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  1. Pretty much agree with all of that. On the other posts, safe is the best way to sum him up. He keeps possession, often played the simple/easy ball to the man next to him. That’s what I want from with the ball, he’s not going to turn into Iniesta anytime soon. Just win it and give it to a blue shirt.
  2. I don’t want my Centre half in line with my full backs, the full backs should be slightly pressed ahead. That way Keane and Mina can spring an offside trap without needing the full backs. And our full backs are always looking to break forward anyway so would be expected to be a few yards ahead. They weren’t up there playing an offside trap though, Coleman was up there in play. Mina had just won a header, and not got back. Digne isn’t involved in the play so will be up as the opposite full back should. Keane is actually with his man, where he should be. If Mina wins his header and then, instead of watching the play, looks for his man he could have dropped back on to Wilson and then he doesn’t have a free run on goal. I’ve been impressed with Mina at the start of the season, but for this one he just fell asleep after the initial header. His man scored the goal.
  3. I love how when we play two in the middle people think that is playing with two defensive midfielders. Even if one of the two is Gomes, or Davies, or Delph, who aren’t defensive players. Ok, if we played Schneiderlin and Gana together in the last couple of years I’d give that one up, but come on. Let’s turn FIFA off and look at tactics for a few minutes.
  4. Look how much city spent during their development, but by the time they started winning things a lot of those initial players had been moved on. spending doesn’t guarantee anything.
  5. I’m with you Bailey. He still hated over the training ground incident. I don’t think anyone had an issue with him before then, his drop in form came after that but he’s back to playing well for me. Creating goals and attacking play are not part of his game and not what he has ever done.
  6. After he wins the header he’s stood watching the play around Coleman while Wilson is stood behind him. He should have been getting back into position.
  7. If a team can win at home but not away I put that down to the players mindset more than the manager.
  8. Again with the press the country gets, I can name black kids who have been killed in the street and police not charged with anything. I’m not aware of this happening to white kids, if it has it’s not been reported that I’ve seen.
  9. Wouldn’t think anything else mate. We come here for debate and we only debate things we are passionate about. My mum went to school in Albany (I think it was Albany, she took my sister to see where she lived a few years back but I’ve never been). I love the south, the southern hospitality is something special, I went to Mrs Wilkes restaurant in Savannah last year and had one of the best meals I’ve ever had. I only get so frustrated about these issues because I care about the place so much. Four weeks today I fly to New York and then on to Atlantic City, but I’m expecting to see new things and new experiences there.
  10. At no point did I say it was THE reason. This debate started because someone didn’t like what a politician said, I liked what they said. Your government is just an example I gave of lack of representation. My reasons for thinking the states is a racist country is pretty much laid out across every single post I’ve made in this thread. The things I’ve seen in your country, the press your country gets, the news we see over her about the states is of a very very racist country. Add to that the rest of the world think you’ve elected a racist president, it appears from all outside angles as a racist country. For the record, I’m not saying any TT members are racist, I don’t know you all well enough but the few I do feel I know well enough I don’t think are racist. I’ve just seen too much racism and met too many racists over there.
  11. She’s the first politician, if you can call her that, who I’ve watched on TV and actually felt inspired in as long as I can remember. I wish we had some like her over here.
  12. I hope you feel better soon Neil. It can be hard work supporting Everton!
  13. Some absolutely shite players have scored some worldies. I’d rather trust a manager who sees him every day in training.
  14. I’m only passing my opinion based on my experiences. My personal experiences from around the world is that I’ve seen black people be racially abused more in a country I visit for no more than a few weeks a year, than I have in a country I’ve spent 35 years. Im sure there has been lots of progress, but just because it’s better than it was 100 years ago doesn’t make it right. I see your politicians are mostly old white men, I see you population as being all kinds of mixed races. I believe your government should represent its people, and from the outside looking it it doesn’t look that way. I may be very very wrong, but I’m saying what I see. I love your country, it’s a second home to me and has been all my life. I’ve family in Florida and Georgia, it pains me to say it but I’ve seen institutionalised racism from them. From my uncle in his 80s down to cousins in their 20s, racism that is passed down through generations. It’s embarrassing to see it, but gladly it’s in private and I can’t change my family, I still love them. Racism in America is part of the fabric, it’s always been that way. White kids don’t get shot in the street by the police, black kids do. That’s as bad as it can be. How much harm could really be done to the country if more black, brown, Hispanic, Asian, native Americans or even more females were in power? The rest of the world has been laughing at America since Trump was elected, would it be that bad if someone other than an old white guy was in charge? If I didn’t care so much about your country I wouldn’t even bother posting, but I do. I hope one day someone gets it right, I don’t think the population will let that happen though.
  15. I just disagree mate. I don’t see how anyone can have their mind made up on a team after games. We don’t know what other centre halves we put buds in for, we only know what rumours were out there. I agree it’s not all rosey, but if we beat Bournemouth and went level with City would you still say we had no chance at the top six? One game doesn’t make or break a season for us. We will lose games. If we lose three or four on the bounce then fair enough, but it’s too early for all this.
  16. Maybe “most fans” just disagree with your opinion on the guy.
  17. Is there anything you are happy about Neil? Not many around as negative as you at the moment mate.
  18. Just ridiculous! I know we didn’t win yesterday, but if we did and we went 3rd and level on points with City would people still complain? Its early doors yet. We needed a centre back, but it didn’t happen. We need to be right behind him, he’s not getting fired. The club can’t afford to drop another manager, we need consistency.
  19. I can’t see him starting on Saturday after DCL scoring.
  20. Not bothered voting, but the goals were terrible. Especially that third goal, Mina has no idea where Wilson was. Know where your man is!! Generally, we were just shite.
  21. He needs time, and faith! There is player in there, but we won’t see it when he’s not on the pitch. He needs to play games.
  22. What progress has been made? Yeah, black people can vote and can sit on the bus. They can also be shot by the police and no one gets prosecuted. I don’t see progress on how minorities are treated over there at all. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot of the world, I’ve seen a lot of Europe, I’ve seen the Far East, Caribbean, parts of Africa, yet only one country I’ve been to have I seen a black man be called a nigger, in the street, in broad daylight while not doing anything other than going about his business. Even more strangely, I’ve seen similar things happen on other occasions. This incident happened in Vegas on the strip, one occasion in a bar in Birmingham Alabama whole Arctic Monkeys played (I told the bar staff who said “it happens”) and in Florida, in a car park outside Disney. Maybe I’ve been unlucky, but I’ve missed the progress. All I know is I’ve never seen these things happen in the UK, I’m sure they might. By white ideas I mean any political ideas that are there to keep the old white men in power. All of your presidents apart from one have been white men, that’s not a coincidence.
  23. Even though Dom managed a goal I still think this lad looks more of a threat.
  24. He’s one man, what makes you think he will get his own way? He only has a limited shelf life in his position anyway. Why would trade suffer? If we aren’t in the EU there is massive risk to trade. We can’t negotiate with these countries alone, we can only come up with deals with the EU to protect them, and so far it’s still not happened. If there was an issue getting produce and cars into the UK it won’t help Macron stay in power, so I as much as he would like Paris to grow into a powerhouse on the world scale he also won’t want to cost millions of voters their jobs. Unless of course someone has direct quotes from Macron stating he would like us out, then I’ll agree.
  25. If you really think France (who sell a massive amount of produce and vehicles into the UK, the risk to the farming economy and to PSA is absolutely huge and will be financially detrimental to France if they have a loss of trade) want us to leave then I’ve not really got a logical response I can give.
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