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  1. It's almost december and there's just 3 points separating number 5 and number 15 in the standings.
  2. I don't think it'd necessarily be smart from Pickford's perspective to leave EFC for Chelsea. Especially cause it's Chelsea, the team that didn't believe in Salah and De Bruyne. They're kind of known as a team that stalls progression of young top talents and rather fields the "more proven" players. I'd stay at EFC, mate.
  3. I rather suspect he might be the sort of person who doesn't do something if he doesn't fully understand the sense of doing so. So even if a certain action is often done by other managers or seems vaguely to him that it might even make sense, I think he may be the sort of guy who won't do it unless he fully, for 100% understands the logic behind doing so within the strategy he has set out.
  4. Here's an instagram pic of De Bruyne celebrating his third place at the world cup. Pay close attention to what's on the cake
  5. When the ref whistled that French free kick that lead to the first goal and whistled that penalty, which, for those who didn't see it, not a penalty, the ref has not just stolen the world cup victory from Croatia, but also stolen any honour with which the French could have won this tournament. Utter travesty and a dark day for football.
  6. Technically, if France win against Croatia tomorrow, it'd be fair to have a last game between Belgium and Croatia to determine who the real second place is 😏
  7. England should win, cause if not, despite reaching SF here's the list of teams that England could beat this WC: Panama Tunisia decapitated Columbia Sweden You need a bigger name somewhere in that, plus not leave the WC with 3 defeats.
  8. Everyone is somewhat tired at this stage and Russians seem to effortlessly run like madmen all over the place... hmmm....
  9. Why are you suggesting England will be playing the losers' finals? 😏
  10. The red guys are beating the yellow guys again.
  11. I think he's locked in for Ivory Coast.
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