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  1. There may be no evidence to support austerity, but there can’t be much evidence to say keep increasing debt I’m sure. You honestly think that they would reduce spending so people die? You actually think that is the plan of the government? To kill people? I’m not trying to defend their policies by the way. But the idea that there are actual evil people in power in this country who want people to die and actively create policy to make that happen is just daft to me. The UK is two trillion pounds in debt, two trillion. I can’t even get my head around that number. We are paying billions per annum in interest alone. This isn’t a problem that happened just since this Tory government got into power. It’s been getting worse for a long time. I don’t know how to fix it, or how they split the money they have between health care, emergency services, education, I’d hate to be the guy deciding who gets what. There are no winners. Do we all fancy paying more tax to help get more money to these services? I don’t know the answer, I don’t want to defend anyone, but every government for at least the last two decades hasn’t managed to make this better, regardless of the colour of their tie. I’m pretty sure if any of them asked us all to pay 30% VAT it would go down like a lead balloon. We don’t want to pay more duty on fuel or alcohol. We want to pay less tax and national insurance. I don’t see how they can get more money in without taking it off us all. Again, impossible situation. Why would anyone want to be PM? I don’t want this to seem like I think anyone is doing a good job or like I think the NHS is well funded. Quite the opposite as my wife is living through the current sleepless nights that her and her colleagues in the NHS are all going through, whilst four months pregnant. She could do with an extra few quid in her pocket for the stress.
  2. Just remembered why I stopped reading the political threads. I still remember the good old days at the beginning of the decade when the government at the time threw cash at everything. They were glory days. Until the economy crashed and there was no money left. I have no political leaning, I don’t care which party is in power as long as the population is taken care of. I don’t remember a single government who didn’t fuck up. I don’t think a single one has been intentionally cruel, though the outcome of their actions have no doubt been felt that way, the problem with the human race is we all think we are doing the right thing.
  3. I’d play him at home every single game. Away? I’m never convinced. wouldn’t want to let him go though.
  4. Oh, I know this. Just letting you know there is an Englishman in your team.
  5. Browning was born in Liverpool, but I’m sure you can have him as Chinese. Even though he played for England under 17, 19 and 21. His grandad is Chinese apparently, so go on. 😂
  6. I’m happy about that, I don’t want players to score against Everton. I want players who can score against Liverpool, I’ve seen him do that.
  7. Love that idea. I’m pretty sure that second statue is Howard Kendall. I’ve already made my thoughts clear that the home end should be named after him (a link to the current Gwladys Street stand too) and it would be fitting to walk past a statue of him as you approach the stand from the fan plaza.
  8. They are all better than what we have. Not sure about Bale or Ramsey staying fit, but the difference they could make to our team would be huge. Never really seen much of Milik. Sounds like paper talk to me.
  9. The point was to add to the conversation. instead of just “hes shit, get rid” I was trying to get a bit more so we can actually talk about it rather than just single statements. This is a place for conversation after all. If our comments are irrelevant then why do we all keep coming back?
  10. Can I throw in an alternative of poor players? Myhre Hottiger Alcaraz Kroldrup Xavier Degn Tie Castillo Billy Jo Max-Moore
  11. I’m with Pete. McCarthy is 100% Scottish, just plays for Ireland. Just like Kevin Kilbane and Jon Walters are both English.
  12. Southall Coleman Bilic Distin Baines Kanchelskis Arteta Cahill Pienaar Richarlison Lukaku Subs; Weir, Materazzi, Gravesen, Oviedo, Howard, Gana and Eto’o. Couldnt decide between Yakubu and Eto’o for the bench.
  13. You are too diplomatic Mark. It shows me that the people of Manchester are fucking idiots 😂
  14. As you know Mike, I work in the motor trade. Today at 4:30 we still had three people trying to buy cars in the showroom. Also had people trying to get touch up pens.
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