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  1. Yeah, so I’m not sure why you brought him into this in the first place then. So what was your point about Bolasie and what’s it got to do with Niasse being shit? No one was saying him or anyone else is a show pony. So I’ve no idea what you’re on about.
  2. Haha mate, you just brought him up as a player full of tricks who didn’t make it at Everton. Now I’ve fully lost what your point about Bolasie really was. It read to me that he was a good player but didn’t make it because Evertonians didn’t rate him.
  3. My point was more his injury ended his Everton career more than anything.
  4. You’re only two years older than me. It’s crazy that we were in the same town at the same time but had very different experiences. My primary school didn’t do any rugby, they did in my high school but it was very much a football school, and cricket. Loads of scousers where my mum and dad lived too, when I moved out most of the street were from Liverpool (weirdly two Scottish families), too many reds in their street back then.
  5. Again, have you seen anything in Niasse’s game, other than stats on a screen, to suggest he should play before DCL, Richarlison or Kean? No judging a book by its cover from me, he plays for Everton so I want him to do well. Bolasie was doing just fine until his body let him down and he never got back to that form.
  6. I always hear about St Helens being rugby first, but I lived there for years and I only knew two lads who played rugby and not football (one of them is currently playing in Super League). All the rest of us played football. We were on the side of St Helens that was closer to Rainhill and Whiston so maybe there was a bit more of a Liverpool influence, and pretty much everyone’s parents were from Liverpool, so maybe that’s why we didn’t have much rugby influence on us. I got lucky in that four of my friends around there were all from Everton supporting families, made life much easier when Everton were shit to have others suffering too.
  7. So for that reason we should only buy young players who will be more valuable in the future and not buy players who are at their peak now? What happens if those young players don’t get better and their value decreases? I want players who can improve the team now.
  8. If you’re a selling club then that’s an problem, if you want to be at the top end of the league it needs to be more about the impact on the team not on the accounts. On Gylfi, signing a 27 year old on a five year contract wasn’t bad. It’s the price you have to pay to get players in their prime. We have to have experienced players in the team, it’s an absolute must. They have to be the right experienced players, but that means having lads who aren’t 23 on the pitch. If only we had a 34 year old Gareth Barry on the pitch on Tuesday night, or even Phil Jagielka for that matter. If this lad is the experienced player Carlo wants in his team he’s the player we need.
  9. The club don’t seem too concerned about it. If we were in breach we wouldn’t do it. The club would make it absolutely clear that if FFP was a reason for us not buying players we would know about it. It would just shut the fans up straight away.
  10. Don’t remember not supporting Everton, must have been my Dads influence.
  11. If he is that good why not? We can’t buy everyone as an up and coming talent, we need to buy players who can come in and do the job right now. If Carlo thinks he will help the team then we need to trust his judgement. If we get four years out of him then it’s job done.
  12. Not trying to be funny, but as the only person who wants to see him play, what have you seen in him that is more useful than DCL, Richarlison or Kean for him to warranty playing instead of one of those lads? And, to be funny, have you ever actually seen him play? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every minute he’s played for the first team, I can promise you, he’s shite. Finally, Marcel Brands stood you at the AGM and said he’s trying to get rid of him.
  13. This is just spam. Nothing but spam. If you two want to play this game can you take it to PM please?
  14. He can try his best every time, and he does, but his best is nowhere near good enough.
  15. Would you play him in the next six games?
  16. He wasn’t starting regularly for Koeman, so he didn’t think he was up to much back then. The lad has always had potential, but he’s never played at this level of his ability before now. Only Pete could turn a topic about how one of our players has been playing so well into an argument.
  17. Keane was the better player last season. No one was calling for the club to bring Holgate back from loan to go into the first team. Holgate has now improved way beyond anything he has ever done for us before, and hopefully he continues.
  18. I’m not happy with his subs either, but after that first goal went in the players on the pitch should have been able to see that game out. Regardless of who the manager is, we had a lot of experienced lads out there. If that kick off is played back to Delph and then into Pickford we kill enough of the game off. But to lump it and then give away a free kick was just ridiculous. The subs weren’t good, but we had enough out there to get the job done with one minute to spare.
  19. Im not sure if I’d have rather left than see that unfold in front of my eyes.
  20. The way DCL is now scoring I’m quite happy we didn’t get someone in to get in his way.
  21. He looked a threat all night, made up he got his first goal. He looked better after he scored too, maybe more relaxed.
  22. I heard a few people on the radio phone in blaming Carlo for that. If you’re 2-0 after 90 minutes and you don’t win, it’s the lads on the pitch who need to take responsibility. Some logic and communication could have just seen out that win, even at 2-1. I feel sorry for Carlo after that. I think his words in the press and the words spoken in the dressing room might be very different.
  23. Went with Bernard, but I’m still in shock.
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