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  1. @jorgebranco1995 the other option from London is to join Escla who I was a member of for many years when I lived in the smoke, they may well we able to help.
  2. I'm not entirely sure who's now left to support Johnson's position. Certainly not those that voted Brexit in the Euro elections (30% election share) because Farage has dismissed it as a "treaty" rather than Brexit, certainly not the LibDems who want to remain (19.6% in the same poll) and certainly not the Scots, Northern Irish or the Welsh. There's a few Labour dissenters and some Tories who are still doing as they're told and a few stupid enough to believe what they read in the Express but his deal put to the country would be lucky to get 20%. Actually hilarious that we'd have done the deed by now had Boris and his ERG mates voted for May's deal, which was a fag paper away from what he's proposing.
  3. Yes they do sell out very quickly, if you want a chance of a decent view I'd recommend getting a membership (£30) for the season and then you get a priority window before the seats go on general sale. If you wait for general sale you'll only get a restricted view in the dark recesses somewhere (still worth it mind). You need either way to buy your ticket as soon as they're released, the official site ticket section will give the dates for release or you can call the box office 0151 556 1878.
  4. True enough but I like to think it only happens on here between "mates" who can see/take see the joke; I'd never correct a newbie for confusing there, their or they're for example.
  5. I can't imagine that circumstance personally, and I can't understand anyone who would. Voting leave after giving it thought in 2016 I can understand but he's just a different level of undemocratic idiocy.
  6. 🤣Guilty, f'ck. Memo to self....
  7. As long as it's better that your spelling he'll be fine😂.
  8. Horrible.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50111754 To be honest I'm not overly surprised, the South West (big cities like Bristol, Exeter, Taunton and Plymouth aside) have very few people of colour and racism is rife. The school that Josh went to (for example) in the "market town" a few miles from us had absolutely no black students at all in a total of around 750 throughout his whole time there so there was no integration. Our old next door neighbour was actually commissioned to research SW racism (can't remember by who, but she was a well respected academic so it'd have been a serious body) some years ago and I read the draft before she submitted it and it was pretty awful. I salute Yeovil as a club for their behaviour though, just hope the FA deal with it fairly.
  9. It's, "our European friends and partners" that annoys me the most now.
  10. Reading (again, for the nth time) Catch-22 and found a perfect description of Trump; kudos Mr Heller, ahead of your time... “It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.”
  11. He's been even more hard-nosed on the date than May was though, and at least she had the humility and sense to back down when it became apparent she had no mandate. Against that Johnson has no humility at all, I really can't see him backing down until he's in a straitjacket at Broadmoor and the largactil kicks in.
  12. OK so now Johnson has to ask the EU for an extension because our democratically elected members voted that he had to. But he says he's not going to. Is that not putting himself forward for potential "dictator" status?
  13. And now it's 33% [win rate] and we're four points off 6th, things change quickly after so few games, 'specially in such weird season for everyone results wise. I'm honest enough to admit I said, "enough" after the Burnley game but the man's bought himself more time after today.
  14. He did indeed; I wasn't suggesting he played badly, just that he could have been sat most of the game leaning against the goalpost admiring his ten outfield mates for all he had to do (that save aside).
  15. Probably the only person it couldn't have been today was Jordan, which is a nice change; went with Davies after much thought. Who was that doppelganger we bought in for Walcott by the way? Looked the same, had the same name but was a completely different player from our Theo.
  16. If you carry on with posts like that I'm going to hit you on a regular basis with a stick.
  17. Pay attention yourself, unless I've got a blind spot you didn't get a tip in for today😂. I think I've probably got a big fat 0 so won't be taking much advantage but @dunlopp9987 certainly will, he's going to get 4/5 by my reckoning.
  18. Current Player of the Season standings.... Yerry Mina...48 Lucas Digne...46 Jordan Pickford...28 Fabian Delph...23 Seamus Coleman...20 Richarlison...17 Alex Iwobi...16 Bernard...10 Dominic Calvert-Lewin...9 Morgan Schneiderlin...4 André Gomes...3 Gylfi Sigurðsson...3 Michael Keane...2 Cenk Tosun...2 Jean-Philippe Gbamin...1 Previous MOTM winners... Burnley (A)...Yerri Mina Manchester City (H)...Seamus Coleman Sheffield Wednesday (A)...Dominic Calvert-Lewin Sheffield United (H)...Lucas Digne Bournemouth (A)...Lucas Digne Wolves (H)...Fabian Delph Lincoln City (A)...Lucas Digne Aston Villa (A)...Yerry Mina Watford (H)...Yerry Mina Crystal Palace (A)...Jordan Pickford
  19. Quite straightforward in the end; couple of times they threatened, at the beginning of each half, we slapped them straight back down again. All Blacks in the semi (assuming they beat Ireland) will be a different beast.
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