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  1. Now that it's done, I wish him well. Even though his tactics can be called into question, I don't think you can question his commitment to the team. What pissed me off about Koeman is towards the end he didn't look like he gave a shit, we were shipping goals left, right and centre without looking arsed. Silva always looked as though he was desperate for a win (or a point) but just wasn't getting the run of the green and/or good enough. Unfortunately, I don't think his tenure will be remembered in 10-20 years time. Moyes took us from fighting relegation to Europe, Martinez brought that attractive, attacking football and I think at the start Koeman looked really good - I just don't know what identity Marco has brought to the club nor do I think he's really progressed us as hoped, quite the opposite. It'll be interesting to see how we respond against Chelsea. As much as I wanted Silva to go I'm filled with anxiety due to not knowing who we'll get next. A bad appointment could put is in an even bigger mess.
  2. I think you’ll see that we carved them up until the final third. Coleman had so many chances to get a good ball in ( granted he got that one to Cenk and was saved well ) but generally put in a nothing ball. DCL was off, which is unfortunate for him but that happens. For me another game where we looked defensively strong and competent, never under threat. I can see the foundations Silva is laying and I’m getting back to believing we could be 2/3 players away from being a seriously good team. So yes, I am happy with what’s getting served up because I can see the potential in what we are doing and where we are going.
  3. Might be common sense here but we need to finish as high as possible in the league EVERY season. Could care less about Europa or getting top 4 once. Want see consistency and the term "best of the rest" laid to rest. NSNO!
  4. If only Gana could pick out a forward pass 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Mum's a red and my dad (and pretty much all of his family) is a blue. Apparently I was a red when I was a very young kid but there is no photographic evidence of this and I don't remember it at all, so as far as I'm concerned it never happened. My dad is a massive blue - used to follow us everywhere and saw us win things (!) - and I think I just wanted to be like my dad and spend time with him I suppose, so would follow Everton too. One of my earliest memories is the 95 Cup Final and my mum helped me make a scrapbook of the whole journey through to it, and I still have the game recorded on VHS . My first game it was actually my uncle that took me (mum's brother) and it was Neville Southall's Testimonial against Celtic. It was 0-0 and boring as hell but going to Goodison was magical. There weren't many (any really ) Evertonians in my Primary School class but any time it was 'wear your own clothes day' I would always wear an Everton shirt, and get the piss taken out of me. But I didn't care. My birthday was in August so I'd always get a kit for it - mostly my mum would take me over to Liverpool to get it and we'd make it a little day out and get the train and some food. I live and breathe this football club and have done for as long as I can remember now.
  6. The players might not have the ability of some of the best players in the league, but what they must match them on is hard work. Anyone who has ever been at Goodison when more talented teams have come up against an Everton side willing to outwork them will understand how much the atmosphere changes. We like talented players, but we always love a player willing to flog themselves for the shirt. Until we have the best players in the league we must outwork everyone.
  7. It maybe could have been handled better but as long as Ferguson speaks to him properly in private and tells him exactly what the problem was, and what he expects in future, then it's not the end of the world.
  8. I just want someone who will play the best players, in the best positions for them, in the best system for them. That doesn't fucking include playing so many bastard slow players in a system that requires us to play quick football, and break teams down that sit back. Also it might be handy to play an actual playmaker as a playmaker, not Gylfi fucking Sigurdsson. And if there is no playmaker in the team don't pick a fucking system that requires one to succeed!
  9. I don’t think he’s the whipping boy I just think he deserves Critism just like everybody else. As our most expensive player he has needed to do more and create more. On Sunday he did that. Was it the change in formation that allowed him to get into those pockets out wide? Was it the Iwobi and kean? Or maybe was it due to the new players he now knows he’s not guaranteed a game ever week?
  10. If any manager was told you have three years in the job don’t worry I’m sure they would blood younger players for the long term but unfortunately they don’t and can’t do it because if it doesn’t work out in the short term they get sacked. And it starts from people moaning about managers not taking responsibility because they’ve lost pre season friendlies largely consisting of a youth squad. Oh the irony
  11. Arghhh ......... all this talk about the stadium and all I want to really know about is the transport links and in particular the rail opportunity.
  12. Absolutely embarrassing "debate" on here this afternoon, proper Evertonian of some people to actually get up in arms about a player having the audacity to run into the box with the ball and stick it into the back of the net. I can only imagine the the trauma and upset that has been caused by Everton comfortably beating Arsenal, Chelsea and United - fingers crossed we get battered by Palace at the weekend to put people back in a good mood. I suppose by the logic of some at the moment we should also be hurling abuse at Lucas Digne for shamefully volleying a ball from the outside of the box rather than looking for a pass, looking to sell Gylfi for shooting from miles out when it would have been more sensible to wait for a striker making a run and I personally don't want to hear the name Richarlison after a ridiculous bicycle kick that nine times out of ten wouldn't have worked. Unless he's dropped and improves his decision making I won't be setting foot in Goodison Park ever again. I don't post on here much but when I do log in there are some proper weird agendas knocking about - Liverpool and City forums will have rants about how they can win the league, United fans will be debating if Ole is the right man for the job and on ToffeeTalk there's folk booting off about us scoring. To be perfectly honest as the goal panned out in the ground I thought that Theo should have passed but fair does for putting it into the back of the net, when viewing it back on the TV he made the right choice as DCL was under pressure and probably wouldn't have got to the ball. If we ever win the league, I'm convinced we'd have complaints on here that Jagielka didn't hold the trophy high enough - Jesus absolute wept.
  13. We've always been about quality over quantity. Occasional issues aside that stands for me; I don't want 300 guys on answering posts that have been responded to in the few minutes it takes me to answer one. It's more personal, we're all "mates" who sometimes fall out but pretty much always kiss and make up, wouldn't have it any other way.
  14. He was very good today no arguments from me.
  15. I know I’ve been a fan of him for ages, and I know this is me getting excited ahead of time, but 7 points off fourth. Only Wolves (!) and Spurs to compete with as the others will drop off. for the negative nellys... True, 7 points from relegation zone too. Just goes to show that panicking before Christmas is just stupid and a lack of understanding of how a season works. It’s very tight again but I can’t see anything to suggest this positive run won’t continue. I’m actually confident going to City too.
  16. Wow your on top form today Pete. The cross was top drawer. But what do I know and the pundits after the game that were raving over the ball. You must have missed Holgates chance aswell
  17. I for one will not forgive you for that. You should always want us to win, no matter what, but especially when we're in such a precarious position and with a tough run of fixtures.
  18. Or this guy understand that going into a game at Leicester in the form they are in, followed by an Anfield Derby, with no manager in place could be a whole lot worse. This guy has plenty of experience running a football club and is a lot less reactive than us fans. He can think through this situation with his head, we all can’t react without our hearts taking over. He isn’t out of touch with the fans, he’s doing his job.
  19. By no means a perfect performance, we had to battle and overcome our own mess ups (much more so than Wolves being an actual threat to us). But we did overcome them and it’s good that we can battle our way through when we need to. Would’ve preferred not to have my heart tested like that but it was important that we showed character.
  20. If our fans have their way it'll be a long time until we play European football again, what with them not wanting EL. Because it's going to be a very long fucking wait for CL.
  21. Wow, they're massively over-paying for a slightly better-than-average CB.
  22. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs playing every week. Good luck to him, I think there’s a player there myself.
  23. Sky reporting that they've ended their interest in him. Also, he arrived back in Liverpool today ;).
  24. So what about all the chances Bernard, Sigurdsson and Richarlison missed? We play four attacking players, they should all be contributing goals, they all deserve to be criticised for being wasteful today.
  25. Fuck me Haf that was from the heart 💙 get in mate with you all the way, regardless of names we want players who give a fuck.
  26. He's not technically good enough for this level of football - I don't think that's open for debate really.
  27. Not the case for me personally, I said from the outset he has been the best of a bad bunch lately, the way he looks for the early forward pass has been a breath of fresh air. However it doesn’t take away from the fact that it was an horrific performance from him yesterday and it’s quite clear he cost us the game Hopefully he reacts in a similar manner to Sidibe who bounced back well after his shit show against Norwich As for ‘supporting our players not tearing them to bits’ whilst I understand the sentiment it’s a forum that I seriously doubt any of the players even know exists I go home and away and always get behind every player wearing the shirt , I’ve honestly never abused any player at the game or on social media as it’s clearly counter productive , so think I’m allowed to vent in here !
  28. It's never a foul. It's accidental contact, both eyes on the ball. If that's a penalty then all accidental contact is a foul. Thats a disgrace.
  29. I had some trepidation when I bought her indoors a fridge for her birthday, but her face lit up when she opened the door.
  30. There is a player of real quality in there, Silva thinks so to which is why he has signed a contract extension with us. Plus as others have said he has heart and a willingness to do whatever it takes for the team. He is a natural leader a captain for us and is England u21 skipper. I would rather have him than Morgan any day.
  31. Don’t forget, though, no one signed for us because of the manager.
  32. Difference is Jonjoe has had Tony Hibbert teaching him about composure and connection since he was a kid.
  33. We have a lot of big strong players out there now. Even the best teams won’t find it fun getting knocked around by Mina, Gbamin, Kean, Gomes, Keane etc..
  34. It probably is a generation thing, I did elude to that in my initial post Some younger fans from the Premier League era consider success to be finishing in the top 6, some of them don’t want Europa League either so it’s top four or bust For me success in football terms means having a trophy to show for it. Maybe it’s because the younger fans have never actually experienced a successful Everton side that they feel this way , who knows , I just don’t get it For some of them, the most ‘successful’ Everton side they’ve seen was 2004 when we finished 4th but to me that is not success because we still won fuck all and therefore have no trophy to show for it. Take a look at the clubs honours list and you will not find any mention of that season Success to me is winning trophies, and success breads more success I want us to win every game we play so the apathy by some to the chances of winning a domestic trophy is not something I will ever be able to get my head around These shouts of it being an unwanted distraction are bollocks, a distraction to what?? We haven’t as a club take this competition seriously since the 80’s and we’ve still not got a pot to piss in from any of the other competitions
  35. Overall it was a game we can draw some POSITIVES out of. 1. Richarlison has improved a great deal with his deft footworks and strength and dispossess less frequently then last season. He also fell to the ground on lesser occasions unless he was really forcefully tripped on yanked. +8 2. Moise Kean is clearly a much better option then DCL upfront as he'd already imposed himself on the pitch albeit brief presence and you can feel he is just waiting to become a real threat as season wears on. +7.5 3. Our defense was again convincing enough although a couple of occasions when we were dispossessed and countered and we were caught napping and Coleman was still lurking at the midway line. Other than that, the whole team pressed well and accounts for the small possession rate of our opponent (35%). +7.5 4. Sneiderlin's red card means a chance for Tom Davies to start for a couple of games at least and proof himself worthy. +8 (on red card blessing in disguise). 5. Marco Silva +8 (for team pressing and overall fast pace) 6. Gbamin coming on and a chance to get his nervy weakness accounted for and dealt with early on in the season. Hope he comes good soon and settle down as Marco will definitely bring him up to task. +7 (on displaying weakness as well as some glimpses of good combination with digne n Bernard on the left). 7. Bernard may fumbled a little on the byline but his work rate was quite phenomenal on defence as well as up the byline. His daring and willingness to move forward and takes risks creates moment of possibilities upfront and in turn commits errors due to his eagerness. We rather have this then a player who dares not take risk. +7 8. A fare result and decent start. Can't wait to be back home. +8
  36. I agree leave this one and move on, the price being reported is ridiculous.
  37. Best of luck Jags. Great player for us.
  38. I really like Gylfi this season I have seen a side to his game I wasn’t looking at before, I used to think if he hadn’t set up a goal or scored himself he wasn’t doing his job, but when you see the work he gets through you begin to realise what an asset he is to the team.
  39. Shown determination.... had a massive and quite alarming dip. The saying "Will get worse before it gets better" springs to mind. Have to give him huge credit for the turnaround and our ability to give the better sides a game.
  40. Morgan is so frustrating for me. When he’s on his game his such a good player, his first six months with us I thought he was our best player by a very long way. If he doesn’t leave and we can bring in Gomes and keep Gana, picking two from Morgan, Gana, Gomes and Davies isn’t a bad choice to have.
  41. Was game management for me, something we've not been great at in recent times, never gave them a sniff. Makes me optimistic.
  42. If you take Cardiff, Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea, West Ham and Arsenal, and say we’ll lose one and draw one, and win four I think we would all be made up with that. I hope this is the start now. I think the next four games are winnable, we could finish with a real statement.
  43. I'll be there too chaps. Managed to get some tickets in the Park End for me and my stepson while getting pissed at my Grandads funeral on Friday. Was 'lucky' enough to be a pall bearer and we carried his coffin in to Z-Cars, so have a feeling I might get wet eyes as Z-Cars blasts out at Goodison!!! Weather forecast is decent, really looking forward to it. Might see some of you there!
  44. If Palfy doesn’t rate him, it bodes well for us. Means he has a very good chance of becoming world class! All we need is PeteO to start criticising him and Bailey to bring pages of stats to prove him a poor player and we’ll have a worldie on our hands!
  45. We made them poor. That's a key point to make. We went at them from the go. We could have been 4 up in 15 minutes. Their keeper kept them in it. We beat them to every ball. We doubled up on their men. We pressed them. And we attacked with a pace I haven't seen from us since about October time. I mean, literally, they would be building up an attack and within a couple of passes we'd be up the other end. If we were more clinical, they'd be dead and buried within 15 minutes. We made them shit. We smashed their confidence to pieces and made them feel like little boys. This isn'tt aimed at you Haf, well it could be depending on what you believe, but we can't keep downgrading our wins as the opposition being pure shite. It's perfectly possible that we play in a way that allows the opposition to do nothing...find no momentum, no rhythm, overthrow their game plan etc etc.
  46. Saved us far more points than he's cost us in his time here imo; he had a daft head on on Saturday and hopefully will be told as much behind closed doors. I wouldn't swap him for anyone we could afford.
  47. Why did you ask... just whhhyyyyyyyy!!!!!
  48. No - the gap would have been bigger and I wouldn’t of enjoyed 10 seconds of football he would have severed up!
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