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  1. 😂 Not shouting, but reiterating that I said that the risk is different with outfield players as there are nine other. Which there are 🤔
  2. Haha don’t think they field 11 OUTFIELD players do they though mate? 😂
  3. Walcott already? He’s only been back one game after having surgery. Bit harsh that.
  4. Of course someone would buy him, he’s a good keeper. But doesn’t mean someone will buy him for a profit or for any sort of big money, or from a club that are lower down the table where he doesn’t want to go. Your idea that we can sell him at big money and buy better for less just doesn’t work. You then have the reason that Pope will be cheap because teams are struggling for money, if they are struggling for money then it makes it harder for us to sell players for good money. Clubs take risks with buying outfield players, there are nine others on the pitch to help reduce that risk. They don’t just take a punt on a keeper.
  5. You know absolutely none of this makes sense right? As others have said, anyone who would buy Pickford would just buy Pope if he was better and cheaper. Fans might not watch every minute of Pickford so think he’s a worldy, but you don’t think football clubs could look at every incident he’s been involved in with relative ease using the scouting software available to them? So if he was that shit they would just see it and then not buy him?
  6. No one else is that arsed about if your opinion is right or wrong to put their own money on it mate.
  7. Went with Keane, he seemed to have a complete shambles going on around him. Played in a few formations with maybe four different players next to him.
  8. Laughing or pulling a tongue as a coping mechanism to deal with a mistake he’s made is not unprofessional.
  9. If we could manage to get James Rodríguez it could be great for the wide left position. Id take Doucoure in the midfield. I’m sure there are plenty of other options out there too, but I don’t know them. Ake would be a great signing, but I just don’t think it’ll happen. We need one centre half though. If we could get a right winger, or a left footed winger, it would give us options. The last few weeks it’s become obvious we need some creativity out wide and some steel in midfield.
  10. Mike has been smart enough to not get involved in this ridiculous argument. 😂
  11. Mark (Romey) trying time add reasonable logic to this argument clearly does not work. 😂
  12. So while the pandemic has hit clubs and they will be willing to sell their players for cheap, which club is going to buy Pickford off us for good money? Your reasoning for making other keepers affordable is the same reason Pickford is unsalable. To add to the issue with Pope; Burnley are letting Hart go, they let Heaton go already because of how well Pope did, so why would they sell Pope for anything less than massive money?
  13. Couldn’t agree more mate. From the players we need in the squad, we have many bigger problems than in goal. No one in midfield can make a tackle. No one out wide can beat a man and cross a ball. For the good form our centre halves are now in, it’s not been permanent so nothing to suggest that this form will continue and four of them are needed anyway for adequate cover.
  14. I’ll keep asking, but how can anyone think we can sell Pickford (who’s going to buy him) and then buy a better keeper for less money? If any selling club knew he was replacing Pickford they would make sure he was more. If we bought the replacement first, any club buying Pickford would try to drive down the price as we would then have to sell him. Add into this equation that every single transfer is a risk, look at the many expensive flops in the team, what says we bring in a “better” keeper and they aren’t going to struggle and maybe not settle in and not be as good as Pickford was? Anyone really convinced we sell Pickford for £30m and Burnley sell us Pope on the cheap? Not happening lads.
  15. Since the return of football after lockdown, how much more steady would you like the back line to be? Five clean sheets would be nice.
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