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  1. And (believe it or not, where does the time go) today is the five year anniversary of my last treatment, which means I'm all clear. I still have one final check to come in May but it's just a formality, five years is the magic number so I'll be around for a while yet. Sorry.
  2. Life changing. That was absolutely the most amazing sporting experience of my life. As a stateside fan I chose Everton because Tim Cahill embodied everything I want in a footballer and the club was known for its familial atmosphere. Having been a fan for 10+ years now of course I was concerned that the experience/club wouldn't live up to the expectations created in my head all these years. Live up to expectations? This experience confirmed everything I was hoping for and then some. Just a spectacular day I will never ever forget. Thank you to all the fans on this forum, and the entire fan base, for your commitment and passion to the club and your unwavering commitment to the ideals this club was founded on over 140 years ago. I have a deep appreciation for you and all of your family members from prior generations for making the club what it is today. If we don't win another trophy in my lifetime I will die a happy man because this club represents more than wins and losses. The identity of Everton Football Club is its most valuable asset. Always has been and hopefully always will be. I will be back to say goodbye before the move to the docks.
  3. Hey everyone, Really hope you don't mind me posting on here. I am the programme cover artist for Wolves this season & for each game have been painting a player from the away team as well as the home team, before both paintings are blended together to create the cover. My A2 watercolour painting of Richarlison, signed by the player, is one of ten (from my covers to date) available via a 10-day auction launching tomorrow at 9pm & finishing on Sunday 28th October at 9pm. All funds raised with be shared between Cure Leukaemia, Race Against Blood Cancer, YMCA Black Country & Good Shepherd Ministry Wolverhampton. I have included a photo for you. Please note that Limited Edition prints will be available later this month (as we recognise that the majority of fans are unlikely to be able to financially compete in an auction) with 20% of profit from the sales of these also being donated to Cure Leukaemia. You can view all 10 paintings & find out more about the auction here. Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Louise Cobbold.
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/02/sports/everton-liverpool-merseyside-derby.html#click=https://t.co/BANmPuvGYI Everton made the New York Times today. A couple wonderful points: 1.) Everton makes its players sign an agreement to participate in community events; and 2.) At one point Tom Davies had to be reminded to leave an event but said, "I'm busy coloring unicorns." I love this club more than anything other than my wife.
  5. More tackles and more interceptions than anyone else on the pitch, despite us having more of the ball. Made more passes than anyone on the field and only Cenk had a better accuracy (only played 10 minutes). His job isn'tt to position himself correctly, his job is to press the ball and win it back as quick as possible, which he is one of the best in the world at. If he is so bad then why has he been first choice for the last 4 managers we've had? I can't understand this constant bashing of the poor lad!
  6. We have just beaten Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd and got a very creditable draw against The Shite Given the fact the Gana has been instrumental in all of the above games can we now safely put to bed this notion that he can only perform against the lesser sides?
  7. “I just wanted to be a professional soccer player in Europe, lo and behold Manchester United offered me a contract so I grabbed the nearest pen and I signed it," Howard said. "Things didn’t work out there for me, so it was time for me to move on. Little did I know, the single greatest thing to happen to me after my children was to sign for Everton Football Club. Who would have known that? I spent a decade there, Everton has a piece of my heart that can never be relinquished.” Nice that.
  8. The one thing that excited me about this signing when we bought him was he always scores against the shite. It was a shame the lad got injured and I hope he does well at.Villa and gets a move. He was always respectful and positive towards the club so I hold no animosity towards him.
  9. Bollocks to it we can play the statue at CB if needs be, couldn’t be any slower than the ones we have currently
  10. Officially discharged 😁. I got quite emotional actually which I wasn't expecting.
  11. For me this season has delivered exactly what it promised. A season of transition whereby we’d have a rough patch or two and also get some brilliant results. Our football would improve but there’d be teething problems and we’d struggle implementing some of our plans. This was a season of learning - finding out which players would work in what Marco (and Marcel) wants this team to be, finding out what problems we need to fix to make it all work. I’m pleased with the season when taken as a whole and can see the progression. I hope for a bigger progression next season though and I’m excited to see what we’ll do this summer.
  12. 100% it was us, when they came to Goodison it was in their own hands; when they left it in City's. Delighted. Also would we have had stats like this at Spurs under Allardyce?
  13. What I've loved about the last two games (Chelsea and West Ham) is that after the devastating collapse at Newcastle, it would have been so easy for the team to just give up on the season and cruise the last 8 games. And in my opinion, a team that wasn't playing for the manager would have given up. But they've bounced back in style. There's an aggression to their play. They want to win. That's down to Silva in my opinion. They're playing for him and for the pride of the shirt, and that's brilliant to see. I'm really optimistic about the direction of the team. The reaction to the Newcastle result could not have been better, and I think that's down to Marco.
  14. That’s why the strap line is ‘ for the thinking Evertonian‘..., you have to keep thinking what fucking thread am I in?
  15. Jesus. I don’t like is attitude either and his form has been poor but that’s largely down to bad tactics playing him out of position, plus the team doing not well, particularly midfield. It was only 6 months ago we were all giddy because he getting call ups to Brazil! Can we please stop calling for heads to roll and selling players off after seriously short periods of time?!
  16. He's struggled as of late, but his attitude is exactly why I like him. Can't see him getting back into the squad on a permanent basis, but at least he wants to fight for the shirt.
  17. I honestly don’t get this hate for Walcott, I really don’t.
  18. The commentary just said only City have beaten us home and away this season. I’ll take that sort of progress over the drivel and numerous wallopings we took under that dinosaur.
  19. This thread is such a joke now, we have one of the best midfielders in the country at doing what he does and yet rather than appreciate what we’ve got Pinky and Perky are constantly trying to pick holes in his game Its not his job to score goals or to be a creative force, that what the likes of Gylfi, Bernard and Richarlison are in the side for Gana is absolutely crucial to the pressing game that Silva wants to deploy, he is higher up the pitch because Silva wants us to press higher up the pitch , it doesn’t mean he should suddenly have the goals and assists stats of a number 10 Gana’s form has been nothing short of fantastic lately but Pinky and Perky are in such a constant state of denial that even if he was top scorer for us next season and had 29 assists they would be saying he was still shit because he hasn’t saved any penalties
  20. I think you’ll see that we carved them up until the final third. Coleman had so many chances to get a good ball in ( granted he got that one to Cenk and was saved well ) but generally put in a nothing ball. DCL was off, which is unfortunate for him but that happens. For me another game where we looked defensively strong and competent, never under threat. I can see the foundations Silva is laying and I’m getting back to believing we could be 2/3 players away from being a seriously good team. So yes, I am happy with what’s getting served up because I can see the potential in what we are doing and where we are going.
  21. Might be common sense here but we need to finish as high as possible in the league EVERY season. Could care less about Europa or getting top 4 once. Want see consistency and the term "best of the rest" laid to rest. NSNO!
  22. Can’t believe his threads way back here- this lad is fucking boss andcwill be a suoer star for us next season, I know his finishing isn’t the best but his vision and clever little balls are on another level, his work rate is fantastic- he’s up and down the flank like a little terrior, I absolutely love him- He hadn’t kicked a ball since March cane to a new country and league , new language- everything and he has showed flashes of brilliance whilst bedding in. This lad is on another level vision, creatively, direct running, bamboozling defenders- he’s fucking boss.
  23. Harsh that I don’t think DCL had a clear cut chance. Maybe the 23 attempts we had were due to DCL playing?
  24. I can sort of understand how some may not rate the guy as a player (despite the majority of fans/pundits/PSG scouts seeing him as a major asset) but I can't get my head round people questioning his character; if he'd have done the Gomes 100 hug thing they'd be questioning why he didn't do 1000. He's been nothing less than a model pro all the time he's been with us for me, don't get the vitriol. We have far worse players who put in 100% effort and are applauded for it, here we have a player good enough to be wanted by a CL team who puts in 100% every week and he's a figure of hate. Baffled.
  25. If only Gana could pick out a forward pass 🤷🏻‍♂️
  26. Yes his delivery wasn’t the consistent quality we have been use to this season. But I think you are all forgetting, he should have had 2 assists against Newcastle. He found Gylfi in the box who had the goalkeeper to beat after a neat touch, but chose the wrong side of the goal and his shot was blocked by a defender. He also belted a ball which found Cenk’s boot half a meter from the goal line, and it was saved. not his best day, but his teammates let him down more than his left boot.
  27. I’m going to start thinking of Gana and Gomes as Tick and Tock for us, because those two really make us tick. Obviously, Gomes is the far more expansive of the two but Gana allows him to play that game because he's the tenacious one. Our little Duracell bunny goes around retrieving the ball, and our Portuguese god gets it and moves it. Whether that's with a pass or with a driving run. But neither one can do their job without the other one. They are a true partnership. These two are as an important of a cog as Sigurdsson and Richarlison are for me. And yeah, Gana will occasionally mess up in his pursuit of the ball (as he did at least once yesterday), but players aren't perfect and Gomes will make mistakes, but it doesn't take a thing away from the good they do, or how vital they are to us.
  28. Even if it was about sticking it to the fans I wouldn’t be bothered by it. The crowd give stick out and they should be able to take it back.
  29. My son wore his first Everton kit this week, I couldn't wait for the game on Sunday. 12 weeks and already a committed Blue!!
  30. Next week ( 1st Sept ) i shall be celebrating my 15th year as a Toffeetalker, i think its only our site Owner Louis who has been here longer than me. Its a bit like a marriage, some heated discussions, some arguments, some serious arguments, but like most Marriages you make up, carry on, and stay together. Anybody else coming up to an anniversary, 5 - 10 - 15 years. ??
  31. I know Stek's bad but I don't fancy Holgate going in goal.
  32. Fucking get in- I’m going to love this fella
  33. I have real issue with point number three. You keep quoting this about our players who were in that squad. It was an under 20’s World Cup. That’s not something they can quote as being a “World Cup winner” you can quote him as an “under 20’s World Cup winner”. To keep using it as a measure of talent in the senior game is a million miles away from accurate. Pogba is a World Cup winner, that’s the level of a World Cup winner. Not someone from the under 20’s. Yes, it’s a great achievement, but at that level, it’s no bearing on elite level football, it’s not even close.
  34. Boys I’m going to the final with 2 mates spent nearly all day trying to get flights and just got them booked. Had to believe where going to beat Croatia because if you waited you wouldn’t have got a look in that’s the gamble I suppose, if the worst happens we can watch the third place game and sell the final tickets. Cornish wish us luck mate 👌😀 Its coming home
  35. Just become a dad yesterday, little Raphael is now spending his first night at home. He already has his first little Everton kit, courtesy of a mate, just looking forward to taking him to his first game in 3 or 4 years.
  36. It's hard to say considering it's my own club that's involved but is there really anywhere else that he should go? After making his dream move to Barcelona from Valencia he stated in an interview that he was too afraid to leave his house due to the shame of under-performing with his new club. He even said whilst still at the club last season that if he could sum up his situation in one word it would be ''Hell'' so with all things considered would he want to go anywhere else than a club that has allowed him to love football again and play in front of a crowd that want him to do well? Don't forget that the whistles and jeers Coutinho has been getting this year were doubled in intensity when André Gomes stepped onto the field. He was despised and continues to be, they don't want him anywhere near Barcelona and would like the deal done as soon as possible. With Everton he's guaranteed to be supported at the very least. We might not have the Champions League football that Spurs would offer but we do have the security and comfort that he has been looking for ever since he left Valencia. It's easy to think that this deal will go pear shaped and that he will end up elsewhere but I honestly think it would be a rather foolish decision to turn his back on Goodison considering what has happened since his move to the Camp Nou. £30,000,000 would see Barcelona re-coup all of the money that they spent bringing him to the club so I can see that figure (or something similar) being accurate.
  37. Football is as much about playing football that people enjoy watching as it is about winning trophies. Dislike that as much as you like but very few teams will walk away with a trophy in a season but tens of thousands will turn out every week to revel in the action of their team. We all hope for a top 4 spot or a cup victory but know that it will be tough to achieve. The least we could want should be to watch games where we enjoy the football being played, feel excitement from what we see and some hope that we can challenge for those goals. in the last few months that’s how I’ve felt about our team and the finishing position didn’t really matter to me in the end. I’d seen exciting positive football with some memorable victories and can look forward to the next season with some hope that there will be many more of those moments.
  38. Proving that you don’t need to be defensive. Attack is the best form of defence. Apparently, nothing’s changed though and Silva is doing worse than Bisto Chops with the same team...
  39. Any billionaire who’s in football for the money is an idiot, no one makes money owning a football club anymore. It costs them a fortune, unless you own Man Utd and you leverage your assets it’s very very hard to make money and be competitive at the same time. I don’t see why you think we are failing Palfy? Yeah haven’t won anything but we aren’t any worse off than we were under Bill. We’re just about the same, but with a bit of muscle in the market.
  40. So has Pickford with his kicking at times, the forward line have lost the ball loads of times leaving us exposed at the back, Kenny, Zouma had his kecks pulled down for Brightons goal Saturday you’re not shouting from the rooftops to lynch those are you. All players make mistakes, all players give the ball away and all players get caught out of position- it’s the nature of the beast Pete tet everything Gana does is turned into these glaring errors that cost us games- it’s bullshit mate, the stats prove he is an excellent tackler, interceptor and hunter of the ball- no he’s not world class but namme me one world class player who is a) affordaable to us and more importantly b) would come here?? He tops the charts in all sorts of stats but you and Palfy think he’s shite so he must be. Throw the towel in the pair of you it’s ridiculous to even suggest he’s not good enough to play for us- top class player? No he isn’t but he’s probably in the best of the rest category and incase it had excaped your attention that’s exactly where we are.
  41. Signed a new contract until 2024 Jordan Pickford insists that joining Everton has been the key factor in him becoming England’s No. 1 as he committed his future to the Club by signing a new contract until the end of June 2024.The 24-year-old goalkeeper has committed his long-term future to the Blues, declaring his intention to earn “legend” status at Goodison by delivering success for the fans.A summer 2017 recruit from Sunderland, Pickford shone in his debut season on Merseyside, being named the Club’s player, players’ player and young player of the season at the end-of-season Dixies.He went on to become the youngest goalkeeper ever to represent England at a World Cup finals as the Three Lions reached the last four for the first time since 1990 and expressed his delight at signing a new six-year contract when he spoke to evertontv.“When I made the move last year I thought Everton would be a great club to come to and the right step in my career,” he declared.“Getting the opportunity to become England’s No. 1 was down to being at Everton, I believe, and being able to put in solid performances week in and week out.“Coming to Everton, a massive club with a massive history and seeing how passionate and determined the fans are, it’s inspired me to perform week in and week out and it’s moved my career on, without question. “I want to play as many games as I can for the Club, that’s my goal now. "Hopefully, I can continue to progress, become a better goalkeeper each and every day and keep that England No. 1 shirt as well. That’s another aim. “This is a great club for me and, hopefully, we can get the success for the fans to earn the right to be a legend at Everton one day, each and every one of us.” One of the star men for England in Russia, Pickford was named man of the match as Gareth Southgate’s side beat Sweden in the last eight to secure a semi-final date with Croatia. Despite arriving back late for pre-season following his World Cup exploits, Pickford has played every minute in the Premier League for the Blues so far this season and he insists he feels no added pressure. “I don’t feel any pressure from the World Cup,” he said. “I just want to become the best person as a goalkeeper I can be. “My focus is on the team here and, as a team, we want to be pushing right up the table as high as we can be. “There is a lot of strong competition out there but in the next year or two, if we can get into a final of a cup and perhaps win a trophy, that would be a great step forward. “I am still learning but I hope I am giving the team something, too.”
  42. I’ll be made up for the lad when he runs out on that pitch again. Won’t be many in the squad with his work ethic, I’d love him to stay injury free for a couple of years.
  43. Yemar's sideline career as an ITK has crashed and burned before take off. Fortunately, no casualties.
  44. If he does want to go then we’d be mad to sell him for the prices being thrown about. If he is looking to get away then we should only be looking to loan him out again (with no set price agreed for a permanent deal) imo. That way he either continues to show his quality and then we can sell him for bigger money if he still wants to leave, or he doesn’t do as well and comes back with his tail between his legs. We should definitely not be looking to sell him this summer. We’d be nuts.
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