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  1. Good read. I like the three tiered plan for new players and Brands making a detailed presentation to get them involved. Love that level of detail.
  2. Haha I always think it’s young lads. I’ve got two apprentices and one of them uses hand cream every day, he’s a snowflake! 😂
  3. I always remember Yakubu, Anichebe and Saha being in the same match day squad and a fella a few rows down getting really out of order in the things he was saying. I remember being very uncomfortable, but I wasn’t strong enough to put a stop to it. Stewards at the tunnel steps just stood there and said nothing. Mike, you’re way too old to be a snowflake. 😂
  4. Where do you sit Pete? I’ve noticed no more kids at the match than when I was younger. Not sure about women, there are two who I see at the match every time, but they’ve gone since way before I was born, but not really noticed. The only change in people’s inhibitions that I’ve noticed is that there isn’t as much racism as there used to be.
  5. I’m not talking about since Moyes left, it’s been way longer than that. The atmosphere has been dead for ten years plus. Not sure what you mean by switch in demographics and culture though.
  6. I want to change my vote to what Matt said. 😂
  7. Did it harm anyone or harm the club? They had a go, some will like it others won’t. Did you leave your flag on the floor or did you wave it at the time to join in? How many years back are we talking about that one off atmosphere Pete? Goodison has been dead quiet for years apart from the odd game and every Derby.
  8. In Kean and Iwobi we have a couple of fresh and talented attackers who we’ve not really seen play yet. They might bring something different to the table, but we’ll have to wait and see. It’s early in the season yet, we’re undefeated and haven’t conceded a goal. Just wait and see for now.
  9. Yeah we’re too cool for flags, leave that to the reds. We’re too cool to sing too, kopite behaviour that. Dont know if you remember the days of having an atmosphere at Goodison Pete, but it’s not been in the last few years apart from the odd game. At least they have tried something, didn’t like the flags myself (turned my hands blue from holding onto it in the first half) but having a go is no issue for me.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. It’s only here because Pete said he thinks most people agree with him that we will be better off without Gana. So getting a bit of opinion. Seems most people don’t agree. The majority seem to think we either aren’t better off or just don’t know yet.
  11. I want to see Kean playing more, but I went with DCL. I only think DCL should start while we have Lincoln next. Kean must start the Lincoln game.
  12. I get the rules Sparty, it just looked to me like he brought him down without winning the ball. If you bring a player down without winning the ball it’s a foul. My whole point being that VAR was to be brought in to make decisions right, to sort out the black and white, but now it seems like it’s there to just for the sake of it. They don’t want to over rule referees, they don’t seem to be telling the ref to go and look at the screen themselves. I know it’s early, but from the last two weekends I’m losing faith already. Mina has kept two clean sheets though.
  13. There was a girl behind me who had the same. Was a really nice touch.
  14. Looked to me like he brought Geri down but didn’t get a touch on the ball.
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