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  1. So didn't quite gbang it out of the park then, but could end up being a gbrilliant buy! (I'll stop now before I get gboring)
  2. Mentioning no names but I'm aghast that Gylfi has a vote, MOTM in injury time maybe?
  3. Seems like a nice chap! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49349794
  4. Feel free to ask the question after 19 games, you might get a different result. Unless we follow the Brexit model where emerging evidence/opinion/knowledge is ignored and stick blindly to the initial uninformed outcome.
  5. Josh and me both said that was his biggest contribution in the whole game when it happened, not great.
  6. Agree, at HT he was a MOTM candidate, second half not so great.
  7. Brain fart there on my behalf, corrected.
  8. He's looking much gbetter than last week for sure!
  9. Current Player of the Season standings.... Jordan Pickford...22 Yerry Mina...5 Seamus Coleman...3 Michael Keane...1 Lucas Digne...1 André Gomes...1 Previos MOTM winners... Crystal Palace (A)...Jordan Pickford
  10. That would defeat the question in the poll, which is "are we better off" (present tense); what may or may not happen down the line is conjecture so inadmissible. Objection denied👨‍⚖️.
  11. Good idea that. Goes beyond just choosing the music which many now do, my mum did for one. I had a gay cousin who died from AIDS decades ago and he pretty much "directed" his funeral; it was in Brighton where there's a large LGBT community and it was an absolute riot, one of the best parties I've ever been to!
  12. Not unless they're "your" arseholes (in which case you can mourn while secretly being a little bit grateful); some people are best removed from the gene pool. I could name several people (relatives to famous) who I'd not be sad to see the back of; not saying I wish anyone dead, just hate the (thoughtless) "thoughts are with at this difficult time" platitudes.
  13. Referring to nobody in particular but just reading about someone killed who is, "the nicest person you could ever wish meet" or (in other cases) "would do anything for anybody". Why is nobody who dies before their time "an arsehole who the world is better off without"? Just musing.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49357585
  15. https://peoples-project.co.uk/the-athenaeum-members-get-peoples-project-update/
  16. Josh keeps banging on about that, he's watched the whole series in a couple of days.
  17. When I said "shame" I was talking about Scottish football in general, Celtic being humiliated made me laugh a lot!
  18. Odd that we've drawn them twice in a year after the FA Cup in Jan, should be comfortable but an accident waiting to happen most likely.
  19. Celtic out of the CL, amazing how low Scottish football has fallen in my lifetime; even Aberdeen won a trophy! Just a laughing stock now, shame really.
  20. Drawn Lincoln away, not that it matters greatly as we'll win the thing some time after hell freezes over.
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