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  1. Not sitting on the fence at all Palfy. And I’m not looking for an opportunity to say I was right or wrong, all I’m bothered about is what’s best for the club. If you can tell me a manager who can take over I’ll tell you if I think it’s worth moving him on or not. I don’t want him to be sacked and then have a month of Unsworth. I also don’t want him sacked and see Hughes or Moyes come in. If we can’t get someone better it’s not worth sacking him, and for me that goes for any manger. It’s not a tough concept. The club speak to managers they think would be an upgrade, if they can get one of them sack him and upgrade. If they can’t, stick with what we’ve got. We can’t sack him without someone else lined up and end up with an Unsworth/Allardyce saga. That doesn’t help anyone.
  2. I think the problem with that would be attracting a £40m striker to Everton. I think the best chance to strengthen might be to pick up Giroud (if his missus will let him) in January, but he doesn’t score goals either.
  3. He’s been bought as a player with a lot of potential, I don’t think the club expected the finished article to turn up and be ready from day one.
  4. It is the same. I’d love us to play like Leicester myself, but they have a solid foundation at that club. Even through managerial changes they have seemed to keep a level of consistency and a reaping the benefits. We’ve had repeated wholesale changes. We are a million miles away from them, but take Vardy out of their team and they aren’t half as effective. To be clear, my post wasn’t deafening Silva in anyway (if anyone even thought I was they must have missed my paragraph saying I’d still replace him if we can get someone better), but I was asking people’s thoughts after winning three of the last five games.
  5. I’d quite like what City do too, but it’s not realistic at the moment is it? Leicester have the most clinical striker in the league in the team, makes a huge difference.
  6. Im not Silva biggest fan, and I’m dying to see more of Kean, but that reads like a kid who plays too much FIFA wrote it.
  7. Wasn’t a big part of the injury from the right back coming in too?
  8. So, in our last five games; win against Southampton draw against Spurs win against Watford loss against Brighton win against West Ham Are things still terrible? Before West Ham I wanted him gone, IF we could get someone better. I’d still replace him if we can get someone better (no idea who that might be), but I’d rather he just carry on picking up results and make a success of things and have some consistency.
  9. Couldn’t agree more with that, it’s been pretty annoying.
  10. The norm for a cynical foul like this is a yellow. This one was unlucky, there probably was a bit of afters from Son after he thought he’d been elbowed, but he’ll make that same challenge 100 times in his career and there won’t be an injury. This one is a freak event and it’s horrible. It’s compounded by Aurier coming in, if he doesn’t get in there I don’t think the injury is half as bad. At the end of the day it’s done, no one can take it back. Son’s red card has gone and that won’t change either. Gomes has taken a terrible injury, we can only hope he comes back the same player.
  11. I’ve no issue with anything he says in that article at all. It all makes sense.
  12. Only caught the second half, but we’ve missed Gomes! He looked great. Also, nothing wrong with that Mina goal at all for me. Would have topped a great afternoon for him.
  13. You really don’t think Silva wanted a centre half? one signing 20 years ago being the example, is just not enough! His career will always show he was limited.
  14. In a hotel room in NYC awake since 5:30. the plane should have landed at 4, but circled for an hour and a half due to bad winds causing issues at JFK. Just before we landed a baby was sick all down his Mum, and it smelt so bad. Then when we landed there was a medical emergency and we had to wait for medics to come before we could leave, another hour wait, with the smell of sick. Not a good couple of hours. traffic was so bad it took over to hours to get to Manhattan. I’m hoping today is a bette day 😂
  15. I think; beer and cider are about £5 water and soft drinks about £2.50 tea and coffee about £2 pies about £4 hot dogs about £5 crisps about £2
  16. But he wouldn’t have signed these players, so we don’t know what the squad would have looked like. The only logic for me is that he’s never took a big club far in the premier league, so I don’t think he had it in him to do so now. Even when he talks on the radio every week, he doesn’t talk about attacking or winning games, he just talks about being solid, winning headers and these kind of things. Now they are all important parts of the game, but there needs to be more. There needs to be some entertainment and the fans needs to enjoy going to watch the team. None of that was possible for him at Everton. He was loved at Bolton, but a 1-0 win against the run of play was a bonus for them, for us we actually want to challenge and be successful and win the odd trophy if we can. He’s never ever done that in his career, he wasn’t going to start doing it in his last job.
  17. Too early in the morning for mathematics for me, but what would have been Silvas win ratio before this season?
  18. I don’t think you quite understand the difference between what the DoF and the manager do.
  19. Try finding a single good player to sign up for that.
  20. In fairness his second yellow was for a handball when he was sliding in to block a shot. Wasn’t like he had done something stupid or reckless.
  21. Hopefully it gives him a rest for the weekend.
  22. I support his views, I agree with most of them but I never said you were undemocratic. I believe it’s not democratic to exclude people from a vote. I said I was disappointed with the way you have reacted to him, it’s not what I’d normally expect from you. To call him a disgrace was out of order in my opinion and calling isn’t something I normally see from you.
  23. I didn’t say you were undemocratic. I don’t see how you can be happy about certain people being excluded from the vote, and not respect Matts opinion on that as someone excluded.
  24. If Turkish lives have been lost and he wants to show solidarity with the soldiers I’m not too bothered anyway. I’ll admit I’ve no idea what’s happening over there.
  25. Ridiculous is definitely right, made them so much more fun.
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