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  1. Would I love Diego Simeone here? Yes. Do I love that the club has ambitions for someone of his ilk? Yes. Is there anything remotely realistic about prying Simeone away from Atleti in November? No. Do we have to go after an unemployed manager? Of course not. I would be happy to see us make a move for Marco Silva. That said, I'd also be happy to see us go for Ancelotti—an even more decorated manager than Simeone, who is currently without a job, and who has lived in and had success in England. If we go for Simeone in the summer, I'll be cheering Farhad on. (Possibly) talking up Simeone right now (again, this is possibly just Sky Sports speculating, since they haven't cited a source) is just a waste of time and energy. It makes me wonder if he might not be dealing with some mental issues.
  2. If he didn't have a job, I wouldn't laugh. But, he currently has a job. And, it's not at Burnley or Watford, but at one of the best clubs in the world in recent years. Why would he leave that job? This isn't ambition. It's fantasy.
  3. There's no way Gana should've come off. He was more effective going both ways and didn't have a yellow (as far as I can remember).
  4. What the hell was that from Sigurdsson? Should be trying to smash that ball.
  5. Holy shit, we are so frustrating to watch. The inability of our players to make a forward run or show for a pass... Fuck.
  6. If we were always going to play for the counterattack today, what is the utility of having what is perhaps our slowest player as the head of our attack?
  7. I don't understand moving Kenny to the left to put Besic on the right, but okay...
  8. I assumed Martina just knocked the wind out of himself. But, it looks like he somehow got knocked out. Yet, his head didn't hit the ground. Hopefully it isn't a serious spinal injury. Yikes.
  9. Super interested in seeing what this formation is going to look like.... Very odd. That said, I'm, at the very least, glad to see Lookman getting a start.
  10. Two, three maximum. Otherwise, I think the rest should go without saying. We don't need bodies for training, we need players that will improve us on the pitch.
  11. Immediate needs: Striker, winger(s), and cover at left back. In the summer, we will need to pursue some more youthful central defenders, pacier players for our flanks, a successor to Baines, and a top quality striker.
  12. I don't know that we should rush to conclusions on players before we've seen them given a chance under a new manager. Most of our players have looked shit this season, and several of them played well today. At any rate, I don't think Gana is a player who needs convincing to assert himself in midfield. If anything, he goes a bit too hard sometimes. I think the keys will be Unsworth (or whoever our longer term manager ends up being) giving them structure, clear tactics, understandable roles, and the belief that will keep them playing on the front foot.
  13. As someone also on the other side of the pond, I can say a large portion of other American fans tend to regard Everton as an afterthought. But, both cities I've lived in as an adult (Buffalo and Philadelphia) have great Everton supporters. It isn't the largest group of supporters (most American fans have only started following clubs in the past 10 years or so and tend to go with those clubs who have seen consistent success more recently), but we are dedicated, know the game, know the club, and we are like family. Side note: Here in Philly, we even have an Everton bar! It feels great to walk in there for any given match and see a crowd in their Everton gear, see Everton memorabilia all over the walls, and do nothing but talk Everton for a few hours. That said, while my fellow Americans tend to treat Everton as an afterthought or a plucky underdog (in other words, with a disrespect indicative of their shallow engagement with the sport as a whole), the European transplants (mostly Spanish, Italian, and German, over the age of 30) I know have the utmost respect for Everton. Their disdain for clubs like Chelsea (a favorite of 18-year-olds everywhere) is palpable, too.
  14. His strength on the ball and his tenacity are really impressive, and he's got skills to pair those traits with. I think he will become a hell of a player.
  15. Silva is going to continue to rise up the ranks, I think. He knows how to organize a side. I would definitely be interested in prying him away from Watford.
  16. When we have two DMs, our midfield is so static. When we put more runners in midfield, we are dynamic in possession. If we could play a 4-1-2-3 or 4-1-4-1, we could be an effective team.
  17. Vlasic's few touches so far have looked nice and tidy.
  18. Honestly, it looks like the players have absolutely zero confidence. To me, that says that Koeman is doing a shitty job.
  19. I'll give you the second. But, he could have stopped the first. All he needed to do was move his feet.
  20. The same Pickford whose mental error gifted them their first goal and who gave up a nice rebound for their second?
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