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  1. I just thought I’d drop a message out given the current circumstances of what we are all going through right now. During this time of isolation if there’s anyone who during this period of isolation feels they are struggling, alone or just feel that need a chat, drop a pm at any time and we can organise something. Lots of love to everyone 💙💙
  2. Another update. Lucas has been discharged. Diagnosed with bronchiolitis as suspected. Have to keep him warm and fluids up whilst he is fighting it as there is no medication available for it. Have to say the staff at Whiston hospital were great. A&E was virtually empty as people are finally staying away when there is nothing really wrong with them.
  3. Pass on our thanks for what she and her colleagues are doing.
  4. Is this now our longest unbeaten period for a good few seasons?
  5. If you're proposing a supra-national type of body that would provide an institutional framework where member-countries could agree common high standards for Food Safety, I'm all for it Paul 😉
  6. My missus is nhs, but she’s lucky enough to be working from home as she’s not patient facing anymore. Her colleagues are having a nightmare. We are in crazy times and we’ve all just got to get through and support everyone around us. Particularly the health service. At times like this we can all be thankful for the nhs, it’s not perfect but it’s better than most others have got. It’s the single most important institution we’ve got, and we should all be immensely proud of it (I’m sure each of us are).
  7. He’s arguably been our best player the last three seasons and we would have been right in the shit without him. Yes he makes his share of errors but he makes many more incredible saves. If - somehow - we really could get Donnarumma for not not much that would be amazing, but he would still have to settle into a new culture and country right and perform right out the gate to dislodge Pickford.
  8. Horrific times for people going through cancer treatment (wearing my Macmillan hat); some being told that chemo is too risky due to the damage to the immune system and some having radiotherapy periods reduced from 6/7 weeks to four because of the risk of going to hospital. People are dying from covid but people will also die from insufficient cancer treatment due to it.
  9. the above statement is applicable to the bill the republicans just tried to pass to "offer support". all it was was handouts and free money for corporations leaving the families and middle/poor classes left behind. it makes me sick that with everything going on certain segments of politicians are still trying to use it to THEIR gain, and not the gain of the people hurting most. for a balanced view from me though, i would like to note that although i'm usual republican bashing here, my state Ohio has a republican governor who has done exceptional. we are now the 4th state to shutdown and we don't have it anywhere as bad as the other 3, he has been ahead of the federal government on all things, and really is proactive and not reactive (like trump). so here i am waxing lyrical about a Republican, lest people think i am some commie left winger stuck in an echo chamber, well done Mike DeWine keep it up and you'll get my vote for re-election.
  10. Trump may have tested negative, but Rand Paul is the first US senator to test positive. This is the guy who voted against the government offering free testing and financial support to those affected.
  11. trump has blamed the lack of facemasks on Obama!!!! the orange douche has got to go
  12. I’d like to see another season ( if it happens ! ) where Carlo can bolster the defence and get to see what Pickford is really about and if he is as solid as we all want
  13. As mentioned in the article, he wasn't serious about the severity of the virus. As late as March he was talking about shaking hands in hospitals with Corona patients. May wouldn't have done that, she certainly wouldn't have boasted about it. He sent out all the wrong signals when it was clear countries with as good or better health care services as the UK were already failing. May didn't surround herselves with exceptionalists like Cummings who pushed for a different approach (herd immunity) to the rest of the world as they assumed to be smarter. There are times when it is not relevant to push people to think outside the box. May would have put fighting Corona first, Boris always weighs up if it doesn't hurt brexit. Mike is right, he's better than Trump.. but that's about it.
  14. Yes I agree; May especially was a disaster but I think she would do a better job on Corona. Johnson is just a really low bar. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/26/opinion/coronavirus-uk-boris-johnson.html Britain needs a leader, not a joker.
  15. I agree a lot of businesses will realise that working from home is a far better and cheaper option. And banks have been for years taking advantage of the digital age, just look at the amount of high street branches that have closed. I’ve banked with NatWest since I was 19 personal and business and I have seen plenty of changes in my local town over the years, 5 high street banks now 1, 3 offices now 1 which my business manager has said looks like closing. My daughter runs the fraud department for a large mortgage lender and works from home quite a bit, the advancement of technology pretty much allows you to be in the office when you are at home.
  16. Tough call that dunc, would be a tight game between the two.....for maybe as much as three minutes.
  17. But I happen to think he’s done a poor job at leading us during this time, so I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if the job fell to someone else. Someone capable would be nice, in fact.
  18. GK - Southall RB - Coleman LB - Digne CB - Gough CB - Materazzi RW - Kanchelskis LW - Limpar CM - Arteta CM - Cahill Att - Richarlison Att - Rooney Bench - Howard, Heitinga, Li Tie, Pienaar, Gueye, Eto’o, Lukaku
  19. 😂 I had a "thing" nearly twenty years ago when we lived in a different cul-de-sac where the police followed me home due to a hole in my exhaust (works vehicle). I parked up and the guy took my details and got on his radio; was school pick-up time so my wife went to pick up our lad and left the front door open for me to get in. Policeman got reply and turned out I was public enemy number one, three more units turned up with flashing lights; wouldn't even let me shut the front door and took me away in a van. Turned out someone in Norfolk had stolen my identity; was only when the booking sergeant asked me to take my shirt off to verify my tattoos (I had none) they realised the mistake and gave me a lift home. Never told the neighbours the truth.
  20. On a positive note, it's highly likely it is not coronavirus. After talking to paramedics and call handlers the symptoms seem to be a slight cold that progresses into a high fever that will subside. After the fever you will start coughing up pink discharge and then blood. That's when you need ventilation because you get real bad pneumonia.
  21. I was commenting purely on the basis of the press briefing I watched yesterday and his demeanour which I thought was in stark contrast to... 1. His normal buffoonery and... 2. The contrast with Trumps' idiocy. At least he seemed to be listening to the "experts" rather than making nonsensical suggestions. Time will tell whether all decisions made were right or wrong; actually time probably won't tell because we'll never know how things would have turned out had we done things differently Anyway this is beyond politics now.
  22. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/former-everton-star-steven-naismith-17963203
  23. Just wanted to check in here to see that everyone is safe and doing well. Fairly mild in Sweden at the moment but most who can are working from home.
  24. I know Andy’s mum and dad very well, they came to my wedding in Thailand. They will he been made up with a call from Bill, they love him. Made my day this.
  25. This was put out yesterday by a true blue friend of mine.
  26. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/close-all-non-essential-online-stores-warehouses?bucket&fbclid=IwAR05pFxP5F6inar0CFLHbR-eqkhvaT4ggV71Ida2homqX8KI8PjNBdFonjI
  27. Lovely idea, I’ll be happy to do the same, we all deal with things differently, I found out yesterday from one of my wife’s friends that her husband who I go out for a drink with occasionally and comes over as being a positive guy, is really struggling to deal with Covid, she said he wakes up each day thinking all his family are going to die from it. It’s important to not assume how someone is.
  28. He did, I'm sure of it. Remember, Moyes was his manager and was always willing to do things like that.
  29. I can see why people feel we have effective leadership.
  30. Trust me John Brexiteers aren’t immune from the virus, so what ever your political persuasion people just want the right person to do the job, and if that’s a Tory remainer or brexiteer does it matter.
  31. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/52063916 A bit of good news to share.
  32. Just been for an hour-long cycle ride with the kids by the Ashton Canal - slightly (very) surreal experience, being able to appreciate the great views and nature going about its business while we fret over jobs, livelihoods, life, and the damned virus. As I saw the sun bathing the hills in red and gold, I was reminded again of what a beautiful country we live in and how lucky we are to live here. There is much that is wrong with it, but there are many great things, too. Simple things like a cycle ride with the kids don't cost anything (okay, maybe a round of ice creams) but the memory will be there forever (which is all that counts). I hope, when this is over, that I will reflect more on such things rather than getting too angry or frustrated trying to occupy my time with nothing at all, and taking the kids to places that they don't really need to go to. Hope everyone is safe and well wherever you are.
  33. The government posted if you are not a key worker do not go to work. Following day they changed that to only go to work if you cannot work from home. That’s not the actions of a prime minister or government that know what they are doing bar putting money before lives. They have been encouraging builders to go to work even if there working on contracts including housing how many people need to die to build a house which isn’t vital at the moment.
  34. Point is, the reality of Brexit is yet undefined. Any future relationship is still on the table. I'd say, the current government is in no position to deliver the national unity you speak of. It is too ideological about the "purity" of brexit that it is blinded to compromise and nuance. The corona crisis really brings this to the fore. Johnson refuses to coordinate anything with the EU member states through EU institutions. I find this baffling as I would have thought the health of UK (and EU) citizens would take a backseat to political ideology. Cleary this thing will only get resolved through international cooperation at every level. One recent example: yesterday it became clear the UK is not participating in Corona-related EU procurement schemes to buy ventilators, protective gear for hospital staff or corona virus testing kits. All of which the UK does not have remotely enough of and thus would be a beneficiary of buying in bulk and distribution amongst the worst hit European states. We've come a long way from David Cameron and the British Government that were involved in setting up the 2014 EU Joint Procurement Agreement to tackle the H1N1 pandemic...
  35. Per usual, he sets an example of being a decent guy, good citizen, and a role model in using his influence and resources to help others... Class act - I hope that someone recognizes his talent and that he can become some sort of spokesperson for a football charity when his playing days end.
  36. UK was in the same place only a couple of weeks ago. (at one private event at the end of February, Cummings outlined then government’s strategy at the time in a way that was summarised by some present as “herd immunity, protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.”) And now the UK is in semi-lockdown. US will get there too.. until we find a way to fight this virus, defense is the only option and that means quarantine.
  37. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/how-evertons-proposed-bramley-moore-17967642
  38. That’s incredible and embarrassing I don’t understand or know why this is the case, but I’m guessing 52% would agree with this stance and the other 48% like myself are disappointed and embarrassed that we cannot work with the EU to find a solution to this problem.
  39. Actually can't believe there are people praising Johnson's leadership during all of this. I think he's been a disaster and his 'leadership' will have led to a lot of heartache and loss by the time this virus fully hits. That's all I'm going to say on it. I'm not getting into it with anyone, so don't reply.
  40. This is beginning to feel like a disaster movie; I watch the TV and can't get my head around the fact that it's a real thing. The strangest part of it is that I'm quite impressed by Johnson at the press briefings as much as I hate the guy, he's Churchillian in comparison to the absurd Trump, "we have the greatest" nonsense.
  41. What is pissing me off is all these high paid footballers getting tested.... yet people on the frontline like doctors and nurses aren't. No doubt they get all sorts of pro active treatment that will help them for when the symptoms kick in.
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