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  1. One report states Bruce will go for McCarthy and Bolasie when he goes to Newcastle
  2. If we got rid of Tosun and Niasse then signed Mandzukic and another young striker, it would be a master stroke. The bloke has been a world class striker for the past however many years - on a 1 or 2 year deal his mentality/quality would be priceless. Imagine being Calvert-Lewin and getting to train with this level of player everyday - it’d surely improve his game.
  3. I'd bet a fairly large fortune he won't be announced as our player of the season next May, be it joint or individually. Selling our best players isn't the way to progress.
  4. Having a footballer up front and not some fella with a lovely smile might help with that.
  5. If we are being honest about it these "mistakes" are a combination of several players and split second decisions. One person may react in the wrong way but in most cases there are then other players who could and should have been able to do more. In a game like football players are always going to make poor decisions, but over the course of a game or season it is whether they make more good decisions than bad than determine how good they have been. I dont hide the fact that I think Gana's decision making could be better at times but I actually think he had a very good season and inproved as the season went on. He certainly did more good than he did bad.
  6. Just looked at his stats on fantasy football. last year - 6 goals 5 assists in 1769 mins ( 160mins per goal affected ) year before - 4 goals 8 assists in 1871 mins ( 155mins per goal affected ) Based on that being quite consistent ( despite him having inconsistent runs in the team ) over the course of a full season (3600mins - granted he won’t play every minute) he’s looking at a tally of about 21 goals scored/assisted. Believing this could be his big year.
  7. To be fair to him he is starting to justify his fee, especially in todays market. £25m for a (for the most part) sturdy PL CB isn't a bad price.
  8. He's in the AFCON final, good luck to him and Senegal; be nice to have two players reporting back with medals to show off, might inspire the team to go nab one for themselves.
  9. I kind of showed that his tally of goals + assists would be about 20. Thing is I don’t care who scores the goals - our front 4 could get 12 each or we could get lukaku back and have 1 player score 15-20
  10. Sorry to interrupt the Gana thread but thought this was worthy of a mention
  11. If I read correctly we didn’t sign our first player last year until July 24th and the vast majority would say we had an excellent window. A lot of players were gone for major tournaments as well. Patience.
  12. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-star-richarlison-interrupts-award-16566431
  13. The chances missed stats dont tell you the whole story though. Im not sure what they quantify as a big either. For me a free shot on the edge of the box in the PL is a huge chance but I suspect that wont count whereas a shot in the 6 yard box with the defender inches away and easily getting the block in does. I think its hard to argue that anyone but Siggy, Richarlison and Digne pulled their weight in the goals / assists categories. Bernard was terrible when it came to the final ball or shot but he was instrumental in a lot of our build up, in a similar way that DCL was. I dont disagree that DCL holds his own against some strikers in the league, but he doesnt hold a candle to the quality of strikers that finished above us and thats the gap we need to close. Bernard gets the benefit of the doubt for another season given how he came into the side last year but DCL knows what this league is all about now and he has to score and create more.
  14. This makes my head hurt. Every single day it's the same arguments in every thread.
  15. I do love a good backward step. I wouldn't be bothered as much if he truly was just being seen as a squad, utility player, but I fear we'll be seeing him starting every week.
  16. I wish him a long and successful Everton career!
  17. Disagree completely; Trump's infantile rhetoric suggests by not attending people are somehow disrespecting the country and the flag, they're not, they are just being true to themselves and not giving tacit approval to the man in charge who they fundamentally disagree with. In "the land of the free" that's their right surely? Googling for who refused to go see Obama there seem to be very few in comparison to the long list of those giving Trump a wide berth. Had I been a member of the England cricket team (in my dreams) I wouldn't have gone to the reception with Theresa May today; well actually I might have done as she's a done deal but no way would I go if it had've been in a couple of weeks time and Johnson was in residence.
  18. Behind a paywall so for anyone who wants a read (I don't pay the subscription, I just have log-in details so can read two articles a week)... Everton will visit the House of Commons on Tuesday as they step up engagement for their Bramley-Moore Dock stadium proposal, which they argue will transform a dilapidated area of North Liverpool. “This is a golden opportunity,” Richard Kenyon, Everton’s director of marketing, communications and community, will tell politicians. Relocating from their historic home at Goodison Park is proving a long, complex and inevitably emotional process. The Liverpool Echo comment sections brim with acerbic jousting between Liverpool and Everton fans about the development. Unesco closely follows events on a World Heritage site. So this meeting with MPs, backed by the Premier League, marks a significant moment in Everton raising awareness for their scheme. Central to the club’s argument is the beneficial impact on all in the city. “We want people to understand that this is not just a new stadium for Everton Football Club,” Kenyon adds. “It is more than a stadium. It is more than a game. The socio-economic impact will be huge.” The specialist socio-economic consultancy RealWorth calculates this impact to be worth £793.4m over a 10-year period to what Kenyon calls “health and well-being, environment, crime reduction and the preservation and creation of civic amenities”. Everyone agrees the area needs attention and investment. “North Liverpool has some of the most disadvantaged wards in the country,” Kenyon continues. “There remains severe deprivation less than a mile or so from what is now a vibrant, bustling, increasingly cosmopolitan European city centre. North Liverpool is in desperate need of jobs, investment, physical regeneration and sustained social programmes, all of which our new stadium can deliver. “This is a golden opportunity for North Liverpool. It is more than a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is an opportunity that the North end of the city hasn’t had for decades and possibly never will again. If you saw this dock, it’s not a tourist attraction, it’s derelict, nobody goes. The [Grade II listed] hydraulic tower in severe disrepair. We’re going to repair it, bringing it back to life.” The dock walls are also listed and Everton are very mindful of allaying Unesco’s concerns. “This will allow people to appreciate it [Bramley-Moore],” Kenyon adds of the plan. He will emphasise to MPs the club’s desire to “celebrate and showcase the heritage of the site”. The design by the American architect Dan Meis will “recognise the dock’s unique heritage attributes . . . accentuating and preserving them”, Kenyon adds. Meis himself is on record that “the historic fabric of the dock is a priceless asset”. His lauded plan for Roma’s new stadium draws inspiration from the Colosseum. Meis will be present at the Titanic hotel in Liverpool on July 25 when Everton hold a meeting to launch the month-long second stage of public consultation. Everton fans crave any indication of what their new home will look like. They know it is planned for a 52,000 capacity, with some rail seating and the target of opening in 2023. When one supporter tweeted Meis about the widespread belief that new English stadia are “not intimate or intimidating because of modern regulations”, Meis’ response was “just wait and see”. His plans for Stadio della Roma are built around a “focus on intimacy and home-pitch advantage”, he has voiced his admiration of the sweeping, single-tier South Stand at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium while the new FC Cincinnati MLS stadium boasts a steep, single tier behind one end housing the most vocal fans in “The Bailey”. When first approached about the project, Meis was told by Robert Elstone, the then chief executive, that Everton’s new home had to be a “cauldron of energy with the steepest stands right on top of the pitch and a massive home end”. Encouragingly for the fans, Meis appears to have fallen “in love” (his words) with the club. He has a Duncan Ferguson shirt and Everton mug in his office in Santa Monica, a club scarf signed by Tim Howard while a scoreboard on the wall displays “1878”, the year Everton were founded. He also now has an 1878 tattoo. Fans’ hopes will be clarified when they finally see Meis’ designs. Everton are confident the design will be spectacular and enhance the famous city skyline, and promote the city globally. “Our stunning city-centre skyline will be in the background of every broadcaster’s coverage, reaching a billion homes,” Kenyon adds. “We don’t get that at Goodison; when drones hover over the stadium, they pick up the parks and the area we’re in. “This is different. You see a historic but also a modern cityscape. It is rapidly becoming a city that people aspire to come to, a cool city, one of ‘the’ places to visit, and a lot of this is based on our history of culture through the Beatles and through football. A new stadium in this location will drive more visitors and further position the city as a dynamic, cultural destination with football at its heart. The value to the city in exposure will be significant and sustained. It’s not like a marketing campaign that has a time limit.” Kenyon will point out to politicians that “redeveloping Goodison is not an option with site constraints too significant to overcome”. Much focus will inevitably be on what will become of Goodison. Kenyon, the club’s dynamic chief executive Denise Barrett-Baxendale, chairman Bill Kenwright and majority share-holder Farhad Moshiri are adamant that Everton will not follow the route taken by some clubs with their old home. “Goodison will not just be sold off to the highest bidder for a new supermarket, retail park, or an unsympathetic housing estate,” Kenyon says. “We plan to do something innovative, original and befitting of who we are as a football club…the People’s Club. Our vision is to create a development that benefits the local community.” The Goodison legacy project will include “health facilities, education amenities, community space, leisure provision and homes”, adding to extensive facilities already built through Everton In The Community. As for funding, Kenyon told local business leaders that, “We have several options available to us and are carrying out due diligence before identifying the best funding solution”. After absorbing feedback on Bramley-Moore and the Goodison legacy project, Everton will make a final submission of planning application “by the end of the year”.
  19. The price tag scares me now knowing he barely played a third of a season.
  20. He might be the surprise of the season next year. I’ve got faith in him. We get a striker he can compete with. The finishing will come, he brings people into play
  21. He has played 40 EPL games in the last 3 seasons... He is used to his team mates winning!
  22. We need a centre half, not bothered about right back at all really.
  23. Gomes isn’t a DM. He’s just a central midfielder. His strength is having players in front of him, so he will sit deep. Gana is the DM, but the manager tells him to press high up the pitch. Just because Gomes will sit the deeper of the two doesn’t make him defensive, it’s just making the most of both of these players skill sets. If Marco asked Davies’s or Schneiderlin to play instead of Gana, he may ask them to carry out the same tasks. They may or may not carry them out to the same level as Gana. The same as I said to Pete, your issue is with the managers tactics. Not the players involved.
  24. At £8m compared to Mings at £20m I know who I'd rather have, seems like a sound bit of business to me
  25. I agree with Shukes in one -- but only one -- specific sense that Gomes is "at home back there." He is, as Baily says, comfortable receiving the ball from the back. But his role -- seems clear it's the one Silva has given him -- is to pivot immediately and initiate offensive movement. He's "most at home" not near the back but moving toward the opponent's goal. So as StevO says, he begins by dictating from deep, but... he doesn't stay deep. As a controlling CM, he dictates the offense in multiple ways: from deep, with long, pinpoint passes; by dribbling, sometimes pirouetting, fending off defenders; mid-and-short-range-passes to any of several attackers; even the occasional blast (more of which I expect him to attempt this next season). He really is box-to-box. I doubt he's a particularly good defender (nor do I think Silva expects him to be), which is why I think he needs to be paired not with a box-to-box twin, but with a full-on sitter, a real DM. StevO rightly highlights Gomes's vision and passing ability, to which I'd add: strength to hold off defenders, on-ball balance, confident dribbling. His considerable skills are offensive skills. He needs a partner with a mainly defensive mindset, a hard player, a grafter. That's the sort of player I'd hope we could get, if Gana goes. I assume he will be sold and that we'll probably start the season with a Gomes-Schneiderlin pairing.
  26. 100% agree with the first paragraph (you knew I would haha) if we were to bring in a midfielder to replace Gana who do you want to win the ball back? You’ve replaced him with someone good in possession, but Gomes and Gylfi are good in possession, neither are great at winning the ball back. Even City who have about 95% of the ball (exaggeration) use Fernandinho to mop up. The game can’t be all about attacking. Barca have Busquets, Spurs have Dier, PSG are looking for a player like this, all the great teams have a defence minded player in midfield. I don’t doubt three ball players would be exciting, but there’s a reason pretty much all managers will have a ball winner in the middle too. Defence is just as important as attack, if it’s not Gana, we need someone in there to win the ball back.
  27. I think if brands would have been here earlier DCL would have had a season on loan somewhere to get game time. Look at Harry Kane went on loan to Norwich and didn’t do owt. Spurs were looking at getting rid then it just clicked for him. DCL has said himself up to the age of about 16-17 he was a midfielder and got moved upfront and you can tell that from the way he plays as he knows what a midfielder wants from a forward. I think with him in positions he either over thinks things or he lacks the composure to finish clinically. I like him as a player. He puts a shift in and plays the game with a smile on his face and lets not forget he is a baby. We sign a Kean or a Leao I’d be well happy with that as our forward line
  28. I get the comparisons between Gana and Schneiderlin. But they both have their strengths, similar but different. Schneiderlin is very good at sitting back and reading where the game is going to flow. Gana is better chasing the ball down and pressing high up. Both very capable in their roles, I’m sure each other’s style could be used very well against different opposition. Im a big fan of both of them, just please never let me see them on the pitch at the same time. Unless we are 1-0 up at Anfield with two minutes to go.
  29. Agreed. This is true of every issue. During the election Trump famously said that he could “shoot a person on 5th Avenue” and his base would still support him. Obviously hyperbole but it’s not far off. He’s been able to convince his supporters that every bad story, every scandal is just lies from the liberal media who are out to get him. Once a person believes that there isn’t much anyone can say to change their mind. Even if other republicans turned on him (unlikely) it would just be seen by many as sign of a deeper conspiracy against the man. He’s already breezed past a dozen controversies and scandals that would have felled any other politician. Consider that just in the last year he’s repeatedly insulted a dead war hero, been accused of rape (his 16th allegation of sexual misconduct), stood up in front of the world and taken Putin’s side over his own intelligence community, refused to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for the brutal murder of a journalist etc.. None of it sways his base. Fortunately, (from my point of view), his base isn’t large enough to get him re-elected.
  30. I’m not a big Gana fan, but his stats surely are often impressive, and obviously he’s highly regarded by most. Some months back we got into a discussion of his play in terms of risk-reward. For whatever (biased? uninformed?) reasons, I have tended to notice his risky moves. I’ve thought his great ability to disrupt opponents sometimes produces an unhelpful disruption to his own team. In this sense, although I demur from signing on to all of their Gana-deconstruction, I’ve thought pete0 and Palfy make sensible points about his sometimes being out of position, and about the dangerous consequences of his unremitting chance-taking. I’m not here to try to convince anyone that Gana is grossly overrated. But looking forward, I do wonder whether Gana is the right “fit” with Gomes, who is, to me, a wonderful player. Is it possible that Schneiderlin — or preferably a more talented player “like” him — would be a better pairing with Gomes? (If Gana is sold, I guess this is a moot point.) Gomes is box-to-box, right? In a 4-2-3-1 setup, he’s nominally a DM. But he’s no DM; he’s a “controlling CM.” We want him consistently moving forward, holding off defenders with his strength and ball-control, producing pinpoint, attacking passes. Gomes probably isn’t a particularly good defender at all. My view is that Gomes should be given free rein to initiate and control Everton’s offensive movement. In this — my — overriding scenario, he needs a partner to “sit” back, no or very little box-to-box stuff, in front of the CHs, especially when either Coleman or Digne is going forward. Gana’s no “sitter.” Indeed, he’s not just box-to-box, but touchline-to-touchline, byline-to-byline, a chaotic, if often exhilarating, disruptor. But he’s incapable of staying back near the CHs. That’s not who he is. He can’t do what I think straightforwardly needs doing. Although Gana is a truly exciting individual player, I suspect Everton’s producing exciting team-football depends more on Gomes’s controlling play, Richarlison’s maturing consistency, the Bernard-Digne partnership, Sigurdsson’s sneaky goals, and a new striker. Schneiderlin is certainly not the player Gana is, but he or an upgrade at Sitter-DM might produce a better flow, a different, more effective offensive excitement. We want goals. Gomes is the key to getting the ball to players in places where they can produce shots. Is Gana the ideal partner for Gomes? I am skeptical. No player can do what Gana does. But maybe what Gana does isn’t what Everton needs doing. I readily concede, finally, that Gomes’s wanting to play for Everton, contrasted with Gana’s somewhat dispiriting if easily understandable desire for CL football, furthers my enthusiasm for building our top-4 near-future project around Gomes.
  31. We need a box to box players. We don’t have one at the moment. Gana is given that role but isn’t creative enough for it. People say Gomes is one, but he isn’t, nowhere near a box to box. He prefers to sit and spray. He makes the occasional run forward, but so does Keane. Generally he likes to receive the ball from defence and link up play.... and he’s very good at it. We need an energetic box to box player that can create as well. Not saying Delph is this player, just that we need one.
  32. Newcastle might be a good fit for Tosun. They could have McCarthy, Bolasie and cenk for £40 mill
  33. But if you try sometimes, you get what you need.
  34. Our club has gone from strength to strength over the last few seasons, business wise. So I’m not bothered about wages etc, as I think the we hire people to take care of that stuff for us. All I care about is how the team does as I’m a football fan. Delph is an experienced player and so people say, a very good changing room voice. Welcome to the greatest club in the world!
  35. So gana picked up his work rate once PSG wanted him? Why do u think PSG wanted him because he wandered around?
  36. Ashley is stupid he’s just employed Bruce. He is asset stripping. Bruce will have an ironclad deal whoever takes over and gets rid of him will make him a wealthier guy. It’s corrupt as fuck.
  37. Not the sort of statement I was hoping our signings would make this summer. We should hear about Gana being off soon then.
  38. True enough, I heard him described as, "Trump with a thesaurus" at the week-end which I thought was pretty accurate.
  39. This for me. We hardly made any chances for him, but his hard work makes it easier for the midfield to score. I'd be questioning Bernard, Walcott and Gana for not scoring enough before DCL. Even Richarlison and Sigurdssen probably missed more gearing chances, I can't really think of many were DCL should have scored. He only played half a season worth of minutes. If he'd played a full one his expected goals would be 11 and expected assists 10 which would be enough to justify his place for me, but add to that he gets the players behind him playing better. He's not a natural finisher but our system doesn't create much chances for him, with 4 goals from his head and 2 good finishes. I'd only say one maybe two were put on a plate. Lookman cross for one header can't remember which game (but must will remember Lookman's cross), and the other being a cut back to him were he drilled it low into the near corner, possibly against City.
  40. You’ve clearly never seen me play besides, I’d be injured before the end of the first half
  41. Fwiw I dont think either player is tasked with being more attacking or defensive than the other. They both sit alongside eachother and play as a pair. Both able to get forward and both expected to do the defensive work. All the stats you will find in respect of average position will show that. Its also the same when Schneiderlin played. I also dont agree about Gana being asked to close more aggressively. Its happened for every manager he has played under, its just his natural tendancy. Its not like this is Fernandino for City with two clear players ahead of him. You couldnt have one pressing and the other not as you could easily play around it, and sometimes that is the problem! You could have the two pressing and one mopping up behind but not one side closing at the other not.
  42. Considering some of the names people pluck out of thin air and talk about like they'll make us a top 4 team, dunno why anyone would be anything other than made up at the prospect of signing a 29 year old utility player who has won two league titles and has a 20 England caps for £8m. I just can't see any negatives.
  43. Reading a bit on their forum I would say the majority opinion on him is that he was a very useful player who will be remembered well. Struggled with injury and isn’t likely to get into a side like theirs very much at this point but everyone seems to agree he’s a good character to have around and very much still premier league quality. Most were quoting prices £12-£20m a month or two ago so excellent bit of business for £8m. We get an experienced leader with some versatility who provides depth to our squad and they get a player they aren’t likely to use much who only had a year on his contract off the books. Doesn’t hurt that he’s English either.
  44. Oh I love you guy, but you know what I mean. I’ll be happy to replace any player with better. But Gomes is a player I think we could be building a team around. I’ve even told the missus she can have his poster on our ceiling.
  45. We see this somewhat differently, I think. The reason I see Schneiderlin as a better complement than Davies for Gomes is that I see Gomes and Davies both as box-to-box players. I want a sitter to complement Gomes. Schneiderlin is a sitter, right? Maybe (1) Davies could be a sitter, or maybe (2) you and others prefer 2 box-to box players as a pairing. Heck, do you and others see Schneiderlin as a box-to-box player? I've just rarely seen him exhibit any offensive firepower. He seems content to sit. Ok, just assuming Gana leaves and is not replaced..... I see Davies as a backup for Gomes (box-to-box type player), maybe for Sigurdsson (a sort of false 9), and maybe for Schneiderlin. (I vaguely remember Schneiderlin played decently late last season?) I can see Davies as both offensive and defensive-minded, depending on need. He seems our most likely several-position midfield utility player. I wouldn't be totally upset if Gana goes and is not replaced, but I'm pretty sure most others would be upset at that prospect. But jeez, if we lost Gana, McCarthy, and Besic, then it's Gomes and one of Schneiderlin, Davies, maybe Baningime? I sure hope Gomes has an injury-free season!
  46. Probably more a case of him not wanting to leave that massive contract behind.
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