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  1. They used to be on the club website, I think the shareholders association still keep them on the website though.
  2. As a supporter of 34 years, season ticket holder of over ten and a shareholder (I think 16 years but I’m not sure) I’ve seen the club in a much worse state than this, pretty much every year Bill owned the club we were worse off and run with a very low standard of expectation at the top of the club. I’ve seen that all change massively since he’s come in. The risks may be the clubs, but the greater the clubs risk the less his shares are worth, which then puts the risk back on his toes too. You know I’ll always respect your opinion and you’re fully entitled to it, I just completely disagree with every single point you’ve made. We won’t change each other’s view, so not worth us carrying on the debate. I hope he proves you wrong and I’m sure you’ll be happy about it if he does.
  3. Another right back who broke his leg against Wales? Weird.
  4. These billionaires do it for the bravado, for their ego, so they can tell their other rich mates they have a premier league football club to match the yacht. To say the club is in a worse financial state is ridiculous, have you read the last two years accounts? We are financially stronger. He put money in, with loans that have no repayment date and no interest. We were paying millions in interest alone for the last twenty years. As a businessman surely you can see the difference he has made to how the company is now run? The complete corporate restructure, removing poor performance and bringing in experts in their fields. Yes the on field performance has been poor, he hired the managers, but that’s all he’s guilty of as far as I’m concerned. I know plenty of other shareholders who feel a whole lot more comfortable with what he’s doing than they have for the last two decades of amateurs running the club. People like Denise and Sasha are making a difference, he needs Brands to make the difference on the pitch now.
  5. Any billionaire who’s in football for the money is an idiot, no one makes money owning a football club anymore. It costs them a fortune, unless you own Man Utd and you leverage your assets it’s very very hard to make money and be competitive at the same time. I don’t see why you think we are failing Palfy? Yeah haven’t won anything but we aren’t any worse off than we were under Bill. We’re just about the same, but with a bit of muscle in the market.
  6. I think Mike just asked for more of your reasons for thinking she was a cunt?
  7. I think Chelsea are more stable behind the scenes than out front, they must be to be able to keep sacking managers and still competing. There must be some consistency.
  8. I sort of feel sorry for her, these people manipulate and promise the world to these girls to get them out there. The reality is far from what is promised. I have no idea what the right thing to do in this situation is, there is no winner in any outcome. The kid is a victim as well as an attacker.
  9. I do admire your positivity Mark, but Beni, Galloway and Pennington give me nothing to make me think they will be playing for the first team any time soon.
  10. That’s the image that’s in the leaked doc too. I don’t mind it, interested to see more images. Day time ones especially.
  11. He’s paying lip service to PSG in the hope they come back for him. I’ve no issue with this. Most players who are going to sign for Everton will be for one of two things, the chance to show they can play for a better club or for the money. I expect most players to want both of them things. Look at all the lads at City, think any of them want to play for Manchester City? Or just like the fat pay cheque and the chance to win things? That could be any club, if it all goes to plan under Moshiri that could be our club. Players don’t care. They want to win football matches and get laid a fuck load of money.
  12. I’d like bigger, but I can live with 52k. If legislation allows standing and they could get to maybe 57k with standing I would be happier. My only worry if it’s bigger is from seeing Middlesbrough and Sunderland with big stadiums that were half empty after the initial boom died down (before the relegations). Even City, they are winning league titles and are based in a city that is absolutely booming and they don’t fill it. I’m not so sure we would fill anything as much as 60k on a very regular basis, unless we were competing for the league. Maybe if they made season tickets £250 we would. The whole move is a vanity project anyway, it’s expensive and it won’t make the slightest difference to the money available to spend on the squad (unless we have less to spend for a while).
  13. After looking through I’m quite happy. Didn’t expect a fully world class from head to toe like Spurs have gone for. It looks a good size, looking at the other stadium comparisons it’s good how close all of the fans will be to the pitch. The one thing I hate about modern stadiums where the tiers don’t overlap is the distance half of the fans are from the pitch, no one wants to be sat miles away. Im sure we will see more nice little touches when a full plan is revealed that make it more about the heritage of the site and the history of the club. Not a bad first look. Wouldn’t be surprised if the club made the leak happen to get us talking about something other than the results.
  14. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hGw09UDvLZ1nyw4TDkppyaYX2DoaCFhb/view full 40 page PDF
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