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    Im a saddo that loves going the gym, ive also started fishing to spend time with my eldest son. Thankfully hes a blue the brainwashing worked im also working on my other son altho hes only 10 months old. (ive got it all to do again in 7 months i know silly boy arent i ha)
  1. McCarthey was injured coz he was being brave something all our other so called central midfielders wouldn't have had the balls to do. Saying he should've been sold weeks ago is ridiculous when we have no-one else like him! Get well and come back stronger James.
  2. Benni for me that lad can tackle, altho I think he was helped by the return of McCarthey, he adds a bit of grit to out midfield the sooner he's up to full match fitness the better.
  3. Played better last night than Schneiderlin had all season, I can see why he's getting rave reviews by all the U23 coaches.
  4. Simon Jordan has always been full of crap, maybe being a Palace fan he's buttering Allerdyce up for when Woy gets the chop?
  5. That's an awful big lay out for a player you will get no return on. But we desperately need someone quick to run in.behind defences dunno if I'd go for him tho there must be someone less of a tosser out there.
  6. Unfortunately Barkley's keeping his plans very close to his/his agents chest. Ive heard allsorts of crap from him wanting 10 grand a week more to him wanting to be a guaranteed starter if he's fit! He's one of us surely that will count for something I don't see him getting anywhere near Spurs starting 11 or going to West Ham to be their star player. Makes me wonder what really goes on during these negotiations.
  7. Swansea's owner had denied contact has even been made another journalist short of a story?
  8. Agreed 100% if he wanted him out he would just come out and say it that's one of the things I like about him as a manager.
  9. Why do this? It makes no sense whatsoever children and their parents wtf?? What have they done to offend a religion?? Can't get my head around what's going on in the world it's seems to me religion is just an excuse for horrible people to justify doing horrible things.
  10. More games next year Europe hopefully and a good cup run so yeah I think he'd get more game time definitely. The price depends upon how badly West Ham want him off the wage bill.
  11. Barkley the game finishes 3 all without his goal line clearances. His effort was also impressive. Holgate was really impressive aswell.
  12. The problem they have is Fowler got his nose broke in the bogs of the Moat House hotel (wonder why sniff sniff) and Carragher got smacked when he was about Barkley's age for something or other. It must be a relief to them it being one of our players involved that's why they're all over it. Let's face facts were now in a position to ruffle feathers new investment new ground closer than ever team on the up, they're just desperate to knock us down any way they can!
  13. If I'm honest I think Chris Coleman coming out so defensive of Taylor makes me wonder what he said before the game. Get stuck in if you get the chance leave a little in a challenge frighten them get them on the back foot. I doubt he meant to injure him as badly as that but "Let him know he's there" definitely. They're saying the operation was a success how they rate surgery is beyond me but fingers crossed he's back to his best sooner rather than later. Deserves it footballs nice guy from what I've been reading
  14. Georgie Bingham on Talksport this morning reckons 3 games isn't enough for Taylor can his ban be extended or not?
  15. Who the fuck is Neil Taylor exactly dirty Twat! On the positive side Barkley suffered the same injury playing for England albeit when he was younger and came thru it okay. I doubt he's the kind of guy who won't get thru this he seems very determined. Who replaces him tho?
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