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  1. Muhamed Besic

    Maybe each transfer is based on it own merits and takes into account length and value of contract, other bids on the table, age and fitness record of the player and a few other variables that make each transfer unique, and not moronic at all?
  2. Man of the Match v Brighton

    I thought Gylfi was brilliant until he took that knock, then seemed to go a bit quiet. Baines was like himself from about four years ago today. Bolasie beat his man over and over but his end product is still shocking. I went with Jags though, we needed a solid centre half performance and someone to keep it steady. Won everything, and kept Keane calm too. Not made a huge difference having Jags, Baine and Coleman on the pitch together for the first time in ages. Though there was still panic in the crowd when they got near our goal, there wasn’t panic on the pitch.
  3. Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    Nope, if Kane doesn’t play England need a striker who scores goals. Unfortunately that’s not Dominic.
  4. I agree with pretty much everything you say there Mark, but he isn’t the chief scout. Though his expertise is in finding players his role is now to run the playing side of the club, not just to find the players. He’s got a whole team below him for that. We’ll never know the inside and out of his role, I don’t think we ever should really as that’s all internal politics. Im very unhappy about how things are going, but until I know what his actual role is I’m finding it hard to throw the book at him. I know we’ve had lots of failed negotiations, but now we don’t know if they were him or Bill. Not trying to defend the guy, but not wanting to criticise him too much either as I don’t know enough about his role.
  5. Arsene Wenger

    Not going to happen.
  6. Very late reply there Mark. Didn’t realise that was so far back.
  7. Then what was the point in having a DoF? And why assume Walsh can’t negotiate? What’s he doing with his time? We don’t know what his role entails, but he’s not on the training pitch, so what does he do all day? If he’s doing some negotiation why not do all of them?
  8. Nikola Vlasic

    Not renewed mine yet. No doubt that I will, but I’m normally rushing to get it done. This lad needs more chances, he’s better than Bolasie.
  9. Michael Keane

    Don’t get me wrong Dunc, Barnes got goal side of him a few times and played ok. I didn’t think Barnes looked a world beater and I didn’t expect him to score on any occasion (although he took his goal well). I was more disappointed with Williams as the senior man at the back not taking control of the situation.
  10. Mason Holgate

    he should start on Saturday
  11. Michael Keane

    I don’t think he was as bad as Williams, and I don’t think Barnes ripped him a new arse hole like sky sports and Carragher would have you believe. He was poor for the goal but I wasn’t worried about Barnes.
  12. I think the home form is just about good enough for a couple of wins and a draw Mike. I want him gone, as soon as possible, but I want a replacement lined up first. None of this crap like we had last time, weeks and weeks without a manager and a caretaker in charge. Unsworth isn’t the answer, he’s not good enough. To even consider him based on having similar stats to Sam is crazy. We need better than that, now I don’t know who that is, but it’s not my job to. I’d much rather see Sam stay for another month, and in that time see a new experienced CEO put in place, or Denise given the role and a chance to be a part of moving the club forward. Then replace the people underneath, not too arsed about Walsh as I still don’t know what his role consists of so I can’t judge him on it. We need a new manager, it needs to be a long term replacement and he needs to have a plan. No more wasting money on random players and see what happens. We need a long term plan with a short term strategy to improve the first team. We have the core of what could be a good team, maybe four key additions would be enough to improve us without the massive change we had in the summer and keep some stability. Change needs to happen, but it needs to be planned, not knee jerk.
  13. Muhamed Besic

    Good luck Mo. Hope you enjoy it there and stay with them and cement a regular first team place.
  14. Mason Holgate

    I hate the welsh. I also hate the English. Most Evertonians do my head in. Fuck it, I hate everyone! apart from my Mum, she’s brilliant.
  15. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    Good player.