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  1. Even if we win tomorrow I still see no reason to give it to Duncan. If we do win, we’ll probably get a result against Arsenal too. But going into January we can’t have a temporary manager in charge, the team needs to be strengthened.
  2. Sure that’s not €4m signing on fee and €200,000 per week? I would love to have him, even for just the rest of the season.
  3. Does that say we are getting Ancelotti and Zlatan?
  4. I keep seeing shouts of Rafa, but he plays very defensive football. Our fans would have him hounded out very very quickly. The Goodison crowd wouldn’t put up with the tactics employed at Newcastle.
  5. And not as good. but stays out of trouble.
  6. Now the sacking is done and out of the way I feel sorry for Marco. Seemed a nice bloke and it didn’t work out, just out of his depth. Wish the guy all the best.
  7. Getting him any seat will be a bonus I think Pete. He won’t get one near me, the same fellas have been sat either side of me and my mate for years.
  8. I tried to find out where my Dad was on the waiting list. Got a snotty email back from “customer services” basically telling me that I don’t understand how the waiting list works.
  9. Should have scored, gutted he never put that one away.
  10. I would have gone for Mina, but when conceding five goals I just can’t vote for a defender.
  11. If that’s true it’s crazy that some managers on that list earn more than Klopp. United and Barca could pay their managers half that and they would still be happy to be there.
  12. The amount of times I’ve seen Dom miss time a jump for a header I’d be made up if he won one header against Van Dyke. The man is a machine, I doubt he’ll get touched up any time soon either. Can live in hope though.
  13. Van Dyke could go out on the piss tonight and still be good enough to deal with both of them tomorrow.
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