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  1. adamcoffey

    Post David Moyes

    If Moyes leaves and Everton are still in this financial situation then the bored are going to have to find a balance between the cheapest option and best candidate. Stubbs or Neville.
  2. adamcoffey

    The Everton Schism

    I enjoyed the read and agree with a lot of what you say - I still don't want Moyes to go though, we don't have funds to build a new team. Looking at it from a journalistic perspective I would get rid of the overuse and misuse of exclamation marks though, it cheapens the article.
  3. adamcoffey

    Stoke City (Away)

    I know yeah... the team is playing well, he brought on the right subs, creating chances, all over them.... Whats Moyes done wrong today exactly? Idiot
  4. adamcoffey

    Views From Toffeeweb About Moyes

    But what I mean is, the guy just looks for any excuse to have a go at Moyes. We could win champions league and he would still moan about us drawing with AC Milan in the group stage.
  5. adamcoffey

    Views From Toffeeweb About Moyes

    "I hate being right when I am predicting an Everton downfall " Tony Marsh does my nut in. Everyone of his articles is one of the same. He shuts up every few weeks when we are winning and then straight back to the negativy... I got bored of his "articles" a long time ago. Most of his critism of Moyes in this piece was correct.. crazy decisions etc but he has no credibility.
  6. According to wiki he has retired. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/e/everton/8193990.stm I was watching the Lawrenson prediction video for Everton and I'm sure Valente was in one of the cutaways training with the squad? I assumed it was stock footage at first but then it shows a new video of Lescott with England. Just curious. Edit - Watched it again and it's old footage.
  7. adamcoffey

    Missed Opportunity?

    If I worked for Everton then I would have tried to release the new kit just before the final and made the players were it at Wembly. You will get a lot fans who wouldnt normally purchase the shirt buying it just before the final. Would have been some decent money
  8. adamcoffey

    Dead Wood.

    What we call "dead wood" other teams call "cover"
  9. No they closed alot of the shops but arnt going bust/
  10. Cant believe no one has posted this. Some loon trying to buy Mansfield Town wants to name it Harchester United Haha, I love it. http://www.chad.co.uk/stags/From-Mansfield...ster.3926989.jp
  11. adamcoffey

    Everton Morons?

    Yak :glare:
  12. JUst went to watch Blood Brothers at the Empire (amazing play) and it was produced and co-directed by BK, after the great show he came on stage and spoke about gun crime in the city, capital of culture, and the city uniting. It was quite a rip-roaring speach, and got me thinking that no matter what we think of this man as a chairman, he is a great guy and i think somebody Everton fans should be proud of.
  13. adamcoffey

    Arsenal (home)

    Well lets be honest we rnt a better team than Arsenal. And the team made soe defensive mistakes today and didnt take some of are chances, so WE lost the game. The Ref made some very bad decisions, but the Arteta decisiion certinaily didnt effect the game. WE lost out, now onto the next game.
  14. adamcoffey

    Alkmaar Away (uefa Cup)

    bugger, maybe it will be "4-4" (if ur listening to radio merseyside)