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  1. Done other clubs buying players left right and centre? Apart from Real Madrid nothing much has happened yet. Chill out Palfy, it’s early.
  2. Football matches are 90 minutes, I hope the sponsors are putting up enough cash for this.
  3. While there are still tournaments on going and holidays and things, everything will be delayed.
  4. Looks like he’s been doing a bit more with the local Evertonians.
  5. For the money he would cost I’d rather throw it at Neres.
  6. I know, I’d never stop going there. But the things that are happening are just so disappointing. Then the young politicians who actually seem to have a moral compass are made out to be the villains. Just blows my mind.
  7. This week I’ve seen a lot about the camps on the southern boarder, I’ve found it massively disturbing. I’ve been more disturbed that the press (Republican) seem to be more concerned about Ocasio-Cortez calling them concentration camps than they are about how people are being treated. People in over crowded cages, open to the elements, one toilet, no beds. It’s frightening. I don’t understand how the rest of the civilised world isn’t putting pressure on Trump to shut this down. Post below with just a tiny part of the issue on show, children shouldn’t be given tooth brushes and soap and should sleep on concrete floors. Indefensible. But this morning I’ve seen a 15th woman talk about Trump raping her. But nothing is going to happen, no one will even look into it. The White House release a statement saying he hasn’t even met this woman, even though the article in which she discusses this shows a photo of them both with their partners. The last few days have left me feeling sick at the state of that country, a country I hold very close to my heart. I’ll be making what I think is my 20th visit in October, but I’m losing the enthusiasm at the moment.
  8. If we really want to break into that top four, three of the teams above us look as vulnerable as they have been for a long time. If we can do it, now is the time to jump at it. It’s still a massive task and I don’t think it will happen, but I really hope we do.
  9. I love Alabama, but I hate journalists.
  10. He can take September off 👍🏻
  11. I would suggest that you can’t really blame Walcott for the manager preferring him. Blame the manager.
  12. Very very happy about this. If we lost him I’d have been concerned with the management. Can’t put a price on knowledge, experience and being a positive influence on others.
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