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  1. Keane was the better player last season. No one was calling for the club to bring Holgate back from loan to go into the first team. Holgate has now improved way beyond anything he has ever done for us before, and hopefully he continues.
  2. I’m not happy with his subs either, but after that first goal went in the players on the pitch should have been able to see that game out. Regardless of who the manager is, we had a lot of experienced lads out there. If that kick off is played back to Delph and then into Pickford we kill enough of the game off. But to lump it and then give away a free kick was just ridiculous. The subs weren’t good, but we had enough out there to get the job done with one minute to spare.
  3. Im not sure if I’d have rather left than see that unfold in front of my eyes.
  4. The way DCL is now scoring I’m quite happy we didn’t get someone in to get in his way.
  5. He looked a threat all night, made up he got his first goal. He looked better after he scored too, maybe more relaxed.
  6. I heard a few people on the radio phone in blaming Carlo for that. If you’re 2-0 after 90 minutes and you don’t win, it’s the lads on the pitch who need to take responsibility. Some logic and communication could have just seen out that win, even at 2-1. I feel sorry for Carlo after that. I think his words in the press and the words spoken in the dressing room might be very different.
  7. Went with Bernard, but I’m still in shock.
  8. The only possible reason I could think would be that he expected the ref to blow up straight away, but then he had enough time to ask the ref how long was left before we restarted the game. very naive I think. Poor game management.
  9. He was very good. I was worried when he looked like he pulled a hamstring, seemed to be ok though. One of the first names on the team sheet at the moment.
  10. He already had that after the Firmino incident. He’ll be fine.
  11. He wasn’t brought in for the player he is now, we got him for the player he could be in a couple of years. Just because there was a big transfer fee doesn’t mean we should expect him to be a world beater today. Judge him in a couple of seasons.
  12. You live in Sandbanks Mike? I knew you were fancy, but didn’t realise you were that fancy!!
  13. Happy that I got the house I wanted, not happy that my garden is still a building site and I’ll still be working on it when BMD is open! Bill tried the bank of Tesco instead.
  14. We couldn’t add any extras onto the mortgage, no banks will let that go anymore. Ended up saving £12,000 to use on all that stuff, made life much easier than when we moved into a house with concrete floors. We were offered turf for free, but I turned it down because I wanted to landscape and use artificial turf. Two years later I’m still working on it 😂 For every freebie taken from the builder we had to give the bank more deposit, about 35% of the value of the free stuff I think. They gave us an equivalent of around £6,000 free, so last minute I’m asking my parents for £2,000 to keep the bank happy. It was worth it though. Bill Kenwright probably tried to get destination Kirkby on help to buy!
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