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  1. I don’t mean to sound like a dick Mark, but if you’ve not been stood in Goodison listening to a local kid get abused like this I don’t think you’ll understand where the likes of me, Matt and Haf are coming from.
  2. I’m not bothered about seeing him run forward with the ball, I want the man next to him to do that. I want him to win the ball and give it to someone who has a bit more creativity in them.
  3. Exactly this, he may be focused while the game is flowing, but when his shot goes over the bar and the boos come out as he’s walking back into position he would have heard them. It’s not like it was one fella shouting on his own, it was thousands. Also he doesn’t have that aggression that a lot of young lads from Liverpool have, that bit of an edge about him. Not got any nasty in him, if that makes sense. May come from being raised by a single Mum with along with his sister, I’m not sure, but it could have been a factor in his mentality on the pitch. I could be completely wrong though. I think a male instills a different part of your personality. I’m certainly part of my mum and dad, I know my sister is the same. Maybe I’m thinking too much about it.
  4. But even Gazza didn’t do that every week. Gerrard didn’t score a 25 yarder every week. Rooney didn’t smash a volley in the top bin each week. Exoectation is the issue. For me Ross didn’t need to be a number ten, just a midfielder that sometimes does something exceptional. The demand to do something every game is beyond him, but look at Hazard along side him, he is the level of a player who does it each week. That’s world class level. Ross is just a very good level of footballer, not world class.
  5. That’s the point, what is it you are expecting to see from him? What we saw was an exceptional footballer who had flashes of brilliance. We expected him to be world class, but we saw his level. He keeps possession, he can drag you 20 yards up the pitch and he scores the odd goal. He isn’t up to much defensively. That is what Chelsea bought, they aren’t expecting more and now the pressure of expectation is off his back and he’s enjoying his football. He was the finished article before he left, but we wanted more more more, he didn’t have more to give. That was his, and our, biggest problem.
  6. How anyone thinks Barkley was supported by the crowd amazes me. The away support yeah, but at Goodison? I’ve never seen an Everton player get as much stick.
  7. I’d take him. Not sure how much better than Coleman he is though.
  8. No it won’t, but I would hope anyone who comes in calls one. I’m bored of non elected leaders with agendas that haven’t been put to the population. Wont happen anyway.
  9. I just hope we end up with a general election off the back of it, or at least a real leader to step forward.
  10. I agree Palfy. It was like they were so confident that remain would win that they didn’t have a plan. Now it’s just a mess. I thought if any party could get a game plan to leave and be totally selfish and only think about the UK it would be them, but they were too busy fighting.
  11. To be fair, and honest, I think with the right leadership leaving could be really good for the country. Someone with a plan, some ambition and some positivity, but that’s not really what we’ve ended up with. I don’t think voting leave was a mistake, I think the mistake is the shambles the government have made of it. I also think 60% should have been a minimum threshold for the referendum I actually think Boris would have made a better go of it than May, it’s just a big mess now that could have just done without.
  12. I voted out, I wish it would be reversed now. What I saw as an opportunity has become a shambles. Wish it all just didn’t happen.
  13. I’d have loved to see him stay, between mismanagement and abuse from the stands that often left me baffled, I don’t blame him for leaving. He will go on to be a very good player, maybe not world class, but don’t doubt how good he could have been for us. The worst thing to happen to Ross was the flashes of brilliance, they set the standards that he couldn’t hit every week leading to ridiculous expectations. If he didn’t beat two players and put it in the top bin there was booing. If he turned sideways and played a simple pass there were boos. If he lost the ball trying something there was booing. The lad couldn’t win at times. Shame really.
  14. Well, he is on TT. See Mikes post above. I think that’s a pretty fair assessment from votes every game, from a wide variety of supporters on here with all different view points and watching the game in different ways.
  15. Completely disagree. It’s not the same thing at all. One is getting carried away by his own emotions and hatred and the other is insubordination.
  16. Stick another signature on there. I’m bored of it all now.
  17. He’s pretty much competing with Callum Wilson for the last place in the team I think.
  18. Marks (Romey) post further up explains perfectly why you don’t drop a keeper for one mistake. If you don’t get it after he’s made it that clear then you never will. Kepa wasn’t dropped because he made a mistake in play, he was dropped because he undermined the manager and acted like a complete tit. Very different situation. Lloris and De Gae could make a load of mistakes and still not lose their place, because not many clubs have a keeper on the bench of even a similar level. Only Burnley that I can think of could play any of three keepers and have genuine competition for the position.
  19. As was ignoring the booing, he knows no different. 😂
  20. I believe the issue with the expense is the number of users online at any one time, not necessarily storage.
  21. I’m used to being shot down for wanting old players to stick around haha sorry mate. There aren’t enough players of their quality and influence around anymore for me, especially ones who will play second fiddle and not rock the boat.
  22. I do need to get these glasses updated 🙈
  23. I think you’ve misread what I said, if you look back I wrote squad. I don’t expect them to be any more than squad players. Anyone who works in a team surely understands that having good people makes a huge difference. Finding good people who are happy to sit on the side lines and still be a positive influence day to day is even harder.
  24. Said it before and I will say it again, losing Baines and Jags would be absolutely terrible for the squad. There is a lot to be said for having lads with the right character in the club. People talk about the attitudes of Pickford, Richarlison, Walcott, Schneiderlin, Lookman, no one does about these two though. We need that positivity.
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