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  1. whats this failed with BT talk? i know hes not set the world alight, but he missed about 1/4 of the season and still got into double figures?
  2. id be quite happy to see that team next year, ill go to church in the mornin, see if god can sort us a miracle out
  3. ill think he'll do it, a player of his quality should be able to play in any league
  4. Beattie always favours 9, Johnson favours 8, i recon they'll go that way. The Guardian reads that he's willing to get £30k a week from us, even though Wigan are offering £45k. if this is true i'll be really happy about his determination to be an Everton player, but guess we wont find out till tuesday, keep ya fingers crossed lads! EDIT: Beattie also said how gutted he was not to get the 9 shirt last season
  5. i clicked Ronaldinho, but i meant Ronaldo. as fat and shit as he's been this year, he always sorts himself out for the World Cups, i believe this year will be no diferent
  6. Sheva put in a transfer request - so he'll be off to chelsea. and the best of all, Dikov signed for City - so we wont be gettin him, im so gutted
  7. from that list i went for goodfellas but i got too many anythin by Tarantino will be in my list fight club snatch lock stock but the all time best film Weekend At Bernies
  8. can we? i cant see any policy anywhere, i just see a big fuckin joke that no one finds funny!
  9. we are playing dangerous games here, isnt he due to talk to bolton an wigan on monday?
  10. id rather pay £5m for Huth than Lescott, but no denying this lads talents
  11. yep, not good enough, too old, bla bla bla (tbh honest we'll probably get him)
  12. the problems at Everton are not just financial
  13. Dicky is a good shot stopper, but nothin else. but i thought we were all keepin quiet about how shit Dicky is so we can sell him as "a future England goal keeper"?
  14. i blame Fozzie, its all his fault BK's still in charge, he must try harder to have him removed, and for the record, its all Reg's fault the RS won the cup!
  15. point made? sorry but your point is wrong, hes been one of the most consistent keepers this season! and the sending off? sorry, the rules say he stays on the pitch. you get sent off for illegally denying a goal scoring opportunity, they put the ball in the net, so the opportunity was not denied. there for it should have been 1-0 to barca and a yellow card for a foul. now my point has been backed up by Sep Blatter the president of FIFA point made.
  16. 'So i belive that we have no money becaus of the shit state other people have left us in' for the most of it, that shit is still here!
  17. cant agree with you there Zed, Drogba is a great player, Chelsea dont play to his strenghts. and hasnt he scored like 29goals in 59league games? and British players not technically good enough? you been on the crack pipe lad? Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Ashley Cole, Joe Cole, Beckham, Ferdinand? are these players not "technically" good enough?
  18. sorry mate, your missing the point! the lad is a united player!
  19. im gettin pissed off now, keep promising myself i wont look on the net to see whats goin on, i fuckin love this club, but right now im finding it hard (especially after throwing another £500 at the club!) we need quality players, DM if you think he's good enough to play for us then do somethin about it, stop fuckin around!
  20. not good enough, we need better first team players before we can start with squad players!
  21. come on Everton, lets not fuck this one up please!
  22. gettin bored of your pointless as fuck comments! read my post with both eyes open, then if you have a problem (and a point) post somethin a bit more relevant! COCK
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