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  1. I'd go with Rafa. With him we'd be pretty much nailed on to be top six and pushing top four by the time we move to Bramley Moore. He's been successful in the UK before and I can look past his previous indiscretion. (Although if I'd been asked a year ago I wouldn't have been able too). We've just got to find someone proven and low risk. All these foreign managers have it all to prove over here. I wouldn't take a risk on Mourinho. That would either go great or incredibly bad. Give Rafa five years. We can sit back and know we'll be in a better place in the end. Boring but we can't go on like this.
  2. I know the fat waiter is in China but if he's got a release clause in his contract would you? One massive downside obviously but plenty of upsides as well.
  3. Please no. Can't believe we are still being linked with him. He was not great in 2011 when this thread was started but would have been a decent signing as money was tight. Seven years on and he's not got better and we have more money.
  4. I think we can take that with a pinch of salt. If Usmanov confirmed he was coming here before transfer deadline day we'd see our transfer targets prices rise along with their wage demands.
  5. Imagine two billionaire owners that are close friends. Usmanov is richer than Abramovich and is looking to really make a statement after being cold shouldered at Arsenal. Just pinched myself, yep not dreaming !
  6. FFS we look woeful at the back. We overpaid over the last 2 years on a shitload of midfielders that couldn't all play and now we decided to play hardball ! ? A real position of need. Just pay and get him in.
  7. No pace in the side... I'm afraid that we're going to be ripped a new one when we play the RS.
  8. Latchford9


    Well pissed off !! Tried to collect prebooked StubHub ticket at Bullens Road. .. massive queue and didn't get in till 3.25.. fancied a beer and started queueing at 3.44 and Rooney goes and scores... queue too big and didn't get the fucking beer !!!
  9. Latchford9


    Hopefully it all clicks into place today as preseason has been a bit underwhelming in my opinion.
  10. Latchford9


    It's so hit and miss. The £106 is the most I've had to pay to get up for a game. I have thought about driving but I like a beer before and after the game and even if I didn't it's too much driving there and back in one day. I'll just have to suck it up !
  11. Latchford9


    I paid £69 including fees for the ticket and the face value was only £45. With train fare from Kent of £106 it gets a bit expensive. Saying that though I'd hate to miss out ... I reckon the Grand Old Lady will be bouncing come 3 pm ..... COYB
  12. Latchford9


    Just been on Stub Hub (at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask!) and bought my ticket... Lower Gwladys 4 . I love the old lady but looking forward to a bigger stadium so more ticket supply or maybe get my own season ticket.
  13. Definitely got a bit of the Pat Van Den Hauwe's about him.
  14. Having a medical according to SSN.... deal worth up to £4.25m
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