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  1. Good read. I’ve been working on a little Leict based tattoo idea for before we leave GP. Something based around my Dad taking me to the Bullens and now where I sit with friends in Gwladys.
  2. They’ve done a job in the team when needed, but I’m sure they all have ambitions to play every week. I think if that’s what they want they’ll end up elsewhere, if not replaced by more signings in the coming seasons.
  3. I see “not good enough” as someone who isn’t going to be good enough to make the first team, not good enough to make a difference. I just don’t see enough in these lads to see that. Not shouldn’t wear the shirt, they are all good lads, I just don’t think they possess enough talent to make the grade apart from the three mentioned. You know me well enough to know id love nothing more than to be proved wrong by all of these lads. Nothing better than home grown players in the side.
  4. Davies and DCL will play big roles, I don’t doubt that. The others, they will have to go some distance to be good enough to make a career with us. I’m sure they will all have decent careers, but not with teams at the top end of the premier league. Holgate wont be challenging any of our centre backs any time soon, I don’t think he’s good enough at right back for us. Kenny could do with a year playing every week on loan if he wants to improve. Beni has never really impressed me at first team level in his few games, I think he needs a lot more work. Vlasic I do rate, but he’s not as good as our current options and won’t be around much longer I don’t think. Though I’d love him to make the grade at Everton because he’s exciting. The one thing I’m fully certain of is that they haven’t missed out because Marco won’t play the kids, it’s because there are better options.
  5. Then you do agree with me. If better players are ahead they won’t play, so they aren’t good enough. They will all be good players, but if they aren’t better than we have already then that’s not good enough for us. 😉
  6. Holgate, not good enough. Kenny, not good enough. Beni, not good enough. Davies, kept out by two exceptional midfielders. Vlasic, not good enough. DCL, it’s taken until the last few months to get good enough and still has work to do. Debutants, we haven’t got anyone in the U23s ready to push into the team yet.
  7. Ah, the Football Manager/FIFA generation then. Now I get it. Makes sense now.
  8. You ask for exceptional, it’s not that he does anything exceptional. He does everything very simply, very easily. And he does it often and consistently. Can you name many other players who do all of the simple things well and pretty much every week? You are looking for him to stand out, that isn’t the point. It’s that he should blend in. He should not be seen, he should just pop up, get the ball back, move it on and disappear again. You just don’t understand that. If you don’t understand the benefit of doing things simply and often then I don’t think you understand teamwork.
  9. You really don’t know football at all do you? Have you considered an alternative sport to get in to? I don’t think football is for you.
  10. Absolutely tragic! Does this kind of thing make it into the American press? Surely his supporters aren’t ok with this?
  11. Hey lads, we beat United four nil on Sunday. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
  12. And that is the whole point. Goal is a goal.
  13. There will always be a demand for a guy who can put the ball in the back of the net.
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