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  1. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t even know what tomorrow’s vote is for or what it’s about. All the junk that came through my letterbox has gone in the bin. I’m sick of all of it. I’ll listen to any advice or information though.
  2. I don’t think you got what I meant by style. Not as in stylish, as in the type of football.
  3. Because the same tactics don’t always work against different opposition. Ever heard boxers say styles make fights? It’s the same with football. One style of play will beat one team but leave you exposed to others. Surely you get that Pete?
  4. In our life time Pete (or at least since we were teenagers) we have been lucky to get one win against these sides a season. The odd 1-0 win over United, or Arsenal, or the occasional derby win. But they always seemed to be scrappy wins, where the players had to put everything into them to win them, they were good but we beat them by hard work rather than talent. The attention on these wins was because they were back to back home victories, not just one offs dotted around a couple of years. It was every other week. But there wasn’t just hard work and grit like in the Moyes days, we beat these teams while showing quality at the same time. I know you think the other teams were poor, so what if they were, we were good too. We worked harder and showed more quality, and didn’t concede a goal. The reason the wins against these sides in the past were so good was because we always hoped they would be the glimmer of hope that the side would push on and progress, but more often that not we didn’t. This time we went out at Goodison and won again, if you can’t see the glimmer of hope from this I don’t think you have a positive bone in your body. The rest of the Evertonians on the planet loved these games, they made us relevant again and gave us hope. For you, they seemed to just give you reasons to blame the other teams for being shit rather than to enjoy watching your own team win. You couldn’t enjoy the victories against Chelsea, Arsenal or United, you were too upset about Fulham and Palace. As poor as those results were, you need to enjoy the good times.
  5. Isn’t he a winger anyway? Might have created plenty of goals.
  6. A manager will always look at the lowest risk. Theo might only be a 6/10, to lose him for Onyekuru who might be 8/10 but he could be a 4/10. The risks could cost the manager his job. I would like a lefty though.
  7. I’ve been reading €17m per year. That’s €326,000 per week, around £285,000. Give him a big signing on fee and try to get the wages down. Bale would take us up a notch.
  8. Can you think of anyone who would offer him any competition that would sign for us to sit on the bench? For me, any keeper good enough to challenge Pickford will already be a first choice keeper somewhere.
  9. I knew it would be you (or Pad) to reply to that. 😂 He’s not the messiah....
  10. Jesus is the kind of player everyone says gets lucky. Gary Linekar got lucky, normally around 30 times a season. Jesus doesn’t get lucky, he works hard off the ball to be in those positions. He scrappy and not flashy or a showman on this pitch. That’s why Pep rates him so highly. I’d love him in our side. There isn’t a lot of class to his game, like Aguero, but there is a lot of talent there.
  11. Nope. He won’t challenge Pickford in the slightest. Honestly, we all know that no one who comes in will challenge him. We can’t buy the keeper from Liverpool, United, Real, Barca, City or PSG and there aren’t that many who are better than Pickford.
  12. No, if the club have done it for the right reasons it’s not for publicity it’s to genuinely help people.
  13. I just wanted a general vote. A lot of us talk about how we feel on our progress, I just wanted some numbers.
  14. Decent player, but I never forgave him for advising (apparently) Rooney to leave. To be honest, I never forgave the club for getting in that situation in the first place.
  15. It’s the non playing staff that really suffer in these horrible circumstances. Yeah the footballers have mortgages and things, but the vast majority of them will be able to get other clubs and make that kind of money back. The lost earnings to the people on probably less than £20k p/a will be really struggling. I’m glad our club has helped. I saw the PFA had helped out the players, no one else is in place to help the regular working people.
  16. The feeling you get at the game can’t be argued against, we all feel it different. My favourite was beating Arsenal where AJ scored from a corner a few minutes before the end in really shit weather.
  17. https://www.transfermarkt.com/everton-fc_leeds-united/index/spielbericht/1021714 That one? That starting line up, what a nightmare. Was there a single footballer in there? Simonsen Weir Stubbs Unsworth Pistone Linderoth Gemmill Carsley Blomqvist Campbell Radzinski Gravesen and Ginola came off the bench. Not a bad result against a side with Alan Smith, Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka and Robbie Fowler. They had ten men from 39 minutes onwards after Matteo got sent off. Leeds had one hell of a team back then, before they fucked it all up. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_prem/1847993.stm
  18. Do you know if that’s to the playing staff or the regular working staff? Nice either way.
  19. Completely agree. I think he’s much better than Solanke, seems to be the going rate now.
  20. Exactly. I don’t think Stek has done much wrong. He knows he’s not first choice, I don’t think he rocks the boat and he has a lot of experience that might help the younger lads. Not worth wasting the money for me.
  21. Oh I know, he’s shite. Rather just keep Stek.
  22. You’re making me hungry Mark 🤤
  23. Maybe the kid just isn’t good enough yet.
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