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  1. Martinez’s last season was a nightmare too. Such a talented squad getting beat at home almost every week and a horrible atmosphere at Goodison, worse than I’ve ever felt, during the last four months or so of his reign. Also most of the 90’s. It only feels so bad this year because we wanted so much. Ah well, the life of an Evertonian.
  2. Rafinha

    Brilliant post!
  3. I agree with pretty much everyone here, but what we are talking about in terms of the DoF role and the set philosophy (I hate that word in football) and a team of staff who all work to the same plan takes time. Not just a year or two. Les Reed did a great job at Southampton, but hes been there almost 8 years. They weren't in the Premier League when he got started there. It all takes time. I'm not saying Walsh is the man, but this is a big change for the club, the day to day running is different. Its not like Bill is used to change either, look a his tenure at the club. Hes always kept people in their positions of years and years. I still think hes part of the problem. We have too many people in good jobs at the club who accept mediocre as an achievement. Real change is needed, not fire everyone and start again. But we certainly need a new CEO, with ambition, and maybe Bills role as a chairman needs to be more of a PR thing than a hands on thing. Whatever happens over the coming years, Moshiri will be propping up the finances and he's going to bring in his own guys, I hope he brings in the right people with the right ambition and the right plan to get there.
  4. Ross Barkley

    As much of a fan as I was of Ross, Sanchez is twice the player!
  5. Oumar Niasse

    Trampoline shins? You are a grown man ffs!
  6. I don’t understand the hatred towards him. We don’t know the ins and outs of his complete role, it’s something we’ve never had before, so why not wait and see what he does. It’s a long term role, not a quick fix. If we don’t see continual progression over a longer period then fine, for me it’s still way too early to judge.
  7. Mark, you’ve no idea the type of football Walsh wants. We are playing to get through a bad situation, we’ll know more in a couple of years if we see a particular style.
  8. Oumar Niasse

    I was talking about Dixie. No one else. But if you think he got to that figure without making the most of poor opponents you’re crazy.
  9. Kieran Dowell

    As the skill of tackling is dying out I’m sure more and more players will be injured from miss timed tackles. Less practice and expertise devoted to learning how to do it properly also reduces the safety in my opinion, especially at the speed of the modern game.
  10. Oumar Niasse

    Not reckon Dixie scored some of them goals against teams down at the bottom? I bet he scored quite a few against them. Just saying like. 60 goals against the top six would be pushing it. 😂
  11. Muhamed Besic

    That’s my point though. He has every day in training to influence that. If six other lads in training look better, chances are they are better.
  12. Muhamed Besic

    If a footballer needs less competition to show he is good enough, he isn’t good enough is he? loved his attitude (might be surprising 😂) but maybe his commitment has been a cause of some of his injuries, I know that’s happened to Wilshire. Might be wrong though.
  13. Muhamed Besic

    I’d rather see you line up on a Saturday afternoon mate, I’m pretty sure you have better discipline and don’t think you can pass a ball like Xavi Alonso. If I wasn’t clear, I’ll give him a lift to the airport, the one in Torino!
  14. Muhamed Besic

    I’ll give him a lift to the airport.
  15. Cenk Tosun

    Good attitude. I hope he turns out good.