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  1. StevO

    William Carvalho

    Not at all, but when you play against some of the best players in the world it’s not exactly easy to stand out.
  2. “And it's also about working really hard to reclaim 'Our Everton’ and get back a little of what we've lost over the last couple of years and that's really important to the Board, it's a key priority to the Board. “And making sure all the changes we have made, and all the decisions we have made, are taken in the 'Everton Way' and will be delivered by a team in the 'Everton Way'.” she gets it.
  3. She’s very impressive. I thought she was great for EitC, but I really hope she is a success. She’s got all of the blue in her that Bill has, but without the fairytales and with the right qualifications.
  4. StevO

    William Carvalho

    Can we also take into account he was playing against Spain’s midfield?
  5. StevO

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Post of the day! 😂
  6. StevO

    Wayne Rooney

    If Blue Bill didn’t sell Wayne there would be no club to keep him. Don’t blame the 18 year old kid, blame the mismanagement of the club that was accepted by the masses.
  7. We have not bought the site, but we have an agreement that we buy it subject to planning permission. We do not yet have plans to submit because the whole package, including funding is not yet in place. These things take time Rubes, we’ve seen them rush crap projects before and they thankfully fell through. What they want to do here is a lot more ambitious so will take longer. Relax mate, it’ll be fine.
  8. StevO

    Davy Klaassen

    If we loan him out for two years and they don’t take the £20m option, he’ll then be three years into his contract and worth pretty much nothing in the market.
  9. StevO

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    I’d love us to sign him.
  10. StevO

    James Maddison

    It was from a report about six years ago that players from your U21 (at the time before U23) if one player makes it to be a first team regular you have bucked the trend. At the time the rate was just under 5% in the premier league, I would think it’s lower now with more and more foreign players coming in and the need for instant success growing.
  11. StevO

    Wayne Rooney

    Haha this!!!
  12. StevO

    James Maddison

    Less than 5% of kids who come through the ranks make it to premier league standard. It’s not something the club are doing wrong. It’s hard enough for a player to make a living out of the game, even harder to reach elite level.
  13. StevO

    Wayne Rooney

    Gylfi, Rooney isn’t and never had been a good penalty taker. He always seemed to get the responsibility because he is good under pressure and his stature in the team. He misses on a regular basis.
  14. StevO

    Marco Silva (manager)

    I get that Mark, just throwing the amortisation spanner into the works anyway.
  15. StevO

    Marco Silva (manager)

    When a player is bought their transfer fee is spread across the accounts for the duration of the first contract. So taking a loss on players in the term of the first contract is very expensive from an accounting point of view. To lose maybe £20-30m across four players, while still paying out the £100m it cost to buy them would be too big to take. Keane is going no where, it just isn’t happening. Bolasie might be worth taking the hit, but no one will pay anything decent for him after his injury and then no form. If we could get back what is owed in the accounts it wouldn’t be so bad. Klassen might be ok to move on as he looks a massive flop, but finding someone to give us a lot of that money back might be tough. I don’t see the point in moving Schneiderlin on. When he’s on form he’s one of our best. He needs chance to work with the manager for me.