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  1. Vranny

    Theo Walcott

    I’m hoping Marco gives DCL a solid run of games upfront after the festive period and sees how Richarlison goes on the right. I’ve been a consistent defender of Walcott, but I think it’s time to give something else a try. Walcott seems tailor made to make an impact off the bench anyway with his pace. In the long run I think we should be looking for a left footer to play that inverted winger role on the right though.
  2. Vranny


    It sounds like a kid trying to fit all of his favourite players into a team on fifa 😂
  3. Vranny

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    I think you’re right, but on the flip side Bernard seemed to suit the inside forward role he played with Digne playing LWB, so it might be worth persevering with.
  4. Vranny

    Manchester City (Away) Saturday December 15th

    I’d be going with a mobile frontline to press their defence, so either DCL or Richo up front. I’d be tempted to go with DCL to help us retain the ball a bit more, while still providing a counter attack and pressing option. I’ve also been a bit worried about Mina, so wouldn’t mind seeing the Zouma-Keane partnership re-established.
  5. Vranny

    James McCarthy

    You could possibly play Siggy up front and push Richo out wide, but I think you’re stretching there mate 🤣
  6. Vranny

    Liverpool (Away) Sunday December 2nd

    I’m actually excited to play them, possibly for the first time ever. We’re in a good run of form, I’m feeling a lot of confidence in our team and I think it’ll be a good opportunity to see where our squad is at.
  7. Leicester was actually the team I thought he might go to next if he stays in the prem haha.
  8. Vranny

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Watch him sign for Liverpool now 🤣
  9. Don’t disagree with that either. I still think he was a very lazy player for us though. If he wasn’t in form in attack, then he certainly wasn’t going to make up for it by helping out with defensive work, like Siggy is capable of.
  10. Vranny

    Man of the Match v Brighton

    Digne would’ve been my MOTM at half time. Caused Brighton a lot of trouble with his runs and crosses. In the end I couldn’t go past two great goals from Ritchie, but he was right up there too.
  11. You don’t have to convince me of Martial’s class. I was another that wanted him as a Lukaku replacement when he was out of favour last season. And I’ve always found Barkley to be particularly lazy for a midfielder. The difference between he and Siggy’s pressing and tracking back is night and day for me.
  12. I really don’t like this view. We’re not talking about top attacking players like Ronaldo and Messi, we’re talking about Martial ffs! If Lukaku isn’t talented enough to avoid criticism for being lazy, than neither is Martial. I feel like this was also your excuse for Barkley avoiding criticism for his laziness under us (and the opposite applies for Walcott). Oh the kid is lazy and lacks a bit of end product/game smarts, but look at his first touch! I’d rather just look critically at all of these players relevent deficiencies, and not just ignore them when they’re a “pretty player”.
  13. 18/30. Not bad for someone only supporting Everton since ‘06.
  14. That was the freekick routine that Walcott scored from. We’ve also had Richarlison score his first goal from a freekick scramble and Keane scored a header too. Don’t think we’ve actually scored one from a corner yet, but the deliveries haven’t been too bad recently, it’s the finishing that’s been the problem.
  15. Vranny

    Theo Walcott

    I don’t really understand the shouts about his attitude. He’s an aggressive winger who’s asked to use his pace to get in behind and stretch defences quite often during a game; of course he’s not always going to be able to get back to help out in defence, but he still does his fair share. My bigger issue with him is always going to be his lack of technique and, to a lesser extent, his finishing/final ball. But I still think the positives definitely out balance the negatives and, worst comes to worst, he’s still an excellent impact sub off the bench.