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  1. Andriy Yarmolenko

    Barca can sign players, they just can't play until January (Turan and Vidal they've signed this summer...)
  2. Leandro Rodriguez

    yeah, on his debut if I remember rightly, first game of the season?
  3. Leandro Rodriguez

    anyway, the point really is you can tell any story with stats. Ricky Van Wolfswinkel had a goal to game ratio better than 1 in 2 in Holland, and he scored 1 goal in TOTAL in the Premier League. So, he might be Suarez, he might be RVW, he might even be Alfonso Alves. Time will tell...
  4. Leandro Rodriguez

    Hence why I said based on last season's figures as quoted by SteveO (above). Also it's then based on season vs. season which is a more equal sample for comparison.
  5. Leandro Rodriguez

    Yes, really. 27/10 = 2.7 games per goal 23/9 = 2.55 games per goal
  6. Leandro Rodriguez

    Suarez had a goal per game ratio of 1 every 2.7 games in Uruguay (according to Wiki) This guy had one every 2.55 last season (based on what SteveO said. I present those as stats based on what everyone's said here, and nothing else
  7. Ramiro Funes Mori

    Tim Vickery is one of the most knowledgeable football correspondents out there. Really hope he's wrong, cos it sounds increasingly like this fella will be announced by the weekend.
  8. Charlie Austin

    I've been told he's one bad tackle away from a wrecked knee - apparently it's a known thing (I hadn't heard it before tbh) Shame, cos he would be a decent fit for our squad.
  9. reading between the lines, wasn't he really saying that if Chelsea really want Stones, they should match his valuation and give us enough time to find a replacement? And that it should all be done before the season starts, cos it's disruptive to the player, the manager, the team, the fans.... Hard to disagree with that really!
  10. Sky Sources: Everton manager David Moyes in "pole-position" to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson
  11. Aston Villa (Home)

    totally agree - this site is brilliant, consistent streams every week, never been sure about paying for stream, but it's well worth it!
  12. Deadline Day thread

    was Drenthe released on a free? if so, isn't there a different deadline for frees?
  13. Deadline Day thread

  14. Deadline Day thread

    he's 24!
  15. Deadline Day thread

    Breaking News. Royston Drenthe will sign for Everton (AS)