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  1. StevO

    Cenk Tosun

    Reminds me of the German World Cup winning team. Their strikers were basically a foil for Muller to play off. The same with the France World Cup team where Giroud didn’t even have a shot on target but the players around him scored for fun.
  2. StevO

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    I think we’ll see even more if we could get Bernard playing in front of him and Gylfi further back in the two, dictating the play. He kept everyone moving yesterday, kept them calm and told them what to do. He will be vital to all the good work this season.
  3. StevO

    Idrissa Gana Gueye

    The lad is fighting for his place. He’s heard Marco talking about playing Morgan in there on his own, he’s showing he needs to be in there. More players fighting for their place the better.
  4. StevO


    Enjoyed his link up play with Baines. If they keep on playing well together like that we will keep causing problems.
  5. I agree mate, I was smiling most of the first half just watching them all knocking the ball about and running into space, looking very comfortable and looking like they enjoyed playing. My mate who comes with me was saying that in the second half we were all having a little panic in the crowd, but on the pitch and on the bench they all looked relaxed, like they knew they were good enough to see it out. I thought the same as well about ten of the eleven being there last season. Sam has spent all summer telling the press that we couldn’t play attaching football with the squad he had at Everton. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Looking forward to seeing Bernard in this side.
  6. StevO

    Tom Davies

    I said he won’t get much game time, but forget Beni even getting close, McCarthy will he quite a while yet, Gomes will be taking game time off him but don’t think he’s competing with Bernard. Think the position he will play won’t be where Davies does. I really don’t get what people have seen in Beni in a handful of games. He did ok for a lad of his age, but nothing to suggest he will be in the side any time soon. He is no where near the level of Davies, let alone Schneiderlin, Gana and Gomes. Seems I missed Besic out of the list Mark made, I was going to type something nasty about him but instead I just find it hilarious that anyone could even think about playing him before Davies.
  7. StevO

    Tom Davies

    Played very well when he came on. He will shine under Silva, my only worry is that he won’t get enough game time.
  8. StevO

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Pete, nope. Mark, yep. Last season there was a tactical thing on Soccer AM showing how the press works. The forward (or central) players are only pressing to push the ball out wide, so the wingers can attempt to win the ball. With players like Walcott and Richalison out wide we could do really well with this. Gylfi and Tosun just need to apply a little pressure, which they both did extremely well today and will have the bruises to show it.
  9. In the first half Schneiderlin was fantastic, second half Gana really stepped up to cover for him. Walcott gets and assist and a goal, Richarlison scores again and was a handful, Tosun gave their defence a nightmare (even without any clear chances for him), the back four were sold (including Keane apart from the long ball over his head) one luck get off for Pickford, but Gylfi just dominated. He kept possession, he made up tick, he calmed and dictated the play as we saw the game out. We were unlucky not to win 4-1, I’m very excited by this team!!
  10. StevO

    Ademola Lookman

    It’s not replacing a word, Mike. It’s showing an emotion. Didn’t they teach this in school?
  11. StevO

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Where has Martina gone?
  12. StevO

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Haha I know mate. Pre season is important for the manager to judge, as a fan I don’t think we should though. The manager will be looking at it from a different perspective.
  13. Unless the seats are sold! 😉 i always think if a club is struggling to sell tickets make the ones along the side of the pitch cheaper and push them to be sold first. Or even give them to local sports clubs so they are filled. Have your empty seats at the back where the tv cameras don’t see them.
  14. I agree, we don’t need an empty stadium at all. But don’t think for one minute the people who pay for tickets make any real difference to the money available to the club. The hotel at Stamford Bridge is not owned and run by Chelsea, it’s Millenium Hotels. The new stadium is all about the clubs value, the way we look to the players, the rest of the world, the investors, the broadcasters. The point about it not making money wasn’t to say don’t build a new one, the point was that tv money runs the game. Nothing else comes close.