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  1. When Carlo came in DCL was scoring goals, he was crap after lockdown but so was everyone. First game back and bags a winner. Nothing to worry about yet. I think he can get 20 in all comps this season.
  2. Pulling what celebration? He just walked off?
  3. I said to my mate that Gylfi had done fuck all apart from that corner, just as he put the ball on Kean’s head. I thought he was too quiet, for a player of his experience and supposed quality against a team like that, I want more.
  4. Imagine not wanting Everton to win a trophy? Nope. Can’t do it.
  5. I was very impressed. I’m sure people have seen me downplay youngsters and inexperienced players, but he looked very good. The best thing for him at the moment is we have the next round this time next week, so he will get another run out to build a bit more confidence and momentum.
  6. I know it’s only Salford today, but even Spurs and the end of last season, he looks to have really stepped up a level. He made comments about getting an old coach he had at United to help him work on his game. Maybe that made a big difference. Whatever it is, he’s looking good and hopefully it continues.
  7. I remember when my Dad first took me to Goodison Park. We sat in the lower bullens against Leeds United, I was so excited. I didn’t stay focused for more of the game, I remember reading all the advertisements around the ground but I was only little and got bored. The one thing I do remember from the day was walking through the cemetery, just as you come over the hill and the stands rise out of the ground with all that blue framework, my Dad says to me “I hope we make a good profit this year lad”.
  8. This is the bit his fans loved him for, and his detractors just thought he was out of position. He was doing what he was asked to do and do it well. And I can’t believe I’ve got myself sucked into this.
  9. I wish we had won enough trophies to act so snobbish about the league cup. I’d rather we followed neither the Leicester or Swansea approach. I’d follow the City approach, and they just seem to keep picking this trophy up.
  10. But if they didn’t think the Latin population of Miami would be interested then why would they do it? Any why look at opening an office in Miami or south Cali all of a sudden? Now we have lots of South American players?
  11. 7th, but we’ll get into Europe because top four teams winning both cups.
  12. Mark don’t you think the Latin American football fans would have an interest in James? Or are they strictly only interested in their own country of heritage? The money spent in Miami might have been a waste.
  13. My thoughts exactly. If we could involve him in a deal like that it would be brilliant.
  14. Just had to check what thread I was in then. The midfield three of Gomes, Allan and Doucoure is proper exciting for me. Can’t wait to see more of it.
  15. He may not be better that today’s line up, but we need options. He is better than Bernard, Walcott and Iwobi. In the system we played today he may not be suited, other games he might. It would be nice to have options in the team to change things when needed.
  16. This lad is special. Very surprised he played for so long today, but how much class did he show?! So exciting. He needs to be nowhere near the Salford game on Wednesday night. Can’t wait to see him against West Brom now.
  17. I thought he was brilliant today, apart from a bit of luck in front of goal. Another day he could have had a hat trick. More to come from him.
  18. Pickford, Mina and Keane all looked absolutely solid. Must make a difference having a midfield in front of them who can do a lot of the hard work. Really encouraging.
  19. Went with Doucoure, but could have been anyone. Brilliant. Shame we didn’t get a couple more goals.
  20. He looked no different to any other player celebrating in front of an empty stadium to me.
  21. Carlo has been very bold there. Putting them all in. Shows what he thinks of the midfield from last season.
  22. 1) Player of the season: Doucoure 2) Young player of the season: DCL or Gordon 3) Top Scorer: Richarlison 4) Most assists: James 5) Surprise Player: Keane 6) Final league position: 7th
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