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  1. Vranny

    ALCOHOL. Found any new drinks lately?

    Inspired by the wine thread opening I was wondering if there are any other beer drinks on here that use a beer reviewing app called Untappd? I’m curious if anyone else can compete with my fairly extensive checklist of beer tastings
  2. If that’s correct (or close enough to) that’s really damning of Walsh’s signings and our last few managers. Pretty embarrassing that the 11th most expensive team in Europe are currently a shite, mid-table club.
  3. I'm with Dunc on this one. I was way more worried about relegation under Koeman and Unsworth than I am now. The above post regarding points of the relegation spots backs that up. Now if we're talking style of play and our future beyond this season however...
  4. Vranny

    Nicolas Gaitan

    I'd be willing to look past his age. He's a pretty exceptional talent when I've seen him play. The main concern would be whether he would be able to adapt to a more physical league though.
  5. Vranny

    Oumar Niasse

    I sort of agree with this, but isn’t the plan to get another striker if they sell Niasse?
  6. Vranny

    January Transfer Window

    @nogsI just don’t think there’s realistically anymore the club can be doing when it comes to bringing through academy and youth players, bar playing the complete u-21 team in the prem. We’re currently bringing through Kenny, Holgate, Beni, Davies, Lookman, Vlasic, DCL (albeit Lookman and Vlasic could be getting more of a look in) and loaning out other top talent like Dowell, Williams and Robinson. Is there a Premier League with more youth in it’s match day squads? The reality of Liam Walsh is that he played 2 or 3 games in about 3 months for Birmingham while on loan. On the flip side Dowell and Williams have been guaranteed starters for better Championship sides, while Robinson has also broken into the Bolton side after a month or so. Obviously with Klaasen we spent $20M+ on him because the top brass thought he’d be providing that much value on the field. That he hasn’t is down to poor scouting/the board/shit luck and hasn’t really got anything to do with youth development.
  7. Vranny

    January Transfer Window

    Also to add to this that doesn’t mean our academy isn’t doing its job. That we’re able to produce the odd first team player (Barkley, Davies, Kenny, hopefully Dowell) and produce a good amount of players that League 1 and Championship team are actually willing to buy off us is all you can expect your academy to do at most.
  8. Vranny

    January Transfer Window

    I just think you’re looking at it from a “Football manager” view point. Not every promising youth player makes it as a prem footballer. That’s just not how the system works. I can name endless amounts of players we’ve hyped as the next youth player to break through (e.g. Vaughan, Baxter, James Wallace, Garbutt, Lundstram, George Green, Ledson), but the reality is their level will only be League 2 to Championship. At best they might get promotion to the prem with one of these Championship teams, but that’s it. That people are saying these players could’ve possibly been squad players shows you that they’re not really missed.
  9. Vranny

    January Transfer Window

    I always had the feeling that he was over here as a developmental loan, rather than being a player that Sporting we’re trying to sell.
  10. Vranny

    January Transfer Window

    Realistically, how many of these players that we’ve let go in the last few years have really come back to bite us on the arse? Gosling ended up a prem footballer, but he wasn’t good enough for us. Mustafi has turned into a good CB, but Moyes wasn’t willing to give him any minutes, so there’s a fat chance he would’ve become the same footballer under him. Shane Duffy is the only one I can think of that could’ve stayed, but again he wouldn’t have got the same opportunities at Everton as he got in the Championship. Everyone else had ended up a decent Championship footballer at best (I.e. not good enough for Everton unfortunately).
  11. Vranny

    January Transfer Window

    Didn’t even notice that bit myself
  12. Vranny

    Nikola Vlasic

    This. Or this. I imagine it’s the sort of deal we’ll be looking to do in the summer though.
  13. Vranny

    January Transfer Window

    I think Joe Williams is the guy we’re hoping developes into a future CM for us. I’m pretty sure he was the one we turned down a bid for from Barnsley too before they got Walsh.
  14. Vranny

    Brendan Galloway

    Then we’d just need to find the next Phil Neville to slot in next to him
  15. This is the other huge issue driving this problem. You can’t really complain about players going down over “minimal contact” when they would never receive a penalty if they were infringed upon, but didn’t go down. This part of the game needs a huge mentality change from the higher ups and refs.