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  1. Can’t stand her personally because of this. Still whinging in her press conference about not being able to express her emotions on the court. When those “emotions” have included threatening linesmen in the past, I’m glad a chair umpire has finally stood up to her.
  2. Vranny

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    I think if Mina settles well and we can sign Zouma on a perm, it’d probably be time to move Jags on (or into coaching) anyway due to numbers.
  3. Vranny

    Rotherham (Home League Cup) Wednesday August 29th

    To me it’d be like saying we should avoiding finishing in the top 4, as champions league games would provide a distraction from winning the league...
  4. Vranny

    Oumar Niasse

    Still think we need him for cover, unless Silva sees Richarlison or Walcott as striker options. Handy to have him on the bench regardless.
  5. Vranny

    Tom Davies

    This. With Gomes arriving injured it’s only taken Schneiderlin going down for us to need him as a starter. If he’s struggling to get games once Gomes and Bernard bed in loan him off in Jan, but it’d be crazy to get rid of him now.
  6. So what you’re saying Mike is that AEK is an acronym, rather than an initialism 😎
  7. Take out the red card situation and I imagine Digne would’ve subbed in for Baines around 70-80 mins. I imagine that’s probably what will happen in our next game as we ease him into the fold.
  8. Vranny

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    As it stands, with Holgate injured and Zouma not a confirmed arrival yet, I'd still be starting Jags over Keane. A pairing of Mina and Keane against any fleet footed player is just asking for trouble with their turning circles.
  9. Vranny

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    I think that’s a bit harsh on Jags. If the Zouma signing doesn’t go through I’d expect him and Mina to be our main CB pairing this season. Think they’d complement each other well tbh.
  10. Or just Schneiderlein in his prime Don't know what's happened to the guy, but there's obviously a good player in there based on his time at Southhampton, United and his first 6 months with us.
  11. Doubt Bernard has had much of a preseason being out of contract. Reckon he’ll be eased in off the bench, then we’ll actually have an impact sub for once based on who doesn’t impress behind Tosan.
  12. Vranny

    Kurt Zouma

    It's just that the main things I've heard about him are his aerial presence and how he's very much the modern defender in how good he is on the ball and with his passing 😅 My main concerns over him are whether he'd be able to adapt to a more physical, high-tempo league and that (from all reports) he's quite an aggressive, pressing defender who'll probably need a calmer head next to him in defense to keep him in check. Edit: forgot that this is in the Zouma thread, but I am talking about Mina above 🤣
  13. Vranny

    Kurt Zouma

    Are you trying to say that Mina is good or bad on the ball? Because there's a reason a team like Barcelona bought him initially.
  14. Vranny

    Kurt Zouma

    I get the feeling he hasn't been the same since his injury in the 15-16 season. Still managed to play the majority of games for Stoke last season while on loan, but they did get relegated 😕 Loan to buy might be the best option for him.
  15. Vranny

    Ashley Williams

    Your partners all just sound like cliche English tourists to me 😂