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  1. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2018/09/13/colin-chong
  2. Louis

    Longest Thread!

    https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/f76f56c9-85db-413e-b076-994413d581f2?in=12:42:34 Fuck right off. 😁
  3. Louis

    Seamus Coleman

    He's captaining Ireland tonight against Wales. It's on Sky Sports and S4C.
  4. I'm aware, nor has Donachie been coaching at the club.
  5. Hallam Hope will be making his debut for Barbados tomorrow.
  6. Louis

    Longest Thread!

    I walked past a child, maybe 3 or 4 years old and her mother yesterday. Mother: Well, I don't know that toy, maybe it's an American toy you've seen on Youtube. Child: No it's not, it's a toy I made up. I made it up, mum. The fact that a kid so young was watching Youtube surprised me.
  7. I've just discovered that Willie Donachie is the manager of Montserrat.
  8. Louis

    What Are You Watching?

    I don't understand how the Great British Bake Off is so popular.
  9. Louis

    Site Downtime

    There was something wrong with the site this morning. Only the letter "x" was appearing. It's related to the TapaTalk application. I disabled it and the site works again. I'm not sure what the problem was.
  10. Louis

    Video Game Thread

    In Florida, several people were streaming Madden online (playing the American Football game 'Madden' and broadcasting their match so others could watch over the internet) and were killed when someone shot them. It was broadcast live, two are confirmed dead.
  11. There was a video doing the rounds recently of some random guy putting a plastic cup in urinals at a festival, waiting for people to inadvertently fill it, return to it and drink from it. It was purposeful, he did it several times. 🤮 https://twitter.com/Broujiee/status/1032228094827012096
  12. Louis

    Sardar Azmoun

    Extract from an interview with Rubin Kazan manager Kurban Berdyev at http://russianfootballnews.com/interview-kurban-berdyev-azmoun-arsenal-celtic-everton/
  13. Angry Birds is a great (mobile) game to be fair.
  14. Louis

    Jack Rodwell

    He's signed for Blackburn on a free transfer.