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  1. Carlo Ancelotti is fucking brilliant and is our manager. Stop talking about Bisto Tits for fucks sake, he's gone and I want to forget that cunt was ever here. It's an embarrassment that he was ever charge. Edit - Even more embarrassing is the fact that people are arguing over his time here!
  2. Didn’t mean it to be a downer boys n girls. Just thought I’d throw it in. After 00:00 the world is a different place. It’s amazing if you stop to think for a minute that we are all over the world. We all have our own things going on. Troubles, happiness. We fall out on this website from time to time. We don’t know each other but the thing that bonds us is the blues. We are a family. Whatever this club is the one thing I know for sure is we are a family. Love everyone on here and wish your loved ones all the happiness that 2020 can bring.
  3. I’m with you mate , he is an absolute fraud. Some of his signings have been absolutely shocking Digne is our worst LB since Baines both fucking useless, and as for that other Portuguese pile of shite Gomes , he is definitely the most clueless midfielder we’ve had since Arteta He has to go we need to start bringing in more quality , proven players like Coco and Niasse
  4. 1. Win the league. 2. Win any other trophy. 3. Qualify for the Champions League. 4. Quality for the Europa Cup. 5. Finish as high up the league as possible.
  5. Talking about attack in relation to that period under Bisto tits is too funny, Pete. We barely had shots on goal, never mind shots that actually hit the target! Scrap that, we barely entered the oppositions fucking half of the pitch! You say you’d have liked him to have been given another season... I was so put off by another second of that dick head that I wouldn’t have set foot inside Goodison again until he was gone. I’m not even sure I could’ve stomached watching us on the tv/a stream. The attack was getting worse the longer he was here, the defence were shipping goals (he didn’t shore us up at all). He’d have destroyed us if given more time and more money to spend. I don’t know how you can dislike Silva because you think he doesn’t take any responsibility when we play badly but be on board with that fucker getting more time when he blamed everyone else but himself for us playing some of the worst football (if you can call it that) I have ever seen.
  6. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/03/06/jamie-carragher-meets-carlo-ancelotti-not-one-last-payday-going/ My allegiance to Everton ended over 25 years ago, but there is a moment during an hour with Carlo Ancelotti when the heart of the schoolboy within me beats faster. “Next season we have to qualify for the Champions League,” Ancelotti tells me. “I am here for this.” I pause. I have not heard an Everton manager speak like this since I stood on the Gwladys Street. “Is that really possible given the strength of the competition?” I ask. “I am sure this club has that ambition,” he insists. “The owner wants to be at the top. That is for sure. The idea is clear. I do not know how long it will take, but it will not take long. The spine of the squad is competitive. I do not know what the target will be this season, but next season we have to fight for the top four.” I tell Ancelotti how invigorating it will be for fans to hear a coach of his calibre talk so boldly. “Do you realise how many Evertonians loved seeing you get sent off at the end of the game against Manchester United last week?” I ask. Ancelotti sounds surprised. “You think the fans like it because I got the red card? That is why they clapped me?” “Yes. They want to feel the manager is out there fighting for them,” I reply, sensing an opportunity to ask the most blunt question. “When it was first said Carlo Ancelotti might come to Everton, people said you must only be coming for a final payday.” He laughs. “No, no, no. Fortunately, I do not need the money,” he says. “I see Everton like I saw Napoli. It was fantastic to be in Milan, Madrid and Munich, but sometimes you get the possibility to grow a good project. We have young players with quality – players like Richarlison, [Dominic] Calvert-Lewin, [Mason] Holgate and [Lucas] Digne. The base of the team is good. Holgate signed a new contract and Dominic is going to. We have a spine and want to improve the squad in the summer.” Ancelotti has spent his decorated career in Europe’s most exotic cities – Rome, Milan, Paris and Madrid. Today, in the office at Everton’s Finch Farm training ground he already calls home, he could be mistaken as a spokesman for Merseyside tourism. He tells me about his midweek trip to the Bootle Strand shopping centre (above), which prompted a surge of disbelieving selfie hunters. “Difficult to park, but full of Evertonians,” he observes. A few miles down the road are the leafy suburbs of Crosby, where he and I are near neighbours. Ancelotti adores Antony Gormley’s iron men scattered along the seafront. “I was at the beach on Monday. It is beautiful. I walked three miles and counted all the statues. There are at least 100,” he says “This part of England is different to London. It is more friendly. London is more cosmopolitan – there are a lot of Italians in London. Usually I stay in the centre of the city but I feel good here, and I have already found a good Italian restaurant.” It feels like Ancelotti has instantly absorbed his club and the city. As supporters like to put it – it seems like he already ‘gets’ Everton. There are those who patronisingly claimed he would be too sophisticated for the club, yet his advocating of 4-4-2, direct, aggressive football, chimes with Goodison tradition. When I suggest such tactics – certainly when employed by English coaches – are considered archaic, he looks aghast. There is no winning system. If I have different players I could play a different system. “Football has changed a lot – more intensity, more tactical knowledge and the rules. How many teams build up from the back now? Nearly everyone. “If you want to play long balls and fight for the second ball, that is football. If you want to play catenaccio and counter-attack, it is football. “There are some managers who organise the teams for themselves, not the players, so people can say, “Look how well he organises the team”. “A team with a clear identity is a limited team. It means they can only play one way. But you must choose the right style by considering the quality and weakness of the opponent and the tradition of your club. If you become the manager of Madrid or Milan, they have a history which says play a particular style. Here there is a feeling if you can get it forward quickly and fight for the long ball, why not? “They like the ball long and then to fight. This is important. I said this to the players before the Man United game, "Put in some long balls to fight, keep the crowd involved". If you do that in the Nou Camp? No. Not possible. Here is different.” “Why?” “You tell me,” I respond. “There is more than one way to play football. I like all styles,” he says. Such pragmatism comes with experience. Ancelotti winces recalling how – as a young manager – he failed to sign one of the world’s great players because he prioritised the system. “When I started as a manager with Parma I sacrificed the chance to sign Roberto Baggio,” he says, with a self-critical chuckle. “I did not want him behind two strikers. He said he did not like the system so he signed for another club. When I went to Juventus and I had [Zinedine] Zidane who wanted to be the No 10, I said, “Okay, I change the system!” You adapt to the characteristics of the player. “There are some managers who will sacrifice quality and creativity for the system. I had Ronaldo at Real Madrid. With 4-4-2, Ronaldo had to be one of the strikers. But he does not like to play there. He likes to play wide. What do you do? Sacrifice Ronaldo who scores every game? So I said to Ronaldo, ‘When we have the ball go wherever you want. But please, when we do not have the ball, do not come back so much. Stay in the position to keep the shape’.” Despite three Champions League wins and domestic titles in Italy, England, Germany and France, Ancelotti’s career is not without lows. I must mention Istanbul in 2005, of course, when Ancelotti says Liverpool ‘stole’ the trophy from his AC Milan team. “I remember you using the time up in extra-time – going down for treatment twice,” he says. “I managed in the Champions League final in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014 – and the best we played was 2005 and we lost. This is football.” Ancelotti won his second European Cup as manager with AC Milan in 2007 – when they beat Carragher's Liverpool side in Athens CREDIT: AP More recently, his reportedly informal man-management style was questioned. “Not a lot of people can judge my job. They cannot see the training, look at methodology or see how I talk to the players, or how my relationship with the players is,” he says. “Maybe if you stand with me for two weeks you can judge me properly. For other people to judge is more difficult. “My style of training is completely different to 20 years ago because I continued to learn. Football has changed. I was assistant to Arrigo Sacchi for three years. He was an innovator, first with the philosophy of training but also tactically. The Italian team used to defend backwards, he changed it so they defended forward. But the offside rules were completely different then. “When I joined Chelsea in 2009 it was a completely different style of training. I tried to combine it, not separating technical, tactical and physical training as I was used to in Milan. I needed to bring it altogether.” Ancelotti won the league and FA double at Stamford Bridge, where he returns this weekend for the first time since his sacking in 2011. There are no grudges. He is held in the highest regard by those he managed and is impressed by Frank Lampard's work. On the day Ancelotti was sacked – coincidentally after a game at Goodison Park – his players insisted he join them for a farewell dinner. “All the squad was there,” he recalls. “I knew it was going to be the last game and I had friends from Italy over. On the bus home, the players knew I was sacked and Ashley Cole said we must go out. I said no because I had ten friends visiting. We are having dinner at my house. “But Ashley was, ‘No, no, they must all come. I will send you a bus’. So he sent a minibus to get us. It was unforgettable. “I remember every day I was at Chelsea. It was a good time, a fantastic period with fantastic staff and unbelievable players. “I had and I still have a good relationship with Roman Abramovich. He gave me the chance to manage in England and it was one of the best teams I ever managed.” Can he really hope to replicate that at Everton? “In the last two games against Arsenal and Manchester United we competed well,” he says. “We made mistakes – sometimes tactical and sometimes we lacked a bit of personality – but I am sure it will not take a lot of time before we always compete with the top teams.”
  7. Just a quicjk thank you for what has been said to me recently i appreciate it all i am out of the hospital now and i hope to stay out for a while now and also i want to thank the folks who sent me birthday wishes too thanks to you all i anm so proud to be a toffee COYB
  8. Allardyce was toxic to this club, if he had stayed do you think we would have signed the players we did under Silva? Do you think Brands would have been able to work with him? I don't. People complained about Moyes coming back and rightly so, both are footballing dinosaurs whose tactics and methods do not suit the modern game. At least Moyes loved the club, Allardyce saw us as a gravy train he could slurp from, he showed contempt to the fans, our tradition and to the kind of football we love to see with his negative dour tactics. Marco failed, badly but at least he wanted us to play aggressive, progressive football, even if he couldn't deliver it, plus we got players like Richarlison and Gomes. Under Sam we would have got Davies and Nolan mk 2, and hoofball. Fuck that shit!
  9. Wow.... we win and guarantee Delph doesn't play next game..... Result.
  10. Should have stuck with Allardyce the press said. Get back in your box the press said. Don’t aim too high the press said. 43 shots on goal in two games! Break the fucking box and aim high!
  11. It is utterly ridiculous the amount of headers he wins. He's a player I really want to do well. He never puts anything less than 100% in and he comes across as someone that genuinely realises how lucky he is to be playing for Everton and wants to repay the faith shown in him.
  12. Dunc said he wants his players to fight for everything and never stop running, he did neither and so got hooked, ruthless maybe but I’m absolutely fine with that
  13. When you haven't won anything since 1995 I don't think you can have the privilege of calling any trophy "Mickey Mouse". I get what you are saying don't get me wrong but as someone who was 2 years of age the last time we lifted something I'll take whatever I can get. A Carabao Cup would be fantastic and let's not forget that going all the way guarantees the Europa League, albeit from the qualifying rounds.
  14. Just had this email promising refunds if season gets called off or has to be played behind closed doors Dear Ste, I wanted to get in touch with you again as we prepare for a very different Easter weekend for us all. Under normal circumstances, Easter is not only a time to be together with family and friends but an opportunity to enjoy football - and Everton - as part of our football family. Over the years Easter has produced some great memories for us. Who of a certain age can forget Wayne Clarke’s Easter Monday hat-trick against Newcastle United which moved us closer to our ninth league title in 1987? Or Easter Sunday only last year when the sun shone on us at our beloved Goodison Park as we recorded our biggest win over Manchester United in the Premier League era with a 4-0 victory. Before the coronavirus crisis, we would have been looking forward to this weekend and hoping Carlo and the players could create another special Easter memory by continuing our charge towards a European place with a positive result at Tottenham Hotspur’s splendid new home. Such thoughts have become secondary as we have all had to accept the new reality of self-isolation and social distancing to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the NHS in order to save lives. I have been moved by the many stories I have heard during this crisis of Evertonians displaying genuine care for others less fortunate than themselves in our community. Everyone at Everton and Everton in the Community has been humbled by the countless kind offers from our fans to support our Blue Family campaign - and for the donations we have received which have gone directly towards helping those most in need. Hundreds of fans donated to the campaign within hours of us launching Blue Family last month and this, together with the Club’s initial pledge of more than £50,000, has allowed us to help thousands of people. Many of those we’ve assisted have needed emergency support – literally to be able to eat and to live. To those supporters who have contributed, I cannot thank you enough. And to those supporters currently working in the NHS and other key worker roles, I would like to praise you again - on behalf of the Board of Directors and every Evertonian - for the great work you are doing for the nation in our time of need. Additionally, I would like to express my immeasurable gratitude for the tireless efforts of my colleagues at Everton and Everton in the Community. Their endeavour and work is enabling us to live up to our hard-earned reputation as ‘The People’s Club’, delivering on our deeply embedded Nil Satis Nisi Optimum values during these most challenging of times. I know you will be wondering when football will be played again – and the impact, the timing and nature of our game’s resumption might have on your match tickets or Season Tickets. With so much still unclear, I am currently unable to provide any update on this. But I assure you that if games do not go ahead or matches are played behind closed doors, the Club will do the right thing in terms of refunds – just as we have tried to make the right decisions by paying our directly engaged matchday and non-matchday casual staff, extending our Season Ticket renewal deadline and introducing a payment holiday option. We will continue to supply engaging Everton content for you over the weekend through our online channels. Don't miss our latest classic game watchback and an exclusive interview with our manager Carlo Ancelotti in the coming days. Finally, please continue to follow the Government’s advice. Only go outside for shopping or exercise – or work if you are a key worker. Keep washing your hands and remain at least two metres apart from those outside your household. And please also remember during these long, challenging days that this will pass. We will be back at Goodison again. We can look forward to meeting up with old friends and hearing that siren and the famous drum roll of Z-cars before we cheer on our Everton again… I’m getting goosebumps as I write this, so cannot imagine how emotional we will all feel when that time comes around again! May I wish you and your family a happy Easter. Warmest wishes,Denise
  15. When I was at school I didn’t really like football, never played it. I was one of the quieter kids. One of the school sports stars was in the same class as me and went around the lads asking everyone who they supported. I could see it was my turn soon and was shitting myself as I didn’t even know any teams names. Yvette Leurs was a few tables away from me and she said she supported Everton. And she was pretty fit for a 12 year old (that sounds so bad) so here was my chance to impress her, while not looking like a complete pussy at the same time. So I said Everton. That weekend I stayed at a friends house and his dad just happened to be watching the 1985 FA cup final. So I thought I should at least find out what colour they play in just in case I’m ever grilled about it. That day changed my life, as even though we lost..... I simply fell in love with Everton. I ended up trying football after that and found I was a natural at it, even though I started so late. I still play whenever I get chance now. I watch football, play football, and coach U8s and U10s. I have draws full of shirts, my car is even good old Everton blue. My missus even plans days around Everton matches. Provably not the beat reason to support a team, but since then, Everton have taken over my life, mind and heart. First and only team I have ever and ever will support. And my missus’s name isn’t Yvette Leurs haha.
  16. Fair enough it’s all about opinions and all that but I really don’t get the mentality of anyone who would rather we finish 7th than win a domestic cup and in so doing continue our long, long barren run without a trophy Personally I’m desperate for us to win every game we play. I even get pissed off when we lose a preseason friendly . If you are not in it to win it what’s the fucking point?
  17. That’s not what it’s about for me. It’s another game to go to, another day out, another trip to Wembley. If we get to Europa, it’s a chance for a trip away with the lads or my dad to watch the blues. I’d love nothing more than a trophy, that’s what the game is about, and making memories while you’re there. We might never make the top four, so enjoy the ride trying to get there. Picking up any trophy helps the club grow, and enjoying playing European football is a good thing regardless of which tier for me.
  18. I just thought I’d drop a message out given the current circumstances of what we are all going through right now. During this time of isolation if there’s anyone who during this period of isolation feels they are struggling, alone or just feel that need a chat, drop a pm at any time and we can organise something. Lots of love to everyone 💙💙
  19. OK so a lot of it over the years has been complete drivel () but @Romey 1878 has today become the first to post 50,000 times on TT!
  20. Yesterday Kenwright donated £140K to Speedo Mick. Wow!
  21. "Results against the "Big Six" have been Everton's weakness this season and in the past...." Except than in our last twelve games against the "big six" we've won four, drawn five and lost only three (all against the "big two" so we're actually unbeaten in nine against the other four). Do your research dimwit.
  22. This is nonsense. Lack of ambition? No, sensible with a long term plan under a world class manager. The right players clearly aren’t available. What should we do? I know let’s sign more substandard players so we can be stuck with them on high wages. We’ve already got Tosun, Sandro, Bolasie, Besic taking up valuable wages and doing nothing - thankfully Niasse and Martina’s time is almost up - but we’ve got the likes Schneiderlin, Walcott, Sigurdsson and Keane who are on huge wages but aren’t likely to take us forward - I’m glad we’re not adding to the squad for the sake of it as we’ve made that mistake before!
  23. Why the flying fuck does a seasoned professional on conceding a goal completely out of the blue to put the score at 2-1 to us, knowing full well there is only 30 seconds left to defend the lead, then decide to launch the ball straight into the Newcastle half straight from the kick off thereby gifting them possession? A 10 year old kid playing Sunday league football would know all he needs to do is keep possession . Pass it back to the keeper, pass it to the left back or the right back , just pass it to any fucking Everton player but keep the ball for thirty fucking seconds and the points are in the bag 😡😡
  24. Have a great Christmas all and an amazing new year. Hope all your hopes and wishes for the year are fulfilled my beautiful Evertonians! COYB’s!!!!!!
  25. Just want to put on record that regardless of what happens tomorrow we, the entire club, owe Duncan Ferguson a huge debt of gratitude. Remember where we were 14 days ago. We've since beaten Chelsea, tied Utd and 'tied' Leicester. Not only the results he has represented the club so well on the touchline and through the press. Say what you want about his technical/tactical ability you cannot take away his love for the club. Thank you Duncan. That being said the players better be up for it tomorrow and send off Duncan with a win. They owe it to him. We all do. I want to see him with his hands in the air and tears in his eyes as he salutes the fans after the final whistle. Everton that.
  26. Sitting in Maccys to stay out of the rain till the gates open. Got me 9 year old with me at his first ever match. COYBs!!!!
  27. Not read any of the comments yet, but my two cents on the Moise Kean double sub is 100% a situation between the player and Ferguson. I know that in the interview that he wanted to waste some time but nobody is that naive, don't believe everything you see in front of a camera. Kean looked off the pace and didn't really look that arsed. Fluffed a few clearances, late to his challenges and didn't really do anything up in the United third. He was removed from the game for that reason and replace with Niasse who is renowned for his work rate and energy, not a chance that he was taken off just to kill time. It is the end for Moise though, he's just not got going here. I'll put on record that he leaves on loan in January before sealing a permanent move away in the summer; Roma, Milan or Bologna. Edit: Just to add to the above, we have moaned and groaned (rightly) about players not giving a fuck in an Everton shirt so whilst it's harsh and not the best for the lad, I'm pleased to have a manager that doesn't care about feelings and puts the club first. If you don't want to put your body on the line for the shirt don't wear it - simple. Everton is and always will be bigger than one person.
  28. Now that it's done, I wish him well. Even though his tactics can be called into question, I don't think you can question his commitment to the team. What pissed me off about Koeman is towards the end he didn't look like he gave a shit, we were shipping goals left, right and centre without looking arsed. Silva always looked as though he was desperate for a win (or a point) but just wasn't getting the run of the green and/or good enough. Unfortunately, I don't think his tenure will be remembered in 10-20 years time. Moyes took us from fighting relegation to Europe, Martinez brought that attractive, attacking football and I think at the start Koeman looked really good - I just don't know what identity Marco has brought to the club nor do I think he's really progressed us as hoped, quite the opposite. It'll be interesting to see how we respond against Chelsea. As much as I wanted Silva to go I'm filled with anxiety due to not knowing who we'll get next. A bad appointment could put is in an even bigger mess.
  29. I've said in the Gomes thread how there was much love has been thrown at him but a couple of poor games and the knives come out. Same with Tom Davies he has been voted motm on the thread in this forum 4 out of the last five games, but one poor game and the same people want to crucify him. We Are Everton and that's what we do. A few people on this thread need to look at themselves, we need to try supporting our players not tearing them to bits after a couple of mistakes.
  30. Well. What to do, what to do? You guys n gals know me from previous times like this - I back the manager until I can no more, which is usually quite a bit after the hardcore have been shouting n screaming since the original appointment. I like to give the manager my full backing, and tend to find the positives in the appointment. And continue to let hope and the positives drive my thoughts until it's impossible to do anymore. I was the same with Moyes, Martinez, Unsworth, Koeman...Fat Sam never got a sniff to be honest, I sussed that fucker straight off...and now Silva. Silva. Clean looking, young, exciting, a touch of positive arrogance, well thought of within the game. The project was on. The man for the next 5 years, to take us forward into a new stadium and up the table. There would be wobbles I said, but it's all part of the learning curve. So long as we show we are learning from said wobbles, then that's fine. It would take a good 2-3 years to stabilise. To get rid of dead wood. To get the squad balanced. And we would inch our way forward bit by bit. We needed to think of it as a long term project. Stop rushing, sacking, spunking cash on shite. Silva. Brands. Sorted. Patience needed. But now I'm at that 'end of the road' point like I eventually got to with the previous lot. And the route of it, for me, is seeing how we have not learnt from the mistakes. When we went through that rough spell last season (Dec - Feb?), it was woeful. We were making the same mistakes over and over. Then we seemed to get over it, fix it, and push on. Happy days. But to then see the exact same shit happening again, those exact same errors - that's unforgivable. Really, it's not acceptable. It reveals that Silva is clearly lacking in key areas of his mentality when it comes to playing the game. That we are seeing the same sort of performances, coming unstuck time and again, defensive errors and wasted opportunities time and again, you all know what I mean. We've now lost 7 games from 13. We are now looking at losing 15 - 20 games this season. Unforgivable. For the investment, that's diabolical. The squad we have, ok, it's not a top top squad, but it's better than 7 defeats in 13 when you've only played a couple of the real top teams. But what next? I've no idea. I know the likes of Moyes, Unsworth, Big Dunc get a big NO from me. But who else can we get? Poch? That would be amazing and I'd slash tyres if we haven't initiated any contact. Realistic? Nope. I've no idea who. I mean, Emery was the cream of the crop a couple of years ago but he's struggled too, so you just don't know. What I do know is that this is really disappointing, the whole project over the last few years has been a car crash. And I've no idea what we do next. Sack him, start again for the, what, 4th time in recent years? More money spent, more players to get rid of at a fraction of their cost, more expensive contract write offs etc. I just find myself shrugging my shoulders and shaking my head. More questions than answers I'm afraid. Hope you've all been well by the way 👍
  31. I think we need to stop lumping a striker uptop by themselves and asking why they are not scoring...
  32. Football doesn’t matter. Hope Gomes has a quick recovery
  33. Since Brands arrived at Everton the players we have brought in: 2018/19: Digne (£20m) - Key player, one of the best LBs in the league and probably trippled his worth Richalrison (£40m) - Key player Gomes (loan) - Key player Bernard (free) - Good squad player, no money spent on him Mina (£25m) - Finding his feet but growing into becoming a key player for us Zouma (loan) - Our best CB last season 2019/20 so far: Gomes (£22m) - Key player - secured full transfer at a reasonable price Delph (£9m) - steal at that price, if he doesnt turn out to be a key player he is an improvement on current options Lossl (free) - Squad player, better than Stek Kean (£30m) - unproven - high potential Iwobi (£30m) - unproven, however promising so far, and has potential Siidebe (loan) - unproven, low risk Gbamin (£22m) - unproven Compared to what we have signed in previous windows recruitment has been much much better. I'm sure Silva has had a big say in a couple of those signings, however surly Marcel would have final say being DoF. I would say that many of the signing Brands has governed have been better than average and most, if not all, that have been here since 18/19 have grown in market value. There is still plenty to improve upon, i.e finding replacements for Coleman, Walcott, Schneiderlin, Siggurdsson and signing another quality CB. Brands isn't the problem, a squad blighted with injuries and poor managment are.
  34. Only team to have not conceded a goal this season. From mid point last season where we looked pretty dire to know, is a vast improvement - Keane looks the player we all hoped, Digne is just pure class, Coleman has rediscovered himself and whoever plays next to Keane seems to have clear understanding of his role. Silva has done well here - hopefully we sharpen up in front of goal!
  35. Go and ask Man City if it means nothing. It was the start of their trophy haul in the recent years. Honestly cant believe I've read people turning their nose up at a meaningful trophy. Absolute disgrace that.
  36. What's going to be better for Kenny’s development, sitting on the bench for us or playing regularly in Germany for a year?
  37. A neutral venue would be the last straw for me. I really fancied our chances to get something from derby under lights in a rocking GP after they’d been knocked out of Europe and were on their worst run of form with a couple of injuries. Now it’s looking likely we’ll play them in another stadium with no fans with maybe 5 subs. How can that be seen in anyway as keeping the integrity of the competition? Especially if other teams don’t have to play in a neutral venue. I appreciate this is unprecedented times but let’s not get fooled that this decision is for ‘public morale’ but is only driven by money and fuelled by the media’s spin. I love football, I miss football but it can’t be right to restart under these conditions.
  38. What I find even more hilarious than our own fans writing off our chances is the way Sky are going about it. In all their coverage of the race for Europe we don't get a sniff. Wolves and United do, despite us being on the same points as Wolves and above United. Keep dismissing us and we'll keep going about our business quietly with one of the best managers in the world. We might not actually get there but Carlo says we're going for it and that's good enough for me. Aim high.
  39. Haven’t posted in a minute because I’ve been busy with work and law school applications, but I just arrived in London and this will be my first ever Everton match. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get tickets in the away end, so I’ll have to pretend to be somewhat of a neutral, but I’m still excited beyond belief.
  40. Woke up late today, so only now am I reading this thread. I have to say, some people will argue for arguing's sake. Moise Kean is the team's future, if he's managed correctly. So are DC-L, Holgate, Richarlison, Gordon, and Gibson. I've always been one to bring through the youngsters, and Ancelotti may be the man to do it. The problem we have right now is not Kean: It's the overpaid, under-incented, aging players who are sucking the lifeblood (and money) from our team. Move them on, please: Schneiderlin, Sigurdsson, Walcott. They're a sunk cost anyway, so don't worry about making a loss on their sale.
  41. johnh

    Bad news

    Just had a phone call, her indoors is coming home today. Daughter is at the hospital and will bring her home. Just waiting for prescriptions etc., Thanks again guys for all your very welcome support.👍
  42. Well this Moise Kean seems to be some player 😂
  43. If he's half the player Gana was it'll be a good deal.
  44. Marcel is tremendous. Absolutely love his negotiating prowess. We've seen on numerous occasions 'here's our price take it or leave it'. Sure sometimes that means we don't get the player but it also protects us from a certain amount of risk. I'm a bigger fan of Walsh than most on here, over time he's proven to have more hits than misses and every DoF has hits and misses, but whoever was negotiating while he was in charge (can't remember if he was just the talent spotter or spotter and negotiator) was TERRIBLE. The players we bought are good players, the fees we paid are not. Surely Marcel would have said Keane 20m or we'll find someone else, Siggy 25-30m or we'll find someone else and so on. Seems like every deal under Walsh/Koeman was 10m more than the rest of the market was willing to pay. We were always the sucker. I just get the sense the list of targets is much deeper under Marcel which allows you to hold other clubs accountable for crazy asking prices. More work to (hopefully) be done this summer but I know with Marcel here the club is in the best of hands.
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