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  1. Carlo Ancelotti is fucking brilliant and is our manager. Stop talking about Bisto Tits for fucks sake, he's gone and I want to forget that cunt was ever here. It's an embarrassment that he was ever charge. Edit - Even more embarrassing is the fact that people are arguing over his time here!
  2. Allardyce was toxic to this club, if he had stayed do you think we would have signed the players we did under Silva? Do you think Brands would have been able to work with him? I don't. People complained about Moyes coming back and rightly so, both are footballing dinosaurs whose tactics and methods do not suit the modern game. At least Moyes loved the club, Allardyce saw us as a gravy train he could slurp from, he showed contempt to the fans, our tradition and to the kind of football we love to see with his negative dour tactics. Marco failed, badly but at least he wanted us to play aggressive, progressive football, even if he couldn't deliver it, plus we got players like Richarlison and Gomes. Under Sam we would have got Davies and Nolan mk 2, and hoofball. Fuck that shit!
  3. What I find even more hilarious than our own fans writing off our chances is the way Sky are going about it. In all their coverage of the race for Europe we don't get a sniff. Wolves and United do, despite us being on the same points as Wolves and above United. Keep dismissing us and we'll keep going about our business quietly with one of the best managers in the world. We might not actually get there but Carlo says we're going for it and that's good enough for me. Aim high.
  4. I only had £40 in my wallet when we clocked him so I gave it to him and he said, "No mate a tenners enough" but I put the lot in his rucksack; already donated online anyway. The guy's a one-off; decided to swim the channel and then thought it might be an idea to have some swimming lessons first. And all he wanted to talk about today to me and my lad was Everton, nothing about what he's done, just about the Blues. Very special man.
  5. Hi everyone. Just thought I would introduce you to baby Lucas (pushed my luck too far with Duncan) who was born 14/02/2020 at 1:30pm and weighing 7lbs 6oz by elective section. Mum and baby doing well, hopefully home tomorrow once we have figured out this breast feeding lark.
  6. when the whole barca thing happened with the fans making fun of him after his struggles, it seemed like every evertonian just knew this was the right place for him. and it really has been. so happy, he seems to love it here and really enjoy the warmth he gets from fans. the reaction when he steps on the pitch will be massive.
  7. Just wow! I want to have his babies.
  8. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/carlo-ancelotti-everton-numbers-remarkable-17739089 Interesting article comparing Ancelotti stats to Silva. There are some stats you would not expect. Under Silva we faced less shots at goal, made more forward passes and had more shots on target. So what has happened? Ancelotti has upped the tempo of the team. Under Silva play was slow with plenty of passing around the final third that came to nothing or with a tame shot on target. Likewise in defence we had more possession so faced fewer shots but those we did were often leading to a goal due to being out of position. Under Ancelotti we are direct. No passing for passing's sake and watching opening slip away. We get the ball forward with 2 or 3 passes and we take the shot. Our defence doesn't get pulled out of shape as often and the opposition are being restricted to more speculative shots rather than carving us open on the counter.
  9. Fortunate enough to bump into the great man a bit earlier.....and I was quite pleased to meet Mick again as well!😂 (God I look old)
  10. Niasse is the embodiment of Ronaldo.
  11. A fair few of us knew it was possible even then.
  12. I just want to finish as high as we possibly can.
  13. Fuck Europa League, Champions League is the way to go! 4th place is achievable, but we can’t lose to Arsenal, United or Chelsea if we are to stand a chance. I’ve thrown a fiver on at 40/1 just in case.
  14. Backs to the wall siege mentality from here until the end of the season, need to fight for every point. If we can beat the teams around us it’ll put us in a great position. I see the next month as a huge opportunity.
  15. Nothing in that article we didn't already know really so don't really see how they can label it a SPECIAL REPORT. He's done a lot of "research" to prove to everyone that what they all knew to be true actually is; I could've written it (though I'd have put in the fact that the real "Everton problem" stemmed from us being banned from Europe through no fault of our own when we were among the best [maybe the best] on the continent, without the ban there's no doubt in my mind that we'd currently be one of the "big 4,5,6 or 7" and would have been an ever present member since 1985). Anyway, let's get on with bucking the trend eh?
  16. We are lucky to have him but he also understand how lucky he is to have us. cant wait to see him on the pitch!
  17. All he did!? 😂 Some of our players can't pass it 5 yards to a team mate and this fella pings it 60 yards into the run and foot of an attacker and it's labelled as just knocking a ball in the channel and then you say I need some perspective. This place is fucking mad sometimes. He wasn't rooted to his line when he collected the ball after he made the important save. If your referring to the post incident, why would a keeper be that far in front of his near post from a corner/cross or whatever it was? No I think the opposite is true. Just because every pass isn't great people seem to think he is crap with the ball. Even the Ederson's and Allisons of this world bung the ball into touch, duff a ball out or get caught on it, you just don't watch them as much. Pickford's distribution is up their with the best and of course it doesn't always come off, imagine if our outfield players tried the type of balls he is, they wouldn't get anywhere near his completion levels. It's not even about potential. He is good enough for better teams than us already and he could go on a lot further yet.
  18. I’d go a long with that, can’t see what all the fuss is about to be honest.
  19. The media love building them up and knocking them down. Anyone remember Svens last press conference all them years ago? Asking the press not to kill Rooney. It’s what they do. Horrible the way they do it.
  20. Had a really good game today and kept Zaha relatively quiet. I don’t know if they showed it on tv but Zaha towards the end got engaged with the crowd as Coleman had really got to him. After that he barely touched the ball.
  21. If I could give this 1000 likes I would. I only have 1 other forum I visit that has as high a level of civility and respect between the members. One of my other favorite things about TT for is the diversity of age of posters. Most forums are millennial or gen X heavy that I visit. I love reading from John and Bill and Palfy and others about the old days, it helps to give a better perspective to newer fans like myself.
  22. If Pickford's ego is as big as the amateur psychoanalysis guru's profess then I hope he never reads this thread and sees that people are talking more about red shite players than him.
  23. I thought this might of calmed down a bit.... Look Haff, as I said in my post, my throw away comment, and it was just that, a throw away comment and was not aimed at anyone in particular. If you look at some my other posts in the Pickford thread you will see I have commented on how long it is going to feel until the next match. That is because there is nothing to talk about, and people, again not just you petal, are posting some fanciful stuff, taking the piss, getting on each others nerves, and in general chatting shit. Which is fine, its an internet forum its what people do, and will continue to do until the next match when we have something real to talk about. I posted my comment in this thread as it was the last thread I read, if I had read the Pickford thread last I would have posted it there. It was not aimed at you, so please don't take it personally. I have far, far better things to do with my life than to look for ways to belittle you or anyone else for that matter, like playing with my 18 month old son or sleeping because my son does not!! As for your Kaka post I happen to think Gomes could be the most talented midfielder we have had here in my memory, I think he is an Evertonian by the way he has taken the club and its fans to his heart, I love him, not in the physical way some do on this site, but pretty close! But not even in my wildest dreams do I think he is as good as Kaka. If you do mate then that's your opinion, and your entitled to it, just as I am entitled to say its rubbish. Please don't think everyone is having a go at you they are not. You, Pete0 and some of the others put some pretty strong opinions out there, so you have to expect some pretty strong responses. That is Newtonian Law for you, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". We are all Evertonians, we all love this club, and care about each other, even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes. Go easy Haff.
  24. Don't know how but we just attract a lot of players with the right attitude to society.
  25. Away to Arsenal could be the most important game of our season, if we win that Spurs and Chelsea won’t want their seasons coming down to having to beat us which could be a real possibility. We need to treat every game like a one leg cup game I’m looking forward to the next 10 weeks with more belief than I’ve had since Martinez first season. Can we get fourth to fucking right we can.
  26. This is going to feel like such a long time till our next game!
  27. Accoring to Premier League stats (on their own website) mistakes leading to goals this season are as follows: Bednarek 3 Dubravka 3 Balbuena 2 Buendia 2 Coady 2 De Gea 2 Patricio 2 Jiminez 2 Kante 2 Lejeune 2 Leno 2 Lloris 2 Mee 2 Mings 2 Pickford 2 Pope 2 Rose 2 Adrian 2 The rest have 1 or less Last season as follows: Begovic 5 Leno 5 De Gea 4 Pickford 4 Sol Bamba 3 Debravka 3 Gunn 3 Alisson 3 The rest have 2 or less All goalkeepers are highlighted. I'd imagine the term 'mistake leading to goal' doesn't include many indirect mistakes. But for the sake of argument there is no real indication statistically that Pickford makes many more mistakes than any other top level goalkeeper.
  28. He did the same thing after he left Newcastle. It’s like they were his biggest club and he was mad he didn’t get more time, now we are his biggest club and it’s shifted to us. He’s a fucking knob.
  29. I've seen This. GK learning curve is a lot longer than regular outfield players. Generally speaking they peak after the age of 28, and many even after 30. Very few are considered world class at younger age like Alisson, Ederson and Oblak, but still all of them are a bit older and are playing at top clubs with superior defenders in front of them. Surely one makes less mistakes when fewer chances are presented to him. I'm pleased with Jordan. His shot stopping is one of the best, which shows his raw talent. He lacks in distribution and command of area, but these improve with experience and maturing. In couple of years we will see him getting at higher standards, even more so if we manage to improve the rest of the team. As of now, he's doing just fine. There are many other things to worry about really. Looking for a new first choice goalkeeper shouldn't be in our priorities in the foreseeable future.
  30. I'm not going to get sucked into a posting contest, and I respect your opinion, I just disagree with it. If pickford is so poor and constantly making mistakes then why are there very few comments in this thread from June to November? According to the stats he has made 2 errors leading to goals this season. All players make mistakes, players miss tackles or scoring chances. It's about how they react, in the CP game Pickford made a great save and then a strong collection. He admitted his mistake, he will learn from it and we move on. He is still a young player, with an ego, but I quite like him having a bit of that. Is he perfect? No, but he is very good with the potential to be great, and I'll take that.
  31. 1.8..... don't miss the.0.8 it's the difference between extraordinarily shite and really shite. Watching Everton under allardyce was like going to the dentist to have a tooth removed..... you understood why it was happening, you wish things were done differently to prevent the need to need to see the dentist, but when you got the bill and had people trying to tell you that your trip to the dentist was enjoyable and if you didn't see him then all your teeth would have fallen out and for that reason you should see him every week...... you kinda get annoyed. Like most shit managers, allardyce has a period that he points to on his c.v that makes him look like a good manager. Allardyce talking about Ancellotti....... ffs. Only Everton could hire these 2 managers within 2 years of eachother.
  32. They were playing it to see who got Sidibe’s coat apparently. I found it quite funny myself.
  33. He’s looking like a complete number nine. Today summed it up. He wasn’t involved much, but he could have had a hatrick. He’s got to be in the next England squad. And a nice new contract. Be nice him and Holgate in the squad
  34. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8005751/amp/Financial-Fair-Play-UEFA-protection-racket-payback-clubs-hate-Manchester-City.html
  35. The whole reality TV, Instagram, Facebook bullshit is toxic. Cosmetically enhanced egomaniacs projecting a false life that makes people believe that money, cars, houses, good looks, popularity, likes etc = happiness. Anything without these is failure... My wife is a nurse and looks after kids. She says social media is a problem with mental health cases. The other week I emailed one of the mods at Grandoldteam to highlight the hypocrisy of having a mental health thread - yet the mods laugh and join in when posters insult other posters family members. I asked them if they are aware as to whether they knew if they insulted relative was sick/recently deceased etc? Their response was "don't tell me what to do with our site" We probably all get pissed off and go too far on here sometimes but it's an important reminder that none of us know what each other is going through. So whilst I sound hypocritical because I can be a narky prick at times - I would hate to think I would hurt someone's feelings.
  36. I was in a meeting a few weeks ago.... my office is in Manchester city centre near the printworks... the lad said "look at him...." I looked out the window and there was a bloke in a high viz and blue trunks...... I smiled. Here I was in an office in Manchester and there goes a bluenose in a pair speedos walking for others..... awesome. I've not donated yet but will do.
  37. Play a lot the of the teams around us so it’s really in our hands. No reason we can’t chase down chelsea and given our recent form over the last 8/10 games I fancy us against any of those teams.
  38. For me Tom wouldn’t look out of place in San Francisco’s hippy quarter in some of gear he wears.
  39. How would the public respond if they were to blow up Arlington National Cemetery? Why is a Native American cemetery any less sacred? The answers that would be given by this administration, for sure, are (i) how dare anyone even suggest desecrating Arlington National Cemetery or burning a flag! (ii) But these are defeated non-white heathens, so what's the problem? The fact that the Apache nation was not even notified speaks volumes.
  40. Wish he had scored the easy one at the end, regardless of the result or circumstance he needs to finish that. Pleased he is getting goals and feel he has reached the level I said he would in pre season but really want him to keep challenging himself. He has all the tools to be as good as he wants.
  41. Some people have short memories. You really rather watch the team get about one shot on goal per match?
  42. Staying out of this mainly. But thought I would just add a little perspective. Jordan is another player with potential for us. He has the potential to be an excellent keeper. Bit this year his standard has dropped alarmingly. He is making a lot mod mistakes and seems scared to come and collect balls, which many were criticising him for last season. I would say he is just about keeping the England's No1 title for now, but only just. At his current state, Howard was a better keeper.
  43. For me he seems to lighten the burden on players.... he wants them to be brave and won't bollock them for mistakes made in the intention of progression but he gets pissed off at amateurish shit. Sidebe yesterday.... one sock missing and behind him Davies and Holgate were playing rock paper scissors....... I can't see that being tolerated.
  44. He played like he only had one boot when he came on, nevermind a missing sock. Clearly totally unprepared. Thought he did alright second half once we got on top
  45. 11 league goals in 24 games, he has started 19 of those. 13 goals so far all in all for the season. Previously Dom had scored 11 league goals in his whole career, he's matched that tally this season and is on his way to 15+ league goals. I personally had wrote him off after the end of last season and didn't think he had what it took to lead the line for a Premier league club, but he's really improved his game this season.
  46. A moment of stupidity aside, he was excellent
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