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  1. StevO


    Just watch a YouTube video. He’s very very right footed. Looks talented though, tracks back and works hard too.
  2. StevO


    Is he left footed?
  3. StevO


    I think a move he made years ago shouldn’t be used to judge him as a player. The lad has bags of ability.
  4. StevO

    Lucas Digne

    I hope he’s good if we have signed him. Has anyone actually seen enough of him to form a solid opinion?
  5. StevO

    Elephant in the room

    I think deadline day will see a lot of our players leave. I’d expect a few youngsters (the older of the U23s) to leave as well.
  6. StevO

    Away Kit - 2018/19

    I like it. But not having pink names and numbers in premier league games will annoy the hell out of me.
  7. StevO


    That would be ideal!
  8. StevO


    Don’t know the slightest thing about the guy, left footed?
  9. StevO

    Ademola Lookman

    Has he though? The kids never given an interview. Never had direct quotes leaked. We love a bit of speculation.
  10. StevO

    Sandro Ramirez

    I love your positivity Mark. I’d have a headache if I had even half the positivity you do. 34 years of being a blue will beat it out of you, I promise you’ll see one day. 😂
  11. Beef Wellington is just too complex for a 16 year old kid to heat up on minimum wage, so we will never have such luxury at a foodball match. And if you can’t have it with a nice glass of red, it’s just a waste. I’m hungry.
  12. Just get microwave burger at the match I think, rustlers is it? Horrible!
  13. Maybe he doesn’t have long left on his contract? its not the transfer fee that dictates the players ability. Trust the people to do the job and see what happens on the pitch.
  14. I used to work a few hundred yards down the road, some days I would go out to the car park and it would stink. Not sure it was all from the sewage works though, a lot goes on down there and the river can stink too.
  15. Spurs have only been at this level for maybe the last four or five years. We need to plan for the future. From the pictures Meis let our already, the opposite end to the home end looks like it could be extended if need be. With it only having the single tier, and the same roof line as the rest of the stadium. Obviously that would mean securing part of the sewage works down the line but it could be in the plans if it was needed. Just a thought anyway. I can live with 55,000 though, as long as it feels special inside.