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  1. They very rarely comment on rumours, ins or outs. I think it’ll happen though.
  2. Bit harsh on Hudson Odoi, the kid only got in the team a handful of times. If Bayern were offering the kind of money reported then I expect the lad to be a good player. They are not mugs. Also dont think you’ll find anyone here claiming that there are any “new Messi” anywhere to be honest. English or not.
  3. Amortisation only counts on the length of the initial contract doesn’t it? So we wouldn’t take the hit on Mirallas, but we might on Besic?
  4. I’m looking, I just don’t see this image.
  5. If we started paying up contracts it adds up quickly. A player on £40k per week with one year left would be £2m. They have to recoup what they can.
  6. They are having a select meeting the night before the consultation starts, but I’m sure they have said they will start broadcasting the images as they are shown at the meeting. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1277893/everton-fans-to-get-stadium-design-preview The event will coincide with the online release of the designs via evertonfc.com, peoples-project.co.uk and each of the Club's official social media accounts.
  7. Aren’t they launching the plans online at the same time as the preview at The Titanic?
  8. Wolves have a very good side as it is. I’d see them consolidating themselves as a top ten team, but with Europa I think they will struggle a bit in the league.
  9. I always thought he played from the right for Real, with Ronaldo playing from the left. But then I’ve not seen that much of him.
  10. I get that, but it might be to raise the awareness of the issues. He seems a very caring lad, him calling out the government for better education a few weeks ago too.
  11. Apparently he was fit for over 70% of the games last season (according to his agent, so pinch of salt) he just didn’t get picked. If he could play in 70% of our games I think he would make a huge difference. Couldn’t keep paying him at that level though.
  12. The first home game of the season will be very exciting. The season doesn’t start until the first home game for me.
  13. I’d take him all day long, could just put him up front.
  14. But he could be with us in January? That’s not too bad.
  15. He’s not changed it. He’s sees the formation we played last season as 433.
  16. Extra money in the door, good news. USM as training wear sleeve sponsor is a new idea to me.
  17. It really doesn’t mean we are getting run over in midfield. If he’s that bad he won’t play. Lost faith in Marcel already?
  18. If he’s playing, and continuing to play, then he must be playing well to keep his place. So if he is, I’ll be happy with that.
  19. Don’t start bringing rationality into this!
  20. Number 8 Gomes moves to 21. Im not happy!
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