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  1. my ideal situation would be fellaini back in, for hibbert, neville to right back, quartet of cahill areta fellaini and rodwell in the centre, Anichebe and Pienaar on the wings. i watched them vs sunderland, and when sunderland were moving the ball about on the deck they were ripping them apart. we need to do more of that, which we usually do away from home.
  2. Good Better Excellent! although plaudits removed for patting yourself on the shoulder i just knew we would win today, even at 1-1 i was sure, although when agbonlahor missed that header and howard saved was probably a turning point. How long did that 2nd half go on for though? well late kicking off!
  3. that hibbert run did happen, however i'd been drinking many a pint of erdinger so i cant remember WHEN it happened, 2nd half of normal or extra time, because he was running towards my end. in the reserves the ref let the reds kick off when we went 3-2 up when most everton players were still in the liverpool half. so ANDY "Deserves a New Contract" VDM did very well booting it away.
  4. If we're going to be all clichéd Poor pass from alonso and jags Spread it out wide to VDM, he did what he does best got the ball in, Cahill went near post and the defenders Got attracted to the ball gosling Had Gambled the ball came to him, he got the ball on to his favoured right foot and tried for the shot and if you dont buy a ticket you dont win the lottery cue goodison goes beserk
  5. 1.8 mg of alcohol? or £1.8 M a thank you! did anyone see more of the bust up between reina and "vader"
  6. He plays on the left, he plays on the riiiiight Daniel Gosling! Makes liverpool look shite!
  7. BYE!! I was one of most staunch supporters when he first burst onto the scene, but this season he has been awful. the danger signs first appeared at the spurs game, when he came on for saha and covered less distance than when Yak had to walk off the pitch. he's had chances, he hasn't taken them! he can't complain. VDM just moved up a notch!!! The Hero From Zero is still on!
  8. ALAS it wasnt, it was phil dowd! Wiley was the one we had against Man U, stoke, and infamously last year at blackburn.
  9. Randomness


    you take a draw before the game, but then that happens and you feel gutted. what was going on, we were passing it and they were hoofing it! RVP was the one player who was trying for arsenal last night and he's well capable of scoring ridiculous goals like that. on a side note, ANICHEBE! If he's not willing to run into the back of defenders rather than just letting them pass to each other and then diaby, we should have ran it to the corner, yeah, but when they had it on the halfway line he still could have rushed them into making a mistake. i think djouro (spell) stamped on cahills foot thats why he went off, i hope so anyway, what happened off the ball between cahill and gallas btw i missed it and then i saw him holding his arm.
  10. Clattenburg’s problems have escalated since his controversial performance in Everton’s home match against Liverpool in October last year, when he received death threats after sending off Tony Hibbert and giving Liverpool a penalty when the defender fouled Steven Gerrard on the edge of the penalty area. i googled. nowhere else has this information.
  11. Randomness


    sorry lexking but arsenal have won the last 3 league games and are unbeaten since novemeber 22nd (3-0 man city) Lazy Punditry!
  12. Just purchased my tickets. Me plus one of my dad and brother as ST holders can only purchase +1, <_< If any ST holders want to do me a massive favour and purchase an extra ticket, it would be greatly appreciated. (P.M me) Thank You.
  13. i couldnt wait for the 2nd of feb and "The Medical Team are In" then i discovered all business has to be done by 5pm! Lazy fookers!
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/...h-contract.html
  15. regardless lets get some rational thinking now. it may have been poor. but we're still in it! plus we should have something resembling our first XI (no strikers rule) come the goodison game.
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