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  1. Am I being daft here or what. It's the managers job to get the team to play football so that they have opportunities to score and a system to stop the other lot. In the game against Bolton we had 67% posession and ten odd corners to none. Yesterday we had 53% posession..nine corners to (I think) four and as many goal attempts as Villa. But somehow, totally against what you would think possible or plausable from the stats we lose both games 4-0. Who's that down to? Short of coming on the pitch and tucking the ball away in the corner what is DM supposed to do? Everything was great again two and a half games ago but he's been let down by the players from the moment David Weir put the ball past Teflon, fuck knows why..so I'm not on the Moyes out bandwagon yet (and I hope to fuck I never have to climb on it). (just noticed I've become Kevin Sheedy...do you think he's worth a short term contract in the window?)
  2. So fucking depressing..don't know what else to say
  3. MikeO

    Villa Vs Everton

    Looks like a strong team to me..on paper anyway Martyn Hibbert Yobo Kroldrup Neville © Arteta Davies Cahill Osman MacFadden Beattie Go boys..give us a late prezzie !!
  4. Here's the evidence..problem is I have this habit of cutting peoples' heads off in photos, so you'll just have to take my word for it..this is actually just after she'd cleaned the oven...
  5. Red for certain..never posts a thing about EFC. Be honest smithe..it's nothing to be ashamed of, you can't help it.
  6. Don't want to rock the boat but I have to say that (having some experience in these matters ) she looks deformed !! The angle is all wrong and anyway she never wore white knickers in all the time I went out with her (always blue)!
  7. Peter Reid..Trevor Steven..Derek Mountfield off the top of my head. Then there was Inchy from stoke and Sharp from the mighty Dumbarton. Er.. and Alan Ball from Blackpool.
  8. Happy Christmas all..have to say that in the six odd months I've been on it's been a pleasure. In the blue wastelands of Devon it's great to be able to rant and rave and not have people laugh at me, well not quite so often anyway. Hope the contents of your stocking satisfy your every desire .
  9. The words of smithe. Do these posts look suspicious to you? Or am I being paranoid. Nine posts and virtually nothing about the Blues id rather we had the chance to lose to them! i would have loved to have lost to them if we had won the european cup for the fifth time (as they keep reminding us), whilst they where losing in tokyo we where getting belittled by bolton wanderers 4 - 0, its straight talking im afraid, we can say all we want but the ruth is liverpool are a far better side, im scared fro derby day to be honest. better team the the shites! mate youre seriously deluded, Liverpool IMO are a far superior team than the toffees! thats why us blues are called the bitters cos of bellends like you. reg is a red in disguise! he sits in row 41 in the kop and i know his maaa and daaaa! work it out boys best team lost, Liverpool are looking very good at the moment, as a blue id be worried because if we play like we have been they will annilate us on the 28th no doubt.
  10. Looks a long way off... >>>>>EFC LINK<<<<<
  11. MikeO

    Villa Vs Everton

    Anyone blue who remembers 7/5/94 is always optimistic..no problem!! God is a Blue
  12. Everton boss David Moyes is ready to turn to QPR defender Danny Shittu in a bid to solve the struggling Toffees' defensive problems. (Daily Mirror) Absurd invention surely?
  13. Good for you mate, signed by the whole squad?
  14. A calm voice of reason amidst the panic Rob..I'm with you all the way.
  15. 15 when the film was made in 1944, I was born a little later..my Grandma was a film extra (went down on the pretend Titanic) and they were short of a lad to be killed by the nasty French soldiers, so dad got burnt in a tent..
  16. It's everywhere today that VDM's injury is worse than first thought and he has no chance of being back for the derby. Is it purely coincidence that we were winning when he was playing and as soon as he's out we're back where we started..if so...bollocks.
  17. Just searching the attic to dig out decorations and came across this picture..a still from Laurence Olivier's Henry V... ..that's what we need I thought, a bit of Agincourt spirit.."Once more into the breach.." and all that. So I thought I'd post it. (Nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the "dead" young lad being held is none other than my fifteen year old dad )
  18. MikeO

    Villa Vs Everton

    ..but that was in the middle of a relegation standard run of form..just like now really. If the real Everton turn up we should hammer them, otherwise God help us, I'm even getting worried about Sunderland. However..4-1..Beattiex2, MacFadden and Yobo.
  19. Questions 1. Who the fuck is David Anderson? 2. How does he know this? 3. How can tabloid journalists print this stuff without any indication of source when everyone with half a brain knows that ninety percent of what they print as supposed fact never happens. There is possibly, even probably, some truth in this but you or I could have written it Pat. Tabloid journos are the scum of the earth and need standing against a wall and shooting (there, that feels better).
  20. Thank Christ for that..Jansen is bad enough but for a moment I thought it said Matt Jackson..
  21. Agreed. This is the same team who got a draw at Old Trafford while seriously under strength (could have won), took points off Chelski, and the manager who was voted manager of the season two years out of the last three by his peers. I think the players are still living on last year, they think they can beat Bolton, West Brom, Pompey and the rest just by turning up. They need to play every game like they're playing one of the "Big Three". There is no doubt in my mind that this is a top eight team, unfortunately they seem to believe they can achieve that without any effort.
  22. What is it about Dagenham and Girl Pipers? I got it from my dad Licker , what's your excuse? Forty should be enough unless Sunderland completely self destruct, and we are good enough often enough to get that. I always (after many years of experience) think that as long as you have more points than games played you should be OK and more often than not that's the case (not always though, in ten years of the thirty eight game season Sunderland 40pts 1997..Bolton 40pts 1998 and West Ham 42 pts 2003 are the exceptions). Keep the Faith!!
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