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  1. He was very poor last night. Playing within himself is exactly what was in my mind too, Pete. I want to see him for a season with a proper midfield around him after we’ve stopped playing the likes of Davies and Sigurdsson, who just aren’t good enough, and if he isn’t cutting it then he can go next summer. He’s one of my favourite players, and he has shown that he can run games, but if he’s not going to do it consistently then there’s no room for him if we want to improve.
  2. The Everton boss said: "It's true that he hasn't scored [following lockdown] but I think that the most important part is the work that he's doing, also defensively. "The fact that we've done well defensively comes from the work that all the players were able to do, the strikers first with Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin doing a fantastic job defensively. "I've never had strikers, honestly, with this kind of energy defensively. I appreciate this a lot. "It doesn't matter if he didn't score, because he will score again without problem. "I never asked my strikers in the past to score goals. Work well, work for the team, be humble. "Dominic is doing all these kind of things and I am really happy with this." https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-boss-carlo-ancelotti-honestly-18536865
  3. Another young lad with a great attitude. Had a rough time at the start, but has proved a lot of people wrong. Says more about his character than anything else.
  4. That Burnley Sheffield United result is great for us. If West Ham could nick a third goal against Newcastle it would be great too. Results have been kind to us in the last coupe of weeks. Would be typical Everton to mess it up ourselves. Spurs game is getting bigger!!
  5. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1710477/holgate-on-spurs-test-ancelotti-and-why-everton-is-part-of-who-i-am Doesn't sound like someone that will easily be prised away.
  6. Don’t buy players because of what they can do for the sales figures, buy them for what they call on the pitch. Even as a shareholder I don’t give a crap about the financial performance, I care about what happens on the pitch. I can guarantee when Moyes was looking at Tim Cahill he didn’t give one thought to the exposure in Australia. Turkish football fans are massively tribal, they follow their own clubs with huge passion. Doubt they will start worrying about buying Everton shirts because of Tosun.
  7. There is really only you that think this Mark. I don’t see any other Evertonian, on here or in the real world, who gives a shit where a player is from. Also, don’t know if you noticed but one of the players Mark quoted as not being as good as Stones is Keane. Where is he from? Take a look in the Tom Davies thread, the Delph thread, the Pickford thread. See how much English bias you find in there. You can even check the Michael Keane thread up until about two weeks ago. Let’s push it further, look at the Ross Barkley thread, even the John Stones thread while we’re on topic. Plenty of hate for the English lads. Let’s sign some Americans though 😂
  8. You keep saying this but it’s still false every single time you say it. I don’t give a shit that he’s English. And so is Michael Keane incase you’d forgotten, but Stones still gets in ahead of him if he can stay fit.
  9. Don’t care if it’s intended or not, the ball hit the back of the net and three points. Nothing to be unhappy about.
  10. A fit John Stones is ahead of Mina and Keane all day long.
  11. https://www.skysports.com/share/12020943
  12. I’d love him to come back and make that position his own. Save us having to find a replacement for Seamus.
  13. I’d prefer Ake from Bournemouth personally. Tidy with the ball but a much more aggressive defender. Yes, it looks like he’ll be relegated as part of an awful Bournemouth defence but I think Ancelotti could work wonders with him. He’s left footed too and offers versatility - both, we are lacking in.
  14. I think there is a case of waiting and seeing on some of these. Iwobi hasn't really had a run yet, he has been out with injury and he was signed for a different manager and system in mind. He looks scared of his shadow at the moment whereas he started the season looking a much more confident player. He is being asked to play like a wing back at the moment and its no surprise that whoever we play in those wider midfield positions is playing crap. Kean still has the world at his feet. If you think it has taken DCL 3 or 4 years to show enough to genuinely be considered a starting striker, its unrealistic to expect Kean to be much more than he is at the moment. He doesn't look like he will be the saviour up front that we hoped but it doesn't mean he can't still be a good player. A lot of fans would have been up in arms if Gomes wasn't signed after last years loan. He hasn't been the same since his injury (bar the first game back) but if you remember Coleman's return he was as good as ever and then his form dropped off a cliff before he came back to the player he has been this season. Delph was and is a waste of money. I still don't get that one.
  15. 15 points to play for. Before last night we’d taken 7 from 9 available. Provided last night was a blip, we should be looking at 12 from 15 imo
  16. We need someone in the middle with a bit of fight and attitude. And someone out wide who can beat a man and cross a ball.
  17. Commentator just summed it up perfectly ‘this is Dyer’ 🤣
  18. Annoying thing is Surs are there for the taking. Be more aggressive and positive.
  19. I'm bloody glad I have never played football with you lot! We might need to check Holgate's passport though, as he is clearly Brazilian!
  20. And yet they say we’re the bitter ones. They talk about us far more than we do about them. It’s a bit weird.
  21. I agree about Ancelotti. Stones needs to go somewhere, sit in a tight back 4 and go back to basics a little. Ancelotti will still want him to play out, but nowhere near the level of Pep and Martinez and its exactly what he needs to learn, albeit he could have done with it a few seasons ago. He would definitely be our best defender if he joined. Mind you I'm not sure who our best defender is at the moment.
  22. Oh Holgate isn’t the defender to replace. Keane has been great in the last three games, but Holgate still has to be choice number one. He’s been fantastic since he got in the team. Can he partner Holgate is the question for any defender coming in for me.
  23. So a very good first three games, seven points from nine including four off top three teams, we couldn't realistically have hoped for better. Now we have left three (easy on paper) home games and three difficult away ones; the three at home I'd say are "must wins" which would give us 53 points which almost certainly wouldn't be enough so we're going to have to pick up points from the away games. Wolves are looking very strong so I think our best hopes are at Spurs and Sheff Utd who have been pretty poor until they beat Spurs on Thursday, if we could get 3 or 4 points to put us on 56/57 it might just be enough. But as we're Everton we'll probably lose a couple of the home matches, it's what we do.
  24. I’d take him back if the money was right, I think Ancelotti would be good for him
  25. Seems Carlo recognises that the team winning is more important than a striker scoring as well.
  26. That header to set Gordon up for the assist was a thing of beauty. Great awareness.
  27. The fan designs are always good, then we’re let down by the ‘professionals’
  28. Imagine having a midfielder who could do this
  29. Actually on more reflection what a week-end for him. When you consider that Sainz is so highly regarded in the sport that he's off to Ferrari next season and in their first head to head Lando out-qualified him and beat him in the race fair and square, even saw off an attack from him when he was having a rough patch; give him a decent car and the sky's the limit!
  30. Christ this has been a chore to watch
  31. Referee! Get fucked Graham Scott. Gordon on the charge to get in the middle for Kean, Lamella drags him down right in front of the ref who shrugs it away. Astounding.
  32. Gordon growing with confidence with each game is good to see. one positive from tonight.
  33. Gordon has been positive since coming on. There’s points here to be taken if we actually want them
  34. So poor. When we win the ball back in the last third we don’t go for the jugular we always look to go backwards. Midfield all seem so lethargic and won’t put their foot into the tackle.
  35. It really was. Plenty of chances to win the ball but no-one was aggressive enough. How Lo Celso had the time to chest it down for Son to run at us with that many bodies around him is beyond me. Strange old formation this too, very defensive. Davies playing more like a right centre back when we attack.
  36. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/05/seamus-coleman-i-want-everton-back-in-race-for-champions-league
  37. Pretty bog standard header for me. Nothing miraculous about it, easy to control a header of that pace. Not taking anything away from Digne for it, just don’t see anything special there.
  38. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/james-rodriguez-could-perfect-everton-22300214
  39. Why would we sell him for less than 100m? We will get offered 100m+ in the next twelve months.... Richarlison is a player. Attitude, aggression, pace, goals, and a decent header of the ball. constantly proving people wrong.
  40. Quickest player in bundesliga.... I'm interested. We must have one of the slowest teams around bar a few players.
  41. It does happen, but transfer requests also get refused and if the player is a professional, he’ll keep putting the effort in. Then there’s also this little line which makes me think he’s not in a rush: ”Of course you feel impacted, Barcelona is one of the greatest clubs in the world, but I think happiness plays its part as well," he added
  42. yeah i don't know why people would want to waste our best player on the wing. he's a striker he's been thriving there.
  43. “Carlo Ancelotti eased fears after the game by stating the Brazilian should be fit to face Tottenham in five days time.”
  44. I’d say it’s by quite a good distance too.
  45. I was saying the same to my mate. They aren’t looking at if it’s a penalty, they are looking how to say it’s not. I hate playing the victim card, but VAR has been shite for us, I just expect bad news now.
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