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  1. java2001e

    Tonight's Agm

    The word ambitionless comes to mind ambition is about the future -- not the past.
  2. java2001e

    What About Our Chances Against Reading?

    reading have just been beaten 2 - 1 at home by blackburn. we are a lot better than them. in the chelski game we scored a couple so i would expect us to do the same here. plus i hope we wont give their forwards the kind of space we allowed lampard and drogba. if we dont we should get 3 points here. and its about time aj started earning his wages again..
  3. java2001e

    Listen Up Everyone

    getting someone kicked out of a job because you dont like his journalism smacks of fascism. i dont like it. and i wont do it. and its another example of living in the past. which is dumb!
  4. java2001e

    Tonight's Agm

    the history shows we were once a great club, challenging for honours year on year. your living in the past. that gets you nowhere. its the present and the future that count. we are making progress. those who think that we arent have no grip on reality. but then people who live in the past dont! "these are facts : "weve got new players, a new training ground, possibility of a new stadium and we dont have that curse of battling to avoid relegation every season." and thats an improvement. thats an indication that we are moving in the right direction. "have to scrimp together the pennies every transfer window just to buy a SECOND rate player." boo hoo hoo! easily said! but i notice you dont offer any solutions. stop complaining about we DONT have. most clubs in the premiership dont have it either."
  5. reading are having a good run but they are vulnerable. i thought a draw for this one but since the chelski display, and the bollocking that moysey must have given a few people after it, i think we have a chance to grab all the point. 3 - 0 FOR US!!!
  6. java2001e

    Tonight's Agm

    yes we are steadily improving. thats isnt the major problem. the problem is how far down we have slipped! i see. you want it both ways! but most clubs in the premiership dont have the trophy cabinet we have. history entitles you to nothing. and living in the past will get you nowhere in the present or the future. and its the present and the future that counts.
  7. java2001e

    Listen Up Everyone

    so we should sign a petiton a guy should be booted out of his job because you dont like the sun? why would anyone think thats immature?
  8. java2001e

    Realistic Way Of Getting A Takeover.

    bk is a realist. he said it at the agm; 'if mr moneybags comes along i'm gone' and he will be. he may have money but he isnt in the premier league for cash anymore and he knows it. running a premiership club is a high risk enterprise. we should be grateful that he stuck with the club thru thick and thin in the hard times when imminent relegation constantly threatened to wipe out his investment. a lot of chairmen would have quit then. in fact, one or two who couldnt take the heat did!
  9. java2001e

    Avdm...not Again!

    he wants a day off because of a burglary? in liverpool! bloody hell no wonder we havent seen much of him.
  10. java2001e

    How Much Is The Squad Worth?

    bolton seem to take on older players with a good pedigree rather than younger players. i dont think its a strategy for long term success. moyes has introduced younger players and reduced the average age of the side. he's planning for the future and i think that makes more sense.
  11. java2001e

    David Moyes Tactics Good Or Bad?

    the goals by chelski were late in the game so he didnt need to bring on anyone earlier. and when he did compare what we had to bring on to chelski! the had a 100 million quid sitting on the bench! i dont blame moyes for the loss but i do blame the players. carsley is a seasoned veteran and to handle that ball as he did was incredibly foolish. both late goals by lampard and drogba occurred because their markers gave them too much space and time. lampard especially had way too much time to setup his shot. thats the kind of carelessness that you can't afford against talent like that. you have to stick to them like glue and harrass them as soon as they get near to the ball. ive no doubt that moysey had a few words with them after the game. very strong words i hope. if certain players had maintained their concentration we would have won that game!
  12. java2001e

    Club Statement

    maybe AJ should continue with a personal lawsuit against this loudmouth?
  13. java2001e

    Aj And Beattie?

    right now bt is in great shape and he has been all season but he seems to have lost the plot completely. anichebe starting against chelsea indicates to me that bt's days are numbered.
  14. java2001e

    Realistic Way Of Getting A Takeover.

    who were they and were they serious buyers? doubtful! you dont call people to ask if they want to sell their football club! you approach a little more formally than that!