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  1. The penalty shootout at Chelsea is all I ever need to remember him for.
  2. StevO

    Jordan Pickford

    Didn’t hear a thing about it.
  3. StevO

    Ademola Lookman

    I understand the situation he was in Matt, just don’t need to be told it again from his international manager. Everyone at the club kept quiet over this during the summer, including the player, but this is the second time he has spoken public about it. I’m used to players talking rubbish to the press on international duty, but when their managers do it I just don’t find it helpful to anyone involved.
  4. StevO

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    Much easier opposition for the u21s than in the prem. I’d love to see him score at that rate for us.
  5. StevO

    Jordan Pickford

    Though I don’t think he’ll be in a rush to move, if they genuinely wanted him he would want to go. They would just offer triple his wages and he would have his head turned, there aren’t many players who turn them down.
  6. StevO

    Seamus Coleman

    You do know barm is short for barm cake right?
  7. StevO

    Ademola Lookman

    I hate that kind of thing. If he wants to play he needs to prove it to his manager on a daily basis and be better than those around him. Earn it! Don’t need to be hearing from his international manager.
  8. StevO

    Emiliano Sala

    Because these players carry less risk, their ability is already there and their mentality at that age is probably stronger than that of a 22 year old. Add into that more chance of a settled home life and a bit more reliability. The 22 year old might be a worldy in two years, but he might spend his evenings out with anyone he can get his hands on and start slacking the next morning. Just one point of view anyway.
  9. Great news. I’m currently working with a United fan who’s fuming that his season ticket is more than double mine, he has to have auto cup scheme and it’s a set £52 regardless of opposition and competition.
  10. I’m still gutted Barkley isn’t in this side, I think he just didn’t take to Koeman’s personality, he won’t be the last though. I hoped Sam would have put everything into getting him to stay, but his first press conference he pretty much gave up on that.
  11. At that level the money doesn’t come into it, they are all millionaires and most want to play out of a love of being a footballer. I agree Tosun wanted the opportunity and it’s not quite gone for him yet. I think anyone else it’s not worked out for is out of the door already. Still time for Tosun yet though, fingers crossed for him.
  12. StevO

    Nikola Vlasic

    Made the pass for Croatia’s goal according to Sky.
  13. The Everton highlights aren’t put together by the club, they are done by Premier League TV. So probably still not fair but for a different reason.
  14. Nothing stopping you posting all those stats mate.
  15. StevO

    Marko Arnautovic

    His brother is his agent. Ability wise I’d have him all day, he’s got the lot! Just too much of a bell end.