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  1. No one every agrees with Mark, probably should be Mark never agrees with anyone. Im just about 16 hours late.
  2. StevO

    Michy Batshuayi

    For £40m I’d want Zouma too.
  3. StevO

    Edin Dzeko

    I’d take Dzeko all day, would be brilliant for us.
  4. I can’t be the only one thinking that when Gana is supposedly out of position, chasing the ball down all over the pitch, that he is following instructions to try to win the ball back high up the pitch? Following his managers tactics, doing the job he has been given, and not just leaving a space behind him for no reason at all?
  5. StevO

    Jordan Pickford

    Clean sheet, they were both right. 😂
  6. I don’t really see that. Of the two I would want Gomes, but Gomes can sit deep and Gana press the play in front of him. The whole team still needs to get better though.
  7. StevO

    Tom Davies

    I think too many managers who have seen him on a daily basis and put him in the side ahead of more experienced pros like Besic and Schneiderlin must have seen something to keep putting him in there. There must be a raw talent.
  8. StevO

    Tom Davies

    You didn’t name any teams or players where I had asked im not bothered about the rest of the world, I’m bothered about Everton.
  9. StevO

    Jordan Pickford

    Me? Haha
  10. I don’t know what half of these theories are, which I guess is because our country generally has it right.
  11. StevO

    Cedric Soares

    If the idea really is to unearth gems, think we would spend £40m on a right back?
  12. StevO

    Jordan Pickford

    Load of bollocks. In the old days players would get the day off after a game. Now they go in for a massage, or a stretching session, and a debrief. Normally the day after would be the day off, so after a Saturday game they would get Monday off. I used to hear about Barkley in the Grafton and Pickfords girlfriend was a 16 year old from Widnes. Load of shit.
  13. StevO

    Jordan Pickford

    I remember getting a Mitre Ultimax (I think it was anyway) for my birthday as a kid. I kicked it barefoot, it hurt soooo much! Imagine what Dixie played with.
  14. StevO

    Tom Davies

    I agree it should, but I asked you to name a club and players who cane through who would get in our team. I don’t watch any other clubs so I’d like to know what you see that makes us so poor at bringing players through at elite level.
  15. StevO

    Cenk Tosun

    We play 433 now, we did under Koeman too. If you ask Ronald or Marco they will tell you the same. The difference is what the players are told to do with and without the ball. The formation is still the same. But now we have bollocks like 4231 being talked about. It’s eothwr 451 or 433 depending on how the game is being played. At best you could argue we play 424. Moyes played 451, but tried to tell us it was 442 (Cahill as a striker) to sound more attacking from time to time. All makes no difference. The difference is what you ask of the players on the pitch, not to formation. Even now, Gana is a defensive midfielder. He tend to play a lot of the game infront of Gomes as we want him tackling higher up the field. He’s still a defensive midfielder, we just want someone winning the ball higher up. Tactics 101 is over haha
  16. StevO

    Cenk Tosun

    Fifa or football manager? Can’t sense from here which one you’re spending too much time playing.
  17. StevO

    Tom Davies

    The last time I saw the stats 2% of players from premier league academies end up having a career in the first team. We don’t do too bad. Out of curiosity, what teams do you think out perform us on this? I don’t see too many teams in the prem with a load of home grown players in their sides who would get into our team The problem for me is the expectation. We have a player break into the first team and people expect them to be Rooney level. Won’t happen. After having a player with the ability of Barkley we will have a lull. At the same time we had the five lads win the under 20 World Cup, for me that shows the massive gulf between youth and elite level football.
  18. StevO

    Michy Batshuayi

    And I get the point behind that, but if anyone thinks he won’t go out and buy a player who is ready for the team now I’d think that was naive. We only have to look at Sigurdsson, I know that was before Marcel, but they’ll still take players like that if they are available.
  19. StevO

    Michy Batshuayi

    You got a direct quote? Not being a dick just didn’t notice that bit myself. I know he’s working on lowering the wage bill but not heard much else.
  20. StevO

    Favourite player

    Leighton Baines. Current and ever. I was very upset when we sold Arteta though.
  21. StevO

    January Plans

    There is a 50/50 chance they could be shit. We have enough players who need to be sold much sooner than Theo.
  22. StevO

    Tom Davies

    It’s the need for instant success now that doesn’t give players like this a chance. I’m just as bad with Dowell, and most of the time DCL, I don’t think they will be top level. I hope they are though I can’t see it.
  23. StevO

    Michy Batshuayi

    What does Marcel say?
  24. StevO

    Nikola Vlasic

    Quinn we have plenty of financial clout. But it’s not like can’t afford to pay £100m to buy Griezman, it’s that we can’t attract a player of that value in the first place.
  25. StevO

    2018-19 FA Cup

    I’ve been drinking in the Lord Nelson many many times, about a five minute walk from my sisters old flat. Too many bad memories of drinking on the island.