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  1. He done more than naismith did and brings the best game out of the other attacking mids unlike Naismith.... That's why he plays him.
  2. The one thing that's stuck in my head from the game yesterday is mcarthy completely through on goal and shit his pants and made a blind pass sideways.This is the moment realised that he is going to be a very good player but not a great. A certain man named Steven Gerrard would have blasted it past the keeper. He's still good in my eyes and gives the team so much energy bit that little bit saddened me some what.
  3. I don't care for your comments fella as everything that comes out of your gob is a negative spin on whatever anyone posts. You are a typical old man who won't be here too long so I won't waste my time with you.
  4. I thought it was impossible to talk out of your arsehole..... Thanks for clearing that up or me.
  5. #wegothegame........ You simply are a pathetic little twat.
  6. Hope garbutt, browning and ledson play some part.
  7. The lad can perform miracles in the last games till the end of the season but I've said it before and I'll say it again, once the axe had already fallen theres not much point in arguing over it. In most fans eyes, they've already passed judgement on the player. I personally think the lad pays with minimal effort. This meaning everything comes naturally to him. Holding the ball up laying off, running with the ball, bringing other players into play. There are certain other strikers who I cringe at watching him trying to do some of these things. He scores goals and that's it. There is two different types of striker. One who scores goals and another who helps other players score goals. Kone is a bad example of a eider gudjohnson type striker. Always playing along side prolific big named strikers but his name was always on the team sheet for what else he brought to the game. The lad needs time. Just don't get pissed off cause he plays the game with a smile and start watching him properly in a game to see what he is actually bringing to the party......you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  8. I find it hard it hard to take how its ended with kev. I do feel it has been poorly managed. I think the best way to take the club forward now is to lose the Belgium connection. Kev an Rom go. If we get between 50-60 mil and reinvest, I can see this being a positive step. Along with getting rid if some other dead wood. Ronald koeman had no choice at saints but to sell top players, top players who no longer wanted to wear the shirt. They didn't end up too bad.
  9. Yes, and not one was from me... Hence my previous post
  10. I feel nothing but deflated watching us now. I feel last year, we made grounds on becoming a more exciting, technical and skillful side... I now feel like we are a moyes side again.
  11. Coleman is shit and that goal last week was meant to be a cross.
  12. besic is gonna end up a flop.
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