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  1. We’ve never had a director of football before, we don’t really know the ins and out of his job.
  2. James McCarthy

    One of my staff took up American football last year, I asked him to watch concussion before he gets too involved. Obviously he isn’t NFL level, but your brain does not need them kind of impacts.
  3. Jordan Pickford

    I hope he plays on Thursday.
  4. I agree with a lot of points here. But for me Tom Davies was head and shoulders above anyone on that pitch. DCL did brilliant, unlucky not to be celebrating a perfect hat trick, Niasse had a great moment but still showed he has a worse first touch than Rom (still made up for the lad).
  5. I agree that we used to like them. Back then they looked great, but we’ve been to these modern stadiums since and they look pretty crap and dated already. I like brick stadiums, that one in particular I’m not sure about. I love what Chelsea have done with their design around brick work. I think red brick should be used as it fits in with the docks, but I’m a traditionalist.
  6. Taking the longer term view

    I love your optimism Steve, I really do. But history tells us the list of youngsters you have on there won’t all make it. Besic for all his effort just isn’t good enough. If anyone watched that the other night and still think he’s the answer I’m baffled. The lad puts a lot in, but lacks quality in the basics and isn’t tactically good enough. Against a premier league side he would have been punished a few times. I’m trying not to be negative, but I am still impressed with DCL and Davies. Kenny did enough to keep his place.
  7. Ross Vs Gylfi Vs Davy

    I hope so Bill. I just think there’s so much more to it than him wanting to go.
  8. Ross Vs Gylfi Vs Davy

    All very capable players. Davy will take a bit of time. Gylfi is a very very good player. But for me Ross still has the ability to produce something special (I know Gylfi scored from miles out the other week) and I do think he has been missed a lot. Ross out wide could be a massive help for the team.
  9. I don’t want modern, but I don’t want old fashioned either. It just needs to be good, do it’s job and not look crap in ten years. That’s why Dan earns the big bucks and we chat about it on a forum ?
  10. Angry Birds sleeve sponsorship

    In terms of a global brand I think it's very good. Huge exposure for the club. Loads of teams are having these sleeve sponsors, I don't like it but got to move with the times I guess.
  11. Ronald Koeman

    I've heard he makes them wait until everyone is there, not particularly waiting for him. So the team and staff eat together at the same time.
  12. Pickford is a lovely keeper, and Stek is a good looking bloke. There appears to be naked photos of Nicole Scherzinger (spelling) all over the Internet (I do not need to know if they are not real)(the photos or the boobs). Who can be upset when that delightful woman has her kit off? Even Jimmy Martin would let her throw her socks on the floor.
  13. Jimmy always puts a shift in, never in doubt!
  14. Ronald Koeman

    Pace and width please. Thanks.
  15. Michael Keane

    Won't happen mate.