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  1. Oh, I know this. Just letting you know there is an Englishman in your team.
  2. Browning was born in Liverpool, but I’m sure you can have him as Chinese. Even though he played for England under 17, 19 and 21. His grandad is Chinese apparently, so go on. 😂
  3. I’m happy about that, I don’t want players to score against Everton. I want players who can score against Liverpool, I’ve seen him do that.
  4. Love that idea. I’m pretty sure that second statue is Howard Kendall. I’ve already made my thoughts clear that the home end should be named after him (a link to the current Gwladys Street stand too) and it would be fitting to walk past a statue of him as you approach the stand from the fan plaza.
  5. They are all better than what we have. Not sure about Bale or Ramsey staying fit, but the difference they could make to our team would be huge. Never really seen much of Milik. Sounds like paper talk to me.
  6. The point was to add to the conversation. instead of just “hes shit, get rid” I was trying to get a bit more so we can actually talk about it rather than just single statements. This is a place for conversation after all. If our comments are irrelevant then why do we all keep coming back?
  7. Can I throw in an alternative of poor players? Myhre Hottiger Alcaraz Kroldrup Xavier Degn Tie Castillo Billy Jo Max-Moore
  8. I’m with Pete. McCarthy is 100% Scottish, just plays for Ireland. Just like Kevin Kilbane and Jon Walters are both English.
  9. Southall Coleman Bilic Distin Baines Kanchelskis Arteta Cahill Pienaar Richarlison Lukaku Subs; Weir, Materazzi, Gravesen, Oviedo, Howard, Gana and Eto’o. Couldnt decide between Yakubu and Eto’o for the bench.
  10. You are too diplomatic Mark. It shows me that the people of Manchester are fucking idiots 😂
  11. As you know Mike, I work in the motor trade. Today at 4:30 we still had three people trying to buy cars in the showroom. Also had people trying to get touch up pens.
  12. Maybe we should just pick these posts out and put them in a new thread. i think it deserves it, and to stay in general Everton as this is the busiest area of the site.
  13. The world has gone mad mate. I think we will need a complete and drastic lockdown just to be able to help the NHS staff. Too many idiots still going out. I’ve heard of people having barbecues on Otterspool today, but there aren’t enough police to take care of it.
  14. My missus is nhs, but she’s lucky enough to be working from home as she’s not patient facing anymore. Her colleagues are having a nightmare. We are in crazy times and we’ve all just got to get through and support everyone around us. Particularly the health service. At times like this we can all be thankful for the nhs, it’s not perfect but it’s better than most others have got. It’s the single most important institution we’ve got, and we should all be immensely proud of it (I’m sure each of us are).
  15. I know Andy’s mum and dad very well, they came to my wedding in Thailand. They will he been made up with a call from Bill, they love him. Made my day this.
  16. Footballer wears football shirt shocker. Non story, but if we buy another striker it’s no problem. If we are to continue with two upfront then having four is ideal.
  17. For me, if we buy a CB they play next to Holgate.
  18. The point is you can’t just sell players, even more so the players that aren’t good enough.
  19. But it’s been happening here for years, and selling them doesn’t happen. It’s all well and good saying if they are crap sell them, but who do you sell them to? Who would buy them after seeing them be crap? There is a reason Sandro, Niasse and Martina are all still at Everton.
  20. This, but I feel like we’ll never see Gbamin so I wouldn’t mind someone in there to play with Gomes.
  21. I’m baffled how Pete could possible down vote this.
  22. So you sell him, if someone buys him, and we have two centre halves left. What happens if the replacements we bring in (and we would have to buy two because three isn’t enough cover) aren’t good enough? Every transfer is a risk and they all don’t pay off, as we’ve seen over and over again. I’m all for buying in new players to improve the team, I just don’t see the need to move every single player on who won’t be in the starting eleven. Surely it’s better off having back up who you know, without any expenditure and reducing the risk.
  23. I agree with a lot of that, but we don’t play a number ten so is there any point? Our wide players are a worry for me though.
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