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  1. Since Brands arrived at Everton the players we have brought in: 2018/19: Digne (£20m) - Key player, one of the best LBs in the league and probably trippled his worth Richalrison (£40m) - Key player Gomes (loan) - Key player Bernard (free) - Good squad player, no money spent on him Mina (£25m) - Finding his feet but growing into becoming a key player for us Zouma (loan) - Our best CB last season 2019/20 so far: Gomes (£22m) - Key player - secured full transfer at a reasonable price Delph (£9m) - steal at that price, if he doesnt turn out to be a key player he is an improvement on current options Lossl (free) - Squad player, better than Stek Kean (£30m) - unproven - high potential Iwobi (£30m) - unproven, however promising so far, and has potential Siidebe (loan) - unproven, low risk Gbamin (£22m) - unproven Compared to what we have signed in previous windows recruitment has been much much better. I'm sure Silva has had a big say in a couple of those signings, however surly Marcel would have final say being DoF. I would say that many of the signing Brands has governed have been better than average and most, if not all, that have been here since 18/19 have grown in market value. There is still plenty to improve upon, i.e finding replacements for Coleman, Walcott, Schneiderlin, Siggurdsson and signing another quality CB. Brands isn't the problem, a squad blighted with injuries and poor managment are.
  2. Marco needed to do something different, and he did it. Hope he remembers this one going forward.
  3. I'm not a fan of him at all but I think he's played pretty well. Movement from the front four has been excellent, passing has been good too until the final third when some of the decision making has been poor.
  4. I feel I must apologize on behalf of my "compatriots". That was bizarre to watch. That scum is overloading our national league, making it unbearable for normal people to go on the stadium and enjoy football. Yet they are going on international matches. Embarrassing, because these shitheads are coming from a few ultras organizations and are making us look like a third world country, which we are not. I hope police will do something about it, I think it's very easy to track them down. Please, understand these scumbags are minority and are not representative of our welcoming and kind towards other nationalities cultural treat.
  5. On what happened in Greece they are certainly unconnected. What happened in Greece was the fault of Greece. How it was handled afterwards is the fault of the Troika (which includes the IMF), the inherent weakness of the euro-structure and the Eurozone ministers playing hardball. I'm not trying to make the point everything the EU does is by definition good (farming subsidies being one example). My point is that, overall, regarding economic growth, protection of consumers and civil liberties, it has been beneficial to every member state to increase international cooperation and the EU is, and has proven to be, the most effective vehicle to achieve this.
  6. https://twitter.com/dogmaticdavies/status/1185526130452942848?s=21 Don’t see them as the same types of players but that tweet made me lol.
  7. The only thing I can complain about is that we only scored 2. It should’ve been a shellacking for West Ham. We were utterly dominant and there wasn’t a player that had a bad game. Tough in defence, energetic in attack. And we had a midfield and striker full of energy, that never stopped moving when we were attacking and hounding their defenders when they had the ball. Without the likes of Delph, Schneiderlin and a Sigurdsson we look a different beast.
  8. And the big difference for me is that I walk up to the ground thinking we will win today, never once had that with he who I can't speak of
  9. Fuck we must be an awful country contributing to help poorer parts of the world, never thought how much of a bastard we are being doing so, as we could upset the small minority of rich people who live there and cause divisions. How dare we highlight and help the neglected. Let's leave the EU so we can stop being bastards contributing towards poverty and whilst we're at stop the EU from highlighting our poverty stricken and our unnecessary, unhumanitarian austerity. You see their report, they've got an agenda helping the poor. Don't they know the poor should stay poor.
  10. Just like every other EU member state, southern EU has benefited massively from EU membership, massively. Not just economically, but in their struggle to transform from autocracies into modern liberal democracies (look up the data on Spain in particular, it's spectacular). I think you are confusing EU membership with eurozone membership, which is more tailored to the rich eurozone members and has not been a success for the southern states from the 2008 financial crisis onwards and has resulted in high (youth) unemployement. "Shackled by the EU and their stipulations"? How can you be shackled by a harmonized rule? Trade, in general, is more free between EU member states than it is between States of the USA! Again, I think you are confusing EU and the Euro (which does come with strict rules). As an economic partnership, the EU is an unparalleled success. For most eastern European nation, it has however also been the liberal values (rule of law, human rights, ..) that made them aspire membership. It may seem self evident in our rich Western European world, but Spain, Greece, Romania, Estonia etc all have very recent experiences with autocratic rule. The EU acts as an important barrier to a return of those times; this is a big reason so many Eastern European nations that are not yet a member desperately want to join. Noone knows how the EU will evolve. The last treaty (Lisbon) actually reinforced certain intergouvernmental areas, which you seem to favour, as an answer to the Dutch and French rejecting the (integrationist) Constitutional Treaty. Each crisis point has guided the EU in a particular direction and noone can predict the next turn but as a concept it has definitely not failed, to the contrary, it is being mirrored all over the planet (African Union, ASEAN, MERCOSUR, ... ). Apologies for the long post, but I saw your last couple of posts and the upvotes some of them got so I wanted to clarify some fundamental misunderstandings which were stated as facts. There is a big difference between being a member of the EU and of the eurozone. The EU has benefited all members. The eurozone has, after 2008, primarily benefited the rich members. The euro as a way of taking away a barrier to trade (different, fluctuating currencies) has been a success, it has however not been effective as a fiscal tool because too many competences remained with the members, rather than being centralized. Advocating a deconstruction of the EU would create similar problems. To make it more concrete, I think you'd struggle to identify the EU rule that is a constraint on member states and which would be better handled in 28 different ways.
  11. John there are examples all over the world that have seen democracy being flouted as here, for instance would you say that it was democracy doing it’s job when Robert Mugabe was so say constantly being elected President of Zimbabwe, I know you are going to say no correlation, but there are some people being refused a vote and people being lied to. For me a refusal of a vote or a lie to win a vote is undemocratic know no matter how you dress it up wouldn’t you agree.
  12. Went with Tom Davies, felt hecset the tempo for the team from the very start, and brought out the best in his team mates. Gomes and Yerry ran him a very close second . No one player put in a bad performance and we made West Ham look very ordinary. COYB
  13. Only caught the second half, but we’ve missed Gomes! He looked great. Also, nothing wrong with that Mina goal at all for me. Would have topped a great afternoon for him.
  14. You really don’t think Silva wanted a centre half? one signing 20 years ago being the example, is just not enough! His career will always show he was limited.
  15. Still concerned? Fuck load better than Delph/Schneiderlin 😋
  16. Iwobi is just what we need in that position
  17. I just don't understand what Ian Dury has to do with it.
  18. But he wouldn’t have signed these players, so we don’t know what the squad would have looked like. The only logic for me is that he’s never took a big club far in the premier league, so I don’t think he had it in him to do so now. Even when he talks on the radio every week, he doesn’t talk about attacking or winning games, he just talks about being solid, winning headers and these kind of things. Now they are all important parts of the game, but there needs to be more. There needs to be some entertainment and the fans needs to enjoy going to watch the team. None of that was possible for him at Everton. He was loved at Bolton, but a 1-0 win against the run of play was a bonus for them, for us we actually want to challenge and be successful and win the odd trophy if we can. He’s never ever done that in his career, he wasn’t going to start doing it in his last job.
  19. I thought this was very funny (from the NYT): https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/17/opinion/brexit-what-comes-next.html
  20. Can I just remind everyone discussing Tosun's merits as a finisher/footballer he has an inferior goalscoring record for us than Niasse.
  21. I can see the game being played out exactly as I imagine it. Everton to have a good 20 minutes of possession but failing to score until West ham go up the other end, knock one in and shut up shop. It's the same performance and result we have witnessed all season.
  22. You are ridiculous Rusty! Scared of disrespecting democracy, how about breaking the law to win a referendum? The truth of the matter is that if it was the other way around and the remain group won using the same “tricks” there would be riots and you’d be at the front throwing fire bombs! Why am I still responding? I must be a dickhead.
  23. I thought he looked very good. Defensively sound and got into good positions going forward
  24. I know completely forgot... I was going to do it after the last game but I wasnt sure if Silva would get sacked and then you never know what will happen in the international break either... I was going to back Everton 2-0 with Bernie to score first too
  25. Gomes. Absolutely brilliant today. He defended, attacked, but most is all, his link up play was excellent. very mature performance f I’m Davies as well. Nothing spectacular, just doing the simple stuff very well.
  26. Currently on holiday in Croatia so could only follow the game via the Twitter page, the beer tastes so much better after three points 🍻. Just looking at the stats it sounded as if we really attacked them and didn't really give a sniff, the only moment of panic was when Ogbonna forced Pickford into a save. For all the criticism that Marco has had (mostly justified) it's worth praising him for today. Dropped Sigurdsson and mixed things up, including dropping all of our strikers and playing Richie up top. Plan B's, C's and D's are what we need, especially when up against it. Time to build a little run together, considering how tight the league is still it only takes three to six points to suddenly be fighting for Europe again. Never heard "worried" and "goal" in the same sentence before. I really couldn't care less who scored. If Sigurdsson plays next week then surely he has earned it, coming off the bench and scoring is all we could have asked?
  27. Just like an Everton fan, we've ran the midfield and is only coz the other team have been shit 😏
  28. He wasn’t saluting the genocide of the Kurds, though. I’ve seen him do this before. It’s how he celebrates. Let’s not read too much into how players celebrate. PS - I just read the BBC article and take back what I wrote.
  29. Without a doubt. Like I pointed out above Silva, despite the position we find ourselves in, has a better win ratio than he did in his time in charge by nearly 6%. What makes you think he'd suddenly turn that around?
  30. Morgan Freeman saving the bees. https://scoop.upworthy.com/morgan-freeman-converted-his-huge-ass-ranch-into-a-bee-sanctuary-to-save-the-environment?fbclid=IwAR1SkELHD-ScwyRuTR_rffJvbbOHn7pTr94RPCdfjF3G0w8tFeMwi5fwUu8
  31. Im sure he knew he would be coming up against Coleman to take the skippers place off time, which was never going to be instant or easy. If that is his attitude then I don't want him at the club anyway. If he's going to give up instantly then he can do one. I do doubt these reports are true, probably made up by the same person who said that big Dunc had punched Boa Morte - it's easy to make up stories when things aren't quite going our way. My take on it all though, is that we signed Sidibe on loan to compete with Coleman until we assess Kenny fully at Schalke. If he is good enough, he would eventually come back and take Colemans spot off him. Sidibe, I dont think, was ever intended to be signed on a permenant deal. For the record too, I believe Kenny is doing well in Germany.
  32. The problem is that Marco will not change his system. I'd be shocked if he went 442.
  33. Played the entire match and ran the midfield.
  34. I tend to ignore your posts as most of what you write is just trolling unworthy of response. But once again, when you finally do give a source for your various claims, it falls wide of the mark. Here is the actual judgement https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:61999CJ0274&from=NL Your source is a comment piece by an anti-European (Ambrose Pritchard Evans) in a newspaper whose opinion-section has been a joke on matters EU for many decades now. You'd be a lot better informed if you looked at the primary sources rather than what you get from the Express, Leave.eu and the Telegraph. "Pro-Europe but anti-EU" is another one of those ... The EU is the polticial, legal and institutional manifestation of the deepest cooperation among European states and their peoples. That's what you are against. So what are you pro? The alps?
  35. I agree, was just making the point that at the moment we're being governed by someone installed by Conservative party rules, no say for the people. Same would apply if Labour were in charge and were employing their own rules. Needs to stop and go back to the people rather than parties funded by people looking after their own interests making the calls.
  36. Sorry to “correct” you mate, but I don’t think I should be given a vote for the sake of it, and it’s something I’ve said from the beginning. I pay no tax and have been abroad a long time. I should not have a say about how the country is run. don’t get me wrong, I have my ideas etc and the Tory’s are the closest I’ve lived with to be considered flat out evil. But this isn’t about my ideas or beliefs of a party, it’s much more than that no matter how it’s dressed up. This affects my citizenship and for that I absolutely, along with the millions of others who have British passport, should have a voice. anyone dedicated enough to always vote in a GE should be commended, even more so if they’re voting on mandate rather than party affiliation, like John (which is why I’m still bemused why the definition of democracy isn’t clear). I used to think a no-vote because there’s no good option was a good idea, long ago. Difference is then I at least had the choice of not voting, as ignorant as it was, and now I do not. I chose to make a better life for me, and eventually a family, by using my EU citizenship. thats being taken away from me. Not through ignorance this time, but deliberately denied. Denying a voice is not democracy.
  37. I’d start him and Kean against West Ham.
  38. My new favourite 'Bond girl' 😍 https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Anastasia_Komananov
  39. I more mean he could be arrogant and think he is above us. I agree though, we need some steel and some one to install some desire and passion into this team.
  40. You’ve played enough football to know you have to get in the right positions to be given the opportunities, one of the biggest faults with DCL is he doesn’t get in the right areas
  41. Have you seen Deathproof Mike?
  42. RPG


    Unfortunately, he could. And I don't think he even sees the disconnect in his own words.
  43. Imagine how much better we would look out there today if Walcott wasn't there
  44. Wasn't his squad. It was an absolute mess. Imagine how bad it would've been had Silva took over.
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