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  1. StevO

    Samir Nasri

    Five years ago, yeah! Now, no thanks.
  2. We will be practicing both, on a very regular basis. We just aren’t very good at either.
  3. There is no way the team don’t practice corners. Carlos Carvahal was on Goals on Sunday a while back and said Marcos teams are always well drilled on set pieces. I believe that, I think they all know what Marco wants them to do. The problem is what he wants them to do has been zonal.
  4. StevO

    Jordan Pickford

    You have Nando’s in the states Mark. I saw one in DC a few days ago.
  5. StevO

    Things to do in Washington DC

    It’s mad, I’ve just looked back at a photo I’ve taken and it’s just so strange.
  6. StevO

    Things to do in Washington DC

    Haha no, but it is definitely the shittest embassy in the city.
  7. I think so too. Better off if we have one close to 20 and another two over 10. Spread them around the front four as much as possible. Richalison could get 20, Theo and Gylfi should both get more than 10. If you can get Tosun into double figures and a few from Bernard, DCL and Niasse to top them up it would be much healthier. It was great having Lukaku score lots of goals for us, but when you lose that one player it causes too much damage.
  8. StevO

    Things to do in Washington DC

    We went to the aerospace museum yesterday, mostly because we were walking near by and it was so hot and they have air con. Really enjoyed it though, as a nervous flyer I found it really interesting. Thanks Steve. I wasnted to go in the natural history museum and see some big dinosaur bones but we spent too long in the other museum so missed closing time. We leave DC today, but it’s a really interesting city. It’s so strange to see so many modern buildings in between old buildings. The Mexican Embassy appears to be build not only next to an old building, but sort of over the top of it. Really freaked me out. It’s like something from Inception. Off to Florida now, just got to avoid Hurricane Michael.
  9. I’m more concerned about who will be solid at the back and in midfield. We have a few players who score goals, would always take one more though. For now I’d stick with the front four who started against Leicester.
  10. StevO

    Theo Walcott

    I think Theo knows that ship has sailed. He’s a winger who scores quite a few goals, stick to what he’s good at.
  11. StevO

    Things to do in Washington DC

    Did the Lincoln memorial yesterday and Arlington cemetery (mind blowing place, almost half a million graves for servicemen and women) and the White House. One thing really stood out to me and Mrs Stevo, they don’t really get the idea of “Secret Service” here. Now these are fellas at the top of their game, with a big job on their hands. But they are supposed to be “secret”. They have a bloody big square on their chest with Secret Service on it. Then the card they use, I expected big black SUVs, nope, white ones with Secret Service on the side. Someone needs to tell them what Secret means.
  12. StevO

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Completely agree mate. Never throw an extra defender on for me, just put players in positions with different skill sets and fresh legs.
  13. StevO

    Cenk Tosun

    We don’t have enough strikers to sell any of them.
  14. StevO

    Theo Walcott

    When Marcel and Marco are looking at where the squad needs to be strengthened I doubt they will be looking at the right wing.
  15. StevO

    Gylfi Sigurðsson

    Bailey hit the nail on the head. Got to moan about something.