persons opinion, if you still try to deflect this away from Barkley himself, I'd question who you actually support.
  40. Anyway- Happy New Year to each and every one of you- I sincerely hope it’s a prosperous and healthy one for all our posters and hopefully the blues can make it an even better one. COYFBB!!!!
  41. Usually the first thing I look for in a player
  42. Nevermind a locker, poor Niasse can't even keep his own thread!
  43. If our problem was that we have a team of shit quality then this would be valid but we don’t. We actually have a lot of quality in this squad. We had a manager that couldn’t get the best out of them. Allardyce is good at getting shit players to play above themselves but that isn’t what we need. We just need someone who will use the quality we’ve got in the right way - play players in their natural and best positions, have a game plan that suits those players. Yes we may be in the relegation zone as of now but we don’t need a manager for survival, and we don’t need Sam Allardyce.
  44. Was gonna say "didn't know he had that in his locker"..... then again koeman took his locker off him.
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