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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  2. StevO

    January Plans

    Yeah, you really don’t get it. It’s not about old pros, it’s not about experience in the league. It’s not about what Marco wants. You either get it or you don’t, and you don’t.
  3. StevO

    January Plans

    I thought the same when them two went, I think the club learnt their lesson, or I hope so. I don’t think Mark does have that same concern, which is my point. He said he doesn’t think it’ll have much effect. We all know the effect it had on the squad last time, they didn’t show it on the pitch but everyone knows how much it upset the other lads in the team, ironically the same lads we are discussing now.
  4. StevO

    January Plans

    I don’t see that new approach though Matt. I saw it with Koeman, but I don’t see us just buying 24 players over two years and dropping the old guard. Can you really see the club letting two players like that go in the same year? For me it would be more detrimental than when we brought in any player we could get our hands on for at least £25m, it just pulled the squad to pieces. We’ve now brought in Brands who has a sense about how to run a football club, I don’t think he would make those mistakes.
  5. StevO

    January Plans

    Exactly, Fergie was so ruthless when it came to players. Beckham and Stan just two that come to mind. On the other hand his players like Giggs, Rio and Scholes, they set the example to everyone. Rooney, after he left United he said the standards around the club dropped when these players left. Not necessarily on the pitch, but the likes of people turning up on time, working harder in training, even things like fastening the top button on their shirts on the team bus. He said him and Carrick tried to keep it up but wasn’t the same influence as when there was more of them. These players are vital to a club, even more so a club like ours who has been built on tradition.
  6. StevO

    January Plans

    Then you don’t understand the importance of team spirit, and I don’t think you understand the risk not only attached to bringing in players but also losing them. Do not underestimate the benefit of having good professionals around the club, but having some who know they aren’t first choice and still won’t rock the boat is rare. We have that with Jags and Baines, there is no good reason to lose it.
  7. StevO

    January Plans

    Exactly. Replace these guys with better quality and make them the back up. No need to sell everyone who loses their place. Losing any of Seamus, Baines and Jags would be terrible for the squad.
  8. StevO

    Summer Transfer Window

    As good as he is, I don’t think he would be the kind of statement that would make everyone look. Wouldn’t happen, but a name like Diego Costa (though he would be an amazing signing).
  9. StevO

    Summer Transfer Window

    We need a striker. If Moshiri is serious I think the summer we will need our Robinho. Not so much an expensive flop, but a player to make the world take notice. That player needs to be a striker though. We need to have someone taking chances on a very regular basis. After that it’s just looking for the next player to replace with more quality.
  10. StevO

    Ademola Lookman

    The first thing he did when he came on was hug the touch line, which in turn spreads the defence. It’s not always what you do on the ball that counts.
  11. StevO

    Ademola Lookman

    He isn’t the type of winger to get chalk on his boots. Wants to come inside and not often get goal side of the defence. We need our wide men to pull the defenders apart, he was making it easy for them to stay tight. At one point Gylfi went wide right, I think to prove a point, and was then shouting telling him where to be, but didn’t make any difference. People have been calling for him to start for a while, for me I’d still be playing Theo ahead of him. A very capable sub, but starting a game is completely different. Much more useful from the bench for me.
  12. StevO

    MOTM Newcastle

  13. StevO

    Jordan Pickford

    Nightmare of a mistake after such a good performance. Gutted tonight, don’t want to keep thinking about it.
  14. Haha I would love to see that!
  15. Gomes isn’t meant to be further forward Palfy, he’s meant to be in space to pick the ball up and pass it forward. Gana’s role is now to close down higher up, hence him following the ball more.