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  1. Maybe so, but not relevant to brexit. direct quote of yours. It doesn’t have to be seen in any context, they broke the law. Stole information, used that information to target vulnerable people with lies, fear and hatred for votes. If ever there was a project fear, this was it! id rather not continue the discussion. You keep your views, your idea that what they did was just the same as what remain did, and you be happy with how you feel about it. I personally find what they did disgusting, and if they played by the rules I think we would have seen a different outcome. The fact the company they employed to do this has previous only compounds this for me. I don’t see how we can continue the discussion so im not going to. Our beliefs are very different.
  2. So you know of it, but just don’t believe it. But you wouldn’t have seen all this on the BBC as the mainstream media haven’t given it half as much coverage as they could have. To be clear, it’s not an allegation that these things happened. They happened, they have not been denied. Cambridge Analytica admitted it all, it was their main selling point. The ad you say you saw isn’t a public ad I was talking about, I’m talking about them pulling individuals fears and making specific ads for specific groups. They weren’t published ads, they were sent directly to specific Facebook accounts. If you saw the specific ad then you were a Facebook target. how you can say this isn’t relevant to Brexit is unbelievable, they were paid directly to do what they did for Brexit. Your head is so far buried in the sand it’s ridiculous. I can’t discuss this further with you, I’m sorry. How someone can admit to knowing these things happened and yet just say “not relevant to Brexit” is just crazy. I understand when people who don’t know about this defending them, but to defend the indefensible isn’t alright in my book. To just expect the vulnerable people who were targeted to just see through it is baffling. You’ve clearly never met vulnerable people, or anyone who has been manipulated or anyone who has been talked into bad ideas. Enjoy your views, but I don’t need that in my life.
  3. I don’t get why you don’t answer the question, do you know what they were doing? Did you know they specifically targeted people online, narrowing the target audience using illegally harvested Facebook data, who appeared to have not made up their mind on who to vote for and people who were not planning to vote? Did you know they then targeted these people with false surveys to try to clarify their beliefs and fears? Did you know they then targeted these people with false adverts, that linked their fears and beliefs with what the future in the EU looked like? Example, in a survey you make out that you fear for jobs and that you don’t trust Turkish people. Soon you start seeing false reports that Turkey is about to join and their government is funding getting people to the UK for employment. Did you know any of this happened? They wouldn’t have targeted you, if you are a Facebook user you would have come up as being out of the voting area so your data would have been dumped. As the margin in the polls was very tight they only has to target a small number of people to swing the vote. They weren’t even looking at remainers, they looked at young unemployed men the most. There was a lot of hatred they could fire up there. The crap you saw on the TV, the side of the bus, the things Boris was saying in the media, that’s not how the vote was won. It was won on Facebook, with illegally harvested data, with false stories and adverts, and also with illegal money. Please read the government inquiry on “fake news” for further details of it all. If you already knew all of this, and you still defend them, I don’t really have any words for that. Add into this that the same firm who were employed to do this did the same thing in the Trump campaign. And many more, take a look... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/qz.com/1239762/cambridge-analytica-scandal-all-the-countries-where-scl-elections-claims-to-have-worked/amp/ Fortunately they have gone out of business now the political world knows what they have been up to.
  4. We’ve spent that much money paying off Martinez, Koeman and Sam, plus the compensation for Silva, we can pay anything! If we can bring in Mourinho, just give him the going rate. I’d even offer him just until the end of the season, so he can keep his options open, and see how he likes it. I think a few wins under his belt the fans would love him and he would love it too.
  5. I’d say that karma, but I don’t believe in it. Hope you’ve got a coat 😂
  6. Isn’t everything rosey again in Madrid now? I’m sure I read they were top of the league by a few points. Surely they won’t sack Zidane while they are top of the league. Even they can’t be that irrational! Can they?
  7. And now they can, he has had the chance to show he was capable of more and it didn’t work out. Until someone has been given the opportunity to grow how can they be written off?
  8. Are you not doing just the same though?
  9. I’m asking a simple question, you keep on claiming that it was democratic, but do you actually know what you are defending? Do you know what they did?
  10. Bookies just taking an easy bet and making it attractive. Moyes has never worked under Moshiri, Bill isn’t the decision maker. It won’t happen.
  11. So you’ve only seen what he can do with a small club on a limited budget? That means he couldn’t do more with additional resources? Im assuming in your job you are working to your maximum capabilities and couldn’t possibly do any better under different circumstances? I know I could do better in mine with a better team around me and more funding and better facilities. The difference between him and Sam is that Sam went to many clubs, various different budgets and various different quality of player, and achieved similar results. Dyche has done it once for the long term and done very well with a club like Burnley. He’s got plenty of time left in his career so I don’t see why anyone would think his career has to be so limited. He can’t get players like Bernard, Richarlison, Digne and Gomes at Burnley, but if he could you think he would still play the same way? Im not saying he’s the man for the job, but to think he just has one style of play (that has beaten us plenty of times in his Burnley career) is just narrow minded.
  12. Decent rates if TT members get in there 😉
  13. Thanks lads, you know I love it over there. Texas is in the pipeline for next year too. Really interesting thread to just see what people are doing. Nice idea.
  14. So do you know what they did on social media specifically? Rather than changing the subject. Also, do you know they broke the law on more than one occasion?
  15. He’s not the exciting name I’d want, but I really wouldn’t mind Dyche. I think he’s very underrated and it would be interesting to see what he would do with better quality players.
  16. NYC for two days (got some great seats to see the Knicks, shame they cost about half the price of my season ticket). Then meeting friends at JFK and heading to Atlantic City for a week.
  17. I’m asking if you know specifically what Leave.eu did?
  18. Sam on TalkSPORT yesterday saying they need to give Duncan a try because Unsworth isn’t up to it. idiot.
  19. All the best to you John, hope you’re ok. aside from that I’m stuffing a Greggs pepperoni melt into my face at my desk, while counting down to my hols in 8 days.
  20. For me the NHS thing wasn’t even a lie, people who weren’t a government saying how money could be spent. The winner of the vote couldn’t have carried this through regardless. I agree with the rest though Pete. But the biggest lies were told online, if you weren’t targeted you wouldn’t even know. It’s scandalous.
  21. Democracy wasn’t respected. If you really think it was can you tell me what it is that leave.eu did? Do you actually know what acts they carried out? I assume you must because you think democracy was carried out.
  22. Maybe I’m the only leave voter to do the research Mike. Never been a fan of burying my head in the ground, even if it was the result I wanted back then.
  23. I claim others were mislead by leave.eu more than anyone else on here I think, there is a government inquiry if you don’t believe it to be fact, I’m a leave voter. So I, for one, can confirm that your post above is not accurate. Thanks.
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