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  1. We need someone in the middle with a bit of fight and attitude. And someone out wide who can beat a man and cross a ball.
  2. But that’s my point, as the player owes the club nothing his transfer value will have been reflected in that. Obviously he’s not worth the same value as he was when they signed him, but what a players contract owes the club will always affect what they are willing to sell him for. So in this instance they could be happy to sell him for as little as £10m, but he’s a player who is more than likely worth more than that. My point is that a players value is not necessarily the same as what is paid for him.
  3. That Burnley Sheffield United result is great for us. If West Ham could nick a third goal against Newcastle it would be great too. Results have been kind to us in the last coupe of weeks. Would be typical Everton to mess it up ourselves. Spurs game is getting bigger!!
  4. Financially he will be worth nothing on Reals books, They bought him six years ago. So if his first contract was four years it’s cost them under 16m per year in write down. If we pay 25m it’s all profit for them. Not to mention they will already have had fees from Bayern for the loan, they were probably in profit on him last season.
  5. Haha I didn’t mean it like that mate. I just typed who said he’s better, then after I posted I saw it was you. Just a happy coincidence 😘
  6. Who said he’s better than Holgate? He’s definitely not. But if Carlo could get him defending properly, those two could be very good. But Stones has a lot to learn.
  7. Didn’t Arsenal lose a few on the bounce before the Wolves game? I’ll be disappointed if we finish below Arsenal. Must beat Spurs now, and beat Sheffield United, and if we can get a point out if Wolves we have a chance.
  8. There is a massive difference when those players are Ronaldo and Beckham. You know they will perform just as good on the pitch as they did in the club shop. They were the best in the game.
  9. He’s the best player in the world and we aren’t in that market.
  10. Whoever plays on the left in our 442 has to be able to play centrally. When we have the ball they move inside, when we don’t have the ball they drop back out wide. When Carlo had him at Bayern he also had Thiago, Vidal, Tolisso and Rudy. It looks like they played centrally between them. And Ribery, Robben, Coman and James playing the wide positions. With Levandowski and Muller up front. I may be wrong, but that’s how it looks. Not looked at his time with him at Real. But from Carlos book the only time he’s ever wanted to play a number ten was when he had Zidane, making an exception due to him being a ridiculous player.
  11. Don’t buy players because of what they can do for the sales figures, buy them for what they call on the pitch. Even as a shareholder I don’t give a crap about the financial performance, I care about what happens on the pitch. I can guarantee when Moyes was looking at Tim Cahill he didn’t give one thought to the exposure in Australia. Turkish football fans are massively tribal, they follow their own clubs with huge passion. Doubt they will start worrying about buying Everton shirts because of Tosun.
  12. Oh Holgate isn’t the defender to replace. Keane has been great in the last three games, but Holgate still has to be choice number one. He’s been fantastic since he got in the team. Can he partner Holgate is the question for any defender coming in for me.
  13. There is really only you that think this Mark. I don’t see any other Evertonian, on here or in the real world, who gives a shit where a player is from. Also, don’t know if you noticed but one of the players Mark quoted as not being as good as Stones is Keane. Where is he from? Take a look in the Tom Davies thread, the Delph thread, the Pickford thread. See how much English bias you find in there. You can even check the Michael Keane thread up until about two weeks ago. Let’s push it further, look at the Ross Barkley thread, even the John Stones thread while we’re on topic. Plenty of hate for the English lads. Let’s sign some Americans though 😂
  14. Don’t care if it’s intended or not, the ball hit the back of the net and three points. Nothing to be unhappy about.
  15. You’re also American. Should we sign you on that basis? 😂
  16. Honestly think the wide left position for us could be made for him. He knows the role well and how Carlo want it to work.
  17. But still, can he defend? He couldn’t defend under Martinez, he did well under Southgate, but does Pep even want him to defend? £25m and it’s worth it.
  18. He decided to stay? Lets not forget one massive problem here. It’s not his choice and he has a long contract. I agree we’ll lose him eventually, but it will be for silly money at that point.
  19. £100m and Aguero please, as we can’t find a good enough replacement.
  20. His running with the ball let him down last nights. He’s faster than both their centre halves, but didn’t want to get into a race with them.
  21. I agree. He looks like he needs the energy of the crowd. Still working hard, just needs that bit of luck.
  22. I’d love him to come back and make that position his own. Save us having to find a replacement for Seamus.
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