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  1. OK we did not let him go then. But did we really try and keep or use him? What i am really saying is that he is providing another club with exactly what we need at the moment. We had it but some of us did not realize it. We might have some more of them around.
  2. Deulefeu had a blinder for Watford against Chelsea. Won them a penalty, scored a great goal and played like a proper midfielder making devastating runs and incisive passes. Why did we ever let him go? Our midfield is non existent at the moment. Maybe Everton must find a manager who knows how to coach a side playing with at least one nr 10.
  3. There is no glue in this Everton side keeping it together. They do not play as a unit. The passing and interplay must be the worst in the league. Part of the problem is the total absence of a nr 10 working his socks off. Our back 4 is not doing the basics right and makes the whole team nervous. As yet we do not have a reliable striker. Gilfy is not a left wing. Roony is no more than a poacher. We do not have enough players capable of scoring regularly in the PL. Walcott will make no big difference. Get a proper nr 10 first - FOR EVERTON'S SAKE !
  4. I will briefly repeat my point of view (unpopular with some): Everton have - 1) a manager problem. Look what the WestBrom caretaker manager managed to do at Tottenham. 2)a captain problem. We look like rudderless team. 3)a squad problem (out of balance), not playing as a team and for the team 4)an experience problem - too many youngsters. We look and play like an under 23 side. 5)a commitment problem - senior players not pitching up, just going through the motions. 6)a striker problem 7)a nr 10 problem - no service, no link, no distribution 8)a passing problem - can't string 5 passes together 9)an attitude problem. Most players play like they are on a go slow strike ala end of Martinez-era. Some players think they are bigger than the game/club. 10)10 defensive problems - too many to mention. We are staring down the relegation barrel big time. Total makeover required urgently. Rather sooner than later.
  5. Thanks Bill - explanation accepted. What I meant was that if I said that about City it would be unwarranted. Hope you understood my explanation for very negative view of Everton's current state of affairs. I struggle to find any positives - my honest opinion. The Everton engine does not need a new part it needs an overhaul.
  6. You make it sound as though i referred to Man City in my comment. Tell me more about all the positives at Everton that I so obviously missed on Saturday Bill. When some seats start going empty at Goodison some fans will clearly blame the seats instead of facing the facts. To encourage an old Everton fan to support any other club is not necessary if you do not share their point of view. Attack my argument and not my person please Bill. I eagerly await your sensible counter argument instead of just another personal attack.
  7. Everton is playing the worst and ugliest football at the moment since the last Moyes days. The squad is totally unballanced. Too many new players. Too many young and inexperienced players. Too many players with enough skill but too little brains. A captain and a stand-in manager who is not mentally strong enough to handle the crisis we find ourselves in. At this rate we shall certainly remain strong relegation contenders. We need a clever manager, strong captain, another striker, a proper nr 10 a better left back and changes at defensive mid. Keane is a liability at centre back as well. Effort alone is not enough in this league. It is a miracle that we did not end up with 10 men yesterday.
  8. With the amount of money splashed on under performing players the last thing Everton now need is an under performing manager. Go for broke I say. Buy the best we can get. A bad jockey can ruin a good horse while a good jockey will get the most out of a bad horse. No need to take chances with a cheapie now. That will be penny wise and pound foolish.
  9. Pickford must be the top conceding first choice goal keeper in Europe by now.
  10. Keep in mind Lyon also has a relatively young squad. We have been comprehensively outplayed ......... again.
  11. Everton also needs an experienced, clever and strong captain on the pitch.
  12. We need a proper manager to crack the whip with this squad. They are individually and collectively not deserving their wages.
  13. Schneiderlin makes basic mistakes. How we miss the stability and cool head of Barry.
  14. I really hope this is the end of Europe for us. We need to focus on PL.
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