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  1. He'll do this though, must've been really challenging
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-50681041/neil-to-johnson-not-too-late-for-election-interview
  3. Surely some mistake! plaidharper is in 17th.
  4. I have to score points where I can as I have a tiny penis. (Just saying that for comic effect as I'm actually hung like a donkey, honest)
  5. Me neither, but I get 60+mb so that probably helps.
  6. Heard a stat on the radio today that the richest eight people in the country combined have more wealth than the poorest thirteen million combined. Shocking.
  7. Sounds like a decent idea, wonder why the manager didn't think of it.
  8. How so? Can't see that. But what a pitiful goal to concede.
  9. I'm actually quite calm whatever their line-up, we have nothing to lose; nobody expects us to have a sniff so we won't lose even if we lose. Does that make sense?
  10. Current Player of the Season standings.... Yerry Mina...59 Lucas Digne...48 Tom Davies...40 Jordan Pickford...28 Fabian Delph...24 Mason Holgate...24 André Gomes...22 Djibril Sidibé...22 Seamus Coleman...20 Alex Iwobi...20 Richarlison...20 Bernard...12 Dominic Calvert-Lewin...9 Theo Walcott...7 Morgan Schneiderlin...4 Cenk Tosun...4 Gylfi Sigurðsson...4 Michael Keane...2 Jean-Philippe Gbamin...1 Previous MOTM winners... Leicester (A)...Djibril Sidibé Norwich (H)...Tom Davies Southampton (A)...Tom Davies Tottenham (H)...Tom Davies Watford (H-League Cup)...Mason Holgate & Theo Walcott tie Brighton (A)...Mason Holgate & Tom Davies tie West Ham (H)...André Gomes Burnley (A)...Yerri Mina Manchester City (H)...Seamus Coleman Sheffield Wednesday (A)...Dominic Calvert-Lewin Sheffield United (H)...Lucas Digne Bournemouth (A)...Lucas Digne Wolves (H)...Fabian Delph Lincoln City (A)...Lucas Digne Aston Villa (A)...Yerry Mina Watford (H)...Yerry Mina Crystal Palace (A)...Jordan Pickford
  11. Can see I'm going to set up some online learning, anyone interested pm me and I'll give you my bank details to send the funds. £500 per person seems reasonable to me
  12. I really don't think that'd happen to a great extent even if we were relegated, we're selling out every game and have been for the last 3/4 years when we've been shite. You can remember as well as me the days back when we got 11,000 odd for Coventry at home (among many other examples); that's unthinkable now.
  13. Keep them away from the mini-bar....actually better still drink everything in it about now to dull the upcoming pain, with a bit of luck you'll be comatose before KO.
  14. Masterchef, I love it (despite it being torture nowadays because of my fucked taste-buds). Professional version of it going on at the moment and one of the guys that went out last night looks like Gary Neville's love-child to me
  15. I'd imagine if you can't find it it probably is because it's impossible to miss. Maybe try a VPN and put yourself "here"?
  16. Your failure grasp simple mathematical principles isn't my concern Bruce, maybe you could sign up for a night class?😂
  17. Santa to child. What do you want for Christmas? Child. A Unicorn. Santa. Be realistic. Child. Everton to beat Liverpool. Santa. What colour unicorn would you like?
  18. Phillip Schofield presenting a programme called, "How To Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip" while at the same time he advertises the "we buy any car" rip off merchants (he says having more time to spend with your cat is a good reason to sell your car for 50% of what it's worth). Actually makes perfect sense; you lose so much money on the car deal following his "advice" (script) you have fuck all to spend at Christmas. Total knob.
  19. Love the option on Amazon coverage to mute the commentator/pundit and just watch the game and listen to the crowd, brilliant.
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